==== September 28th, 2013
==== Erikkhan ayla-aylara
==== Erikk and Ayla have a nice family chat.

Who erikkhan ayla-aylara
What A Chat in the Studio
Where Erikkhan's Studio
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Erikkhan's Studio
Ahhh….The studio. The place where an artist can get to work. There's a large storage room on one end behind a door, presumably for housing props and extra supplies. This room is the second largest cavern in the weyr. Ayla gave Erikk this set of caves because of this room, painting commissions requires Space. No Decorations in here. The remaining wall space is as follows: With the exception of one wall (used for staging scenes against), all wall space has shelving carved into it; from small
cubby holes to rectangular holes, to long narrow shelves. These shelves house props, paints, pigments, tools, canvas, clay….all the tools of the artistic trade. A few easels are scattered about, all draped in white cloth, commissions in the works. The empty easels are folded up and stored in a nook. Tables are scattered about, all covered in various tools and all paint stained. Welcome to Erikk's world.

You see Faded Gold Painting here.

Erikkhan sits around his studio, cleaning things up. He seems to be organizing clay jars at the moment, probably full of pigment. He picks one up, pulls the cork, nods and writes a word on the jar using paint. The rest of the studio shows reflections of his cleaning spree. All that had been before splattered with paint, or dusted with chalk, has been scrubbed and organized. His fair watches him closely as he works.

Ayla walks in, tapping on the door frame as she does. "Ahoy cousin, you gonna come out of here anytime soon?" She laughs and drops herself into one of the chairs in the room. From the looks of the glass in her hand, she'd helped herself to a drink on the way in. She sips that drink now, her sapphire eyes flashing with humor. "I haven't seen your harper counter part for a few days. You fueding?" Ayla raises a brow in question.

Erikkhan looks up as Ayla walks in and smiles. "Of course not Ayla, you know me, I'm obsessive." He marks another jar and sets it down. "Did you need something?" He asks as he starts to put jars into on of the many cubby holes in the room. "Did you have fun at the graduation last night?"

Ayla smiles and shakes her head. "I can't just want to drop in and check on my baby cousin? Is that soo horrible?" She laughs, sips and looks back at Erikkhan. "I did have fun last night, it's too bad you didn't go, you and Sara play better than half the nowtimer Harpers anyhow." She throws a leg over the arm of her chair, getting comfortable.

Erikkhan shakes his head. "If you're checking in on me Ayla it's because you're truly worried or you have an agenda. Which one is it?" He turns his hazel gaze on his cousin and quirks a brow. At the mention of Sara a look of such rage and sorrow overcomes him that he has to look away. "I have a feeling that Sara and I won;t be playing together anytime soon."

Ayla looks shocked. "I thought you and Sara had made up over the little fight in front of the Harper?" She looks genuinely concerned and stands to walk over to Erikk, setting her glass on a table. She sets her hand on his shoulder and looks at him with familial love and support. "What's happened now?"

Erikkhan sighs. "Much more of the same, only my fist met with that greasy nowtimer's face, he's insulted her too many times. And he went after Lina this time too. I couldn't take it anymore, but I am quite sure that Sara is unforgivably mad at me. I promised her I'd stay out of her business and I just couldn't help myself." The rage in his voice boils slowly under the surface.

Ayla snorts. "Well from what you've told me that Ass of a nowtimer deserves it." Oh yes, Ayla's heard all about Peaston and his dirty work, up until this latest anyhow. "You need not beat yourself up about it Erikk, she'll forgive you." At the look of pain and rage on her cousin's face she softens even more. "She loved you once Erikk… just because she loves someone else doesn't mean that Sara doesn't still care for you. She'll get glad in the same skirts she got mad in my young cousin, I'm sure she'll forgive you. Is Lina mad at you for hitting him too? Is that why she hasn't been around the last few days?"

Erikkhan grins, but it isn;t a pleasant smile. "It was sooo satisfying to watch him hit the floor after I hit him Ayla, you have no idea. And no, Realilina is not mad at me, she'd have joined me I think, had she not had a toddler on her hip." He sighs and begins to pick paint brushes up off the table, sliding them into a cup like container. "And I don't think Sara will forgive me. But I can't seem to help myself, I feel like she needs protecting and that role isn't mine anymore, yet I insist on doing it. I just wish she would realize that I do it, not because I still want her, but because I care for her like family and I'd rather treat her the same way."

Ayla nods in understanding. She places a hand on the man's arm in comfort. "She'll see that, she will." Ayla gives Erikk a hug and pulls back smiling. "So, I've been thinking. Lina spends a lot of time between the resident terraces and here. And you two seem to be serious about eachother, you especially, since your charms backfired in your face…. Speaking of, I've noticed there aren;t so many girls looking around for you. Have you lost your charm cousin?" She laughs, trying to lighten the mood.

Erikkhan is appriciative of the change in subject. "No cousin… I've just decided it's time to focus it in one place. I don;t think I'm happy being every woman's man anymore." He hugs his cousin back and then leans on the table. "I think I want to be with Lina….and only Lina. If she wants to bring extras to our bed, so be it, but I'm done shopping. I have real feelings for her Ayla, and I don't want to screw this one up."

Ayla laughs in shock and wonderment. "Please don;t tell me you've gone all monogamous Erikk, that'd be too much." She raises a brow at him and then becomes kind of serious. "You're not kidding are you?"

Erikkhan shakes his head. "No, I'm not. I've been thinking on it quite some time and I asked myself a few core questions. Am I getting any younger? no. I'm almost fourty turns old and I have nothing but my art and a string of failed relationships to boot. Then I asked myself, do you want kids? The answer to that was Yes, I do. And then I asked myself if I was ok fathering a child outside of a relationship, and no I'm not. The days for wanderlust and passion fever are over Ay. I want home and family and hearth, and I can't get that acting like a headstrong, lust filled youth."

Ayla is absolutely shocked by this revelation coming from Erikkhan. All his adult life he'd been the one catch. The guy all the ladies went after. She'd been quite jealous of her cousin's moxy to be truthful and now….now he wanted to give it up. "Wow Erikk…..when did you grow up on me?" She asks, too shocked to ask anything else.

Erikkhan chuckles. "Apparently while even I wasn't paying attention. That's why I didnt go to the bonfire last night, I needed time to sort things out. And I figured Sara would be there and I didn;t want to upset her by being around."

Ayla sighs. "Apparently. And that was nice of you. Look Erikk, I have drills to go to, but I'm around if you need me." Ayla stands up straight and gives her cousin another hug. "Promise not to go all stoic and boring on me huh?"

Erikkhan smiles. "I'll try. Have a good day Ayla, thanks for talking. It helped."

Ayla nods. "Anytime cousin. Oh, and by the way, I came in here to tell you that Realilina can move her things in if she wants. It'd be a hell of a lot better than traveling back and forth. And I'll make sure to have something put in so that she and you can get up and down without Jhakk being here." She salutes her cousin, grabs her drink and mianders out the door, a click confirming her exit.

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