==== June 19, 2013
==== Sara, Yulena
==== Harper meets cook and they talk about food.

Who Sara, Yulena
What Harper meets cook and they talk about food.
When Early night: There is 1 turn 11 months and 15 days until the 12th pass.
Where Crafter Quarters



Crafter Quarters
Set high against the steep slope of the Weyr caldera, the Crafter Quarters lie subtly removed from the Bazaar below them. They bustle, but it is a slower bustle from the mercantile flurry: the scurry of Apprentices being sent on errands, the muffled shouts of irate Masters, the bursts of bangs and clicks and clacks as Crafters carry out their work. The familiar abode brick buildings of Igen line this little web of streets, some colorfully painted, some drab and dull. With the portioning of space first come and first serve, some Crafts have laid claim to multiple buildings, while others are forced to share space - sometimes in rather incongruous ways. Private rooms are the domain of Journeymen and Masters, while Apprentices must make do with cramped dormitories, when they are not reduced to claiming mere corners.

Yulena walks back in, her face even stiffer than earlier. Her eyes don't settle anywhere for long as if she's getting the impression of the room. She starts to move slowly through the room, avoiding being run into by anyone as best she can.

Sara has found some wood… she won't say where, and has settled herself in a corner of the Harper area. Some carefully borrowed tools sit nearby and Sara is sketching on the wood what she wishes it to become. She glances up as the woman enters the room again, and calls out, "Can I help you?"

Yulena 's eyes snap to the one distinctive sound in the room. She drifts closer laterally as if her feet are taking her while her brain hasn't fully approved this. "No, I think I'm alright…" she says, though her eyes drift down to the wood, "What are you doing there?" If her words are commanding, her tone seems artless, like she's saying something without consideration of how it may be taken.

"Alright, if you need something, let me know." She focuses on her project, finishing a line before looking up at the woman. "It /will/ be the neck to a new guitar, once I get it carved down into shape. What brings you to the Crafter area?"

Yulena cranes her head to look more closely. She squints, as if trying to imagine what the guitar will look like. "I'm sure it will be a very nice one," she replies without much warmth, but not derisively, "I'm looking around. I got the evening off," a pause before Yulena continues, "and thought I'd see if there are any new faces around." The last sentence sounds completely, forgive the pun, wooden, "Have you been at Igen long?"

"Na, came forward with the group, which is why," Sara lifts up the guitar, "I am working on this here, instead of there." She nods at a doorway into the Harpers specific area. "I don't think I've seen you before here."

Yulena shrugs a shoulder, and says, "I'm the new cook." As if that explains everything. Then, almost grudgingly, "I was cook at a few different places before I came here." Yulena's expression goes sour for a moment, "It's busier than I thought it would be." A few steps closer, "You're a Harper, right? How is that? Do you like making instruments more? Are you enjoying the food?" The last non-sequitur question is said with intensity, like it's really the question she's wanted to ask.

Sara inwardly winces at learning that this is the cook. "There are a lot of people here. My specialty is making instruments as a harper, and," is there a slight pause there? Possibly, and Sara focuses her eyes on her woodwork. "The food is different from what I am use to." There, that was noncommittal enough, right?

Yulena says, "Different? How is it different?" Suddenly Yulena seems electric, "Do you mean different preparation? Different taste? Too much seasoning?" And then the fire is banked, "If you're from before, is there a difference in the wood…" A pause while Yulena tips her head for a moment, her jaw working like she's tasting her next word, "Feeling, now?" "

Sara tests her words carefully. "Just, a bit.. more well done then we did it at Igen." She doesn't want to say she thinks the food is pretty terrible, because that would be waaaay too mean. "Any adjustment would be typical of course," she hastens to add.

Yulena doesn't look very convinced, but seems to let the topic go for now, "Like adjusting to new wood? New songs?" A pause before HPS Yulena launches again, "So, you think the food could be improved, eh?" Yulena's jaw twitches for a moment, "More flavour? More herbs? What do you think of the klah? Is that good?" She pauses, considering aloud, "If you survived your cooking back then, maybe there's something to the methods from before…" Artless as anything, Yulena…

Sara sets down her work onto her lap to focus in on the cook. She doesn't want to offend the woman, an unhappy cook purposefully burned things, and there was enough in the kitchen like that already! "I would never tell a cook how to cook, but I might have some recipes from home if you wanted to try something new." Sara hopes that is careful enough, she's already gotten off on the bad side of the Headwoman, it would be nice to not do so with the cook also!

Yulena says, "Of course you wouldn't, just as I wouldn't tell you how to write a song," Yulena responds, her back stiffening. The very idea! "Perhaps if you had some quick suggestions, I might consider them," How grand of Queen Yulena of the Kitchen, "Is the klah good, though? Has it changed from what you remember?" Yulena looks vaguely superior, "I've heard people complaining that they think it's too strong, but frankly, I think the klah is perfect." For her tastes, though that goes unsaid, "I've been wondering if I need to add," and she lowers her voice here, "water for some people. You know, dilute it." The horror!

Yulena fails for a second to hide the grimace, "You'd prefer the klah a bit… less strong?" Weaker is a non-starting word. She sighs as if she's considering the unappetizing, "Well, if there's a request for it, I'm sure we can set an extra pot out of less-potent klah. I'll mention it to the Head Cook that there's been a request for it." With a cagey look, Yulena adds, "No names, of course." She gives Sarawhat could be a conspiratory smile, if Yulena were any good at it, but instead looks a bit addled.

Sara tries to smile back, still totally unsure. "Thanks, that would be really wonderful." She isn't sure what else to say to the cook, and it might just show.

Yulena says, "Well! That settled, then!" It's only then that Yulena's been standing during this conversation, and she looks slightly uncertain, "I'll, uh, I should go report to the Head Cook… So we can get that Klah going… The we…less-potent stuff, I mean." Conversation is beyond parameters! "Thank you, Harper…" Yulena stiffens as she realizes she doesn't know Sara's name, but tries to recover with aplomb, eyes drifting to the knot, "Journeywoman. This conversation has been very useful." With that complimentary (to her mind) ending comment, Yulena turns and makes swift, though not entirely hasty, tracks to the outside door."

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