==== July 11, 2013
==== Aikari, K'ane, Lendai
==== Southern's Weyrwoman has a very peculiar gift for one of Igen's bronzeriders.

Who Aikari, K'ane, Lendai
What Southern's Weyrwoman has a very peculiar gift for one of Igen's bronzeriders.
When There is 1 turn 9 months and 9 days until the 12th pass.
Where Some Ledge, Igen Weyr

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Some Ledge
Narrow and cluttered, this weyr shows signs of a denizen moving out - or perhaps one moving in.

Dhioth senses Talicanitath is not in the greatest of moods, the dull diamonds sparkling to being within the confines of Dhioth's mind showing as much. Her usual glamour is quite blighted for once as she reaches out and brushes the bronze in companionable greeting. « Southern's greetings, good bronze. » Though even in her morose mood, amusement touches her mindvoice, sultry as ever. « We come a calling to you and yours… and we bring a package of great importance. » Her and Lendai's imminent arrival now notified, Talicanitath withdraws to watch the fireworks.

Dhioth thinks to you, « I bespoke Talicanitath with: Dhioth is as he always is: the fortress on the cliff, bejeweled sand glistening at the cliff-face, the rare silver blades whispering against the beknighted sky. « And Igen's, » he returns, lifting from his narrow ledge to give the stately queen a place to settle herself in comfort. »

This is a BORROWED ledge — so what, K'ane took his time in finding a place to live. It worked out in the end, because this weyr is pretty pimp. The old resident left a lot of furniture behind — and a lot of junk. Most of that is on the couch ready to be hauled off. K'ane, dusty, comes out from the dim weyr to where couch meets ledge, swiping his hands off on his pants and squinting out at the brilliance of Talicanitath's landing.

And land Talicanitath does, tucking her wings in at just the right moment, settling herself down almost instantly to allow those atop her back to disembark. Though she does take a moment to reach out her muzzle and greet Dhioth physically as she already covered it mentally. Polite is polite, after all. Lendai takes her dear sweet time getting off of her dragon, unbuckling herself as well as a few bags that were tied up on her riding straps. Each being allowed to slide off of the dragon's hide and plop on the ground. Obviously there is nothing breakable in either. Finally, she reaches behind her, fiddling with something else that is hiding quite well. A squeak of alarm from said 'something' as Lendai none-to-gently removes a roughly five turn old from the riding straps and does much the same with it as she did the bags. The kid, still decked out in little person riding leathers, is forced to slide off of Talicanitath's hide until her feet plop on the ground. The momentum, however, causes the kid to lose its footing and fall to her rump. Lendai simply rolls her eyes and dismounts, turning towards K'ane with a grim look, though some amusement shining in her eyes. "K'ane." A small smile for the bronzerider. "It's been a little while."

Quite used to the pomp and circumstance of Tali, K'ane merely stands, eyes narrowed towards th woman at the top. His eyes WIDEN at the kid, and he straightens, hastening forwards to help the child to her feet. S'what any Paradisian would do, really. "A little while f'r personal business," K'ane agrees once Lendai is dismounted; he has been helping Southern out with their little — wildmen problem. On the side. His eyes narrow; he isn't FOLLOWING, see, glancing from Lendai to the little girl who is OBVIOUSLY her child, with those fine features and light eyes. "I didn't know y'had a kid."

The child gladly accepts the help to her feet, shooting a withering glare at Lendai that the older woman simply ignores. A child-sized riding helmet is taken off allowing long, black curls to filter down. The helmet is simply thrown to the ground, as is the small jacket and gloves. Making herself right at home! Though she does not run wild and free as she usually would, instead the child simply stares with large, rounded eyes at K'ane. Before looking back over by Lendai, then back to K'ane. Finally, it becomes a bit too much for the girl and she shoves her thumb in her mouth. Yeah, thumb sucking is for babies, but she's soothing herself here! "True, true. It's been a quite a while that we've seen one another on personal business." Her tone turns husky for just a moment, a wistful grin on her lips. Though K'ane's final comment has the Weyrwoman shaking free of past dalliances and looking down at the kid. There is an eyeroll for the thumb sucking, but she doesn't stop it. Effort, that. "No one does. Or well, no one did. The feline is out of the bag, as they say. These things," aka children. "have a way of learning to talk and telling people things they aren't supposed to." Snarl. Finally she looks up, and stares K'ane straight in the eyes. "She's your problem now."

"Wait." Pardon K'ane for being OH SO SLOW. "Wait, wait, are y'tryin' to say— you ain't shittin' me, FUCK Lendai, y'never told me y'got PREGNANT, motherf…" He's moved forward to LOOM over the goldrider at this point, all quivering muscle and blanched-face, but his headstrong descent into profanity seems to… wilt as he recognizes that a child is kind of right there. And not any child. His child. He stares down at the girl again, then back up, and suspicion is strong again: "How do y'know she's mine?" Yes honey, daddy totally loves you. Poor kid, man.

The smile blooming on Lendai's face is not kind, it's not gentle. There's is something all too sinister and cold about it. "Oh yes, she's absolutely yours. Outside of flights, I do not have much opportunity to… dilly dally, as it were. I take my stuff before Talicanitath goes up, then stop after, since as I said I do not get to," She makes rather crude gestures with her hands, assuming K'ane will get the point without her needing to spell it out in front of little ears. "It was a few months after Talicanitath went up after Aevryscienth and Rhaeyn disappeared. Ysvarth caught. With the Weyr so chaotic, I was concerned they would not think us fit to be the Senior Weyrwoman. So. I hid it. From everyone. I did not gain much weight, no one guessed. I forced the Healers into secrecy and what with Talicanitath bound on the sands." Shoulders are shrugged. "It was all too easy, really. A shame, almost." Her hands link in front of her. "You were the only person I was with. Thus. She's yours. And I have not the time to deal with her constant… neediness. It's vexing and I'm busy. She's generally been raised by nannies from birth on, so she's a bit… spirited." Yeeeeah. That's a word for it. "Senior Weyrwomen do not raise children. We run Weyrs. Thus. Your problem!" Lendai puts her hands on her knees and leans down towards the child. "Aikari? This is K'ane. Your father. Say hi." Using one arm she tries to push the mildly terrified child forward.

K'ane buries his head in his hand. "I knew," he states, muffled, "I knew that Dhioth was too happy 'bout them damn eggs." Because being a clutch-dad never-ever turns out well. And LIKE THAT, K'ane's whole demeanor shifts. His nostrils flare and he glares at Lendai with the ferocious rage of a thousand suns gone supernova, the rage of a dying empire, the rage of a pregnant woman who suddenly can't stomach chocolate. Well. Maybe not that much rage… but a fair amount nonetheless. He crouches down, down to his little girl's level, and sets his hands palm-up on his knees. "Aikari, is that yer name, sweetheart? M'name is K'ane, and it looks like I'm your daddy. Your mommy's a real bitch, ain't she?" All crooned in a melodic ramble, as he would offer a scared runner.

"Strange how dragons pick up on those kinds of things but humans don't, isn't it?" Lendai drops her hands and lets them swing free at her sides. "So. I brought her things. She has quite a wardrobe, though much of it is more suited to a High Reachian winter." Lendai dislikes parenting, but she loves shopping. And even the most stoic of humans have to 'awww' at little kid clothing. It's freaking adorable. "So you might need to pick her up some more Igen appropriate clothes. Plus she grows like a bloody weed." Exasperated, Lendai just shakes her head at the 'bitch' comment. "Please, K'ane, take your bleeding heart elsewhere. It's the way of the Weyr. Drop your cothold beginnings and be sensible. Thread is coming, even you cannot raise her without the aid of the Weyr. Even rankless, you are a dragonrider. Dhioth and your Weyr come first, she's simply baggage." Adorable baggage, but baggage all the same. Aikari has heard all of this before and seems generally unfazed by it all, which is saddening in its own way. She does, however, nod her head at her father's comment, not bothering to speak as the thumb is still well suctioned in her mouth. Seriously though, her mother is a Grade A Bitch. "She's usually doesn't shut up, consider this quietness a vacation because one she settles in your ears will bleed." Ever hear a five turn old, little girl scream? It burns.

"Well, y'know, if you treated her like a fuc…. like a fardling person and not just baggage," K'ane's voice turns unusually vitriolic, "An' pay her some damn attention maybe—" He cuts himself off abruptly, reaches out and gently plucks the girl up to heft on his hip. His eyes, when they return to Lendai's face, are as cold and frigid as a Snowy Wastes winter. "I would suggest, goldrider, that as she is no longer any of your business," Contempt is clear, "You get the hell out of mine."

Lendai rolls her eyes again, muttering a "Holders," under her breath. "When she is of age to Stand, then she will be a person. Until then, she's just an extra mouth to feed." Though there is a kind smile for the child, as the relief from this responsibilty is let free from her shoulders. "Though you are an adorable extra mouth, it's true." This is, obviously, directed at Aikari and not K'ane. "I'll be in touch here and there, for all I have no time for her, I do generally care for her well being." Not that it particularly shows. "I will have her Standing for one of Talicanitath's clutches when she is old enough. I expect you to ensure she knows Weyrlife in and out. Don't let her linger with her virginity too long. Get that knocked out when she's mature enough to handle it." Because that really matters seeing as how the kid is only five turns old. But hey, in ten years? It'll matter more thenish. "Should I get any free time once Southern is completely on its feet, I would like to see her. Just. Because." You squeeze something out of your vagina and you too will feel a weird connection to it, whether you want to or not. Lendai purses her lips, her smile falling off as she just STARES at her little mini-me for a few quiet moments. Ignoring K'ane's rage is easy, fighting the influx of hormones is not. Her lower lip might quiver just a little as she takes a few steps back, getting closer to Talicanitath's side. Even the gold dragon seems reluctant to leave the little ankle biter. But duty calls and Southern cannot be without it's Leaders for long. "I… guess this is…" Her chin is thust into the air, holding her composure together. "Be good, Aikari. Should you have need of me…" The sentence just stands in the air, and then Lendai is mounting Talicanitath, but not without a withering glare at the bronzerider. "You take care of her or else!" The threat is stated and the two take off, leaving Aikari completely in K'ane's care. Congrats, it's a girl!

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