==== Septempter 17, 2013
==== Lendai, Kalea, Kultir
==== Lendai arrives with demanding edicts

Who Lendai, Kalea, Kultir
What Lendai arrives with demanding edicts
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 15 days until the 12th pass.
Where Living Caverns, Southern Weyr

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Living Caverns
Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophobia. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

Kultir is seated at the table he's taken to calling 'his' and is happily munching his way through egg pie, spicy herdbeast tips, stewed greens and a whole pile of other good things. His hair is still a little damp from his stint in the kitchens but at least he kept most of the nasty stuff from spattering on his clothes. His hands are still pruney but they are slowly smoothing out to normal. His expression is not necessarily one of complete contentment but its close enough for today.

Kalea strolls into the Caverns feeling refreshed and not a little ravenous. Seems that someone forgot to stop by and get something to eat since well breakfast. So she makes a pass by the food tables. As quickly as she can manage to fill up a plate and select herself a mug of fruit juice. Thusly armed she heads for Kultir's table and plops down her fare. "Evening honey." She pulls out the chair next to him and sinks into it, "How'd your day go?"

Kultir looks up at the sound of her voice when she plunks her food down and grins. "Not too bad. Had kitchen duty from lunch till just a bit ago." he says, taking a swig of klah to wash down the mouthful he just swallowed. He chuckles at the amount of food on her plate and cocks an eyebrow at her. "How about yours, love? Looks like ye'r forgettin' t' eat again …" He makes a slight gesture toward her plate.

Kalea's eyebrows go up at Kultir's news of his kitchen work. "Wow. That's a long shift. How'd /that/ go for you?" She can't imagine having to putter around in the kitchens all day. It's much more enjoyable to eat the food than to make it. At least in her opinion. She looks down at her plate when he comments on it. "Uh.." she blushes a bit and shrugs her shoulders. "I'm just hungry?" She doesn't exactly admit that she'd forgotten to eat. Instead she digs into the plate like someone starving. After a few bites are down her gullet she is once again in the mood to speak. "My day alright. Spent it puttering around with Ryadranth." On the savannah, exploring and hiking. But who's counting that right?

Kultir chuckles softly and shrugs. "It was okay. Spent most of my time washing dishes, clearing tables after lunch, sweeping floors and more dishes." he says, listing a few of the chores he'd had to do today. Her answer makes him laugh a bit louder and he shakes his head. "Well, since I /know/ you weren't here during lunch or most of the afternoon … where were you and why didn't you come back to eat?" He knows her all too well, she went off somewhere and lost track of time or something and just doesn't want him to worry.

Kalea seems way to avidly interested in the chores he'd been assigned today. "Lots of dishes and clearing tables eh? I imagine there are plenty of dishes to do around here." She'd never really stopped to think about it before. And /right now/ seems like a really good time to consider it. Is she dodging? Yes, yes she is. "Oh we were here and there," she tells him with a shrug of her shoulders. "I've never really considered before how many dishes there must be to wash. We all just dirty them and leave them for everyone else to clean up. I guess everyone has to have something to do." And with that profound statement made she digs into her plate like it holds a secret or something.

Kultir laughs softly at her chattering and shrugs. "Fine … ye don' want t' tell me, ye don' have to." he mutters, still smiling and watching her out of the corner of his eye as he too applies himself to his food. He waits a few moments and then continues, "Got a new nickname … Lysia give it t' me. Dimitri, Donner and Nika got 'em too." She wants to be dodgy, he can be dodgy too. He just waits, eating and drinking, with a little smile tweaking the corners of his lips every once in a while.

Kalea looks relieved at first that he isn't going to hound her. But then he goes and zings her by telling her that someone is passing out nicknames. "Oh you did?" She swallows a gulp of her juice before smiling at him. "So you're back to spending time with your lost girl are you?" She chuckles and shrugs her shoulders. "So what nicknames did she give y'all?" She knows full well if she tells him that she got lost hiking on the savannah and that it wasn't until Ryadranth had taken to the skies that they knew where they were, he'll get worried over nothing. It isn't as if she'd have never found her way home.

Kultir laughs and shrugs again. "Can't really help it … she's in charge of the kitchens." he teases her. He spends a little more time chortling over the nicknames and munching on his food before he continues. "I be Jungle Man … dunno why though." is offered with a raised eyebrow though his eyes sparkle merrily. "Dimitri is Legs, guess cuz he's taller th'n her. He's shorter'n me though. Donner got Sweat-Stain first but then he whined about it so she changed it to Snippy. Nika begged h'r hers so she got Kooky. She din't bite no body's heads off when she got it so guess she likes it … guess I'll find out when I use it, eh?" He chuckles again, trying not to inhale his klah as he takes a drink.

Kalea is in the middle of swallowing a gulp of her juice when he starts ticking off the nicknames. She hacks and sputters. Hiding her face in her hands and turns in her chair away from the table with her back to him. -Hack-Cough- It takes her a few moments to clear her windpipe and turn back around. When she finally does tears are streaming down her cheeks. Half from mirth the other half from the pain of trying to breathe liquid. "Oh my!" She takes several deep breaths and finally chuckles weakly. "Kooky?! Nika is Kooky? Well it fits her for sure." She chuckles and eyes him for a moment. "Jungle man eh? I'm assuming 'cause that's where you two met?" At least that's what she /hopes/ it stems from.

Kultir chuckles as he times it just right with the naming of nicknames, that'll teach her to hide stuff from him, right? Probably not, but was worth a try. "Yeah, it does, don' it?" he says with a slight shrug, still grinning as he watches her from the corner of his eye. "Course it's from her meetin' me in the jungle and scarin' the hair off'n 'er head. Ye ain't still jealous, are ye? Cuz … nothin' happened twixt us." He frowns slightly, wondering if his little bit of teasing is going to get him in another argument.

Kalea isn’t exactly aware that he made her cough on purpose. Or she'd probably get her feelings hurt. As it is she sits there laughing softly. She keeps running Nika's nickname through her head and it gives her another burst of amusement each time. The woman would probably demote her or something if /she/ tried something like that. Well maybe. Who knows? Regardless she blinks at Kultir when he asks if she's still jealous. And takes a moment to really consider it. "I'm not really jealous of her. She's just too darn young and cute to suit me." She winks at him and grins. "But no, honey. I'm not worried about her." She's teasing him at the same time as she's answering him honestly. "After all if you take off with someone like her /more power/ to you. I'll go back out and find me that Wildman that Ryadranth and I spotted earlier. See what he's all about."

Kultir laughs softly as she continues chortling over Nika's nickname and shakes his head. His plate, finally finished, gets pushed away for someone else to clean this time and he settles back with his klah cradled in both hands. "Well … that's good then. But … naw, she's not really some'un I'd go for. Dimitri would … but then he went for Nika so …" He shrugs, not understanding the older fellows attraction for the bluerider. He grins at her teasing and waves a hand her way in a brushing off motion. "Ruin'd ye f'r them tame dragonriders, did I? Now ye gotta go find ye a new Wildman?"

Kalea tries really hard not to look as relieved as she feels when he tells her that Lysia isn't this type. She continues working on the dent she's made into her food. It looks like she's got half a herdbeast on her plate today. And her vegetables are a meager pile in the corner of the plate. "Do I know Dimitri?" If she does it's escaping her right at the moment. When he teases her about having ruined her for other 'riders she laughs. "You know it honey. I crave me some Wildman now and it's all /your/ fault."

Kultir grins at the sight of petite little her scarfing down enough food to feed him and just sips his klah. "Eh, not sure as you've met 'im yet, love. He's Cerise's brother … the one tha's always givin' the Headman problems?" he comments, not sure if she's heard about his fellow Candidate yet. He chuckles softly and shakes his head. "Nope, not my fault … Nika's fault. Iff'n she hadn't dragged me away, ye'd be havin' ye some 'wildman' right now." He winks when he catches her eye. We must place the blame squarely on the shoulders to whom it belongs, after all.

Kalea shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head. "Not ringing anything for me." She shrugs her shoulders and assumes she's never met him. She gets nearly the whole plate down before she finally feels like her eyes are going to pop out of her head. "Much better," she mutters and leans back in her chair to pat her belly. She just couldn't eat quite all of it. Funnily enough there are still vegetables on her plate. Now /that/ is rare. "Mmm," she grins and nods her head, "you have a really good point. It really /is/ all her fault. But I'm sort of glad that she did it." She shrugs her shoulders and smiles at him. "After all you've had an awesome opportunity tossed in your lap. I just wish they hadn't drug /me/ out of it for 'em to give you the chance."

Kultir smiles tenderly over at her and shakes his head slightly. "Glad ye'r feelin' better, darlin'. And ye'll likely meet 'im 'ventually. He's like t' get himself into some kind o' trouble soon enough." he says rather unsympathetically for the other man. He grins as she accepts his point and then nods, his lip pouting out just a little. "Aye … tha's f'r sure. Course … I'll have t' apologize iff'n I do Impress, I s'pose. Only be good manners an' all … right?" He sighs, still not too happy with the bluerider but … he'll consider a brief hug if he is one of the lucky ones.

Kalea bursts out laughing at his comment. "So I only get to meet him if he gets himself into trouble?" Why? She wonders if they plan to stake the kid out in the bowl or what. She shrugs her shoulders at the rest of his comments though. "I suppose an apology for your surly disposition would be in order. After all not /everyone/ gets a chance to stand." And fewer still manage to impress. She chuckles and swirls her juice around in her mug. "Besides if you do impress we'll have something else in common."

Kultir shrugs as she laughs, chuckling along with her. "I dunno … he skives outta work as often as he can so, most likely he'll get caught sometime. Probably be able t' hear him gettin' yelled at all the way out t' the docks if not further." He sighs as she agrees with his idea of apologizing to Nika and then shrugs. Well, if she thinks it's a good idea … he'll have to do it … /if/ he Impresses. "I s'pose we would, huh? That'd be pretty neat … course I ain't anythin' like ye'r grandfather if the family stories are true." He winks and blushes just a little remembering his rather embarassing reaction to the very thought.

Kalea sighs when she hears about the slacker mentality of this Dimitri. "That's never a good thing. Lazy people are always annoying. And if he can't be counted on to do simple chores how could he be counted on to fly Thread or sweep. Or even properly care for a lifemate if he impresses." Lazy people are on the bottom of her shit list apparently. She leaves off her dismay though to smile at him when he mentions her grandfather. "You wouldn't eh? So you don't plan to be a hardworking, hard loving man who always made time for his family and friends?" She shrugs her shoulders as she teases him. "Well I suppose that's your choice."

Kultir just blinks at her when it sounds like she's comparing him and Dimitri and then figures out what she's saying and his burgeoning frown disappears into a laugh. "Naw, love … course I'll be like him that way. Jes' not /t'other/ way." he says, chuckling a little and reaching for the klah pot for another half mug or so. A small shudder runs though him but he shakes it off since he knows it happens and the men involved are usually very happy but … nope, not for him.

Kalea just shrugs her shoulders and sips her juice. "Well he did tend to be quite open about things. And so was my grandma as far as I was told." She sometimes has pangs like now. Wishing she could have met her grandparents. Instead of living off the stories her mother and Uncle used to tell her as a child growing up. "I know my mama was really relaxed about these things." She doesn't mention herself in the matter. Afraid the truth would upset him. "I've met a lot of folks who don't have a lot of control over it during flights. And they had to adjust their way of thinking a tad. So all I can hope for love, is that you aren't one of those who lose control when the urge hits." Because it /will/ hit. She has no doubt about that fact. Well at least providing he impresses. They are talking possibilities here.

Kultir sips his klah and sighs softly, a more serious mood coming over him as he grows more weary. "I guess it’s just cuz I been raised … where I was. Not in a Weyr or anything close to one." he says. "It's been four generations since someone from the family has lived in a Weyr so … well, you know Da … he doesna care for 'riders." He peers at her over the mug and frowns slightly. "Ye mean proddy? Well … I s'pose that'd be different …” He trails off in thought, brow puckered but not overly frightened by the thought like he would have been a couple sevendays ago.

Kalea is still gradually working the conversations they have around to some of the more delicate topics. She's loved him long enough to know if she's just throws him into the deep end of the information that he'll forget to swim as it were. "I met your Da," she says with a nod of her head. From the expression on her face she remembers him well and still doesn't care much for him. "But despite /his/ opinions. You live here now. And as you have seen for yourself it isn't at all like they had led you to believe." Vile people anyway! She chuckles and sips on her juice.

Lendai is on something of a mission. A clipboard of sorts in her hands, an irritated look upon her face. The Senior Weyrwoman is out in full force tonight, those who get in her way will feel her wrath. There is someone in particular she is looking for, and it just so happens the woman she has heard much about is in this very Living Caverns. With a rusty description to work off of, plus her dragon's aid in mental pictures, Lendai walks throughout the caverns, looking intently at each face she passes. Nope, nope, nope. Person after person is passed until finally. She stops. Right near Kalea. Her chin notches up, though the goldrider is still unsure. However, the presence of Kultir has the woman narrowing her eyes, her features sharpening and a frown settling. The two in close proximity even more so. Her throat is cleared. "Candidate," is stated sharply to Kultir. "And… Kalea, I believe? Please tell me if I'm incorrect, I have no had the pleasure to meet all the riders personally."

Kultir sets his mug down and straightens in his chair as soon as he sees the Weyrwoman … the Senior, if he's read the knot correctly … approaches and stops at the table he and Kalea are occupying. When she stops, he immediately stands and gives her as good a salute as he can manage. "Weyrwoman." he says in reply, not too sure what else he's supposed to do. His glance goes from Weyrwoman to Kalea and back again, gulping carefully and hoping that he doesn't look as nervous as he feels. He remains standing, never having been told etiquette on how to deal with goldriders showing up out of no where, and can't help but fidget a bit.

Kalea turns her head at the sound of her name and realizes she's being addressed by one of the Weyrwomen. Okay then this is a first. It's never been her pleasure to meet any of the Goldriders. She blinks up at the woman and totally forgets her manners for a moment. Shock and confusion warring in her expression. "Yes Weyrwoman, I'm Kalea." Finally she registers at least one thought and manages to slide her chair back and stand up. "May I help you?" Clearly the woman has some mission in mind. Though what Kalea can't fathom. Perhaps the Weyrwoman merely wants to laugh at the 'rider who was sneezed off her dragon recently? It's possible she supposes.

"At ease, candidate. I'll be dealing with you shortly." Lendai states, all clipped and in work mode. She shifts all of her attention to the greenrider, her expression tense. "I'll be blunt with you, Kalea. I've been hearing things. Lots of things that I'm not comfortable with." As she is the Senior Weyrwoman, Lendai has a vast network of people feeding her ears with ALL the goings on in her domain. "While I realize fully that candidates will break the rules, I never expect a dragonrider to help them. Not do it so shamelessly in public." Outraged? Only a little. "Now, usually, I'd simply toss out a candidate for dailiances. But as we have many, many eggs on those sands, I'm willing to be nice. For now. I only give one chance, let us hope it is not wasted." Her words are dire, but the threat is real. "While I cannot say for sure whether anything actually happened it has been reported to me about your continued closeness with Candidate Kultir. I was also informed you were weyrmates, which by the way," she turns sharply to the boy now. "You're what? Fifteen turns old? You need to grow up before committing yourself to anyone little man." Unwanted advice from the Weyrwoman? Oh hell yeah! "Anyway! I don't like it. At all. Kultir needs to focus on the clutch, not on you, dragonrider. And what's more, you need to concentrate on Thread, not some child barely out of puberty. Am I understood?"

Kultir relaxes a bit when she tells him to but now he's starting to turn a little red in the face. He blinks as the goldrider rounds on Kalea and listens to the … threats she's issuing. He blinks when she turns on him as well and says, "Weyrwoman … nothing inappropriate has happened between us since the day I got that knot." He's a bit breathless and the red in his face could be embarassment or anger, either one. "And I'm 17 turns, ma'am, not a child barely out of puberty. And I'm well aware that I need to 'grow up' in terms of how things are done in a Weyr." Sullen? Just a tad, he's still young enough to be offended easily. His fists are clenched in the pockets of his trousers to keep them from shaking as he tries to explain that there is nothing wrong with him and Kalea sharing a meal and some conversation.

Kalea stands there in total shock. Unable to form a response for several moments. "Kultir hasn't done anything wrong." She doesn't exactly relish the talking down she's receiving from the Weyrwoman. No one ever said she had to abandon her friends if they were chosen to Stand. And after all she's had no intimate contact with her love since he received his knot. But she doesn't want to risk him being tossed out either. Her heart drops to her boots and she looks at Kultir helplessly. He's not fifteen to be sure! And it's not uncommon for 'riders to take lovers much younger than themselves. So this is sliding against her grain all wrong. "I don't /dally/ with anyone. And since he received his knot we've not been in any sort of intimate contact." She isn't still sleeping with him. She damn well loves him. Way too much to risk his knot. "I wasn't aware that Candidates weren't allowed to maintain friendships with 'riders once they received their knots. I apologize. I'm from another Time and /this/ sort of thing," meaning what Lendi is alluding to in Public no less, "wasn't done at Reaches." She bows to the Weyrwoman. "I'll be forced to do as you wish of course." She hasn't got any other choice really.

Oh no he didn't. "Candidate. I did not ask you to speak." Lendai is in a Mood. Like. A really bad one. All of Southern should surely be afraid. "Seventeen and bloody damned weyrmated is still stupid." She mutters under her breath, waving off anything else the candidate might have said. Kalea is eyed, "I'm equally from High Reaches Weyr of the past, greenrider, and as I've been a junior and senior of that Weyr, I can also say with much clarity that while we are alright with friendships, there sometimes crosses a line. Perhaps that line hasn't truly been crossed, and back then, it'd be overlooked. But you are here now. You made the choice to come forward, as did I, and we both have to deal with that." Her jaw clenches, and soon she is shaking her head. "As I stated, while I have no proof minus word of mouth, it concerns me enough that I've decided to seek you out. You are not the only person being warned off of candidates, have no fear. But you know fully well the moment that knot touches his shoulder, everything changes." And oh, has it ever! "I realize this is harsh, and abrupt, but I need to look out for those eggs on the sands and the candidates in my barracks. I would ask that you stop close contact with Kultir throughout his candidacy. While obviously your paths will cross, should I see any intimate action at all from either one of you… there will be dire consequences to you both. I'll be sending word to Q'fex that you have need of more work to do, greenrider, to help keep your occupied." And so, the Weyrwoman HAS SPOKEN. DUN DUN DUN. "Am I clear? Do both of you understand?"

Kalea looks at Kultir with dismay. No further contact with him at all? She doesn't really know what to think about that. Despite being a past weyrmate he's one of her closest friends. What is she supposed to do without him? Who is she supposed to talk to about the things she doesn't share with her wingmates? This simply doesn't go over with her well at all. "Weyrwoman," is all that she says as she turns again to stare at Lendai. The *ahem* woman is understood quite well. And Kalea has no choice but to end her friendship with Kultir. She won't risk him not having the opportunity to Stand. There isn't anything in her opinion that would be worth that. "I'm sorry love," she turns to Kultir and shrugs her shoulders. "We have no choice." That being said she turns on her booted heel and leaves the caverns.

Kultir blanches at the reprimand and staggers slightly at the harshness in Lendai's tone when she addresses Kalea, his eyes hardening and jaw clenching. Yes, the boy is angry since this is an attack against him as well since he has never lied to anyone here and she won't even listen. He glances at Kalea, a sick look coming into his eyes at the thought of not being able to share a meal … the little time that they can spend together. At the goldrider's question, his flinty gaze snaps back to her. "Yes, Weyrwoman. Abundantly clear, ma'am." he grates out, nearly spitting his words as he watches Kalea leave the caverns. Not happy? Oh no, not a bit. No one said he couldn't have any contact at all.

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