==== October 19th, 2013
==== K'vvan, Mayte, Sadaiya, W'rin
==== 1. K'vvan has terrible date ideas which Mayte loves. 2. W'rin disapproves of bathing in lakes during the winter.

Who K'vvan, Mayte, Sadaiya, W'rin
What 1. K'vvan has terrible date ideas which Mayte loves. 2. W'rin disapproves of bathing in lakes during the winter.
When Day after Desert Spooks
Where Bazaar Sidestreet and Lake



Bazaar Sidestreet
No matter the time of day, the darkness here is almost absolute, adding a certain je ne sais quois that borders on the treacherous. Here and there, cobblestones have gone missing and leave holes that are perfect for snagging the feet of the unaware. The stench is also criminal, a mixture of urine, rotting meat, and other things best left unexamined in the heaps that pile up next to the back doors of certain of the bazaar establishments.

You know what isn't fun? Staying up all night. It's a tired and rather grumpy K'vvan who is making his way down the sidestreet of the bazaar, all the posture of a cat whose paw has been placed into water. A particular stench hangs on him, as he has lost the perfect-everything-in-pace look for which he always strives. He is muttering under his breath as he walks.

What good is sun if it's not warm? Mayte is out, sweeping the steps of her store, arranging and re-arranging the display and standing back to look at it critically every so often. Her examination is interrupted by the unmistakeable form of K'vvan, but… he's not as K'vvan-esque as usual and when Mayte figures out why she has that impression, her eyes widen. Horror? Worry? Something like that. "K'vvan?" she calls when he's close enough to hear her, "What … Are you okay?"

Wait, people? In a public place? K'vvan blinks as Mayte calls out to him, jerking his attention back to whatever he had been talking to himself about. "Uh, hey Mayte um," he looks downwards at himself, and tires to adjust his oasis-abused clothing. "Yeah just a long… long… long night. Sweeps turned up something weird."

Mayte's hand twitches briefly as she looks uncertain and then reaches over as if to brush something from K'vvan's arm, "It looks like it," she tells him solemnly, and cocks her head, "Do you wanna talk about it? I can take a break from this…" and waves the broom slightly. "Kalligon's already… working inside, he'll be okay." That's said to reassure Mayte as much as explain her break-time right now.

K'vvan twitches away from Mayte's touch, not allowing her fingers to touch his smudged up clothing. "If you want? I was going to the baths to get rid of the smell." If Mayte smells hard enough, she might just recognize the stink of decay that clings to cloth, skin, and hair. "Though… it is really gross."

Mayte draws back her hand, not looking remotely offended, "Or… the baths work too. I just… there might be people there." You know, with ears. And hearing. Mayte does give a long sniff and wrinkles her nose, "What… what is that smell?" Somewhere in her hypothalamus, Mayte's brain is saying BAD SCENT! but she isn't entirely sure why. "What did you get yourself into?"

K'vvan actually manages a rather wry smile, though hints of grumpy cling to the edges of it. He drops his voice down, so only she can hear him. "We could go out to the lake, if you want, I mean, I just need to get clean. There was some dead people out at that oasis in the middle of the desert last night."

When K'vvan tosses out a tagline like that, how can Mayte say 'no'? Her eyes are wide with amazement and thrill, "Yeah, that sounds perfect." she says in possibly breathy tones. K'vvan sure knows the way to this girl's heart, even if he doesn't quite realize it - a good murder mystery.


The crystalline focus of the westward stretch of Igen's activity chases frequent, colorful sunsets that sprawl over sparkling azure waters, throwing back Rukbat's brilliance in breathtaking pyrotechnic displays. Clean, crisp waters run still and deep, providing a transparent view of Weyr Lake's aquatic residents and their rocky home below with startling clarity, right down to the tiniest pebble. The glasslike qualities grow murky, however, near southern shores and the inevitability of runoff from the pens and their occupants. To the north, streams flow in a controlled rush downwards into the dark depths of the water caverns, the constant babble echoing through the neighboring ruins of Igen's abandoned complexes, disturbing naught but the tunnelsnakes that call that area 'home'.
K'vvan regrets his decision to visit the lake almost right away when the pair reach the deserted cove. The water when he reaches down into it is freezing. A shiver arches up though him as he bends down at the edge of the lake and dips a hand in. "Right, bodies. There were two of them, we think. One had died or been killed recently. It was… bloated."

Mayte is tough and won't let K'vvan see her shiver. When his back is turned, however, she wraps her arms around herself. Who volunteered for a polar-bear swim?? This girl, that's right. "Two bodies?" Nope, that sound of teeth chattering can't be coming from her. "What about the other one? Was it near the first one?"

Gosh darn it, K'vvan came here to get CLEAN. He grits his teeth and pulls of his dirtied shirt, setting it to one side. He has to gather his courage for a long moment before he scoops up icy water into his hands and slashes it on his face. This time the shiver is angrily pronounced as he moves to shrubs his arms free of stench. Teeth chattering he answers, "It was up in the trees. Looked like someone tried to hide it."

Mayte oohs, "Hiding it in a tree. That's different." If Mayte's arms weren't so firmly wrapped around herelf, she'd applaud. She just watches K'vvan for a moment and then wonders, "Was it recognizable? Did…" a hesitation here, "Was it someone from the Weyr?" You know, since she wasn't here when the old WLM was killed.

"Wasn't much to recognize after the head fell and squished all over W'rin." K'vvan manages to say this rather nonchalanatly, though perhaps this has more to do with the cold water he's now scrubbing his bare torso in. He is taking on a particular blue tinge now, and the shivers are becoming more pronounced. "And the other was just bones mostly."

Okay, that admission gets a faint look of 'squick' from Mayte, but then she grins, "The head hit W'rin?" Maybe it's because she wasn't there, but this is sort of hilarious, with apologies to W'rin. Now back to business, "Was the skeleton in the tree too?" Find the link! "A knot or something?" C'monnnn, bodies, stop being quite so mysterious!

Mayte gets a swift apraising 'are you crazy' kind of look from K'vvan as he gathers his courage, he really does need to get all the way in and that is going to HURT. But see, there's this little vintner here asking him questions, so he pauses, delaying the necessary. "Well, the head was in the tree, and the skeleton, the rest of the unhead was on the ground, the tunnel snakes were eating it. I found some fabric, but turned it over to the Helions."

Mayte probably gets that look too often if she doesn't react to it (and she doesn't), but she pauses to envision the scene. "Hmm. I see what you mean." A glum sigh, "Too bad people don't leave explanations," but where's the fun in that? "And why would you haul a body up into a tree, instead of burying it? Unless…" Uh oh, her eyes are glowing happily, "Unless someone DROPPED it!" In another life, Mayte could make a great conspiracy theorist.

"The Helions'll figure it out. I'll take you out there, later, once they're done if you want." Yes, a date to visit a murder scene. Good one K'vvan. He looks mournfully down at the freezing water, then gathers every inch of his courage. Inward he jumps, gasping at the icy egde to the water as it clings to every part of it. "F.. that's cold!"

Mayte gasps and not because K'vvan has dumped himself into the lake, "You would? Really?" Maybe they can find more bodies and challenge that ex-cook down at Southern for record of bodies found, whatever her name is. "You take me to the nicest places…" She, however, is already clean and waits by the shore. She's not CRAZY ya know!

K'vvan doesn't answer that one for a bit, having an eye togetting out of the freezing water as soon as possible. Because, HOLY CRAP. When he emerges from the water he is dripping, shivvering, and more than a little blue. "Damn, forgot a towel…" Without said drying instrument, K'vvan attempt to dry himself with a clean tunic he totally had with him from the start. Pants however, are another issue. "Um… turn around."

Mayte is totally lost in the logistical planning of dropping a body onto a tree for a moment, until she espies K'vvan coming out of the water and is content to watch AND plan logistics of dropping a body onto a tree, but who is she really kidding? K'vvan's request to turn around gets a little huff and a larger grin, and she spins around. Totally not looking. Nope.

K'vvan waits for just a moment, she's totally not looking right? Then, as quickly as possible K'vvan strips off his wet pants from the dunking and pulls on tights. "Okay, you can turn around." Water continues to drip downwards from his long-hair, causing chills to raise up on his chest.

Mayte is totally not looking but as soon as she's allowed to turn around, she stares at K'vvan's tights. "Um." Are they really any better? Okay, this scene ? Totally > dead bodies mystery. Well helloooo. "Um. How's…" oh, what's her name, "Nadeeth?"

K'vvan follow's Mayte's gaze down his body, "It's all I have, okay? I meant to pick up my clean clothes this morning but it was a bit crazy. You want to go get something to eat? Maybe something warm/"

Mayte makes a mental note to talk with the laundry staff. Check. She's just on the shore, totally not checking out the slightly damp K'vvan except maybe a little. "We could get some soup and take it back to the store, or just eat in the Caverns. And you could get your laundry on the way back, or something."

The real question is what Mayte is going to tell the laundry staff. K'vvan bends, picking up his discarded clothing and rolling it into a small ball in his hands. "I heard Ravene is back in the bazaar. Maybe some of her soup?" He manages to keep his teeth from chattering too much as the cold air flicks at his damp hair, attempting to turn it into icicles.

It may be freezing but W'rin and Sadaiya are walking down the shore line, perhaps W'rin is having lesson in "small-talk" it is one of the areas of diplomacy he needs the most help. Which perhaps why he is wearing the look of a very baffled man, his mouth a gape as he stares at the goldrider, his stride faltering just a moment, "Ask them how the weather is? But..why? I'll be there. I'll know what the weather is." But then is gaze, and attention are stolen by an equally befuddling sight. K'vvan shirtless, which would be bad enough (no offense), but it also winter. And then Mayte. It takes a second for the wheels to turn, but he knows he doesn't like something about this situation. Is it the his rider who is probably verging on freezing to death, or the fact that his fake daughter is oggling him. Either way he turns in that direction. Stomp. Stomp. Hopefully Sadie can keep up.

"Because it's polite," huffs Sadaiya, the words making small clouds in the cool air. "Because THEY want you to ask. It puts them at ease… wwwwow. Do you guys need healers? Because I can't imagine that you are not going to get super sick from getting wet in this weather." Turning her eyes towards Mayte, she makes a couple brow-waggles, switching her gaze to indicate the half-nude and waggling again, her eyes saying louder than words one thing: niiiiice.

Mayte isn't ogling K'vvan's chest so much, she's staring at his tights. Sheesh, she turns at the sound of stomping and pauses. "Hi, Weyrleader! We… uh, Goldrider!" Mayte's totally not going to get sick in this weather, her hair is bone dry, but she's definitely not thinking anything is wrong, playing it smooth, "K'vvan and I were talking." And if she were a bit cuter, Mayte would totally explain that K'vvan even made her turn around when he took his pants off. "How cold does it get here, anyway? Does it ever snow?" Speaking of the weather…

The tights are hot. Team Tights +1.

K'vvan's eyes travel between the two people and the person who has just invaded his space. Person one, W'rin. Person two, the sadistic gold rider. Why, if it was going to be one of them, couldn't it at least have been the sweet Corelle? Some of this may swing across his face as he steps closer to to Mayte, hiding the clothing behind his back and letting the girl talk. She's good at that.

Sienna arrives at the lake with her lifemate, sliding off Kehemath's strapless form and sending her into the icy waters with a thump. Kehemath bounds happily into the water, paddling out before she dunks herself, and Sienna meanders closer to the group, hunching her shoulders and shivering a bit at the very /sight/ of the others. Also. Tights FTW. "Hello." She'll start there, because this is amusing.

"But why?" W'rin isn't about to give up this point. "We could talk about other things, things that matter. Work. Talking about work puts me at ease." And surely he's got life figured out, more people should be like him. Get in, do business, get out. Still he relents. "Ask them about the weather." It is a said with a defeated sigh as he tucks it into his mind. Clearly this lesson will have to continue later because W'rin is glaring at K'vvan. How dare he pull of tights better than his weyrleader. Youth. Bah. As for Mayte she'll get a glare too, but its more protective. "Isn't staring at half naked men against the rules of being an apprentince? Or do they just let you do whatever you want in the vinters." HURMPH. Grumpy papa-bear.

Rolling her eyes dramatically, Sadaiya stamps her foot on the ground in frustration. "Because they'll be more amenable talking to you about work when they know HOW to talk to you because they DID talk to you about something that's really not that important, like the weather. Or, if you know something about them like it, ask about their kids. Something along those lines to put them at ease so they don't feel intimidated." Her explanation comes free with wide mitten-handed gestures, one of which turns into an opened arm to offer Sienna the warmth of her small person. "Oooh, ooh, c'mere, you look freezing. You too, Mayte. Yeah, how much winter are we really looking at here? And, K'vvan, put on a dang shirt." And speaking of looking, the folks at home want to know: do K'vvan got the booty? With an assessing glance of his tights, Sadaiya gives a positive verdict if her appreciative, pursed lips are any indication: he dooo.

Oh, it's going to be one of THOSE days. Apparently having a head fall on you sours your mood. Not that Mayte would know, but she does catch that different glare hint and shakes her head, "Um, not that I ever heard of… Fully naked men they warned us about," and telling a bunch of 15 Turn-old apprentices about nudity of the other sex? Probably just stoked the fire, "but half-naked? There's no rule on half-nakedry," or which half-nakedry even. Mayte nods in agreement with Sadaiya, turning to look one last time at half-nekkid K'vv, "Yeah, it'd be better for you." Or else Mayte gets to nursemaid. HAH. Sadie knows ALL THE THINGS.

K'vvan is looking more than a little purple, as the blue of his lips and red of his cheeks mingle together. "Uh," Right, shirt. He manages to keep the dirty garment mostly hidden and pulls on a clean white tunit, his hair continuing to drip.

Sienna shakes her head at Sadaiya with a laugh as she comes closer, standing between the goldrider and the Weyrleader. "I'm actually fine," she says, glancing at the others, "it's just looking at /them/ and having Kehemath in the water that's making me shiver." Darn mental bond. Splash, splash, swim, /play/ goes Kehemath. "I've got two baskets ready to go," she tells W'rin, glancing up at him with a smile. "Some nice wine and cheese pairings, with fruits and crackers that can handle between. I left them on your desk." Then her eyes unfocus and her head whips around to /stare/ into the lake. "NO." There's Kehemath, doing…what is she doing? It's hard to tell from here but it's enough to have Sienna abandoning the group and hurrying along the shore towards her lifemate. Her totally innocent lifemate.

W'rin stares - just STARES at Sadaiya for a long moment in silence. Will a anger boil over. "Oh. That makes sense." It is cool rationalization, finally somoene explains the why in a way that makes sense. "It isn't about the weather, at all. They are using it to learn how I speak…" This is all mumbled to himself as the man is lost for the moment in his own thoughts. Working it out in his brain, the grey matter in this one is dense. "Still," He finally snaps out of it, "They're in charge. They should be confident. Hesitation kills." Or maybe that's just in thread, but that's what the man's brain is good for. K'vvan draws his attention again, "You need to borrow my jacket?" Only then Sienna is suggesting things and he cough as the color drains to be replaced by..Is the weyrleader blushing.

Glee! "Yes! Exactly, W'rin!" Sadaiya claps her gloves together, dropping the arm that was earmarked for Sienna pre-departure. "And, Mayte, I don't personally disapprove of K'vvan's chest. At all. In any way. It's just I don't want him to get sick or frostbitten or, Idunno, bug bitten. It's cold! What in the world persuaded you two to go for a dunk here of all places, instead of taking an outing to, like, Southern. I hear it's sweltering there right now. Have any of you ever been?"

Mayte is glad that she's not the only one appreciates K'vvan's chest, but she does look back and blinks at the strange colours K'vvan is turning. "Um. I think he should probably put it on, Weyrleader." Concern colours her tone, and she blinks a moment at Sadaiya, "Um. We wanted to talk and K'vvan wanted to get clean, so…" And who else is out here, bathing? NO ONE, so it worked. "And we were going to go to the Caverns and get some hot stew. That sounds really good now."

"Uh, no, it's fine. We, what she said. Maybe Ravene's instead, haven't been there since she reopened." K'vvan manages to stutter this out in a fit of awkward, his hands rubbing up and down his arms, pushing some feeling back into them. "It's getting warmer, I'll be fine."

"You don't disapprove of…" W'rin stutters and then points at K'vvan, his mouth swinging open again, and then accusingly at Mayte, and then even MORE accusingly at K'vvan. But then Mayte says something stupid. (Well OOCly K'vvan did say he wanted to see W'rin size wrath). "YOU CAME OUT HERE TO BATHE!?" The weyrleader isn't screaming at the girl, oh no his anger is turned on the greenrider. "Are you fucking kidding me?" His arms are thrown up in disgust, "Go inside, I don't fucking care where…" Pause. "That adults can see the both of you. Eat something warm. And put some fucking clothes on!" Presumably that should be done first as the weyrleader tosses his riding leather jacket full force at K'vvan and then stomps off muttering about the stupidity off all the world that he has to deal with all by himself.

Sadaiya's unable to talk at this point, wracked with laughter as she is. Oh she makes an attempt to hold it in by slapping her hands over her mouth, but fails miserably. So, for now, she stands there, jiggling, cackling and pointing (well, as much as someone wearing mittens can) with tears of mirth rolling down her cheeks. Eventually, she manages a squeaked: "JACKET, K'vvan," before dissolving into cackles again.

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