==== September 22, 2013
==== Yulena, Daycen
==== Two Candidates do laundry and talk about almost everything but.

Who Yulena, Daycen
What Laundry chores are performed, but there's still time to chat.
When One Turn and two months until the 12th Pass
Where Laundry Room



Laundry Room
Slippery pillars point past the pools towards the commercial cleaning… or what was once? Hard to tell, with the dirt and the crumbling cloth in the corner.

This was supposed to be an afternoon chore, but somehow schedule rearrangements were made and he had crappy-rope-making duties. So, Daycen is taking his turn in the humidity of the laundry room now. In the evening after dinner. Which seems to suit him just fine as he dumps a load of grungy clothing into a steaming stone pit of water and 'whatever they told him to throw in there to clean things with'. For now, he pokes at the clothing with a long stick to swirl it all around. His expression? Vacant. Okay, maybe a bit haunted.

Yulena pulls in to the Laundry with a basket full of… ripe-scented clothing. Not even fruit-ripe, but the grungy, worn-too-many-times-between-washings ripe that chase off women and offend animals. Whatever caused this scent, Yulena's doing her very best not to inhale the odor, and moves to an open washing bay. Hope there's nothing red in here, because it's all going in. Sploosh. Grabbing a long stick reminiscent of Daycen's, Yulie starts doing her level best to drown the shells out of these clothes - or at least the scent. ANd, oh yeah, there's company. "Daycen? Dayc?" Yoo hoo. "You alright over there?" She has a funny feeling she knows the answer already.

Daycen wrinkles his nose at the scent wafting from Yulena's basket full of stuff there; but really, it's an autopilot reaction. It really does take a minute to register that someone is talking to him, and there's a sudden blinking of eyes until he looks up and over and gives the former Cook a bit of a smile. "Oh, yeah. Sure. M'fine." Obviously a lie. "Just.. thinking. Y'know. But definitely not thinking about whatever gets laundry this rank." he notes, his voice kind of a mutter. "How're you?"

PHEER THE SMELL! Or, now that it's in the water, the threat of the stench… Yulena grins as Daycen replies, "Hi there!" Pern to Daycen, come in, Daycen… His inability to tell a lie is not lost on Yulie for once and she eyes him for a moment. "The eggs, huh?" she says, her tone nearing the threshold of 'sympathy', "I think everyone's a little rattled." Her too, by the way the laundry pole stops thrashing clothes for a moment. Oh hey, a new topic, "YOu know, I didn't think people could actually get this gross." Since this is beyond 'dirty'. "I mean, you come out of a kitchen with food on you, but you don't change? You wake up in the same night-shirt three seven-days in a row, and you don't smell yourself?" Awful! The laundry gets an extra sticking-to for that. How DARE it?

"Yeah. It was a little disturbing, to say the least. I almost wonder if we shouldn't put up a list of the more disturbing ones. You know, the worst of them. So people know in advance not to touch 'em unless they're really prepared for it." What? Daycen is a nerd. And nerds like lists ok? Lists! But nothing shakes off rattles like discussing other peoples terrible habits. "Maybe after a couple days you don't smell yourself anymore." This is offered as a possibility. "But I could be wrong. I've never actually tried to find out. And I don't think anyone in the barracks would appreciate it if I did." Even in the name of science. Woe.

The thought has merit, according to Yulena's stroking of the chin, "On the other hand," she posits slowly, "We don't want to scare anyone away before they touch the eggs." Let the eggs scare them away in their own time. "Besides, it's not really up to us to decide, right? It's the dragons." You know, the ones that keep chewing Candidates up and spitting them back onto the sands, at least mentally. And yes, nitpicking other people is particularly fun, especially if they don't like klah, "But then wouldn't someone /tell/ you you smell awful? Shells, I'd be the first person to tell me I smell bad!" There's a Catch 22 there, but Yulena continues on, "And I don't think they'd let you onto the Sands if you smelled." Just imagine how the dragon eggs would react then!

Daycen side-eyes at Yulena a moment, the laundry stick paused in its interminable stirring. "Well, sure. But I think they've already seen all of -our- faces when we've fled the sands before the leadership even forced us away. Never been a candidate before mind you, so maybe that's normal. But if the dragons are as reluctant to pik as as they're disdain for us in the shell suggests…" Shrug. "Anyway. How'd you wind up at Southern? I don't think I can handle more talk of body odor while doing laundry." Seriously. It's stomach churning.

Some laundry, like fine wines, do best when they're left to sit and think about what they've done wrong; Yulena's given up on stirring it for now. "Maybe we should ask someone who has actually Impressed - If they had the same experience, and then they still Impressed." It's an empirical survey, or something like that. The question of Yulie's eventual relocation is met with… hesitance. Looking around, Yulena says quietly, "I got fired from the Kitchens at Igen. For coming down here, and finding a body." Like that was her fault! Sheesh. "You? Are the stars clearer here?" She remembers what Daycen did before he got white-knotted.

Daycen nods thoughtfully there, considering. "One of the werylings most likely. It would be freshest in their minds I'd think. That's why they have our barracks attached to theirs afterall, yeah?" He seems to like this idea, dark eyes just focused on the swirl of water and cloth together. His brows furrow at her confession though, blurting out. "What kind of sense does -that- make?" he scoffs, rubbing the back of his hand against his forehead to remove the fine sheen of moisture there from being in the laundries. "Well, every location needs records of what the stars look like from that spot. Because the sky looks different from different parts of Pern. But really, it's just that you're viewing the same sky from a different angle. I'll be a Journeyman if I finish up the charting properly. And, the red star needs tracking. Southern needs their own records of that too."

Yulena nods thoughtfully, "Yeah… Like that guy who came in and impressed from the mountains… Or do you think he wouildn't know better?" The very idea that the Candidate Barracks are right next to to the Weyrlings gets a lau…look. HRM, "You know, it could very well be. And we'd get to see how busy Weyrling life is. And used to baby dragon noises." The very idea that her being dismissed from Igen gets a shrug, "Well, I probably didn't help the situation any," Yulena's not rueful at all about this, by the way, "I said having a dead body in the flue was probably still cleaner than the kitchens up there, and I still believe it." Harrumph and all that. And then, oooh, pretty stars, and… ew. Not so pretty Red Star. "You think it's gonna be seen in the Star Stones like all the stories say?" Just in case it decides to do something funky, like do wheelies around Pern.

"I think he's probably a real good choice. He wouldn't have any pre-conceived notions." Daycen points out, expression turning to sudden amusement when she elaborates on the Igen situation. "Makes me glad I was never posted to Igen, then. If the kitchens are that bad there. I'm surprised I wasn't sent down here sooner, to help with the cleanup like all good apprentices should know how to do." Kind of like candidates. Lots of chores and cleaning on top of other duties. "I do. I think it will be seen in the Star Stones. But I think some people still won't believe until thread is falling again. I suspect it happens just before every Pass."

What's worse, memories of Igen kitchens, or dragon-thoughts turning your head inside out? According to Yulena's rapid change of expressions, from horror to it-didn't-really-happen horror, it's still up in the air. A little shrug, "Well, we had the influx of Candidates from the first clutch to help a lot too, so it wasn't so bad. You saved yourself some interesting discoveries." And into that she'll go no more. Stirring her laundry idly, Yulena mentions, "You know, I've always heard that Thread is terrible, and I really believe it," she rushes to confirm, "But I don't really, honestly know what it looks like." So she's not a disbeliever, just… wanting confirmation, "I mean, we have the pictures in books, and the tapestries, but does it really look like that?"

"I think it's one of those things that you never really understand until you face it." Dayce admits, poking now at the laundry instead of stirring it. And then setting up the hand-wringer to start /that/ process next. "Kind of like finding a body somewhere. You can tell me about it, and I can believe you… but as I've never found one myself, it's just words. It's not as real." The reasoning makes sense to him at least, even if he looks troubled by it all. "All I can figure is that it looks like nothing natural to Pern. Not with the aversion that Dragons have to it. And have you seen the riders walking around like they're on their last legs these days? Seems the Weyrleader is taking it seriously at least."

Yulena hmms at Daycen's comparison, nodding slowly. She leans a little on her stick, both hands clasped around its neck. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see," and that's a pretty sobering thought, as revealed by Yulena's vicious stab at her laundry, "I'm glad the Weyrleader's so serious. I want to be ready." Grr! She'll take a laundry stick to Thread if she has to! Though that might not be a very well thought-out plan. "Do you think the Hatching will be any time soon?" With planning, sometimes comes impatience.

Daycen stuffs the first piece of wet clothing through the wringer, holding it up and shaking it out to see just how clean it's gotten. He's so exacting and precise with -everything-, which must come from turns of mathematical precision. Or maybe he's just OCD. "I'd hope everyone wants to be prepared." Being his form of agreement, he leaves it at that. And then continues on to the hatching. "I think we're still a few months out; but, I'm kinda new at this whole Hatching thing." Being the nerd that he is, he just sort of withdraws into himself then, focusing on getting his chore done and all the thought-fodder the conversation has been provided.

Annnnd Daycen’s gone. Yulena eyes him for a moment, in case some other words of wisdom should fall from his lips, but… nothing. Alas. Slightly disgruntled, she starts to take vengeance out on the clothes, but by the time her laundry-poking arm is exhausted, Daycen is somehow out of focus, like Yulena’s mind has moved on, to other thoughts. The laundry is hauled up and moved on.

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