==== February 22nd, 2014
==== Sienna, Kyara
==== Sienna gives Kyara an invitation - and also asks for a favor.

Who Sienna, Kyara
What Sienna gives Kyara an invitation - and also asks for a favor.
When Late afternoon. It is the sixteenth day of the second month of the first Turn of the 12th pass.
Where Sienna's Weyr, Igen Weyr

Sienna's Weyr
Sienna's inner weyr is accessed through a tunnel which is just wide enough for the small green dragon to fit, should she wish to visit. The weyr inside is built around a central sandstone pillar, giving the main room a circular setup surrounding that floor to ceiling pillar. To the right is a sitting area, beyond which is a small kitchenette complete with a small hearth, smoke drawn up through a fissure in the rock. To the left of the entrance there is a small desk and area for her studying and crafting supplies, boxes of things piled for the moment as she has no real place to store her things. In the back of the weyr there is a narrow doorway leading into a small tunnel which opens up into her modest sleeping quarters. Bed, dresser, and wardrobe are about all that can fit. The decor of the weyr is rustic with a few softer, more feminine touches. Some plush rugs cover the sandstone floor and a few pillows add that softness and grace to the rough sandstone walls.

As the afternoon draws into the evening, Sienna is still up in her weyr, still nibbling on cheeses and crackers and fruit, still sipping wine and now nursing a rather enjoyable buzz on a rare day off. While Kehemath gnaws on a new tree chew toy outside, Sienna sits inside and writes in the baby's book, updates, thoughts from the months previous that she hasn't had time to enter, etc. All of the wonderful things she can.

Kehemath's thoughts reach to her friend's, seeking that heat and steam, toying with it with a teasing puff of icy air. A beckoning, a request, and the image of her ledge. Come?

Liareth was dozing…but not so deeply as to grumble at anyone requiring her attention. The cold air interrupting the steam of her mind makes her physically snort, and she swirls more fog back at Kehemath as if to tease her into trying that again, amused. « We'll be there shortly, » she replies, withdrawing to attend to her lifemate.

Well, she needed a break anyway. Honestly, Kyara needed a break a good candlemark ago, but wrapped up as she tends to get in writing music (whenever she finds the time), she simply forgot about it. Breaking to visit Sienna suits her just fine, and she hops up to head out to Liareth directly, nearly not bothering to fasten her jacket against the cold for how short the trip is. While Liareth rumbles curious amusement at Kehemath for her tree, Kyara wanders onward, poking her head in to announce herself. "What're you up to?" she questions once she spots Sienna, a small smile pulling her lips a bit lopsided.

Sienna looks up with a warm smile, gesturing for Kyara to join her. "Please! Come in, eat, drink. I've been sipping wine most of the afternoon, so." Slight buzz. It's allll good. "Just working on the twins' baby book, getting caught up. Had the day off. How're you?" she asks warmly.

"Oh, that sounds like a plan," Kyara says with a chuckle, taking up a seat beside her friend with a rather indolent air and immediately going in search of the alcohol herself. It may take her a biiiit longer to reach the same state as Sienna, but one has to start somewhere. "I…am good," she replies, sitting back once she has some wine of her own. "Busy. Happy, though. Content with life for the moment. It's a nice feeling. But anyway." She grins. "A day off. Not words I hear you say very often. How are the twins?"

Sienna chuckles. "You hesitated," she points out, tipping her glass of water towards Kyara. "Happy? That's wonderful, what news? And they're doing fine. Growing. Growing a lot." There's a fleeting expression that crosses her face, but it passes. "Help yourself. Wine there, and I think I might have some other things in the kitchenette…"

Kyara blinks, scrunching her nose a bit. "Did not," she retorts before realizing that yes, she did. A little. "I mean, it just feels a little odd to not have a list of ways life is complicated right now, I guess." A grin rises at the question. "Not really news, just…yeah. Happy. Stuff with Whirlwind is going well, I picked up a new student to teach defense to, N'thu is wonderful…things are just going really well right now." She takes a sip, then lets her gaze linger on the wine within the glass. "Cheese. It needs cheese," she asserts, glancing up. "Did I miss that somewhere?" Likely; it's not as if she was looking very hard or anything.

Sienna smiles warmly at her friend. "I'm so glad you're happy. N'thu…I don't know very well but I'm glad he's being wonderful to you." He'd better be! Else…angry Sienna. "Who are you teaching? I still need to ask W'rin about teaching the Weyrlings or Candidates." Or both. "Cheese is here," she says with a laugh, moving the platter from behind a stack of books to a more visible position on the table. Soft mozzarella-like cheese, and hard cheddar-like cheese. Some crackers. A few bits of fruit left.

"I hope you do get to know him better at some point," Kyara says with a smirk, going after the harder cheese and some crackers. "He's worth getting to know. There's got more going on in his head than a lot of people realize, I think, and while there are many things I think he's amazing for, that's one of the biggest reasons I-" What? For whatever reason, she catches the word, chuckles, and opts for something else. "One of the biggest reasons I enjoy being with him so much." Sticking some cheese in her mouth with an expression of secret amusement, she answers the question of her student. "A girl named Veresch. She's a messenger from the Bazaar who's been having a little trouble with a few shady sorts there. She's hard worker. Kind, also." Going quiet for a bit to concentrate on diminishing the amount of wine in her glass, she looks over at Sienna. "Anything on your mind? Or did you just invite me over for the heck of it? Which is completely fine, by the way; I was just wondering."

Sienna arches a brow. "Love?" Yeah, she can guess what that word was going to be, and she can't help but press her friend about it. Leaning back, she sips her wine. "Veresch. Don't think I've met her. You'll have to introduce me. And yeah, a few things actually. Ever been to the new Tea Room down there?"

Kyara makes a slight noise of consternation, stifling it with a somewhat bigger-than-necessary drink before eying Sienna, lip caught briefly in her teeth. "It feels like a dangerous thing to admit when you're not sure the other person would say the same so readily," she says quietly. "But I'd be lying to say that's not what I meant." As for Veresch, she nods. "Maybe come around when I'm out with her and Zalara. I usually do lessons with them out by the Standing Stones." The question of the Tea Room gets another nod…but also, inexplicably, a bit of a blush. "Yes. I've been there a few times. It's a lovely place…but last time I was there was when Cha'el took me down there when Lia was glowing. He thought it might help take the edge off…everything. It was a little awkward, in hindsight, though I know he was just trying to help." She clears her throat a little. "Not that I'm not willing to go back there; it's probably been long enough that they don't remember me. What were you thinking?"

Sienna nods, her smile gentle. "Yes. I waited until W'rin said it first." Dawww. "Felt…safer that way, especially with him." There's another smile, understanding, for her friend. "I'll come by. And…what happened between you and Cha'el?" she asks with a frown. "I ask because I went with Freesia. She suggested she and I make it a thing, having tea on the evenings I'm in the bazaar visiting the children. I asked if I could bring a friend, thinking of you. She said sure. So. Some girl time, if you're interested."

Kyara sits back, stretching her legs out with a slightly rueful expression. "The last time proddy happened, I ended up in the stores; I don't even remember why. Might've been trying to just get away from everyone. Cha'el came down there, and I… He's a little bit hard to ignore, y'know? Especially in that state. But," she makes a sort of helpless gesture, "he didn't take advantage. Talked me around, even, which is how we ended up at the Tea Room." With a dry chuckle and a rub of her forehead over Things that Can't Be Changed, she nods. "I know who Freesia is. I'm definitely interested, sure. Whenever I'm not on sweeps or anything, of course."

Sienna purses her lips thoughtfully behind her glass of wine. Hmm. Cha'el…helping everyone? That's her job. Then she smiles. "Wonderful! It's really quite nice in there. Quiet. Calm. Cultured." Which a lady needs from time to time. "There's another thing. A favor. It's…kind of a big one," she says, tapping a finger absently against the baby book.

Arguably also Kyara's job, but great minds think alike? But then…a favor? Kyara shifts a bit to regard Sienna with an arched brow, and she smirks. "Oh? What's that?" she asks, idly swirling the wine in her glass.

Sienna exhales softly, a frown creasing her brows. Apparently it's a serious favor. "I just want to make sure…and I've already spoken with K'vvan. But. With Thread falling now, if anything were to happen to me and to W'rin, I just…could you keep an eye on the twins?" She looks up from their baby book to regard her friend. "Visit them, and make sure they're doing okay? They're fostered and all, and there shouldn't be an issue with that, but if there is, I've marks and the cheese business which would hopefully continue to pay for their fostering. I just…I need to make sure they'd have someone looking out for them. I know the Steens are honorable, I'm just…” a mother. "I don't know what might happen."

Kyara sobers fairly quickly at that, and it takes all her will not to fall back into her old habit of knee-jerking an answer of Nothing's going to happen to either of you; everything will be fine. She knows by now that simply stating something isn't going to make it so. Yet, even as she slowly nods, a little bit of it slips. "You're both smarter than Thread. I can't see…" Stop it, Kyara. She swallows, gaze falling on her lap for a moment before she's looking back up at Sienna again. "Of course I will," she answers quietly, reaching over to grasp her friend's hand tightly. "Of course. I hope it never comes to it, but…I'd be honored to." She manages to smile, but her eyes are burning a little. "Thank you for asking me."

Sienna smiles, squeezing Kyara's hand tightly. "Thank you. And I know, I'm sure things will be just fine. I'm in very little danger, and W'rin is.." Fucking W'RIN … "in Whirlwind, our best wing, so. But just in case. It's a load off my mind to not have to worry about it." So in the end, this simple conversation, though unnecessary, might make her safer in the air because she's not worrying about it. "Thank you."

"Of course," the younger greenrider says, giving a bit of a sniffle and rubbing at the tip of her nose. Then Kyara eyes her wine glass and reaches for the bottle to fill it again. "He demands the best in us," she says of W'rin and Whirlwind with a small smile. "We won't let anything happen to him, either." To the best of their ability. She considers her glass again, then holds it up slightly in Sienna's direction. "To lessening our worries," she says quietly. An odd toast…but the less worry they carry into the fight, the better. "So more times like this can happen."

Sienna squeezes her hand and then lets it go with a smile, sipping her wine. "He does. And you are the best wing. Thank you." Again. Then a smile. "It's been a very nice day, I'll think. Now if only W'rin got off work a bit early…" Ahh, a wistful sigh.

Kyara chuckles a bit, relaxing again. "Mind if I stick around for a while, then?" she asks. "I need to make myself stay away from my music a little while longer, or I'll forget to sleep later." Another shrug, and she grins. "And getting a little fuzzy-headed doesn't seem like a bad idea today. I can even go get more wine from my weyr, if you like." So helpful!

Sienna laughs, tilting back in her chair. "I don't mind a bit. Happy for the company, really. Like to move to the couch?" she offers, pushing to her feet. "Only if you want some. I've been sipping all afternoon and I don't think I need any more," she admits, with a laugh.

"Sure," Kyara confirms about moving. Whether or not she'll actually drink that much is debatable…but she'll certainly stick around.

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