====February 22nd, 2014
====Writing letters.

Who Ravene
What Ravene writes a letters to Erikkhan and E'bert
When It is mid-morning of the thirteenth day of the second month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
Where Igen



Ravene's Quarters
A modest sized room this area is combination storage and sleeping quarters. To the left of the stairs is a set of cupboards that frame a small, dusty window. Slowly the room is being cleaned, dust covers have been removed from the beds and cradle. The layer of dust is being cleaned away from the flat surfaces along with the rest of the accumulated grime.

Ravene's taking a rare moment to herself. The hustle and bustle of customers in the dining room below carries easily up into the private quarters that also serve as storage for the bakery. A small smile as she hears Zisiene chide one of the street urchins that seems to always crowd the bakery. At least the children are willing to run errands, and do other small chores for the food they receive. She can hear the bell on the door ring as people enter, and exit her shop. For a moment she allows herself the luxury of looking back to when she'd taken first Egbert, then his sister in.

Had he been properly fed, Ravene probably would not have mistaken him for being younger than he was. His sister, well Zisiene will always be mistaken for younger than her Turns. Poor nutrition most likely the culprit for that, but now she's an invaluable help to Ravene. The baker honestly can't recall what life was like before she took the brother and sister in. She has no idea if the pair were orphaned, or what their story was. She never asked, never cared. Now, now she faces the fact that she could easily have to bury her oldest child. Never mind she never gave birth to the boy. The rider. He's hers and anyone that says otherwise will feel the sharp edge of her tongue for it.

It's with this thought that she draws a sheet of parchment to her. The stylus is picked up, and Ravene begins to compose her thoughts. The first letter is to Harper Erikkhan, and is quickly written. She'll give it to Zisiene to deliver when the girl runs the evening delivery baskets. Once it's written, the sealing wax is picked up, carefully dripped on the folded edges of the missive, and then her seal is stamped into it.

A second parchment is drawn towards her after the first is set aside, and Ravene begins to write again.

I'm sorry for the hurt I've caused you. It truly wasn't intended. You have to know that I am truly proud of you. Proud of your Impression of Karkath. From all Zisiene tells me, your Karkath is a lovely brown if a little on the imposing side to look at. Please bring your wingmate Ivy to the bakery so we can talk,

This too is sealed, and set aside. This one will be sent to E'bert via Mars. It's the only way to make sure the boy gets the letter. The sound of something crashing has Ravene sighing before she's standing and making her way back down to the bakery proper.

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