==== September 21, 2013
==== Kalea
==== Kalea attempts to convince Ryadranth not to tell her secret

Who Kalea & Ryadranth
What Lie for Me
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 3 days until the 12th pass.
Where The Shire, Southern Weyr

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The Shire
The lush hues of outdoors follows you inside this small weyr. Light from outside allows several plants in stone pots to grow wildly up the walls. A short walkway into the inner weyr angles just enough to prevent any rain from getting inside. Embroidered tapestries decorate the inner walls, leaving only a few places showing bare rock. The cook stove rests along the curve of the wall past Ryadranth's couch niche and floor space. Far enough out of the way to prevent accidental bumping and yet close enough to give off more than enough warmth on cool nights. The sleeping area is positioned opposite the cook stove. Far out of any dragon's way, a plush bed is shrouded from view by a diaphanous curtain of lovely indigo that shades to midnight-blue. Barely enough walk space could be allowed between the end of the bed and the back of a low sofa. A matching chair rests to the right of the couch against the wall. Wedged between the chair and the wall leading to the entrance is a set of cabinets. Finding a smooth wall surface is impossible, and the floor is scored with claw marks.

A rough morning was had by Kalea, and now she is curled up on her sofa with a mug of mint water and a flaky pastry. At least now she understands /why/ she’s been so ill of that. But that doesn’t make it any easier to bear. She looks down and realizes that she has dribbled crumbs on the large tunic she’s wearing. “Well aren’t I a mess?” She sets the pastry aside so that she can sit up and brush the crumbs off of her.

« The egg does not appear to care much for flying. » Ryadranth is lying half out on the ledge and half in the weyr. Peering at her ‘rider with amusement reflecting in her whirling eyes. She’s been lying here like this since their return home. Watching her lifemate struggle with nausea and wishing she could help.

“I’m inclined to agree with you, love. But from what the girls in the kitchens told me this is just a natural part of it.” Kalea looks up at Ryadranth and beams happily. She’s sick as a dog and delighted about it. Go figure. “I just wish Kultir were here to take care of me. Seems like it would be only fair.” Thoughts of her former lover dampen her spirits a bit. Her smile fading slightly as she reclines again on the sofa.

« You say the boy is not allowed to be seen by us. But I do not understand this rule of the Queen’s lifemate. Why would it be insisted that you be so lonely? » Ryadranth herself misses the man-child who once lived in her weyr. The smell of him has faded with time and still her beloved grieves his loss. She too feels the emptiness of her ledge each morning.

Kalea sighs as Ryadranth makes the same protest she has made since Kultir’s things were packed and removed from the weyr. And once again she is left to remind Ryadranth why it is so. “Because love, he must focus on his new life now. He’ll be standing on the Sands when the eggs hatch. And we don’t want to distract him from that.”

« But the eggs do not hatch this day. » Ryadranth understands perfectly well to her way of thinking at least. « Why if the eggs do not hatch must he believe that we do not matter. He has an egg that matters already. » She wuffs in frustration and rocks her head a tad where it lies on the floor.

“You /must/ hush, Rya!” Kalea looks around her weyr as though someone might be there to spy in some inconceivable fashion. She knows that it can never be so, and still the instinct to keep her secret makes her paranoid. “No one can know that this egg,” she rests her hand on her belly, “is his!! Remember! This egg is T’lviers.” If she says it often enough perhaps she herself will start to believe that the ripping pain of it will fade.

« This is not so! Our eggs cannot be of Bevurth’s lifemate. You do not lie with him as you did the man-child. » Ryadranth refuses to lie in such a fashion. She simply will not accept that someone else has gotten to her lifemates eggs. Eggs are precious and as she is unable to lay any herself, Kalea’s are a treasured gift. Ryadranth huffs angrily that her lifemate insists upon the lie. Giving the green no option but to refuse comment. She /should/ be bugling from the heights! But no. She lies here and watches her lovely human suffer.

“Ryadranth please! Don’t say that.” Kalea is afraid that if asked Ryadranth will spill the beans on her little farce. And then she’ll be in a world of trouble made worse by lying about it in the first place. “How do you know that lying with Kultir is what did it?” She challenges her lifemate in the hopes that her dragon is reaching on her information. “Perhaps that isn’t how it works. Did you ever think of that?”

« The egg you rid yourself of came from the pain of lying with a cruel creature. Do you think I do not remember? » Ryadranth is not likely to forget a time of such pain for her lifemate. Not while Kalea still relives it in her nightmares at times. « I am the one who took you remember? » /She/ remembers and the little green had refused to damage the eggs of the man-child. Taking great care with her lifemate when the change of her smell registered.

Crap on a cracker! Kalea slumps even further into the sofa and sighs. Leave it to her to get the dragon with a long memory. Aren’t they supposed to forget things within a day or so? Just her luck that Ryadranth has a memory when she wants to. “I’m not likely to forget Rya.” She picks her pastry back up and bites a chunk out of it. She chews thoughtfully and tries to think of a solution to this dilemma. Once she has swallowed her bit of food she huffs loudly. “Tell me this then love of my life,” she sips her water before setting both it and the pastry aside. “Would you have Kultir angry with us? Please don’t make him so angry that he never wishes to see us again.”

Ryadranth puzzles over this quandary for some time. Considering her lifemates’ words. « Would he do this to you because I have told the truth? » Humans are such fickle creatures in her estimation. They may much less sense than dragonkind. Ryadranth is well aware that the man-child’s anger would deeply hurt Kalea. And she will never do something to hurt her beloved.

Kalea rises from the couch and walks over to run her hand along Ryadranth’s muzzle. “He might do that very thing,” she admits with a shrug of her shoulders. “It breaks my heart that I can’t even speak with him /now/. I don’t know what I would do without him Rya.” Her voice breaks with the admission and she leans down to rest her face against Ryadranth’s smooth cheek. “Please my love do this thing for me?”

Ryadranth has no defense against Kalea when her lifemate asks of her the things that will make her loved one happy. She inhales a deep breath of Kalea’s scent while she ponders what to do. « I will not lie. But I do not have to answer at all. » This decided she slowly closes her eyes and drifts of into a nap. Content that she will please Kalea and that makes her most happy.

Kalea breathes a sigh of relief when Ryadrath promises her not to tell. This is a battle she has waged with her lifemate since the discovery of her pregnancy. At peace that her plan will work she rises to her full height again and watches Rya sleep. “Thank you love.” She speaks softly so as not to disturb the napping dragon. Turning to return to the sofa for a nap of her own.

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