==== September 3rd/4th, 2013
==== Kyara, Vashae
==== Weyrling Wingleader and Wingsecond have a chat over lunch. It just takes a little while to get to the business part.

Who Kyara, Vashae
What Weyrling Wingleader and Wingsecond have a chat over lunch. It just takes a little while to get to the business part.
When There is 1 Turn, 3 months, and 24 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Kyara's Weyr, Igen Weyr

Locum Cantibus et Lux
The dominating feature of this curious cavern is the column in its midst - naturally formed and pocked with many small, flat-topped outcroppings. Pillar candles sit upon many of these tiny ledges, while others hold books or remain empty for firelizard use. Smooth, porous walls marbled in creamy white, red, orange, and golden tones surround the column in a rough square as tall as a man and half again, though the right wall jinks into a decisive angle to form a corner giving way to a smaller space. This spot is a composer's nook, where a small table and two stools sit atop a small blue rug. The surrounding stone shelves hold copious glowbaskets and some encased instruments. Separated from the rest of the weyr by deep sapphire hangings is a simple, full-sized bed. More shelves jut from the walls here, holding more candles, books, and small, carved wooden boxes containing personal treasures. A wooden chest sits against the wall to the right, and a large emerald carpet fills the floor beneath the bed. In the main space, a low table surrounded by sitting cushions rests upon another carpet - Igen-woven in local patterns and the Weyr's colors. A few comfortable chairs are present for visitors who don't wish to be so close to the ground. On the walls, small, thick quilts of deep green and mellow gold hang at regular intervals. Light from both glows and candles mingle against the swirled rock as the subtle scent of candle wax fills the air, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere - a place of song and light.

Liareth is all contentment this afternoon, steam swirling lazily but invitingly as she brushes against Jovianth's mind with a wash of humidity and happy, muted background chatter amidst quietly babbling fountains and a hint of jasmine in the air. « Brother, mine would speak with yours, if she has a moment. And I would not mind a chat, either. »

The weyrlings are on a lunch break after a morning full of drills - as Senior weyrlings, today. The thought brings a smile to Kyara's lips as she moves about her weyr, gathering a few things and waiting to hear if Vashae will join her. To eat and to talk for a bit, but out of the noise and bustle of the Living Cavern, for a change. She doesn't know how to set things up for a guest quiet the way Sienna does…but there's food and drink set on the low table in her weyr - enough for one plus a friend.

« - And I said to him- Oh Liareth I will relay the message immediately how are you my dear sister today has been wonderful hasn't it? I do believe it has been indeed and I think that our two make a good team don't you think? » Today it is a bridge within his mind, misty and grey in the light breeze that bothers the fog. « Mine says we will be there soon I am looking forward to seeing you again sister dearest don't you think today will be nice? » And on and on he chatters as the pair make their way to Liareth and Kyara's ledge.

It does take a few minutes once the request has been accepted for the blue pair to show up; Vashae has the look of someone who'd been doing some cleaning prior to the request. Cleaning out of the need for something to do, most likely! When the blue lands and allows her down, she greets Liareth cheerfully, and heads on in. "Ma'am," Vashae says with an impish grin and salute. "What's up, Kyara?" She'll come in further from the entrance, hands comfortably in her pockets as she does.

Kyara's grin is lopsided; the whole being on the receiving end of salutes thing is going to take some getting used to. "Wingsecond," she greets, her own brand of impishness evident in the tone of her voice as she salutes back, then gestures Vashae further in, indicating the table. "Have you eaten, Vash? I just figured we could chat for a bit, while we have a break." She's sitting on one of the cushions she has around her table, thought she indicates a chair nearby. "Have a seat! There if you don't want to be so close to the ground, but wherever you like, really." She grins once more as her eyes catch the new knot on Vashae's shoulder again. "You wear it well. Not sure if I actually got it out of my mouth at graduation, but I'm really happy for you. And I'm proud to have you as my Second."

Vashae will sit on the other cushion without hesitation, and smiles at her friend. "You know me, I got distracted by the mess I made of my weyr the other day." The Mess, it happens every time Vashae decides she doesn't like how things are set up yet. "You wear yours well as well, Kyara. They made a good choice for our wingleader." She flashes a grin at the other woman, and fiddles with her knot briefly. "Feels weird to know we've finally graduated to senior weyrlinghood." For all that she stayed at the party for a while last night, she at least didn't seem this morning like she got TOO drunk, herself.

A small bit of color rises to Kyara's cheeks for a moment at the compliment, and as is her habit, she takes a quick drink before voicing a quiet thank you, as if sticking a mug in front of her face for a second might make it subside quicker. Then she chuckles, offering to fill a mug with juice for Vashae purely by a questioning raise of eyebrows as she keeps talking. "Again? Thought you looked like you'd been in the middle of something. Well, let me know if you need any help getting things back in order, if you like." She nods in agreement with her friend's assessment about their newfound status. "It is weird. So is this." She pokes at her knot. "But we're ready." Now she simply looks at Vashae for a moment, contemplating. "How have you been, since…you know, everything leading up to this? I know we haven't had much of a chance to talk about…well, much of anything, really, with things being so hectic."

Vashae will accept a mug of juice easily enough, and grins sheepishly at the question. "Someday I'll get it right, but that day's not here yet!" she says with a laugh. "Every time I finish, I see something I should have or could do differently." And then she's nodding at Kyara's comment. "We were ready ages ago." She agrees. The question about how she's been since everything is one that's met with silence for a few long moments, which could be because she decided to take a sip from the mug. "I've been okay, I guess. I feel guilty though, about Nell."

Yes. They have been ready for ages. Kyara nods at that; if she understands how the schedule was meant to be, it's where they should've been some sevens ago. And that does feel like ages. When Vashae brings up Nell, Kyara gives a quiet sigh, brow furrowing a little bit. She hasn't forgotten about that; it just isn't something she's given too much thought to, in light of recent dramatics. "Yeah…" she says quietly, her gaze falling sadly on a random candle on the wall for a long moment. "You'd left when Sienna brought that up, the day we came back. She assured me it had nothing to do with us. But…it's hard, not to keep wondering if it didn't factor in somehow." Her shoulders hitch upward for a moment, resigned. "In the end…it was completely her choice. That doesn't make it any easier to stop wondering about, but I think if we ask just about anyone that knew her, that'll be what they say." She reaches out to give Vashae's hand a quick squeeze, reassuring. "Don't beat yourself up over it, alright? I know it's easier said than done; I've been beating myself up over plenty since then, too. But it is what it is."

There's a little shake of Vashae's head, as if she's in disagreement with Kyara on that, but she just sighs a little as well. "And either way, it's in the past. There's not much we can do to change about that now." She says quietly, just pointing out the obvious. Agreeing with what Kyara's already said. "I…am trying to let myself not." Pause. "Beat myself up over it, I mean. Jovianth gets upset with me when I do." For a long moment, she's quiet again, and then she says, "Pardon me for asking, but was there something specific you'd wanted to talk about? Things have been so hectic, I thought perhaps you'd fallen in love." An attempt at a playful wink is directed at the other girl, with a little grin to show she's teasing - unless Kyara HAS?

"Pfff, no wonder he and Lia get on so well," she comments dryly, waving a hand toward her ledge. "She does the same thing to me." Vashae's question - though she has a serious answer for it - gets overshadowed by the tease, and Kyara bursts out laughing for a moment, rocking back on the cushion. The timing! "Oh, Faranth, no! No, no, I haven't." When she stops laughing, she does give Vashae a rather glitter-eyed glance. "Fallen in interest, maybe, if I'm going to be honest…but not in love." She doesn't comment further for the moment, stifling a rather uncharacteristic giggle with a mouthful of food.

Vashae grins wryly at Kyara's comment, and chuckles a little. "They probably plot how to best make us feel guilty about feeling guilty," she remarks just as dryly. Kyara's reaction to her tease has Vashae grinning because TRIUMPH and then blinking in surprise. "Oh really? With who?" She questions, leaning forward with an elbow on a knee as she sips from her mug. "Tell me ALL about him. Or her?" An eyebrow wiggles again in jest, but Vashae falls silent this time, taking a bite of her own while she waits patiently for Kyara's answer.

It seems the color in Kyara's face is there to stay a little longer this time, though she still makes her habitual move with mug in spite of that realization. "Ah, well, him," she states first, clearing her throat slightly; it's good of Vashae not to assume, in jest or not - though Kyara has her preference, regardless of what might come up as the result of flights later. "Erikkhan. He's a Harper - an artist; I don't know if you've maybe run into him at all. I'm still getting to know him, but he's very charming, very good-looking…very much a flirt…and I can't say I'm minding that at all." She shrugs, smirking quite largely. "I'm curious to see where it goes, if it goes. He's dealing with a few things from his past right now, but once he has that worked out…I don't know. I'm…curious." She laughs a little bit again, perhaps a bit secretively, and then eyes Vashae rather mischievously. "Alright, you got me to say; dare I ask the same of you?"

Vashae listens intently as her wingleader-friend-fellow woman talks, and tilts her head to the side a little as Kyara explains. "Erikkhan, isn't he that harper whose paintings were discovered at Old Southern a while ago?" The former Healer asks after a few moments. "Well, he's attractive, right? If he's available…why not see where it goes?" A grin is flashed at Kyara, and a wink. "After all, if he's been flirting with you, that means he's probably interested." Unless he's just a habitual flirt. Kyara's question has Vashae blushing a bit, and shaking her head. "There's someone I like," she admits, "but it wouldn't work out. I'm fairly certain he has no interest in me."

Kyara nods. "The same," she replies, then smirking at Vashae's evaluation of the situation. Attractive…yes he is that, for certain. And as to the interest, she hopes her friend is right; after all, she isn't well versed in being able to tell one way or another. Then Vashae's answer to the question turned back has Kyara watching her expression, smiling sympathetically when she changes color a bit. "Who would that be?" she questions gently, wrapping her arms around a knee drawn up.

Vashae also nods, but at her understanding that she was thinking of the right Erikkhan. She too hopes her evaluation of the situation is accurate, but only time can prove that either way! Well, and depending on what the man says to her friend… "Just be careful, Kyara, yeah? I don't want to see you get hurt." Because then Vashae and We'bey would have to go give someone a piece of their minds. For a few moments after the question of who is asked, Vashae remains bright pink and silent. "…Someone in our inner circle," is her only reply on the matter. Considering that there aren't that many people in their inner circle, however…

"I'll do my best," Kyara grins, glad for her friend's concern. "Throw something at me if you see me doing something stupid, alright?" And by that she means tell her…unless throwing something seems like it might be more effective. She'd get in over her head before realizing it, most likely. At Vashae's answer - still non-specific - Kyara leans over to rest her elbows on the table, blinking in thought. Inner circle…the possibilities are extremely limited there, of course… "I'yn?" she questions, dragging the vowel out somewhat uncertainly as she ventures the guess. Her mind naturally gravitates that way, because We'b…well, after certain conversations she's had with the lanky clothier, she's not sure he'd ever be interested in anyone beyond a business deal…though she hopes that won't always be true for him.

"I will," Vashae answers, flashing another grin at her friend. When Kyara successfully lands upon the name of who, Vashae has her mouth partially full with goodies. A simple nod is enough to answer the question, especially since Vashae follows the nod immediately with a sip of juice. "Yes," she further confirms, a little frown crossing her face. "But seriously, I don't think he has any interest in anyone right now." After another sip of juice, she adds in a quieter tone, "Please don't tell, Kyara; I don't want it ruining things any more than they already have been."

Eyebrows slowly inching upward, Kyara grins warmly. "Vash, that's brilliant." It's an honest assessment; she knows I'yn and Vashae knew each other earlier on, and while it's been pretty evident that the jump has…created some issues, Kyara has high hopes that he'll come around eventually. But she happens to think that Vash liking the older former healer makes a certain amount of sense. When Vashae asks her not to tell, Kyara scoots over and gives her shoulder a friendly bump with her own, smiling confidingly. "Of course I won't say anything," she promises. "I think it's awesome that you like I'yn, and if you can't get yourself to look elsewhere because you do so much, then…maybe you're not supposed to. And maybe I'yn's supposed to see what's right in front of his face eventually, and all of a sudden he'll be liking you back." Things can work like that, right? It works in her idealistic, ever-romanticizing brain. "Because, really, he'd have to be blind as a watch-wher at daybreak to not notice you at some point, if you ask me," she points out with some finality.

Vashae's smile is slower and far more reluctant than Kyara's optimistic romantic one. "I have the feeling he doesn't like anyone right now. Maybe someday he will, but…" She shakes her head again. "We're dragonriders, Kyara." She points out the obvious, yes, but follows up with, "the chances of a relationship lasting even if he did end up interested in me…" Vashae's done her research, it seems, but perhaps that's something she did ages ago. "Besides, he's known me for Turns now." This is said very matter-of-fact, and it's said with resignation. "I just need to get out more, and perhaps then I'll find someone else who interests me." The bluerider pokes Kyara's nose playfully. "Like you found Erikkhan to be interested in," she teases, if only to get the topic off of her own situation.

With a sigh, Kyara nods in a somewhat resigned fashion - though she's not deflated on this topic easily at all. "I'll bet he will, someday," she says by way of a final reassurance on the matter. "And I know. We can't…" Well, this part of things gets her down somewhat, if she's honest. "Anyone who takes up with a rider has to be willing to deal with not being exclusive, and riders who take up with each other, pretty much the same. But, it can happen. Sienna and W'rin, yeah?" She makes a vague gesture out that-away to indicate her case in point. "Maybe it's more the exception than the rule, but you never know." She makes a face at the nose-poke, grinning afterward. Her nose - it's been the target of two friends, now. "I'm not sure whose fault that was, exactly," she says of Erikkhan. "But anyway…" She gives a quick sigh, scooting back away to get at the notebook in the pouch at her hip. "I've got to run something by you before we get back out there," she says, getting some more food into her mouth in the process.

Vashae nods her agreement repeatedly with each point Kyara makes — until they reach Sienna and W'rin. "I don't know." The bluerider replies slowly. "What to think of them. Sometimes it seems like they're only together because of the baby…" She pops something into her mouth and chews. "But, I don't know them that well. So if you say so." The grin from Kyara at the nose poke earns a little smile from Vashae, which fades quickly as she enters business mode at the mention of something needing run by her. "I'm listening…" While Kyara explains the something, Vashae asks clarifying questions when needed. And when their free time is up, Weyrling Wingleader and Wingsecond head out back out to face what's next.

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