==== July 21, 2013
==== Sienna, K'vvan
==== Sienna goes to make herself a turnday cake with emo frosting, and K'vvan finds her.

Who Sienna, K'vvan
What Sienna goes to make herself a turnday cake with emo frosting, and K'vvan finds her.
When There is 1 turn 8 months and 9 days until the 12th pass.
Where Kitchens - Igen Weyr


Kehemath senses Nadeeth thinks « A soft touch reaches out, and a picture forms of Sienna. « Where? » »

Kehemath thinks to you, « I bespoke Nadeeth with: Kehemath's thoughts take a moment to focus, pushing aside other emotions in favor of reaching back to the other green. But her thoughts are concerned. « Kitchen. » »

Sienna had to wait a while to get cooking space in the kitchens, what with the dinner hour and all. But now, she finally has a spot and her mood has not really eased. She's just locked everything down, and waited her turn. Now she's working at one of the back counters, ingredients set out neatly as she uses them all in whatever it is she's making, stirring things into the big wooden bowl. The kitchen staff ignores her, too used to her presence now to do much of anything, plus her red eyes, red nose and sullen expression give off all of those 'do not disturb' vibes.

Following the directions relayed to him by his dragon, K'vvan steps into the kitchen. A few looks are shot in his general direction, but no one seeks to engage him. One hand holds a small wrapped package, and he looks around the room for curly light brown hair that makes a particular female dragon rider unique. His eyes find her after only a moment and he walks towards her. Closer inspection catches the red eyes and nose and rather unusally unhappy expression. "Um, Sienna?" he says quietly as he gets within a few feet.

Sienna turns her head sharply, clearly startled to be walked up on like that. Even /more/ startled when it's K'vvan. "What?" she asks, quickly looking away to wipe her eyes on her sleeve. "How are you?" Because everything is /fine/, right?

K'vvan steps back a half step at the sharp retort, but well, maybe he should have expected it. "I'm… fine, hey, um. Thanks for stepping in between Nell and I… it probably was for the best." His eyes are drawn down to the package in his hand- he can't look at her crying eyes.

Sienna wasn't expecting that, and she sniffles again, glancing at him and staring for a moment. Making sure he's not joking? Then she looks away with a little smile and shrug. "You're welcome. I figured…you might need a little…" Kick in the ass? "Buffer. She's not easy to work with."

"Heh, uh, yeah. Maybe if W'rin explains better what we're supposed to be doing?" But he shrugs it off. He didn't come to talk about Nell. "Hey, um, you said something about a turnday, is it, ah yours?" He really hopes it is, or he's going to look really stupid in a moment. His eyes are still fixed anywhere but at Sienna.

Sienna blinks, and then she blushes crimson. "Uh, yeah," she murmurs. "My 30th." Big frickin' deal! "I'm making myself a cake." Pathetically.

K'vvan is rather relieved to hear her say it. "Does no one else know?" He finally lifts his gaze up to Sienna's face. There isn't any judgement there for her making herself a cake. He fingers the package again.

Sienna shakes her head. "No one who remembered. Or is…around." Sadie might remember soon, but Sienna isn't counting on it. And the rest of her family is gone. Ellen is too young to care.

"Look, it sucks when no one knows, so I thought…" He doesn't finish his sentance and instead just shoves the package at her. It's small enough to fit in one hand, and well wraped in a soft hide. "here."

Sienna finally looks down at the present, and she blinks. "You…" And then, poor K'vvan, the tears start anew and she flings herself at him, arms around his waist and pressing her face against his chest. /Squeeze/. She clutches the present in her hand, but keeps squeezing him.

Poor K'vvan is right as he freezes in place, not daring to move even a single mucle as sienna…. HUGS him. "Uh," he's wincing at the close contat, almost shaking as he stands as still as possible a pained expression on his face.


Sienna doesn't hug him for long. She knows, she knows, and she pulls back, wiping at her eyes again. "K'vvan…" she whispers. "This was so sweet. So, so sweet of you." And she unwraps it, gasping anew as she pulls out the wooden pendant necklace with the swirling design. "I love it," she gushes, setting the box down so she can put the pendant on, and hiccup. "K'vvan…" and she looks at him with bright, shining eyes. "Thank you /so/ much. This means so, so much to me…" More than he knows and probably more than she can articulate right now.

K'vvan lets out the breath he'd been holding as Sienna finally lets him go. He actually takes one step backward away from her, just in case she gets tempted to hug him again. His voice is surprisingly soft, and he really looks at her. "Everyone should have something special on their turn day… and it didn't look like you had something." There's a rather sad look on his own face, but nothing that seems connected to anything in particular. "I'm glad you like it."

Sienna looks down at the necklace, toying with it and wiping her eyes again. "Just my first turnday away from…everything. This is so nice, K'vvan…" Then she looks at him, with some of her usual eagerness in her eyes. "When is yours?"

"Ten days ago." K'vvan says. "Have fun making your cake, maybe some of your friends will stop by soon." He intends to pass on the news as he walks back through the weyr, hopefully it does reach her friends. He turns to begin walking away.

Sienna blinks. "Ten days ago? Oh, K'vvan, I'm sorry." Was she around him ten days ago? She tries to figure it out but can't. When he starts walking away she watches him, looking sad and concerned.

K'vvan stops just a moment and looks back. "Happy turnday Sienna." And then he's walking out the door. More emotion was expressed today then he has probably had going on for the last year at least.

Sienna smiles, tears starting anew at his words. And then she turns back to her cake, but she pauses. Glancing back to make sure K'vvan is gone, the Baker/Greenrider begins to bustle around the quieting kitchens, getting more bowls, more ingredients, and more /things/. And come morning, placed on K'vvan's ledge, is a little box. Inside that box are eleven cupcakes, each one numbered and each one a different flavor. Citrus, redfruit, vanilla, cinnamon sugar, basic white, plum, apple, redfruit, lemon, grape (even she has to admit that one is a little odd) and lime. With it is a note that reads: Happy belated turnday, K'vvan! I'm sorry I missed your actual turnday. Here's one cupcake for each day this gift is late. ~Sienna. And there's also a little gift. A small, leather bound notebook with hide pages, and a stylus. A perfect little sketchbook or journal.

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