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==== Kyara, Cha'el
==== Kyara still proves adept at worrying. Cha'el is a willing listener…even with troubles of his own.

Who Kyara, Cha'el
What Kyara still proves adept at worrying. Cha'el is a willing listener…even with troubles of his own.
When Evening. There are 3 months an 21 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Oasis Inn

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Oasis Inn
Tucked into a small fold of foothills along the road leading from the Weyr to the Central Pass, this inn truly is just what its name implies - an oasis for travelers coming from either direction. Stabling and board are available - though the boarding comes at a price, since there isn’t much of it. The most well known part of the Inn is the tavern - a rustic bar built of solid skybroom and furnished in dark, oiled wood, leather, metal, and glass. Though well used and sometimes abused, the furniture is also well cared for and maintained, and the food and drink draw many a rider in alongside the travelers. The décor is eclectic, consisting in hangings, rugs, carvings, and other things from every region of Pern, bestowed upon the owner in barter for lodging. The atmosphere isn’t one of a dive; it’s cozier and cleaner than that, though there is just a touch of harmless “shady” to be found - particularly in the evenings.

It is the ninth day of Autumn and 69 degrees. It is a clear night.
Kyara is here.
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Weyr Pass Road

Someone has found a new favorite place to grab a drink some evenings. It isn't that Kyara dislikes the Dustbowl. It's just a shade too crowded for her liking more often than not these days. Not to mention there are times when being able to step out to take in some beautiful, still scenery is nice. There isn't much of that to be found in the Bazaar. Seeking less bustle, the greenrider is currently propping up the wall outside the Inn, eyes on the fading oranges and golds of the sunset while Liareth lounges serenely nearby. The glass in her hand - filled with what looks to be nothing more than water at the moment - is largely untouched, and while she truly is admiring the sky over the mountains, the vagueness to her gaze and the somewhat serious expression on her face indicates some words being traded with her lifemate.

Make that two someones. Though Cha’el’s reasons for seeking out the Oasis Inn rather than the Cantina are very different to Kyara’s. With Sikorth dropping straight down from the sky landing in a mini squall of dust, it might take a few moments for his rider’s approach to become evident, the big Weyrsecond coughing slightly and waving to clear breathing space around his face. You’d think by now he’d be used to his dragon’s perpendicular touchdowns. “A mark for your thoughts,” he drawls upon spotting the greenrider, “Unless of course you’re plotting to take over the world. Then it’ll have to be you paying me for my silence.” Smirk.

The drop-in landing that causes a miniature dust storm is certainly enough to snap Kyara out of those thoughts, and near enough to Liareth that the pretty green comes up to sitting with a slightly disgruntled warble. She fans her wings a bit to clear the dust from her immediate vicinity and then blinks up at Sikorth and gives a rumble of greeting - pleasant, at least. Kyara peers through the dust and sends a warm smile his way, chuckling a little bit. "Nothing quite so ambitious," she answers, taking a moment to actually drink a good portion of the water in her hand. "Trying to sort my own issues is challenging enough without the world on my plate, thank you." With a sigh, she looks back up at the fading colors of the sunset again. "Just…considering a few things. People. If you ask Liareth, I'm overthinking life again. She's right." Rueful is her smile, and amber eyes dance over to the Weyrsecond. "I hope you're just here for a drink, too, and not having to escape from certain people at the moment."

To Liareth’s greeting is given a short chuff of sound. Polite yet not so distant as to be rude and then Sikorth settles himself back on his haunches, large sails tucked neatly to his sides and long tail wrapped about his forepaws as if posing for a portrait in stillness. A low chuckle greets Kyara’s last as Cha’el ambles over pulling gloves from his hands and stuffing them into his helmet. “I owe you a drink for that save. Perhaps then you can share what troubles the lovely greenrider’s mind and we can plot to take over the world together.” The lopsided smile marking that last as a tease.

Smile brightening to a full-formed grin, Kyara laughs quietly, scuffing at the gravel with a boot toe and briefly studying the result before looking back up at the brownrider. "Well, if the handsome brownrider thinks a partner would be good for such an endeavor, how can I refuse?" she teases back. Then she gives a little shake of her head, almost self-deprecating, and pushes away from the wall. "I'd very much like a drink. Though the save…don't mention it. Thank you for not taking what I was trying to do the wrong way. It just…seemed a good thing to try at the time." She gestures in through the door with a tilt of her head, the wordless request to follow spelled with a quirked eyebrow.

Handsome brownrider. That draws a stiffness to the Weyrsecond’s features. There and gone almost as quickly before brows dip and he studies Kyara in silent contemplation for a few moments. A smile, lopsided in the making is next to appear and he angles his path toward the door beyond which lies the rum he’s there to indulge in. “Not sure in what way other than a helping hand I might have taken it,” he admits, shrugging as he pushes the door open and steps inside, holding it so that the greenrider might follow without getting a faceful of wood. “Erissa’s….” Yeah. Words fail him, instead he turns to the subtle tells he’d picked up on. “Your Liareth sounds like Sikorth though he urges toward strategic thinking which as we both know, never really applies when it comes to life itself, does it?”

Kyara, being fairly quick on catching expressions, does note the taught look that slips across Cha'el's face, and she bites her lip in contrition as she finds herself scrutinized. "Mm. I'm sorry," she says quietly before a mental nudge reminds her to move, and she passes inside with a nod of thanks. No, a faceful of wood would not be pleasant…though perhaps the greenrider feels it wouldn't be unwarranted right now. "Well," she says, moving on, "I can never just assume someone will take something I do as I mean it to come off, that's all. But you saw it as help, and I meant it as help, so it all works out!" At the mention of the bluerider’s name, Kyara ventures a glance up at him. "…is a story I wouldn't dare press you for the telling of," she finishes. "But one I'm willing to listen to, if you ever decide you need to tell it to someone." She gives a nod, sincere in her offer as she gives a small smile to show it. Coming to the subject of her lifemate, she chuckles. "Lia is pragmatic, where I'm not so much so. She’s practical, I'm a romantic… Never a dull moment between us. And no, life…really doesn't hold up to strategy very well. At all."

There’s a twitch of brows for the apology given though Cha’el doesn’t remark on it just yet. In fact, he doesn’t give comment to anything that follows as he leads them toward a table set off in a corner. Slightly shadowed but not in the manner that one might deem a romantic hideaway. Holding out a chair for Kyara to sit (he does have manners), he’ll wait for her to do so before claiming one opposite for himself. Finally there’s a low chuckle, wry in its origin. “Sometimes I think our dragons have the right of it. Romance is…” a pause as he lifts a hand to beckon a server over, “all too often the means by which we hang ourselves, aye?” Keeping those long legs of his tucked up under his chair, the Weyrsecond leans back a little and once again puts the greenrider under that same silent study. “So these considerations of yours. Anything I can help with?” A pause and then a friendly smile appears, “Sometimes just talking helps to clear the cobwebs.” Says he, one that would rather poke himself in the eye than admit he doesn’t have it all under control.

Sitting in the offered chair with a quiet voicing of gratitude, Kyara watches the Weyrsecond move around to his own seat, listening. "Oh, yes," she agrees, a dry snippet of a laugh escaping her. "Romance and romanticism both. And the enjoyment to them makes them all the easier to be snared by. We can torment ourselves like that. The dragons think so much simpler. I almost envy that sometimes." At the offer of help over what's on her mind, the greenrider just smiles back appreciatively, though her gaze quickly lands on her overlapping fingers resting on the table in front of her. "If you really do care to hear what's on my mind, you have two options. One's just something all greenriders deal with that I'm not used to yet. The other's about wings. I'm not sure you want to hear about either. But." She shrugs, glancing up again at him through her lashes, a bit sheepish. "Those are what've been pinging around in my head - and hers - lately."

The short chuff of amusement that follows Kyara’s remarks about romance and its pitfalls is as dry as hers had been. “And yet it doesn’t stop us from falling for its silken whispers.” About to move to the next topic, a busty brunette sashays over, all smiles and wandering eyes. “Rum for me and whatever the lady wants,” Cha’el states ignoring the simpering looks he’s getting. Once his greenriding wingmate has ordered her drink of choice and only once Miss Busty-Big-Smiles has moved off to fulfill her task, does he turn to what Kyara had said, a smile playing within the frame of neatly groomed beard. “Perhaps I want to hear about both. Why don’t you start with the greenriding deal and then tell me what’s bothering you about the wings, hmm?”

“The same, for me,” Kyara requests of the barmaid, also keeping a peripheral watch on the woman until she’s well away before returning attention to Cha’el. It’s her turn to give him a bit of silent study as she considers how best to put her thoughts…and why she’s even at ease voicing them to the brownrider. Out of nervous habit, she rubs her neck, giving a quiet sigh. “Well…alright. The first thing?” She shifts, folding her arms atop the table in front of her and unwittingly making a study of a crevice between a couple of worn wood grains. “Pretty simple, really. Lia and I are still young to full riderhood. She’s only flown once so far, and I suspect she’ll be going up again soon. And even after going through it the first time, I’m still nervous about dealing with it. How I change for a day or two.” She sits back, her arms remaining folded but across her chest now - an unwittingly guarded posture. “I’m still grappling with the idea of not having possession of what I do, even if it’s for a little bit. I’m not…afraid of it. Just still trying to come to grips with it.” She shrugs, smirking up at the brownrider now. “That’s part one.” He asked…

Settled back in his chair, arms folded loosely across his chest in restive pose, sea-blue eyes settle on the young woman across from him. While approval rises for the candid manner in which she’s able to couch what is an extremely personal matter, sympathy is quick to follow. With a soft sigh Cha’el leans forward, his head ducking in a bid to try and catch her gaze while his arms fold over one another on the table before him, mirroring Kyara’s earlier pose. “I don’t envy you,” he states quietly after a long moment of silence. “But you have nothing to be ashamed of or to apologize for when you’re proddy, Kyara. This is a Weyr and that’s the way of things, aye? Is there…” A pause taken as he considers his next before airing it, “anything I can do to help? Sikorth doesn’t really chase greens,” just in case that was a concern of hers. “But if there’s anything you need….”

Kyara knows she’s being quite up front, and there’s a little color rising to her cheeks because of it. But hearing the thoughts of someone other than a greenrider on the matter is something she’s rather wanted to do, and Cha’el, at least, seems willing to share his. A small, grateful smile curves her lips, tinged with amusement. “Ah, there isn’t really any shame I feel over anything, “ she says quietly. “I just…am not used to freely showing the side of me that being proddy uncovers.” His offer of help has her giving a tilt of her head, and she goes silent for a moment in thought. “I’m not sure,” she answers honestly. “I mean, it helps to know that you, at least, aren’t going to see me in a different light when it happens…though if run into you, during, I can’t guarantee I won’t…try something.” She scrubs a hand over her face as she feels herself flushing a little more, but a bit of a smile remains in spite of it. “If I think of anything, I’ll let you know. Thank you. I haven’t really talked to anyone about it, outside of other greenriders,” and Faranth knows how much Sienna’s helped on that count, “so…it’s nice to hear another perspective.”

Listening quietly as Kyara speaks, Cha’el utters a wry chuckle, a hand lifting from the fold of the opposite elbow to palm over his face. “You wouldn’t be the first,” he assures her on the matter of being proddy and what she might do. Right then, the busty barmaid chooses to make her reappearance with their drinks, cutting off whatever else the brownrider may have been about to add. Once again, he ignores the pouty-lipped smile and bat of lashes coming from the brunette. Curling his hand about his glass once she’s gone, he draws it into the well created between chest and arm but doesn’t yet drink from it. “Green always wins,” he murmurs, something occurring to him in that moment that draws a near pained expression into being. Just as swiftly its swept away and he lifts his glass and takes a drink. “How much,” his voice hoarse from the smooth burn, “do you remember afterwards?” He asks quietly. “Or is it all a blur from proddy to end?” Because yes, its very different on the chasing end of things. At least it is for one who has a dragon that must analyze every move and demands a full debriefing in order to determine where he might improve.

Giving the barmaid a nod of thanks, Kyara proceeds to take a respectable draw from her own glass, only serving to deepen the color in her face as the rum slowly wraps mild fire around her own throat. She blinks at his comment, a crease of concern flickering across her brow at that expression from him. “I…yes, that’s true. I’d never really thought of it like that,” she murmurs. “In which case I don’t envy you who chase, if your dragon doesn’t catch. Having to deal with frustration afterward. Or maybe it’s not as bad as I think?” She chuckles a little. “I checked after a couple of the bronzeriders that lost Lia’s first. They thought it was interesting of me to do that.” A finger taps her glass as she thinks back for his next question. “It’s more a blur,” she answers finally. “Lia and I have a very close link, so she completely took me over, and it took a while to pull free. I think that was a good thing - at least on my end - because I ended up with a friend, and that was definitely not a situation she and I ever intended on being in. Preferences and whatnot. But like you said, that’s the way of things in a Weyr. I’m sure there will be flights I’d like to remember,” she admits with a smirk, “but that’s just the way our link is fated to work, I suppose.” Another drink is taken, and she glances over her glass curiously. “Do things get foggy like that on your end, too?”

Lifting his glass, there comes a chuckle that echoes into it at Kyara’s comment. Another drink is taken and then broad shoulders shift in a shrug. “You learn to deal with it. Booze helps.” As does hooking up with a certain bluerider but he’s not going there again. “Thankfully, Sikorth doesn’t chase all that often.” Surprise lifts a brow. “You checked in on a couple of the riders afterwards?” He gives that pause for thought before adding, “I’m sure they appreciated the concern.” Next there comes an expression of understanding on the matter of winding up with a bed partner one might not ordinarily choose. “At least it was someone you knew and not some eejit you’ve never met before.” Small mercies and all that. As for how it is on his end of things, a corner of Cha’el’s mouth hooks upward. Wry. “Sorta go in and out of it,” he confesses, this sort of frank conversation not one he’s ever had before despite his ten turns as a rider. “Until the end when he catches then it’s a blur,” her word borrowed, “until afterwards when Sikorth wants to uh…analyze his performance.” Did the Weyrsecond just blush!?

Small mercies, indeed, and she was thankful for that, at least; Kyara concedes it with a nod and another pull at her rum. Booze does help a lot of things. “I’m pretty sure I didn’t drink nearly this much before becoming a rider,” she remarks, a rueful sort of amusement sparkling in her eyes as she momentarily gazes at the glass she holds up. She nods, listening to him explain about things from his end…and what’s this? Blushing is one of her trademarks, not something she witnesses as often in others! She sets her elbows on the table again, eyebrows rising in surprised sympathy when Cha’el’s face reddens. “A strategic thinker in…everything, hmm? And he wants your help making his analysis, I take it.” She bites her lip a bit, shaking her head. “Faranth.” She gives a quiet hmm, swirling the liquor in her glass and absently reaching up to rub her neck again. “Well. Thank you for listening to me go on about it for a bit,” she says, slanting a smile at him again. “One of these days it won’t feel like such a big deal, I know. But for the moment, it’s just…something rather impactful, when it happens.” Fingers drum her glass as she considers the brownrider again. “What about your own thoughts, Cha’el?,” she ventures carefully, her tone quiet. “You let me bounce all that off you; any chance I can return the favor?”

Talk of drinking and riding draws a hearty laugh from Cha’el, who leans back in his chair, taking his glass with him. “I used to drink way more before Sikorth found me. He frowns upon such indulgences unless conducted mid-evening, once the day is done.” The brownrider’s tone taking on the timbre and instruction something akin to a stern Weyrlingmaster. That’s his brown for you. Then he winces and gives a short nod of head, the blush that had betrayed him, fading from sight now. “Aye, everything. Both his performance and mine.” Awkward to say the least. The offer made in return draws a small smile into place. Oh how he very much wants to talk, to share the muddle of thoughts weaving about in his mind, to find clarity, a course of action. But no. This particular matter is far too sensitive and potentially dangerous not only to him but the Weyr at large should his ventures into unstable territory ever be divulged. And so the Weyrsecond merely shakes his head and attempts to divert conversation. “So tell me about the wings, what troubles you?”

The wince Kyara gives in response to Cha’el’s revelation about Sikorth is mostly in her eyes, as she takes another sip. When he gives that shake of his head to answer her offer, however, she can’t keep a hint of disappointment from flashing across her features. She knows, though, that some matters are just…difficult to give voice to. Perhaps, one day, she may come to know him well enough that he’ll understand that she’s able to keep something so weighted tightly locked away if entrusted with it - her most painful lesson from weyrlinghood, even if she doesn’t entirely regret the decision that brought it about. If she’d been the person she is now back then…but there’s no use speculating about what can’t be changed, of course. She sighs as he makes his diversion, giving the tiniest of smiles to let him know she won’t try to push it. “It’s just that I’ve noticed a lot of shifting happening,” she replies. "Especially to Arroyo. Even wingmates I’ve had since being tapped are transferring from Whirlwind to there, and while I think they’re a fine bunch with some good, effective ideas…I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem like a good way to keep things stable with Thread looming.” She gives a momentary frown before shaking her head dismissively. “That’s all your and W’rin’s domain, though; I trust you both, and I’m a wingrider, so I know it’s nothing I need concern myself with. I’m just…curious, that’s all.”

Currently, when it comes to his personal life, Cha'el trusts no one, especially not given the identity of the one that muddies the waters of his mind. But perhaps in time. Instead, taking another drink, he flashes Kyara a faintly rueful smile and moves onto her concerns with regards to the shuffling of the wings. "Thirteen pairs lost," the Weyrsecond intones quietly, "four from Arroyo alone." Not that Kyara likely needs the reminder. The composure of bearded features marking that he doesn't find the query to be overstepping the line. All their lives were at stake and all are currently seeking reassurance after the disaster over Keroon. "Arroyo performed admirably under the circumstances," he goes on to add, tipping his glass for another drink. "They were fast, agile." Tipping his head to one side, the greenrider is put under silent study for a few moments. "But you wouldn't consider moving?" Asked in such a manner that his reasons for doing so aren't immediately evident.

Kyara only nods somberly at the reminder of their losses. She had noticed the shift before Keroon as well, but it did become a more pointed thing afterward. Necessity required holes to be filled. While it does much to give her an answer to her satisfaction, there are still doubts at the back of her mind - which she doesn’t voice. They’re rather handily overridden by then. “They were,” she agrees over his points about the performance of the wing. And then she’s being studied again, but by now she’s not uncomfortable with it, returning Cha’el’s gaze. The question makes her blink, but her answer is immediate. “No. Unless, of course, W’rin wanted us to, if he thought we’d serve better elsewhere. Then it would be difficult, but I’d do it. There’s only one other reason that would make me consider it, but I don’t see it happening, so I don’t see it being an issue. Not right now, anyway.” She can’t predict the future, after all. “Why do you ask? Is there…a possibility it might come up?” She asks it calmly, but honestly, the idea of having to leave Whirlwind turns her stomach cold.

Unaware that there might be yet more that niggles at Kyara, or perhaps trusting that she’ll be as candid as she has been thus far, the Weyrsecond raises his glass in silent toast to those lost and moves on to the reply she gives. Whether or not it finds the favor she’s hoping it will, he doesn’t let on but instead, after taking another drink, thus effectively draining his glass of the last of its contents, Cha’el sets her with an interested look. “Another reason?” He prompts.

Kyara mirrors that silent toast with a raise of her own glass, and shrugs slightly at Cha’el’s prompting. “Only if I managed to get involved with someone in the wing,” she replies. “W’rin doesn’t allow that. But since I don’t have my eye on anyone in the wing, I’m safe, so…I’m really not even sure why I brought it up. Just as the one long shot reason, I guess.” She smirks a little at something internal that brings a bit of brightness to her gaze, but moves on. “Anyway.” She drains her own glass, then eyes it a bit mournfully. “Care for another?” she asks. “And then maybe we can just find…less substantial things to go on about. Unless,” she adds with a raise of eyebrows, “you have more questions for me.”

An understanding “Ah,” is uttered when Kyara provides explanation. “Aye, its never a good idea to have a pair flying in the same wing.” A quick smile though not edged with the apology she might expect to see for he fully supports W’rin’s reasons behind the missive. “Hey now,” Cha’el leans forward a little and sets the greenrider with a warm smile. “You’re a lovely, intelligent young woman that any man, or woman,” for he’ll not assume anything of her, “would be lucky to call their ‘mate. So no more long shot talk, aye?” That having been said, there’s a nod to another drink. Any further questions are surface talk as the pair of wingmates spends another couple of hours simply shooting the breeze and enjoying a bit of uncomplicated downtime.

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