==== October 23, 2013
==== Willimina, Jhael
==== Keep up cuz Willi, ain't Jhael gonna pause for nothing!

Who Willimina, Jhael
What Keep up cuz Willi! Ain't Jhael gonna pause for nothing!
When 10 months and 27 days until the 12th pass.
Where Caravan Grounds



Caravan Grounds
Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

It starts as a cloud of dust down the weyr road, a cloud of dust that grows bigger until it materializes into the shape of two runnerbeasts. Upon the beasts sit a pair of men, one significantly shorter then the other. The older man looks slightly frazzled from the trip, the younger sits jaunty and tall upon his horse, not minding at all the dirt that is caked upon his skin. Boots hang from a well worn saddle behind the boy. As they approach the Zingari wagons the man calls out, "Approaching the caravan!". The signal seems to be correct as the pair continue to walk their steeds towards the wagons and stop short. The boy's attention wanders everywhere, his eyes alight with keen interest in EVERYTHING.

Willimina hears the hail on the caravan and comes rushing out, skirts in hand so that she doesn't disgrace herself tripping over them. Once outside and standing near the center fire, she uses her hand to shade her eyes from the sun. Her excited eyes take in the site of the two travelers. She frowns just a little. So, her younger cousin is here. And she's tasked with fostering the child, just days before her wedding. Joy. Hands on hips she hails the two. "Greetings cousins! We've been expecting you. I be Willa, daughter of Baomos, grandaughter to Ethelinda. It is my task to take you in. Find a youngling to take your runners and come have a drink. You look parched from the road." She eyes the young Zingari's dust caked skin. There'll be a bath later…yessiree.

The frazzled looking man nods appriciativly to Willa. "Thanke Cousin. I'll take the runners and leave this'un here with you." While he speaks the young man slips off his runner, stuffs his hands in his pocket and slides a few steps in the direction of something shiny and interesting. "Jhael!" the man snaps, "Greet your cousin, she's doing you a favor taking you in." The young man rolls his eyes, but bows just slightly. "Jhael, son of <parent names I haven't decided on yet.> Pleased to meet you cousin." This is said in a rush, his eyes still looking at the shiny.

Willimina smiles slyly at the young man, nodding at the elder so that he knows she's listening. "Well met Jhael." She says, eyeing him closely. "I'm the swiftest pick pocket here young one, don't you try it. Baomos doesn't tolerate us stealin' from eachother y'hear? Lesson number one Jhael, don't steal from family. Bao'll take yer hide." Willa almost sags with the realization that this youngster may be more than she can handle. "Ye'll be staying with my future husband Ephraim and I." Ahhh, Ephraim, he'll knw what to do with the lad.
The elder takes this opportunity to slip a hand onto the halter of the boy's runnerbeast. With one more nod to Willimina, "Fair roads cousin," and off he goes leaving the grimy boy behind. Jhael's eyes twich away from the shiny. "Wasn't gonna steal it, 'sides, it's stupid to steal from family. We ain't got anything cool 'nough to steal." A rock presents itself and Jhael kicks it a bit, watching it roll away from him. "Anyways, I'm old enough to look after myself, this fosterings just stupid."

Willimina laughs. "You think that now youngling. We have some of the best of us in this caravan. You will learn many things here. You're grandmother was very forth coming about how you ended up here Jhael. You'll be kept busy, so busy you won't have time for mischief. You'll have today to get aquainted with the caravan, and tomorrow, the work starts." She smiles brightly. "We have a wedding to prepare for and an extra set of hands is always needed."

Jhael groans loudly, kicking another rock that presents itself. "That's stupid women's work." This is muttered under his breath though, and he shoves his hands into dirty pockets. "Pa says I was gonna be working with Granny Theo. Why I got to attend to you?" Even as he says this something else has caught his eye and he is moving towards the wagon, hands still in his pocket, see? Not stealing anything here!

Willimina follows Jhael closely, eyes on the scoundrel. "Aunt Theo decided that you'd do best with someone who could keep up with you. And grandmother Ethelinda agreed, you will learn quickly that Ethelinda's word is law here Jhael. There's no questioning it." It is a matter of fact and Willa presents it as so.

"Law, pay attention, yeah yeah," there is an implied whatever in the dismissive way in with Jhael, back now to Willimina throws back his comment. His hand exits his pocket finally, and he reaches up to tug on a colorful cloth hanging from the side of the caravan. "Where is dear ol' Granny anyway?"

Willimina prays she's quick enough and bats at Jhael. Then she's pointing at an overly decorated wagon one full of trinkets and things. "She and Ethelinda share that wagon there." She points in front of them, "That is Bao's wagon. And over there is Ephraim and I's wagon. You'll get a chance to meet the others tonight."

"Hey!" Willimina's hand doesn't manage to hit his before Jhael is snatching his hand back from the brightly decorated cloth. He slides a few steps away, his hand reaching again for that shiny thing from before. His hand is quick and he has it in his hand before she can stop him this time and takes a dancing step backwards. "Where'm I gonna sleep? Figure you got to have some rat's hole I'll have to tuck into."

Willimina holds out her hand. "Give it Jhael." She turns a little red with exasperation. "You have your own bunk within the wagon, or you can stay with Ethel and Theo. Your choice. But I guarantee it'll be more lax with Eph and I than with your grandmother and great aunt." She waggles her fingers at Jhael again, reminding him to hand over his booty.

Jhael tosses the trinket up into the air once, catching it with his other hand. This is repeated a few more times till Willimina's finger waggles get even more instant, a sure sign he's starting to cross the line. His eyes roll as he tosses the trinket at Willi, "Whatever, who wants to sleep with two old ladies anyway?" The words exit his mouth as he is already in motion somewhere else, moving away from Willimina. This conversation is totally done, right?

Willimina sighs in exasperation and replaces the trinket. "Go ahead and explore, you're restricted to the caravan grounds for now. And Jhael, don't cause too much mischief." After all she can't chase him all day, she has a wedding to prepare for!! "Be at the wagon by sundown, you have an early morning tomorrow."

Willimina is flashed a bright smile, then Jhael is gone in a flash, barefeet wising him away without making much noise on the packed dirt. As he goes that bright cloth he'd been fingering is snatched up, and is tied around his head in a jaunty band.

Willimina shakes her head and goes on about her business. Oy. Fosters.

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