==== January 11th, 2014
==== Kyara, Sienna, Mayte, Kehemath, Liareth
==== Conversation surrounding a certain prank and the beginnings of proddiness - which isn't really the best combination.

Who Kyara, Sienna, Mayte, Kehemath, Liareth
What Conversation surrounding a certain prank and the beginnings of proddiness - which isn't really the best combination.
When Late afternoon. There are 2 months and 27 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Lake Shore, Igen Weyr


Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

Autumn it may be, but in the late afternoon hours, it's still plenty warm enough for the residents of Igen Weyr to be out and about in more summer-like garb, enjoying the pleasantness of the day. Kyara is doing just that, but it's secondary to the fact that she'd come down earlier to give Liareth a good scrubbing - at her lifemate's urgent request. It was one she quite willing obliged, though, given the reason…and the fact that there was some sneezing happening from the pretty green until said scrubbing was given. Now, Liareth sits calmly in the damp sand of the shore while Kyara adds oil to a few troublesome patches of hide, her swimsuit and sarong-clad form stretching long up the side of her green's neck as she reaches for a last swipe behind a ridge. "Yeah, well, I'll make sure to smack him upside the head so he won't forget next time," she can be heard muttering, her tone dry as she finishes her task and replaces the lid on the pot of salve. She stands back to look her lifemate over, brow furrowing a little as she tries to decide whether the light is playing tricks on her eyes…or if Lia has actually started to glow again.

Sienna and Kehemath move down towards the water, the forest green warbling a happy - and passing - greeting to her friend before she splashes into the lake with a happy yip yip yip. SWIM TIME. Paddling out, the green vanishes and then bobs to the surface again, playing in the chilly waters. "Hi," Sienna offers, pulling off her loose cover-up, the greenrider dressed in her two-piece red suit. Shh, don't tell anyone she's being improper. Setting towel and cover-up on the sand, she meanders over with a warm smile. "I think…" She's glowing. Sorry, Kyara.

Kyara glances over and greets her friend with a smile and a wave, thereafter crouching down to put the salve away and coming back up with a rag to wipe her fingers on. At the unfinished comment, Kyara gives a short, humorless laugh, tossing the rag back down after making sure her hands are clear and smirking at Sienna. Hey, her lips are sealed; she's not doing a much better job at propriety, herself. "Yeah, I think, too," she agrees with a sigh. "About time, I suppose, considering how much I was wondering. It would explain a few things, today." Liareth warbles a reply to Kehemath and looks pointedly down at Kyara, tail swishing in eloquent curves before she's taking off into the water, too. The greenrider laughs at whatever she's just been told, then sighs. "I think I'm going to maim S'kyre." A nearly tangential remark, made in a disconcertingly cheerful tone…but it does have to do with why they're there in the first place.

Sienna nods. "Yeah…I'm wondering about Kehemath," she admits, eying her lifemate thoughtfully. Kehemath just continues to play. "Oh? What sorts of things?" Then there's a sharp frown. "What did he do?” Sienna doesn't sound cheerful at all. She sounds a bit…irritated?

With a thoughtful bit of a hum, Kyara folds her legs and settles down into the sand. "Well…for one thing, us getting flamed at just a little during drills because she wouldn't stop trying to distract everyone else, no matter how much I worked at it." A half frown, for that. "For another, it feels like it's getting warmer rather than cooler, to me." While the sun is clearly setting. "And then there's the reason I'm going to smack S'kyre, which is dragons getting…gifty with Lia. She's allergic to wherry, and his Atsusath has always been taken with her and brings her things. I told S'kyre to remind him not to bring her wherry, and he clearly didn't, and she'd rather not refuse the gift and gets into it anyway…" She shoves a hand through half-damp hair in frustration perhaps a bit unwarranted, then remembers Sienna's tone regarding the brownrider. "I take it he's not in your good books either, for some reason?" And then she's looking back out at the greens in the water, watching as Liareth decides to go darting after her friend. "What makes you wonder about her?" she questions, settling back onto her hands.

Liareth spirals out a thick tendril of welcoming steam to Kehemath as she slips through the water, the baths of her mind very present, but very clouded, the excess of heated moisture a constant hissing presence upon hidden coals glowing brilliantly orange upon myriad pillars of dark marble. « A game, Kehemath? » she inquires gleefully, the muted flutter of playful laughter echoing subtly from shadowed corners as, outwardly, the younger green zones in on a tail - her favorite target, as of late. « I find myself in a fine mood today, and I'd rather like to test just how quick I can be. »

Sienna flinches a bit. "Perhaps during her proddy times you two can request to shift to a different duty…if she's that distracted." She can only wonder what proddy dragons do during threadfall. Do they shape up? Or are they dangerous in their distraction? Yet another thing they don't know. "She's allergic to wherry?" Blink. "What happens to her? And…some of their pranks are pushing a bit too far." Looking at their lifemates, she sits down beside her friend. "She has only had the one flight. Her schedule is always erratic, but…this is a long time even for her."

Kehemath paddles happily around, like a puppy in a pool. « Game! » she replies, her paddling picking up speed as she senses Liareth's target.

Having not been this way in a while, Mayte slowly wanders to the Lake Shore. To imagine, a thing outside of wine! Mayte's here with some light reading (an old, dog-eared copy of The Twelve Great Vintners), a light snack (cheese and redfruit) and a ratty old towel (…ratty). But lo, there are people! Still, Mayte wanders over, everything in hand to bid a quick, "Hey there," to Kyara and Sienna. "How're you doing?" A peek over at the water to spot for green and Mayte asks politely, "Ah, mind if I have a seat?"

"Yeah, W'rin took care of that pretty quickly," Kyara answers about being shifted. "He had us figured. Unsurprisingly." As to the wherry, she chuckles. "It didn't happen until she got to be around a Turn, but it makes her sneeze. You should've seen it earlier. Sometimes it makes her hide flare up a bit in those problem spots she has - which it did a little, this time." She blinks in turn at the revelation about Kehemath, her brow furrowing a bit. "Just the one? That's odd. Is everything alright with her?" Mayte's approach has the greenrider looking up and over with a smile, gaze following as the Vintner comes near, and she gestures to the sand. "Not at all, Mayte. Come on over." Then her attention goes back to Sienna. "So. What did they do now?"

Sienna nods, a small but no doubt proud (and a little loving - she is in public after all) smile on her lips. "How strange…never heard of a dragon with allergies before. And yeah, just the one. She certainly seems fine. Nothing…well. She's so random and strange, it's hard to notice change, since she is always changing, but she seems fine. Maybe she's just busy." Too busy to bother with proddy. "Hello, Mayte!" Sienna says brightly, sitting there in her two-piece red bikini. Looking back at Kyara, the greenrider frowns. "Messed with someone's riding leathers. It was just…in very, very poor taste."

Mayte is happy enough to spread out her tatty towel, and settles herself in, placing the book not too far away. She's tuned in enough that she can wrinkle her nose curiously. "Allergic dragons?" Then a shrug: "Well, some people are, why not dragons?" Dragons are people too! Mayte's also curious enough to enquire, "Who messed with someone's leathers?" Nope, she hasn't heard a thing. "Like, itching powder in it or something? That'd be pretty awful."

Liareth speeds up, as do the ripples that roll across shrouded waters beneath the fog of her mind. « Good! » TAIL. That's the focus, and she zips after her friend determinedly, moving through water as adroitly as air.

Liareth senses Kehemath is a swift and strong swimmer also, powering forward with a teasing lash of that tail. Quick zigzag direction changes send sheets of water flying as she pushes, refusing to use her wings. ZOOM!

Frowning, Kyara shakes her head, huffing a short sigh. "As if people don't need those or anything. Maybe I can say something to them. There's always the chance at least S'kyre will listen to me, considering." She doesn't elaborate anymore on that for the moment, instead focusing for a moment on what Liareth is doing, a grin slipping unwittingly across her face as she tunes in - more easily than normal. She catches that and shakes her head again, as if to clear it, before looking over at Mayte. "It's Liareth who's allergic. To wherry. I haven't seen that in any other dragon here, but that's not to say there aren't others allergic to other things." She shrugs, smirking. "Just one of her quirks."

Sienna shakes her head. "You can if you want to, Kyara, but I'm going to talk to W'rin about it. They go too far sometimes. And S'kyre and his twin, Mayte. Their pranks aren't always well received. Considering…what?" Sienna asks, blinking at Kyara in some confusion.

Liareth can't see her target very well through all that water being sloshed, but she follows after in valiant effort, vocalizing a few curious, warble-like chuckling noises as she moves. « If only they were as much of a challenge, » she states, her tone a curious mix of disdain and amusement as some of the muted echoes of laughter briefly color with derision before fading back into the muttering of water and hissing of coals.

Kehemath can guess who they are, the green warbling as she executes a tight spin and tries to bump muzzle to neck of her friend. Tag? « They will never be as good as we are, » she boasts, laughing as well.

Mayte looks from Sienna to Kyara and back, humming in slight bemusement. "Oh, the twins." There's not a lot of inflection, fond or otherwise, to that comment but she nods. "Gotta be careful with those, most days." The idea of allergic dragons gets a somewhat stifled snort, though Mayte hides it behind her hand. She nibbles on a hunk of cheese, eyes going to the dragons in the water with a little smile before a thought crosses over her face: "Wait, I think I heard something about leathers going missing. Some rider was talking about it in the store yesterday." A pause of further consideration. "Was that the twins?"

Chuckling again at something only she hears, Kyara stretches out her legs, rearranging the sarong before leaning back onto her hands again. "Remember I said Atsusath likes Lia?" she says, smirking before rolling her head to one side to look at Sienna. "Like dragon, like rider. That's 'considering.’ Maybe I can use it to my advantage." Stated so matter-of-factly, all of this; it's bordering on uncharacteristic, which is probably a good indication of the change in Liareth starting to work its way across to her lifemate. "Between me and W'rin, he doesn't stand a chance." Yep, definitely a little different. Kyara makes a face, her own words sounding foreign for a second before she shakes her head for clarity. "Hm."

Sienna blinks at Kyara, and frowns a bit. "Huh. I…somehow I don't see the two of you being a good…match. But maybe you can use it." Harsh! "Missing? I don't think so. No." But she's not giving details? Apparently it's a secret, or something.

Liareth is tagged! Though it's more a muzzle-to-shoulder bump, since she does try to dodge. Rising up, Liareth spreads jade pinions and showers the older green with water before dropping back down, cackling dragon laughter at her friend. « Even so, » she observes coolly, taking a moment to dive under and resurface nearby, « they are nice look at, are they not? »

There's some weird undercurrent going on here that has Mayte looking a bit leery of saying anything, but she can't stop herself: "You're…wing-second now, Kyara?" Confusion abounds! She does eye Sienna, wondering how to dig for more details. The cheese is done so it's now on to the redfruit, nibbling at it, "But the guy was really convinced…" Is it time to let that die? Mayte's voice trails off. Apparently so.

Harsh it may be, but for the moment, Kyara ignores that, laughing mirthlessly. "Not like I'd even consider him," she counters, her smile sharp, "but if…no, no, no." Her mood shifting suddenly, she sits up straight, touching her forehead. "I wouldn't do that. That wasn't…" Mayte's question has her eyes widening. "What? No! No, no; where'd you get that from?" Blinking over at Sienna again, she bites her lip. "Sorry. This would probably be a good time for me to start keeping my mouth shut as much as possible." Chagrined, she practically flops back into the sand, and hand across her eyes. "So it starts," she murmurs roughly, then splitting fingers apart to glance sidelong at Mayte with one eye. "I don't suppose you have any wine on you?" Dumb question, most likely.

Sienna looks relieved at Kyara's reassurance, nodding. The weird undercurrent is Sienna's connection dying, and her player losing tooootal track of the scene and the conversation. Stupid Earth internet. "Wing second? What guy?" she asks Mayte, puzzled. Back to Kyara, she smiles in kind understanding.

Alright, maybe Mayte's new at this whole 'Weyr' thing, so she explains her reasoning, "Well, Kyara was saying that she could handle the twins," a good start, "So I was wondering how she'd have, like, the authority to do that," makes sense so far, "and I figured a Wingsecond would be able to do that?" C'mon, she's only been with a guy once. As for her own propensity to carry wine around, Mayte reaches into her shirt and pulls out a wineskin, tossing it gently in Kyara's direction, "S'a decent red. Might be a bit warm by now."

"Oh, what I meant had nothing to do with rank," Kyara explains to the Vintner with a cough, a flush rising to her cheeks, "and isn't something I meant at all, anyway." Welcome to the beginnings of Kyara being proddy. She smirks ruefully at Mayte, gesturing out toward her lifemate. "Sometimes I'm not too careful with what I say, when she gets like that." 'That' being the gold shimmer limning Lia's hide for the second time. The greenrider accepts the wine gratefully, warm or not, and takes a healthy sip, handing the skin back thereafter and then contemplating the alcohol's effect on her head as it slips down her throat. Heat rises, accenting what's already there, and Kyara sits up again, scrubbing a hand over her face. "I think I probably ought to go, before I get insufferable or something," she tells her friends, a slightly anxious glance cast at Sienna as she stands up and gathers the straps and pouches nearby. "See you two later." Her look for Mayte is slightly apologetic as she passes, and she's away quickly - off to find somewhere to hide, or not, depending on the bent of Lia's steadily rising influence.

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