==== December 16th, 2013
==== Ada, A'dan
==== After W'rin cold-cocked A'dan, Ada found him and dragged a prize back to her weyr.

Who Ada, A'dan
What After W'rin cold-cocked A'dan, Ada found him and dragged a prize back to her weyr.
When There are 0 turns, 5 months and 12 days until the 12th pass.
Where Igen Weyr


A Private Weyr

It's the morning after a rather interesting flight, that Ada had no part in, she simply heard what happened through the grapevine. She also heard, through the grapevine, that a certain friend of hers was passed out and needed rescuing. The end result of this rescuing is that the next morning A'dan will, inevitably find himself in a strange weyr, in a strange bed, in who knows what state of dress. The smell of klah permeats through from the nearby in a potentially tantalizing fashion. Ada, meanwhile, is seated on a chair not too far away, attired in a simple pair of slacks and top, certainly not her standard riding leathers.

"Ow," A'dan grates. His face hurts. And saying 'Ow' hurt. Why did his fac- W'rin. That motherfucker hit him. A'dan laughs. And that hurts too. "Ow." He repeats. Sensations are filtering in past the pain. Klah? A'dan goes still… this does not smell like his place. Or sound like it or… he cracks an eye. Ada, slung comfortably in a chair. Ada… who had -from her tellin- found him on the floor of the Caverns then brought him to her weyr. A'dan grins. And, yes, that hurts too. "Ow." That motherfucker. A'dan scootches up, fixing Ada with a look of wry amusement, "Morn-ow." He rubs his jaw, purpled and swollen.

Ada quirks a brow and bites her lip to refrain from laughing at all the ows eminating from A'dan. "Morning, how's the face?" she questions as she gets to her feet and offers A'dan a mug of klah. "I'd offer you some fellis, but, really, I get the feeling that everyone involved might deserve the pain they feel this morning," she offers with a wink and a laugh. "Why were you beating him up?" she enquires as she casts a glance around her weyr. Apparently she was prepared, as she has a basin of cold water (probably from the lake) and a cloth. Soaking the cloth and ringing it out she offers that too, to A'dan. "Take your pick, hot or cold."

"Deserves." A'dan snorts. Oh. Hey. Snorting doesn't hurt. He squints. He hadn't explained much last night had he? Not that it needed explaining. "You've been there." He looks at the rag. Dismissed. "Hot. Thanks," he takes the mug and puts it gingerly along his jaw, wincing. He puts those piercing eyes back up at Ada, "Gets heated."

Ada drops the cloth back in the basin before returning to her chair, possibly keeping a respectful distance, unsure of what post-flight A'dan is like. "Not really, I'm generally on the female end of things, y'know, I win one way or the other," she gives with yet another wink and amused grin. "Well, unless Fiona's caught by someone I don't like, but that hasn't happened. Yet."

"Well. If it matters…" He winces, rolling the mug along his jaw. It's hotter than is comfortable, but at least a different kind of pain. "…last night was me. Not the dragon." He casts about for somewhere to put the mug and rolls to place it on a side table. He paws the bedclothes aside and sits up at the edge of the bed. Pants… He peers about the weyr. Sparse. Huh. Ah. There. He gets up to snag clothes, dimly recalling when they'd come off. He grins again. "Ow."

Ada quirks a brow. "So, you mean it was you beating W'rin up and not Narloth? Well I'm glad your dragon still had some sense to him," she states, playing the innocent as she watches, bemused. It's unlikely A'dan's clothes are even in one particular spot, they might be strewn all over the room.

Humor. She's uneasy. I'll be outta here soon. He straightens, pants falling just so as he turns to regard the greenrider. "No. That was definitely Narloth." He squints at her, eyes slewing sideways to his shirt, draped across the back of her chair. Snagging drawers as he crosses the room towards he leans down over Ada perch, "Pardon me, 'Rider." He reaches out a hand to tug at the shirt.

Ada quirks a brow. "Oh, so you're telling me after beating W'rin up was definately you?" she enquires, that grin growing. "Hmm, I would have hated for that to be Narloth," she states, laughing slightly. "An' if yer going to call me 'Rider' feel free, if you'll use my name, you're welcome to stay, have some klah," and no, she doesn't move to help free the shirt, she's soooo helpful. Not.

A'dan straightens, backing away a step to balance as he tugs on drawers. He grunts, "Too many pronouns." Leaning down, he puts a hand on each arm of the chair, fixing Ada with keen blue eyes. "Punching W'rin was Narloth." Do the math. He's being sweet, damn it, woman.

Ada coughs. "Sorry, too soon after being beaten up?" she questions as she shifts forward, though she doesn't bother to relinquish the shirt, not that she could do much, trapped in the chair as she is. She makes eye contact, it's hard not to, but her gaze is drawn to the bruised jaw, it's hard to miss, being, well, sufficiently bruised.

"No." Is she dim? Weren't too many dim riders, dragons seemed to like 'em smart. But, maybe she was dim. He straightens, shifts her aside and pulls his shirt free. Either way, it's played out past where it would have been endearing on either side of the equation and she's either creating distance or too dim to live. Either way, he can read the signs, 'Keep out.' He tucks shirt and pants under his arm… Boots. He turns. It's not like the weyr was big… damn.

Ada blows a tuft of hair out of her face before quirking a brow, she's clearly perturbed, but the look of it would not indicate she's perturbed with A'dan. "Sorry, as much as I like to pretend I'm all knowledgable, honest to goodness, I'm not some dimglow, I just don't… well I wasn't sure of your reaction. Had it all figured out and then you woke up," she laughs, shaking her head slightly, blushing a fair shade that'll match her hair any moment. "I'm just glad you didn't get seriously hurt last night, okay."

Who's the dimglow now? She's just a kid. "Narloth is a randy bastard." Ah… boots! He walks over and snags boots. "Me. I don't put myself out there that often." He balances, pulling on his pants, "And those dragons aren't taking credit for when I do." He hops, settling himself into breeches. "Ow." That a low growl under his breath. He walks to the bed and stretches out, retrieving the now-drinkably cool klah from the sidetable.

Ada chucklse softly. "I think that every dragon tends to be a little randy, at times, or all the time, depends on the dragon," she offers. "Fiona, when she's proddy, I hear I'm pretty bad… male friends tend to, y'know, hide from me," she gives with a wink and shake of her head. "Ouch, you really did get a beating. Can I help?" she offers, trying to brush over the awkward of earlier. What awkward, that didn't happen…

"Narloth took a good slash along his flank." A'dan's jaw tightens, making him wince. He sips at his klah, considerable brow furrowing.

Ada winces slightly and gets up, quickly moving to A'dan's side. "Must have been a brutal flight," she states, looking all a flutter. She really doesn't know what she can do, but she feels awful that Narloth is injured, and A'dan bruised. "How's your jaw?" she questions, a hand moving towards the jaw, but not touching, just hovering. "Will Narloth be okay? Nothing serious, I hope."

"Middling." He cocks a brow at her, and says flatly, "Sore," he moves his head slowly away from her hand, "To the touch. To the everything." He smiles at her, an expression that lives only in his eyes. At her inquiry after Narloth he nods, "He'll be fine. 'Bout time I got him to the 'Healer though. You and Fionabhairth mind giving me a ride down. Narloth's not strapped."

Ada crinkles her nose slightly. "Oh, poor guy. Let him know we both wish him a speedy recovery," she states before getting to her feet, concern her main emotion at the moment. This is a person and a dragon she cares about. "I don't mind at all, Fiona'll be ready to go soon," and with that her boots are on and she's strapping up the green to take the stranded rider to his dragon. "Make sure you have that healer look after you too, while you're there, wouldn't want any permanent damage to that jaw," well, that's sort of a compliment, right?

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