==== June 23, 2013
==== Aaron, A'lory, Sienna, Sori, Malaia
==== Mid-morning chatter in the living caverns, where feelings are discussed and keys are handed over.

Who Aaron, A'lory, Sienna, Sori, Malaia
What Mid-morning chatter in the living caverns, where feelings are discussed and keys are handed over.
When June 23, 2013
Where Living Caverns



Living Cavern
Dim light from hanging glow-globes cannot fully camouflage the ravages of time and neglect on Igen's busy living caverns, though hints of its former glory peek through in the decorative cuts to the cave's natural limestone and the high quality of dusty, tatty-ended tapestries. Here and there, skybroom tables — stained dark by wood finish and a decade of grime — sit in loose groups, flanked by wicker chairs with pointy, broken rattan that pokes out to invariably find unprotected skin. The seemingly randomly placed furniture, however, at closer inspection, forms a sort of cross-shape of negative space. At the northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns, a long buffet table with tarnished lazy susans hosts an array of finger-foods and pitchers for the interested, refilled occasionally by drudges that shuffle in from the curtained entrance to the south, beyond which lies the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside and, across from that, to the west, a set of rattling doors that open to reveal the tunnels and stairs of the inner caverns themselves.

Aaron is settled in at one of the tables near the hearth, savoring the warmth of the fire and a late breakfast both. A small hide bag hangs from the back of his chair, containing who knows what.

Sienna drags herself in from early morning sweeps and drills, shedding her jacket - with her greenrider knot, Whirlwind patch, and S&R winner patch - and dropping it onto Aaron's table. She's not being rude, as she genuinely doesn't see the Smith (surprise?) as she shuffles towards the food and beverages.

Aaron is used to the… indifference from the riders, and doesn't say anything as the greenrider goes and collects her food. He's just about done with his own breakfast, and is just enjoying a second mug of klah. Mmmm, klah.

Sienna gets a plate of food and a mug of klah, and it's only when she's returning to her seat that she actually notices Aaron, and she blushes a bit. "Sorry, Smith," she murmurs, the term respectful as she pulls her jacket over and then takes a seat. "I didn't see you…"

Aaron looks a bit surprised at the respect, reevaluating the owner of the jacket. "You're either tired, or blind then, right?" he asks, the tone mostly joking. "I'm Aaron. And for all that I don't know your name, you must be an oldtimer, right?" Not even the smallest hint of contempt in his voice.

Sienna chuckles, glancing at the big Smith. "Tired," she says, and the curly haired rider looks it. It's just after the main breakfast rush, and Aaron and Sienna are sitting by the hearth, the greenrider having just come in from sweeps and drills. Pushing curls away from her face, she smiles. "Sienna. Kehemath's, and yeah, from oldtime Ista." And she watches him a bit warily at that admittance.

Aaron grins and reaches across the table, offering his hand to Sienna. "Pleased to meet you, and a belated welcome to Igen Weyr." He seems to be sincere, and there's no hesitation in his greeting. An odd bird, then? "I'm an Istan myself, though from this time. Just got here about six months back."

Look what the cat drug in: another Istan, all wrung out with those /drills/. Slinging his jacket at a nearby, convenient chair, the ever-rumpled A'lory manages to charm some klah out of some hapless drudge, then slouches into the chair that holds his jacket. "Sienna. Smith." He greets the pair, whose table he just unceremoniously joined.

Sienna pushes herself to sit upright, snapping off a smart salute for the Wingsecond. "Sir," she greets formally, before looking back to Aaron and shaking his hand with her sweaty, dirty one. Sorry. She at least grimaces at the state of her skin. "Oh? What…." she starts, but then stops herself and shakes her head with a little smile, adjusting her question. "What brought you to Igen?"

Aaron nods a greeting to A'lory, and without a further word between the two, brings out a shiny metal flask, offering it to the wingsecond after he gets his handshake. "Good morning, A'lory," he says with a smile, quite unlike someone who had a bit of a fight with a rider just a couple days ago. "Orders brought me to Igen, though I'm learning to enjoy it. It's been… fun." Yup, fun. Twisted, twisted man.

A'lory doesn't seem to hold any grudges — if the man is even aware of such a fight. Rubbing at his face with a sigh, he turns limpid blue eyes on Sienna. "We're /off duty/ here. Don't 'sir' me. Please?" He'll even contrive to look pathetic, here. Ooo, wait, alcohol! It's snatched with an appreciative smile before A'lory pours a bit into his klah. "Good man."

Sienna chuckles a bit at Aaron, picking at her food and gulping at klah before she eyes the Smith again. "You're the one that got into that fight with K'vvan." Statement, but kind of a request for more information at the same time. Then she looks back at A'lory and snorts. "Are we /ever/ off duty in Whirlwind, save for one night a turn? Speaking of which…that Healer of yours is adorable."

Malaia tromps in from the bowl, bundled in a large worn leather jacket with a scarf wrapped tightly around her neck. Though it is bright and sunny, from her atttude one would think she just made her way through the blizzard of the Pass. She's heading straight for the klah, of course, loosening the scarf when she nears the heat of the hearth. Overhearing the fight reference, her next stop is the table where the smith and the riders are gathered. "That's him," she answers Sienna helpfully before taking a seat.

Aaron chuckles at A'lory's reaction to the booze, and the nods to Sienna. "Yup, that's me." And that's all he says on it. When Malaia gives out the info, though, he chuckles again and rolls his eyes. "You can't tell me he didn't deserve it, Mal, can you?"

As often as A'lory can get away with. "Ah, good point. I am hereby /ordering/ you not to 'sir' me before I have eaten breakfast." Looking smugly satisfied at this solution to the problem at hand, the second crosses his legs elegantly and /slurps/ his klah, grinning boyishly. At nention of Sara, he runs a hand over his hair, a soft-edged twitch at having the relationship so easily acknowledged. "She's a Harper, actually. And thank you." Sweet, sweet Sara…. WAIT. "Oh, you're the one. Do elaborate, would you?" His tone suggests pure amusement at the very idea.

Sienna blinks, a bit startled by Malaia's sudden approach and inclusion in the conversation. "Master. Ah. Thanks." Brown eyes flick back to Aaron, and the greenrider sighs. "Oh, I've no doubt he did, but…" But? She just shrugs. Looking at A'lory, Sienna laughs. "Whoops. Harper, sorry. I was…well. I remember drinking." Grin. "Ordering me…not to sir you before breakfast. Have some breakfast," she says, pushing her plate towards the wingsecond.

Mal's smile is serene. "Oh, I only walked up at the last part so I couldn't possibly say." With the heat of the living caverns encroaching, two firelizard heads, green and bronze, pop out from within the folds of her scarf. Again hijacking Aaron's opportunity to tell the story, Malaia leans forward and begins, "So that rider…begging pardom, I didn't catch his name, comes strolling up and wants a fight. Aaron's like, okay, and the kid -still- wants to go there. So he takes a swing, and Aaron pops him one upside the head, so he goes and gets a -spear-. And then Aaron picks up this giant table and is about to throw it on him." Some exaggeration included.

Aaron sighs heavily, for dramatic effect. "It really wasn't anything. He's got a mouth on him, and he needs to learn when to use it and when to keep it shut. What he said to Ne… the other rider was uncalled for, and I know she won't make anything of it herself. I wasn't gonna hurt him much, just bruise his pride a bit." He does at least have the grace to look a /little/ remorseful. Mal gets a glare at her telling on the story and shakes his head. "The boy had a broom handle, and I just pulled a leg off a table, not the whole table. Geeze, c'mon."

Oh look! Food! A'lory digs in quite happily. Sienna's going to learn eventually that the wingsecond is an excellent scam artist. Until then, A'lory will go right on charming her out of food. And possibly trinkets. Meanwhile, a story progresses, causing A'lory to raise his eyebrows. "That boy never learns."

Sienna looks at Malaia, startled by her tale, and she looks at Aaron, visibly sinking a bit in relief when it turns out the Journeyman's story is rather exaggerated. "He's got a lot he's dealing with," she finally says with a frown. Whaaaa? She's defending him? "Kehemath likes his dragon." Maybe that's it. Glancing at A'lory, Sienna just smirks a bit. "Can I get you anything else…sir?" Ah. Maybe that's why she fed him. Just to aggravate him. "He'll learn. Eventually."

For his glare, Aaron gets a light elbow in the side. "Well it looked like you were going to throw the table from where I was standing." Which was right by the table. But she goes for the klah instead, rather than providing any further enlightening details. Except this: "That kid has no sense of self-preservation."

Aaron tilts his head at A'lory, then shrugs to Sienna. "I like her too, she seems like a sweetheart." Yup. Draconic sweetheart. "Well, as our punishment for said fight, Sadie has him working with me to dredge out and repair the midden. He'll either listen, at least, or he'll wind up in a world of trouble. Excavating isn't exactly safe work." He chuckles at Malaia, shaking his head. "No, no he doesn't."

A'lory is difficult to annoy today. "Oh, this will do, little one." Beam. And the inter-wing taunting begins! All in good fun; his gentle affection for his wingmate is obvious in his grin. "Ha. Sadie's got clever punishments."

Sienna's nose wrinkles. "Ugh, really? That's…horrific work. I don't envy either of you for having to do that. Be good to get it cleaned up though…" Glancing at A'lory, the greenrider frowns. "Little one?"

Horrific indeed. "Back at Keroon, when I was growing up, there was this old shirt that the nanny kept in the creche. When two of us kids would fight, she'd make up both get in that shirt together and stay that way for…well, as long as she deemed necessary." Mal turns and grins at Aaron. "That sounds like what Sadaiya's done to you and that rider."

Aaron doesn't disagree with A'lory, chuckling. "That she does…" Turning to Sienna, he shrugs. "Someone's gotta do it, nonetheless, and this place will be much more pleasant once it's done. And yeah, Mal, it'll be, ah, interesting. I tried extending an olive branch yesterday, it didn't work out so well."

Nodding emphatically, A'lory holds a hand up to his chest, the better to demonstrate to Sienna the extreme height difference. "You're short." Somebody's in a silly mood today — apparently lame short jokes are his main communication today. "Meh. They're not locked in. And K'vvan has too little to do and too much time on his hands."

Sienna laughs a bit between sips of her klah. "Being forced to work together can really backfire though. I just hope it works out…" Then she shrugs, glancing at A'lory and aiming to kick his foot under the table. "But I'm not /little/." She's voluptuous!

"Well, at least you tried," Malaia says of the olive branch and, having finished her klah, gets to her feet. "Better get back to work. Everyone wants to know what next Spring's fashions are going to be like, for all it's freezing out there." With a smile and wave, she tightens her scarf again and heads out to the Bowl.

Aaron laughs aloud at A'lory calling someone short, then shakes his head. "Not any more, Sadie also put him on water rations and double sweeps. I actually feel kinda bad for him. Poor, dumb kid." Turning to Sienna, the huge man grins. "Well, then how about I call him little? Would that make it any better?" He waves to Malaia, shaking his head. "Poor thing is working herself to the bone…"

A'lory smirks at Sienna, trying to catch a curl to tweak. "Manners, girl." However, a wink suggests he really doesn't mind being kicked at. Or being called little by someone who may very well make two of him — A'lory is a slim one. "I don't feel sorry for him at all. He's got to learn now, or he'll make it difficult to fly Thread."

Sienna waves after Malaia, before leaning forward to steal some of her own food back. Then she grimaces. "Water rations? That's…not healthy. Not for a rider…" She frowns deeply, shaking her head again. Then, looking up at Aaron, she laughs. "No. Wouldn't want you getting in trouble again…" Tease? Yup. Then she's leaning back sharply, batting at A'lory's hand. "Hey!" she protests with a frown. "Don't touch my hair." Boundaries!

Aaron scrubs at his face with his hands, sighing. "That's the point I made to him yesterday, A'lory. He doesn't think much of me, though, since I'm not a rider…" Hint. Hint. "Don't worry, Sienna. I'll not him him working in the pits, subsisting on just water rations." It's not an admission that he fed the boy yesterday, not exactly…

A'lory lets her have her plate back, snatching his hand back and grinning at the greenrider. "Yes, /ma'm/." He even /salutes/ her before turning his attention on Aaron. "I'd try reasoning with him, if I were of /this/ time."

Sienna glances at Aaron, and snorts. "He doesn't listen to me, so don't expect me to get through to him. I've tried. It bugs me when people don't like me. I should just leave it alone." Rolling her eyes at A'lory, she pulls her plate closer to eat.

Aaron chuckles and shrugs. "I'm half-hoping he tries to start something with one of my female apprentices. I've been teaching all the apprentices to box, and the girls have taken to it like fish to water." There's suddenly a wicked little grin on his face at the idea. "Well, at any rate, I appreciate you trying, Sienna. I'm not going to even bother with Q'fex…"

A'lory snorts softly. "You /know/ that kid is daft, Sienna." For the moment, A'lory is quite serious, cutting out his clownish antics. "W'rin and I both had at him about that. If he says one word I don't like, he's bloody /staying/ in that mine." To work. FOREVER.

Sienna shrugs, "Well, everyone's entitled to his opinion. I mean…we can't /really/ show up and expect everyone to welcome us and welcome change with open arms. It's got to be hard for them to adjust to, too. I'm just not sure I'm okay with someone being punished for the way they feel. Don't get me wrong, he needs to deal with his feelings better or else he's going to be terrible in threadfall, if he can't even work with oldtimers. But still. Just doesn't sit all that well with me."

Aaron tilts his head at Sienna, opens his mouth like he's going to say something, but then closes it. After a moment, he finally speaks. "He's not people punished for how he feels. He's being punished for expressing those feelings in a way that is socially unacceptable, even to me, and detrimental to his physical health." Because picking a fight with Aaron is probably a very dangerous game to play.

"It's not that," A'lory begins, sighing. "Sure, he has a right to his opinion." As Aaron chips in, he nods his approval. "Right. It's about /respect/. And he has to learn to show respect, even to those he dislikes. And he /will/ learn to work with women."

Sienna still looks a little troubled, sipping her klah and leaning back in her chair, glancing between the two men. Then she shrugs. "Guess I just feel sorry for him. He never seems happy. Keeps digging himself into these messes. I guess he'll learn eventually but still."

Aaron chuckles, darkly. "Not just women. Girls. Sori'll put more of a hurting on him then I did, and quicker too, if he shoots his mouth off at her." There's a certain, proud tone in his voice. Smiling at Sienna, he nods. "He'll learn, he'll learn. Sometimes a little suffering is the best teacher."

Gently A'lory reaches out, intending to pat the greenrider's knee. "Your care is a credit, Sienna. Don't /worry/; he'll get it. It'll come right."

Who will get what? Sori has walked into a conversation that apparently is more than half way through. She shakes her head, intending to brush it off. She's been a busy girl fixing broken locks and hinges in the stores, and there is more work to be done. However, she's going to take a break and get something to eat. All that work makes for a hungry apprentice, so off to where the food is to pile up a plate and grab something to drink. Now where to sit?

Sienna considers Aaron's words for a moment, and then shrugs. "And sometimes it's not. I don't know. I had /such/ a hard time with Kehemath during our Weyrlinghood, I guess I'm just sensitive to this sort of thing." She lets A'lory pat her knee, giving him a little smile. "I'll try," she says with a low chuckle. "Speaking of Sori," she says to Aaron, nodding his head towards the apprentice Smith.

Aaron looks up at Sienna's words, a broad smile on his face. "Sori! Get over here!" It's a friendly-sounding yell, and yelled with a smile. Once the apprentice makes her way to the table, he gestures her into a seat. "Sori, have you met A'lory and Sienna?" he asks, in a much quieter voice, introducing the two riders.

A'lory will let this little subject go for now, tjough it's filed away for later times. Instead, he turns his attention to Sori, offering her a gentle nod of greeting.

Sori looks from one rider to the other, then gives a light shake of her head, "Sienna is green Kehemath's?" she asks with a tilt to her head, "And yes I have met her," she grins as she reaches into her pocket and pulls out three keys, "Been meaning to get these to you, Ma'am," she sets the keys on the table in front of the green rider. A'lory gets a second look, and a slight frown, "Bronze Eisheth's rider?" she doesn't sound very certain of the name or the color of the dragon, and so she just sits still and listens while she stuffs food in her face. She's hungry, all that repairing of doors and locks is hungry work.

Sienna looks at the keys that Sori puts down, and the greenrider instantly perks up. "Shards, I'd forgotten about those! Thank you so much. It's all set down there, then?" she asks, a brightness to her voice and a sparkle to her eyes. Something is afoot!

Aaron tilts his head, looking a moment between Sienna and Sori. "Sori, did you forget to tell me that you'd found yourself a side project?" At least he only sounds a /little/ frustrated. Or maybe she left him a note, and he forgot about it. He's been busy lately too…

A'lory nods again, smiling benignly at Sori. "Guilty as charged." He then lifts an eyebrow at his wingmate, then leans forward curiously. "Out with it, my lady. What have you planned, you and the industrious Sadaiya?" For where there is one, the other is soon to follow: they're peas in a pod.

Sori blinks at Aaron, and then says softly (once she's done eating the food she's stuffed in her face), "I left you a note, Sir," and back to eating while those who out rank her talk, but that doesn't last long, "I was asked if I could fix a lock. It was easy enough. Just needed to remove the broken key that got stuck in it, and give it a good greasing," she is aware that she's talking to those who could easily end her budding career, but she's also aware that such isn't likely to happen, "Then since Sienna wanted to make sure the room could be locked, I asked how many keys she wanted made from the broken key. It wasn't difficult, and didn't take any time out from my chores or lessons," she blinks innocently at Aaron, "But since there are an aweful lot of doors down in the stores that are on broken hinges, or just not on their hinges I figured I may as well fix those too," impish grin given at the end of all that.

Sienna glances between the Smiths and then looks at A'lory in surprise. "This has nothing to do with Sadie. And I'd rather not say, honestly," she admits, tucking the keys into her pocket. "Just in case it doesn't work out. But don't worry, sir," smirk, "it won't interfere with my duties to Whirlwind." Glancing to Sori, she gives her eyes a little roll. Girls sticking together, or something?

Aaron scrubs at his face again at Sori's words, sighing and shaking his head. "Alright, that does it. Sori, if you, or anyone else, needs me, I'll be in my office. Gonna get my desk cleared off and organized. Keep doing whatever you're doing just, please, get receipts." Standing up, he gives an decidedly formal bow to the two riders. "A'lory, Sienna, if there's anything the Craft can do for either of you, I'm at your service." He gathers his dishes and deposits them on his way out of the caverns, heading for the aforementioned office.

A'lory chuckles softly, eyeing Sienna with the jaundiced eye of the world-weary. "Uh huh. Well, whatever it is, if you want my help… do remember to have Kehemath send word. Or pictutes." He gives her an impish grin, rising from his chair. "I'll let you ladies plan your mischief in peace." And he's gone, off to find mischief of his own with a wave.

"Reciepts are already on your desk," Sori calls out to Aaron as he leaves. She blinks hoping he heard her so that said documents aren't thrown into the fire or something, "I've been a bit busy with lessons and chores, this is the first I've had a chance to get them (the keys) to you, Ma'am," Sori says looking at the green rider, "Liesan kept saying I could give them to him," she shrugs at that as she goes back to eating her meal. Trying to not interrupt, but geeze not so easy when people are actually expecting you to talk.

Sienna bids farewell to both Aaron and A'lory, snorting a bit at the Wingsecond's parting comments. Looking back at Sori, the greenrider laughs. "Did he now? Hmm. I'll have to devote my next rest day to working with him. Thanks for bringing them to me, but I will give him one. Just…have to get things started now." And some of the eager gleam fades a bit, as she thinks of all the work involved, already on top of her Whirlwind duties.

Sori nods, and grins a little as she finishes her meal, "Have to get back to work," she says abruptly as she stands and takes the dishes to the kitchen.

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