==== 31 Jan 2014
==== Jazene, Tavil
==== Tavil disturbs Jazene's rest.

Who Jazene, Tavil
What Tavil disturbs Jazene's rest.
When It is the sixty-third day of Summer and 91 degrees.
Where SW

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Country Corner
A small sitting area greets you as you step off the upper landing of the Crafting Complex into this lovely office. Each piece of the mismatched furniture seems to complement the others in color if not in fabric pattern. A long sturdy sofa rests against the wall of the entrance while a table is shoved into the far corner. Two chairs, one against the wall and one placed opposite the sofa complete the cozy spot. Behind the door and along the rest of the wall a long trestle table is laden with a variety of pots, gloves, hand spades, and more. A collaboration of items a young farm girl might need to keep on hand. The east wall is taken up by a tin shuttered window and a wide staircase. A closet cut into the wall beneath the stairs serves as further storage. Centered in the northern wall is a smaller shuttered window. Providing light by day to the desk. A set of shelves is built into the north-west corner of the room behind the desk. While two small chairs take up space in front of the desk. A scattering of rugs dot the floor to complete the homey welcoming feel of the room.

It's early the next morning after Jaz's arrival, and there's a Tavil knocking on her door to wake her up, or at least get her out and about. It's not quite dawn, but pretty shortly thereafter. "C'mon, Jazzy! Time to get the day started!" he calls through the wood door, easily loud enough to be audible to both her and anybody in the neighboring room. See what 15 Turns of early mornings do to you? You actually start to like them!

After spending sevens on a ship in a cramped bunk, Jazene had found the plush mattress heavenly. So heavenly in fact that she’s still in it. Tavil knocking on her door manages to rouse her enough to pull a pillow over her head with a soft grunt. Rolling over into her stomach as she does so. She can hear Tavil shouting for her downstairs but decides she doesn’t much care. It’s her first day here and … oh this bed! Is she getting up? Nope! She shifts to rest her hand over top the pillow and sighs sleepily. The door is unlocked if he cares to check on her. But this morning she’s /not/ in the mood.

Tavil sighs when his knocking doesn't get any response, and decides to try the handle, just on the off chance that the girl lef… Yep, it's unlocked, burn and blast it all! Poking his head in and looking around, he hollers up the stairs. "Sharditall, girl! You still asleep or something?" He's only taken a half a step inside, listening and waiting for her to respond, or not.

Jazene actually growls unhappily beneath her pillow. He’s in her office downstairs. Blasted meddling man! Can’t he see she’s not down there? Where else would she be?! With a huff of frustration she lifts herself up on her knees and peers over the railing at him. Taking aim and launching a pillow at his head. “Go away Tavil!” It’s highly doubtful that he’ll /actually/ go away. But it’s worth a try. Pillow thrown she rolls onto her back and sprawls across the mattress. Short shorts and light-weight shirt keeping her halfway decent.

Tavil sees the pillow launched and catches it with a laugh, shaking his head as he climbs up the stairs to return it. "What, Jazzy? You leave all your work ethic up in Nerat?" he asks, as he gently tosses the pillow back to her. "You gonna take the day off and leave me to work them fields all by my lonesome? Alright, I see how it is then." There's more than just a little teasing in his voice as he stands at the top of the stairs, a grin on his face. "You left your door unlocked too, girl. What'd I tell you about that? Maybe I ought go visit the herders and spread some fertilizer down there, huh?"

Jazene feels the pillow land on her legs and cracks one eye open to glare at Tavil for a moment before opening the other too. Her lips twist unhappily but she shoves herself into a sitting position in the middle of the bed. “It’s the first /day/ Tav,” she complains petulantly. “Those bunks were cramped and I haven’t slept in sevens!” Even as she gripes she wriggles to the edge of the bed and stands up. “You told me to lock it when I leave. I’m still /here/.” Running her fingers through her hair she walks around the bed to stand in front of him. “And you just remember that paybacks are less than fun if you go messing ‘round in here!”

Tavil just looks down at her with a grin, shaking his head. "Uh-huh, it is the first day. Don't tell me your first day in the Hall back home was a cakewalk, or did they go soft by the time you went through that?" he asks teasingly. "Sleeping is just as good as leaving. I could've done all kinds of terrible things and been gone without waking you," he says with a wink. "Now c'mon, get yourself dressed and we'll go get some grub. I'll be downstairs, alright?" He gently shoves her towards the dresser, then starts back down the stairs, aiming for one of the chairs in her office.

The temptation to grab his shirt in her fist and flatten herself against his chest is a strong one. Jazene resists the urge out of plain ol’ fear. “No my first day in the Hall back home was pure awful and they did it on purpose.” Much as he’s doing to her now and smiling at her with those kissable lips. Dammit girl! Get ahold of yourself. “You wouldn’t do that to me though,” she informs him knowingly and smiles sweetly up at him. At least not the things she wishes he would. Crap! She blinks hard to clear her head and sighs as he pushes her toward her dresser. “Okay already!” Turning she heads for the dresser all the while contemplating whether to dress right there or hide in the bathroom.

Tavil is already downstairs and settled into a chair, looking very pointedly away from the loft and any view that it may or may not provide. They've known each other forever, but he's well enough aware of her maturity to give her some privacy. "I've taken a few trips into the jungle around here," he comments, raising his voice enough for it to carry back up the stairs. "From what I've seen, just about everything we grow in Nerat oughta grow great here. I've never seen redfruits as big as I've seen down here."

Jazene peeks over the railing and discovers that he’s looking anywhere but up here anyway. Drat the luck! So she decides to ignore him too. “What’s the jungle like?” She is hoping he’ll take her exploring one day soon. And she’ll drive him nuts about it if he doesn’t. “I’ve been awful curious about it.” Opting to dress here and save time, it’s not like he’ll see anything, she peels out of her shorts and top. “The redfruits at dinner last night.. did they come from trees ‘round here?” She’d assumed they were imported on the ships. Dressing here makes conversation all the easier as she nabs a cheerful yellow top out of her armoire and slips her arms into it. Pulling it ‘round and looking down to concentrate on the buttons.

Tavil isn't ignoring her, he's being a gentleman! "It's like a jungle, Jaz. Hot, steamy, full of critters. Lots of big ol' trees though, and plenty of food for the picking." He can't see a thing, but relaxes a little as he hears the noises that would seem to portend her getting dressed. 'Bout time! "Everything last night was local, from what I've seen. I don't think they've shipped food down here since folks started moving in, 'cept for grain for flour. I expect that's why we were sent down here."

Jazene opts to leave the last buttons of her top undone and pulls the shirttails’ round to tie them over her belly. Might as well dress for success eh? A pair of shorts completes the outfit and she runs a brush through her hair. “I’d like to see hot and steamy,” she mutters almost unintelligibly. The brush smacks against the top of the dresser a little too loudly. But soon she descends the stairs while pulling her hair up in a runner’s tail. “So we’re the grain growers eh?” She nods her head and chuckles. “That I think we can manage if the soil’s right.” She plops down on the couch and pulls her boots over to slip them on.

Tavil hears her coming down the stairs and turns, assuming that she's dressed, to give her a smile. "We'll get you out into the jungle before too long. Gotta go as a group, though, it's not safe for just one or two people to go wandering around out there." He waits for her to get settled on the couch with her boots, and nods. "Oh, the soil's right. I think the growing will go just fine. I'm a bit worried about the crops getting eaten, though, but we'll just have to find a way to prevent that." Does Pern even have barbed wire?

“What? You don’t count as a group down here?” Back home they’d put him to doing the work of several men at times. Jazene looks up from her bootlaces to smirk at him. “Any thoughts on how to do that? Canines maybe?” She finishes lacing her boots and reclines on the couch for a moment. “We could use ‘em to flush the fields like the do up home.” Barbed wire would make sense given the metal workers on Pern and their skill. But the existence remains in question.

Tavil just shakes his head, looking serious for a moment. "Not against the wildlife down here, I don't. I told you last night, girl, there're things out that that would be more then happy to eat me. I ain't seen any of 'em, but I've been staying pretty close to the Weyr since I got here." The logic being that the critters would've learned to stay away from the hunters and the dragons. "I'm sure we'll think of something, when it comes to that. Maybe get a couple of whers or something."

Jazene shrugs her shoulders slightly, “Alright then.. guess we’ll have to make a few friends first. Then go out and see what’s there.” She’s only a little disappointed. The idea of spending a day alone in a copse of trees with him has its perks after all. Her nose wrinkles cutely at the idea of whers but she doesn’t argue his point. “I’ll know more when you drag me out to these fields for a gander I suppose.” That said she rises off the couch and smiles at him. Her eyes turning hot for a moment as she just looks at him. It takes some effort to pull herself away from the dreams floating through her mind. But she looks away and focuses on the task at hand.

Tavil is entirely oblivious to this heat, and pulls himself up out of the chair, putting it back where it found it in front of the desk. "Jazzy, you were the one that was trying to grow seedlings in boots on that poor captain's ship. Come on, now," he teases her with a chuckle. "We'll go grab some food to take with us, then head on out to the fields. It's not that far of a walk." And with that, he heads towards the door pulling it open and going just outside, waiting for her to come out a lock it behind her.

Jazene has never in her life been able to turn Tavil’s head. It’s frustrated her the last several Turns too. “I was trying to see if any of the plant types were resistant to sea water.” It had been an experiment darn it! “As he wouldn’t allow me to water any of them properly with fresh water.. I’ll never know.” But it had given her something to do. “I’m right behind ya,” she assures him and follows him to the doorway. Reaching up to snag the key off a nail in the doorjamb. And no doubt irritating him further with its proximity to the door itself. Still she steps through and locks the door before pocketing the key in her shorts pocket.

Tavil manages to not say a word about the key's location, knowing that she'll learn the first time someone gets in and pranks her. "Fresh water is a bit of a precious commodity on a ship, ya know," he says in that constantly amused tone of voice that he's always had when she's around. He walks with her over towards the living caverns, chatting as they go about her trip, the jungle, and friends and family back in Nerat.

“So I was told,” Jazene says of the freshwater issue. “If I’d been able to lay my hands on a few pots of some sort they’d have held water better. I had hoped the leather of the boots would soak some of it up though. It had been a thought anyway.” She’s always been one to think up and try the impossible. Sometimes making it work but most of the time failing. She keeps up with his long strides easily, due to a lifetime of practice. Discussing her trip and amusing him with tales of besting the crew at cards some nights. Pestering him about /when/ he thinks she’ll get to explore the jungle. And trying not to feel too sad about the friends and family left behind. They pass the time easily and before she knows it they’re cresting a path and the steppes unfold before her.


Terraced over the rolling mountains of Southern's wilds, crops fight against the encroaching jungle that must be held at bay by diligent farmers. Guards are stationed at intervals across the hills, where the trees growth is thick enough to allow the lurking predator to hide. It's not Thread that threatens the luscious crops that cling to the side of the mountain, it's the felines and wherries larger than life that would partake of the feast that awaits the courageous. Each terrace lays claim to a large swathe of arable land; the fields themselves cover a vast portion of the hilly slopes. To cross the fields, from one end to the other, without runner or wagon, would take several candlemarks.

Tavil pauses as they crest that last ridge, just standing there and looking out over all that arable land in its terraced glory. "Kinda pretty, ain't it?" he asks nonchalantly, looking at her from the corner of his eye to gauge her reaction to the vast tracts before them.

Jazene looks out over the steppes and takes a few minutes to take it all in. Contemplating the paths leading from one terrace to another. “It’s something,” she agrees with a nod of her head. Not at all sure how they’re going to tackle this. “How have they been farming this? If you’re not careful on the paths you’ll lose a dray-beast in no time.” Plowing the wide tracts of land will be an interesting trick too. Surely it isn’t done by hand?

Tavil just grins at her reaction, shrugging. "From what I understand, poorly. They have lost a couple of 'beasts, either to falls of those felines. I think the biggest thing is that they just needed some folks down here with a better-then-average feel for how to plow and harvest the land. The soil, like I said, is great, it just needs some skilled hands put to it." His hands slip into his pockets, content to just stand and looks at their fields for a while.

Jazene can only imagine the trials and error that have gone into trying to farm on the side of a mountain. She’s used to acres upon acres of plowed hills. But /this/ is entirely different. “Well some of their problem is growing the grain so close to the trees up there,” she points to where the fields meet the jungles. “Gives large predators’ good cover. Too good.” She waves off back toward the Weyr. “We’ll have to see where the barns and cattle are kept ‘round here. See which steppes on lower would make most sense to rotate.” Seems she’s ready to tackle the issue head on. “We can’t do much but keep what they have planted alive this late in the year.. but next spring there’ll be changes comin’.” Or her name isn’t Jazzy.

Tavil's eyes follow her pointing finger, and he nods. "You're right, it is. We'll have to push the jungle back a little further all around the fields." He sounds tired just saying it, but then he chuckles. "I suspect we'll have plenty of help, though, when we tell folks they'll get to keep eating if they help us." Besides, he's already seen some of the work parties around the Weyr, surely feeding everyone is cause enough to get some support, right?

Jazene moans at the thought of all that work. Still he’s right, it will need to be done. “They’ve obviously got /someone/ out here planting these fields.” She laughs softly at the thought of folk pitching in for the purpose of filling their bellies. “That usually is a good motivator. We’ll have to check with the head honcho around here and see who is assigned out here. What the rotation is and all that.” She looks up at him and winks, “Make sure they know you’re running the roost around here now.”

The pair set out to hike across the terraces as far as they can in a day. Discussing the best way to utilize the fields. Discussing the work with a group of folk destined to work in the fields today as they trickle in. Making note of weeds and stray plants that need to be dealt with later, and dealing with what they can in a single day. The work continues in comfortable silence long into the evening, with bouts of teasing and laughter.

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