==== October 26, 2013
==== Kaia, D'cen
==== Cleaning up muddy dragonets.

Who Kaia, D'cen
What Cleaning up muddy dragonets.
When There are 0 turns, 10 months and 16 days until the 12th pass.


Training Grounds
A broad and sheltered swoop of bowl lies bare for the talons and tread of countless weyrlings that-will-be, encased by stone scoured and scarred by those-that-were. Dirt lies as neatly as dirt can lie, swept and raked daily, at the mouth of the caverns that must indubitably be the weyrling barracks. Devoid of decoration, the place stands strangely absent of pressence when empty, the everpresent wind of Southern giving strange acoustics to those under the shelter of the towering bowl-wall.

D'cen is chasing after Raxsonath… again. This time not quite so quickly though, because he's now too large to carry back to the barracks anyhow. And, this time they're heading back -toward- home rather then fleeing from it in search of trouble. Er, adventure. "Take your time, Rax. Your couch isn't going anywhere." It's the dry, bemesed tone of the baby bronzerider that sounds, hands stuffed in his pockets. "We gotta wash all that dirt off you anyway. How do you manage to get so -muddy-?"

Salanaith has this odd little competetive streak. She's always searching for ways to one-up her clutch siblings. Sometimes this is good, like when it motivates her to do better during lessons. Often this is bad, as when it motivates her to be the /muddiest/ dragon. If the others are going to play and get messy, she'll be the messiest of all! Naturally, her poor rider has suffered from this as well. Both Kaia and her lifemate are caked practically head to toe in mud as they slosh back towards the barracks. Salanaith looks very pleased with herself. Kaia, much less so. "Sal, it's really important to try to be clean…" She admonishes, to no effect.

D'cen whistles low in the back of his throat when Kaia and Salanaith come into view. "Nice. She did shove you in and try to wrestle you or something?" he jokes, since he only has mere splashes of mud on himself. Raxsonath looks on, head tilting almost curiously. « Was there something in the mud you had to do battle with? ». The idea seems to excite him all oer again, tail twitching eagerly before his rider grabs a headnob. "Yeah no. We don't need to go hunt down whatever vicious mudcreature attacked them. I promise."

Kaia's already tired and sad look turns even more sullen at the question from D'cen, even if it is joking. "Well, see, she got this idea that…" « Mud is good for you! » Salanaith explains enthusiastically to Raxsonath. « I heard that people rub it on themselves to make their skin better. Am I not beautiful? » She stretched out her muddy wings. Kaia sighs, sadly. "Sal, I keep telling you, that is a special kind of mud. And I'm not even sure that works for dragons."

D'cen waits for his personal dragon translation unit to report to him, and has to duck his head a little to keep from appearing too amused by the explanation. "What makes her think either of you need a mud treatment?" He's obviously not clued in to girly things of any kind. So rather then trying to sound smooth or something, he just sounds baffled. On the other hand, « Of course you are Salanaith. Beauty treatments would be wasted on you, really! You could not possibly look any more winsome.» Cue the eyeroll from Dayce here. "Right. You're gonna want to dunk yourself in the baths I bet. I could help get her cleaned up when I'm done with Rax here. So you can flee faster."

Salanaith revels in the praise, crooning and flapping her wings, splattering little droplets of mud about. « Yes! It is obvious to all who see. My radiance is glorious! » Kaia is probably quite embarassed under that thick muddy coating. She frowns as she considers D'cen's offer. "I probably should, but… I usually only bathe when Sal's asleep. And I've never let anyone else clean her…" Nerves are obvious.

Raxsonath, smug. He doesn't even feel like he has to say more. He just puts some extra swagger in his walk towards the barracks. "Hey, it's no problem. I get it. If I don't have eyes on him every moment, he finds something or someone that needs 'saving'." D'cen uses air quotes to punctuate that saving. "Hopefully she's tired out from rolling around in the mud, and you can escape quickly."

Salanaith does seem quite appeased as she sloshes along towards the barracks. Probably wise of the bronze to quit while he's ahead. Kaia glumly nods, commiserating with her fellow weyrling. "I hope. She's still pretty wired, but she'll calm down eventually. I hope."

"I figure they all will. They're just babies, really." Big, huge, raw meat eating babies that can talk to you in your head. Who doesn't want that. "Hey, don't look glum. I mean, can you imagine Salanaith -not- being there now?" D'cen promps, apparently appointing himself as today's morale booster. "Encourage her strengths, mitigate the weak spots. We'll all get there." He hopes.

"Yeah… though they're a whole lot smarter than I was when I was their age." Kaia admits, eyeing her mud-covered lifemate. "… But of course, I love her. How could I not? She just… has to learn to be a little cleaner." Salanaith croons and flaps her wings. What does she need to learn? She's perfect already!

D'cen chuckles a little, trying to keep it under his breath. But really. "They told us -their- names when they were minutes old. And when we're minute old, we pee on people. So I'm pretty sure they're a -lot- smarter then we are at the same age." he agrees. "She needs to be cleaner. Raxsonath needs to plan his world saving a little more strategically. They all have their little problems." Snort. "Your mud is going to get all crusty."

"I am all too aware of that." Kaia remarks a little glumly. "… I think this uniform may be a loss." Salanaith continues to frlock without a care in the world. "… Didn't they have some brushes and buckets out here somewhere?"

"… Yeah. We'll drag them out." Raxsonath shall try not to break the brushes by carrying them out in his teeth and spitting them helpfully onto the ground. While D'cen carries buckets out. "Here you go!" Cheerfully, one bucket is handed over and one brush gestured to while he gets started on scrubbing a bronze hide. "So what'd you do before impression?"

Kaia smiles tiredly, but still gratefully, when she accepts the brush and bucket. "Thanks. I'll get her clean, then worry about me." Brush is taken and applied to the preening green. "I was a dolphincraft apprentice." SHe answers. "Before that, a trader. What about you?"

"I always found that interesting. The dolphins, I mean." D'cen admits, whilst scrubbing mud from dragon. "Apprentice Starcrafter. I was posted here to do my Journeyman project. Obviously…" a gesture is made towards Raxsonath. "Someone had other plans for me. I think I'll miss it though. We'll be too busy during a Pass to practice our old crafts much."

"Yeah." Kaia replies with a little bit of a pondering frown as she works to scrub her lifemate clean. "… I'd only been an apprentice for about a month when I was searched. I enjoyed it. But I suppose that part of my life is over."

"Really? Only a month? I didn't realize the Dolphincraft did things so differently. Usually people apprentice at no older then around 12." Color D'cen surprised, though he doesn't make a big deal of it. "I won't say it's not. Over, that is. But weyr life's not so bad once you get used to it, right?"

"That's what I thought, too." Kaia admits. "I'd been interested for a while, but I thought I was too old. Still, the Master posted here offered me an apprenticeship anyways. She said older apprentices can be useful, since the dolphins are sort of on the big side." Kaia smiles as she cleans Salanaith's wings. "I actually like weyr life. The people here are very friendly… mostly. And I never did understand holds that well. I always felt like I was on the verge of offending someone."

"Southern's a little more forgiving of the non-traditional in the craft area." Neither D'cen nor Raxsonath seem bothered by this; but that could be because the dragon of the pair is busy lifting his wings for the extra good scrubbing. "Yes, yes, you look big and strong already." This bronze will never need an ego boost. "I've never lived in a Hold proper, really. Grew up at a crafthall. But I hear it can be rather prohibitive." Somene is slipping back into nerdmode.

"Everything is so particular in holds." Kaia says, now scrubbing her lifemate's legs. She's finally starting to look sort of clean. "I'm always worried about where to go, who to talk to, what to say, what to wear… always making mistakes. Here, it's not as difficult."

"Is that a girl thing?" D'cen wonders, perpetually clueless. "The not knowing where to go and what to say or wear in a Hold thing. It's hard not to overhear oldtimers talk about how different things are for women now then they were back when they came from." he adds, in case he sounds like even more of a jerk then he probably totally does already. "You really think weyr life is easier in that respect?"

Kaia ponders that question. "I… don't know? I mean, I always traveled with my sisters. I don't have any perspective to tell me whether it is just a girl thing or not. But… I don't know. Couldn't men also get in trouble for not dressing right?" She nods her head. "I do. I mean. I only got one piece of advice about how to dress here, and it was pretty simple."

D'cen frowns a little, brow furrowing as he considers. At this point, Rax is pretty shiny again so he puts the brush down. "I suppose, but I've never seen it happen." he admits, with a shrug. "What was the advice? If you don't mind me asking."

"Don't go around naked." Kaia replies. "Apparently, it has something to do with why those platforms on the sands keep collapsing. Though I didn't quite grasp what the connection was." She steps back, eyeing her newly cleaned lifemate. "… She's as clean as she's going to get, I think."

D'cen just stands there looking kind of puzzled. "Being naked makes the platforms on the sands collapse? That doesn't make any sense. I mean, technically clothes would add weight. So wearing no clothes would be lighter, and…" Riiiiight. Giving both green and bronze hide a visual once over, he nods. "She and he both. Was nice talking to ya." he adds, trying to unravel this mystery of collapsing platforms and naked people the whole evening probably if the muttering when he walks into the barracks is an indication.

"Nice talking to you too." Kaia says with a little wave before trudging off towards the baths.

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