====July 17th, 2013
====Jedi, Nika, Lynnai, Sori, Yulena, Aaron
====Jedi and Nika meet up, and end up dragging others into a discussion about babies and motherhood. Also known as: why you should neverever let Jedi and Nika plot.

Who Jedi, Nika, Lynnai, Sori, Yulena, Aaron
What Jedi and Nika meet up, and end up dragging others into a discussion about babies and motherhood. Also known as: why you should neverever let Jedi and Nika plot.
When There is 1 turn 8 months and 21 days until the 12th pass.
Where Tavern, Southern Weyr

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Of course this should be renovated with alacrity: though the glass is yet to be replaced in the windows, there is a large marble-topped bar along the western half of this standalone building, and a random tangle of chairs and tables much like the living caverns. For now, assistant headmen man the meagre stock of beer and wine and whiskey, and no fancy drinks issue forth.

Although the heavy storm of the afternoon has tapered off as the day has progressed, a distant rumble of thunder and some light rain still tickles the skin of those who dare enough to go outside. It is no longer too stormy to wander about without getting drenched, and this of course means that people have once again left the safety of the drier caverns for the outdoors. In some cases, to head to the tavern, which is where Jedi has found herself after the day that has waxed long with both drills and other mind-tiring activities. She sits at one of the random tables, a bottle of vodka sits in front of her. There are two glasses, though only one has been used and sits in front of the brownrider - who is, oddly enough, without the normal hides of PLANS or IDEAS she tends to drag with her - with a bit of vodka left in it yet. The bottle isn't too far gone. Yet. The evening is early, and anything could happen!

Nika's patterned footsteps fall lightly in a steady tempo as she pushes her way though the tavern's swinging doors, the meager stock of items is appraised as she approaches the bar. "Whiskey!" Is sung to the tender who eyes the tiny woman for a moment before pouring her glass, perhaps the dragonhealer knot giving her away as an adult and not a child. Whatever it is, she is happy to have her glass in hand and spins to see who she knows. A Jedi she sees, and makes her way to the table, slipping into a seat, "Mind if I sit?" One hopes not. "How are you? How are drills? How long have you been here, Jedi?" Her eyes focused in rapt attention on the woman. Tell me everything!

"Feel free," Jedi replies to Nika, though the other dragonrider's questions aren't answered immediately, in favor of toying with the glass she has in front of her. "I've been here a few sevendays, and drills are going…well." Team Lynx will never admit defeat! "How about you, Nika? It feels like forever since I saw you last." Now it's the brownrider's turn to pry! And pry she does, though her eyes don't stare at the other while she pours herself some more of the vodka. And then she flashes a grin. At Nika, not at her vodka or even Nika's whiskey.

"I'm real good." Nika offers with a bob of her head, curls bouncing wildly, "A few seven-day and I haven't seen you…oh Lynx, well." A little friendly rivalry never hurt. The blueriding female looks over the brown, "I like it a lot better here, even if Q'fex can be a bit -" She breaks off he is the weyrleader after all, "Much with the whole girl thing." She giggles and shakes her head, "We'll show him though."

Jedi smiles, and then grins again, toothily. "Yes, Lynx," she agrees readily enough, "you guys have Mom on Serval." It's difficult to say whether Jedi's happy about that or not. "He's a piece of work." The brownrider says bluntly, "and quite frankly, the couple times I've really talked to him, he rubs me the wrong way." For a long moment she pauses, considering the alcohol in her glass, before she says, "to be fair to him though, he's dealing with circumstances…that are a bit unusual by our standards." Jedi might have a bit of grudging respect for the man. "What have you been up to, Nika? Y'know. Since you Jumped."

Nika nods, and offers another giggle, cause sometimes the options are deal with things with laughter or go stark raving mad. "I guess so, he seems to know what he's doing, even if he's kinda jerky about it." But she's heard rumors of yelling matches with goldriders, and she happens to be fond of Southern's. "I dunno, lots of stuff. I'm helping with this team stuff, and I'm cleaning up the dragonhealers, and I'm kinda looking after this kid." The smiles softly and shrugs, "I promised I wouldn't let her starve, ya know."

Jedi has heard the same thing! And since she was at 'Reaches with Lendai, and grew up hearing stories about Hannah from Jesha… She likes their goldriders too. "Q'fex has me helping S'lo with the Lynx team," Jedi says with a wry little smile, "so you can imagine.." The kid bit has a frown crossing Jedi's face, and she takes a drink of her booze. "I hadn't heard," she says after a moment, her expression nostalgic a bit. If she knew, she'd probably beat the nostalgia out of her face. But uh. "What's her name?"

Nika slowly shakes her head, "Man, if you had told me I'd be helping lead something back at Reaches I'd have laughed you right out of the room." The corners of her eyes squint up with her smile, "Oh, it isn't like a real big deal, you know?" Which means she hasn't really be talking about it, "Amoxena." Nika smiles, "She's not real young, probably 13ish - snot' like I have to keep a real close eye on her or anything. Really I'm just making sure she's fed."

Jedi laughs, and nods her head, the nostalgic look disappearing from her face. She and Nika are sitting at a random table, Nika with whiskey and Jedi with vodka, escaping from the soft rain that falls this evening after the afternoon's storm. "I don't think I've met her," The redhead says with a little shake of her head, and thinks for a moment. "I think what we've done, the Jumping here…it was both good and bad for us. Forget the Nowtimers a moment, but for us Oldtimers… Well, it's a whole different basket of tunnelsnake eggs." She takes another drink of her vodka, and glances at Nika assessingly. "Do you ever think about it?" She asks, nonchalantly. "About becoming an actual mother? Now would be the perfect time to do it; when Thread comes it'd be near impossible." Or maybe not, if you consider Jesha, and a few others…

Nika's eyes widen, Jedi's question drawing a shocked looked from the normally chattery woman who just stares at her for a moment, "A mother?" Finally she recovers herself and falls into a fit of giggles, "Me a mother? Oh, Jedi. I don't think I could find a guy to look at me twice let alone impregnant me." Except for a flight maybe, she pauses, her head tilting slightly at the woman, and her lips curling upward, "Are you thinking about it?"

It is a wonderful time for a stroll through Southern's balmy climes, enjoying the sounds and scents and sights of the infamous, haunted Weyr; and so Lynnai wanders, his expression has settled into a relaxed blankness beneath the shade of his brow and the shock of his hair. As he winds up in the ragged remains of the tavern, he happens on the two women talking — and stops. Not only are they chattering, they are chattering about babies. What is a man to do when the awkward just smacks him betwixt the eyebrows? Why, he just stands still and hopes he isn't seen!

Sori has made her way into the tavern with a toolbox in hand. She doesn't bat an eye as she heads behind the bar, and disappears from sight. Not that it takes much with as short as she is, "Oh, here's the problem," she says to the barkeep, and a large amount of clanging noise ensues, "Let Aaron know I fixed the problem," not that the barkeeper couldn't have fixed it himself. When she comes back out she grins at all, and just keeps right now going out the door. She has other things to beat up… er, fix.

Yulena wanders in, looking around bemusedly. A small smile to Sori who sails past, but the cook freezes at the sight of dragonriders. Oh no, what has she done now? But they may not be paying attention to her, so she espies the last unknown in the bar. More men. Gerrrr/eeeeeeeaat/. With a grumble, Yulena takes herself to the bar and asks so politely for a big ale. The biggest ya got.

Unfortunately for Lynnai, Sori and Yulena, Jedi spots all three, and twitches a finger at them. "I need your opinions on something," she says, and if they ignore her…she doesn't really seem to mind much! The brownrider pats their table invitingly, and waggles her eyebrows. And then she looks right at all of them that actually came and asks, "you guys know someone who'd totally impregnate Nika, don't you?" She then looks back to Nika with an eyebrow-wiggle, and says, "I was a flightbaby. Ooh, that's a good idea, let's have you hang around a greenrider guy who's dragon's about to go proddy. Hmmmmm…" Nika's question to this brownrider goes either avoided, or unnoticed. Which…is probably for the best. While she waits for answers, she takes another drink.

Llioramasith thinks to you, « I bespoke Atmanth with: Llioramasith is dusky twilight over parched desert sands, a distant wind howling just loudly enough to be heard. It is a long moment before his baritone says, clearly rather reluctantly, « mine wishes me to ask you to relay to yours: she already has. » »

Nika giggles at Jedi's unfortunate request of help from Lynnai, Sori and Yulena, a finger waggle to all three, the man she doesn't know, and rather than deal with the rising blush coloring her cheeks she will pepper him with question, "Who are you? Where are you from? Hey, what's your name? I'm Nika." A short little finger pokes at herself, her bizarre ability to riddle people with requests for information without breathing even stranger with her face the color of a tomato (or equivalent fruit on Pern). But then her eyes glaze, and widen again, as she stares, STARES at Jedi. "I dunno Jedi, you think I'd make a good mom?" Still though, she's starring in unbelief at what her dragon just relayed to her.

So Jedi wasn't fooled by his attempt at becoming statuary? CURSES. Lynnai shoulder-hunches, shifting nervously in place before venturing an opinion: "Uh. No." So much for a helpful dissertation on how to get pregnant. And so he slides into a convenient seat without looking at it, slouching. Nika's barrage of questions is met with a wild-eyed stare: does the tiny woman BREATHE?

"But I'm telling you, you weren't in there long enough to fix anything," Rimer's strident voice rises loud enough to be almost shrill. Sori glares at the hand gripping her wrist, and subsequently her fellow apprentice who is dragging, yes dragging her back into the tavern, "Rimer, if you don't let me go I'll break every finger on that hand," she says, tone very soft and very serious.

Yulena's beer was served with alarming swiftness, and she's been yelled at enough recently that when a rider beckons, she isn't about to say boo, or how high, or other cliches. So she wanders over and sits. And regrets. "Whoa, what?" So far, no one's yelling, so she takes this as a sign that she could actually make a noise and not offend anyone, "Um… You could ask the twerp that goosed me earlier today." Taking care to see if any Smiths are around, she continues with a hiss as Sori is hauled back in, "On second thought, only if you can catch him - he disappeared before I could catch him." Cranky Yulena is cranky. Glug of beer.

Aaron wanders on into the tavern, and it's obvious he's on a mission: sell some booze. The big man's got a satchel over his shoulder, and it clinks when he walks. Those he knows get nods, Yulena gets a very warm smile, and then he goes up to the bar. Catching the attention of the bartender, he reaches into his bag, pulls out a Green Bottle of Happiness, and engages in a bit of a discussion. Moments later, four other bottles join the first, and the Smith turns around, glass of whiskey in his hand. Wandering towards the cluster of people that he (mostly) knows, Sori and Rimer catch his eye. Giving the two apprentices the evil eye, he snaps for their attention and gestures them to a nearby table. Oooooh, angry Aaron. "Are you two apprentices or sharding children?" he hisses at them, oblivious of the babymaking discussion at the nearby table.

It is a long few moments that Jedi thinks, even while the other two are still answering, and she suddenly says, "NIKA! NIKA, I have the solution!" Thiiis is why giving Jedi vodka is a bad idea. It gives her ideas, or at the very least encourages them! The brownrider is sidetracked by the Smith!comedy in front of them, remembering days spent as a smith herself, perhaps! "Ooh, who goosed you? Name, give me a name!" Perhaps Jedi intends to convince him to impregnate Nika…or punch him. Either, and sadly to say, both are likely! "AARON! When did you come here!" Though it's not a displeased question, more a curious one. Jedi doesn't twitch her finger at him, although she does eye the Apprentices again.

"Yes, you'd make a good Mom, I think," Jedi says belatedly to Nika.

A glare is given to Rimer from Sori, "I did the job that was asked, and Rimer thinks I didn't spend enough time on it," Sori says, her tone still soft, "And he needs to let go of my arm," Rimer does so, and his cheeks color as he looks at Aaron. He's going to sit and be quiet. Angry Aaron is not pleasant to be around. For her part Sori continues to glare at her fellow apprentice, "I didn't hit anyone," she says defensively. No, she only threatened to break every finger on Rimer's hand.

"I will not be impregnanted by a random GOOSER!" Nika have squeals in indignation and half through a fit of giggles, "He has to at least not goose just anyone." She has standards, she wants a selective booty pincher. Yulena, the quiet one is given a beaming smile, "HI! I'm Nika, blue At-man…" She waggles a finger to where her blue is wandering around somewhere outside, no need to pretense here, she doesn't even use her dragons full name. "What's your name? How long have you been here? Why are you so quiet? Do you wanna have a baby?" She pauses, "Not with me." Obviously it just happens to be the topic of conversation and Nika wants everyone included.

Oh curses, Aaron is here… and the very-enthusiastic-rider-who-is-not-Nika is repeating her words. Yulena ponders hiding herself in a flue somewhere… but no, they all work now. "Shh, she says hastily, "I didn't see who it was. There was a crowd, and no one was running away," which may be a mistake if Yulena ever finds this person. She turns to Nika, "I'm sure you'll make a very happy mother." Oh no… "Um… It's… er, it's been a topic recently," she says weakly, seriously hoping that the Smith-tastrophe is loud enough to keep a certain someone's hearing and attention occupied.

Aaron gives the two apprentices a glare, though Rimer seems to have earned the most of his ire. "It is /my/ job to check the work of my /apprentices/, Apprentice Rimer. You will be at my door at sunrise tomorrow. I'll find something… suitable for you to do. Now, go." Turning to Sori, he raises an eyebrow. "What were you asked to do, and…" he trails off at Jedi's question, grinning. "I could ask the same of you, m'dear. I've been down here for the better part of a month. I'll be right with y'all." Turning back to Sori, he sighs. "Please don't break your fellow apprentices. Do you wanna stay here, or do you want me to just catch up with you later? I need a drink." He tips his glass, as if reminding himself why he came here.

Jedi pulls a piece of paper out and writes hastily on it before shoving it at Nika, presumably it is full of the IDEA. "You didn't see him? Shame.." Jedi taps her lips, thinking, before nodding sharply. "We'll go with plan B then," she says, grinning. "What's your name, anyway, I didn't happen to catch it?" Hopefully she's not saying Lynnai is plan B. She probably isn't. "Must've just not bumped into you then," she says to the tall smith with a broad grin. Clearly he's someone she's met a few times, and is fond of.

Rimer gulps, nods, and high tails it out of the tavern, "I was asked to fix the barkeep's stand. He's rather short, and what was there just keep toppling over," she shrugs, "It didn't take long, and I didn't mind doing the work," she says, then adds, "Sir."

Aaron gives Sori a bit of an eye, then nods, sipping at his whiskey. "Alright, sounds good. You wanna come have a klah or something?" Since Aaron has been given /strict/ orders not to let any apprentices around him drink. Standing up, he wanders over to the other group. "Mind if this oaf joins you all?" he asks, plopping down next to Yulena. "Oh, we've all been pretty busy. It's a right pleasure to see you, though."

Nika sweeps the note up off the table like it is a hand in a poker game, and studies it. Her head falls to the table as her shoulders heave in laughter. When she looks up little tears have formed at the corners of her eyes. But then she's look at Jedi, oh she's serious, the bluerider looks back down at the note and up at the brownrider, up down up down, until she has to acknowledge what it says. Nodding enthusastically her little ringlets boucing echoing her agreement. "Though the old fashion way wouldn't be so bad…well I mean the pregnancy part would, but not getting pregnant…" Nose wrinkling up she convulses back into giggles. Through her laughter and hiccup she beams at Aaron, "Hey!" The only giveaway they have met before is her lack of questions. It certainly isn't the familiar warmth because that is given away freely to all.

Yulena sits back in her chair as the matter of the gooser is seemingly dropped. She even starts to relax before seeing the conversation between her and Aaron and winces slightly. A brief, suspicious look at the note being passed over. Aaron's arrival next to her puts a smile on her face, "Hey there," she says shyly, "Had a good day?" She's seriously hoping the whole 'Yulena + children' subject has finished, so: redirect! "Any new awnings installed?" Safer topics.

"I've been busy too," Jedi tells the smith while Nika reads her note, and can't help but to grin a little too at the laughter commencing from Nika, and actually giggles some herself. "The getting pregnant is hella fun, but pregnancy? Meh." Jedi agrees readily. "You can't deny it is a good idea!" Beat. "Let's do it." Oh god, who actually decided to let Jedi and Nika encounter one another? The brownrider swishes her vodka glass absentmindedly. Not spilling it, just making the liquid swirl. And then, suddenly she repeats, "let's do it, I'll go scout now." And without any further ado, the brownrider stands up, and skedaddles. But not before she tells the others, "drink the bottle of vodka if you want, it's already paid for!" And then she's gone.

Sori gets an iced klah and follows Aaron. Hai, errant apprentice. Don't mind her. Sori watches Nika for a moment, then just shrugs. Nika, what more needs be said? Sip of klah and silence. Sori really has nothing to contribute to the conversation. She isn't the best at conversations sometimes anyway, so it's not a big loss to not have Sori talking.

Ye-e-ah. All the hub-ub going on is rather more confusing than Lynnai would like to admit, and so he is off to find himself some good strong drink — like scotch. It solves all the world's ills. And so the world goes on around him, lost to the uncomplicated liquid in his glass: a savory thing, that scotch. But eventually, his thirst is satisfied, and he returns to the matter at hand with the half full glass in hand, only to find that Jedi has escaped the madness, and the apprentices are running amok, and … and .. well, only Faranth knows what else. Lynnai, however, is satisfied that he doesn't have to venture any more opinions about babies and how to get thim. What would he know about that, anyway? It's none of his business, and he;d like to keep it like that. Back to his chair he slouches, peering through thick lashes at the little group and trying to figure out how in blazes he even got roped into such confusing circumstances.

Aaron arches an eyebrow at the "we" but… hey, whatevs. Riders are all nuts anyways. "Since the hatching up at Igen. We both missed our rides back, and one thing let to another and… here we are," he says in answer to Nika, taking Yulena's offered hand. "Goosed you, huh? Guess I'll have to keep a closer eye on you, then." He's joking… probably. Lynnai, and his choice of beverage, gets a grin from the Smith, who tips his own glass in recognition.

The continued flirting makes Nika stick out her tongue and make a 'gross' face, "Get a room, you two." Only then Aaron kinda implies they have and the though makes her scrunch her face up again EWWW. But then poor Sori does gain the tiny woman's attention, "You! I'm Nika! Who are you?" She beams across the table, "Are you a smith? Is that why were behind the bar? Or did you steal some booze? Cause if you did you should share." See her glass of whiskey? It's almost empty, and now she's boxed in by all these people. Help sista out someone?

A cook's work is never done: with another squeeze to Aaron's hand, she stands up, reasonably steadily, and asks, "I'll get this." she says, before moving to the bar. Returning with a tray, she starts putting glasses down in front of everyone, "I just ordered a repeat of what everyone has," even if they're not close to done their first drink. She plops back into her chair and grins at Aaron and all around, "You're quite welcome to." she says cheekily.

Sori laughs, "I'm Sori," she answers, "I am an apprentice," she grins, "Pinching beverages?" her? Never, at least that she'd ever admit to, "There was a rickety stand that needed fixing," short people can't see over counters built for tall people after all, and when you're only a bit over five foot everyone is taller than you.

Lynnai plants his face in his palm, all the better not to see all the kissy faces that are passed around. People and their PDAs. Momenarily, he peeks out from between his fingers, trying to see if they might be done — and trying to hide his amusement at Nika attempting to cadge drinks from others so that she doesn't have to get up. It's a lovely ploy — but will it work?

Aaron chuckles at Nika, giving Yulena's hand a squeeze. "Oh, we did. We have, rather." He watches Yulena out of the corner of his eye, waiting for the usual blush. The rider's questioning of Sori gets a grin from him, and he chuckles at the girl's answers. "She's /my/ apprentice, Nika. Be nice. And Sori, I'm under orders to not let /any/ apprentices drink, so don't let me catch you." He watches Yulena walk over, and back, grinning a little to himself. Lynnai's facehiding is noticed, and he chuckles. "I'm Aaron, Smith Journeyman," he says by way of introduction.

Nika her is just under 5ft herself giggles at Sori. "Boy do I understand that." But then there is more booze, and estatic beam is given to Yulena, "You. Are. The. Best." With a soft wiggle of finger she blows a kiss in the direction of Aaron's girlfriend, and then giggles softly at Sori. "Well, you never know. It's good to get into a little trouble every now and then." She sideways glances at Aaron and mouths 'we'll talk later' to Sori. Lynnai's face hiding receives a giggle, "You embarrased by kissing, sir?" The sir simply because she doesn't know his name. "You're lucky Jedi left, I'm pretty sure she was eyeing you for plan B." This idea causes the rider to slump backwards over the armrest of her chair as she dissolves into laughter.

Oh. Well that certainly doesn't make Lynnai feel one jot better about any of this. Color him embarrassed, in spectacular fashion: he huffs incoherently, takes another swig of his drink, and pointedly ignores the laughing Nika. Instead, he focuses his attention solidly on Aaron, hoping to be saved from such…. /ideas/. "I am Lynnai. No particular craft." And with the current state of affairs, he's fairly sure he's going to stay far, far away from all such things. He makes enough marks to get by with his own two hands and a determined will to work.

Turning somewhere between pink and red, Yulena's still grinning - aww, she's getting better at this! She looks over at Lynnai curious and gives him a small grin, even as she sits closer in her chair to Aaron's position. A slight nod, and she gives it the old college try, "If you're ever looking for some work, we could certainly use more bodies in the kitchen." She totally misses any indication that Nika is trying to lure Sori off the path of straight-and-true, and just sips her beer quietly.

Aaron downs the rest of his whiskey in one gulp, chuckling at the colors Yulena's turning. "Or feel free to stop by the Smithy." Food prep or dangerous hot and/or sharp things. Such choices! "As much as I'd like to stay and chat, I just remembered that I promised Fegeran to come look at one of the caves with him." The second glass is gulped down, and he stands back up, pausing on the way to give Yulena another kiss. "I'll see you all around!"

Sori laughs at Nika, "I get into lots of trouble," at least she has learned how to hide her antics. For the most part, "Or at least I used to," she's settled down some, "I have chores to finish," she says as she stands and heads for the door.

Accepting the kiss, the cook grins back at him, "See you later," she promises. Oops, they're in public… The swinging doors are pushed open after Aaron and Sori depart\, and a drudge runs in and taps Yulena on the shoulder. Looking up, her expression changes to something akin to dread, "What's wrong, Dobgert?" she asks. He's babbling something about cakes and pies, and Yulena stands up. "Sorry, everyone. The kitchen calls," she says grimly, looking like someone is going to be fitting in said pies after she's done with them. Long strides take her out, Dobgert hastening after her.

Her ignoral by Lynnai is likewise ignored, because Nika is use to people not knowing how to take her, and so she just berates them with love and smiles until the submit to her superior ways. "Oh man!" Is giggled at the man who is paying no attention to said giggling, "Those two…" She shakse her head, what a mess that romance stuff is. Standing, she downs the whole glass of whiskey, the tiny woman, unaffected by it's liquidy power bounces up out of her chair, "I gotta go, but it was nice meeting you! I'll see you around, okay?" Like the man has a choice as she beams and waves for a good 3 seconds before half skipping out the door.

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