==== December 29, 2013
==== Krissi, Ricik (NPC), Devarl (NPC)
==== Krissi is escorted to what she hopes will be her new home.

Who Krissi, Ricik (NPC), Devarl (NPC)
What Krissi is escorted to what she hopes will be her new home.
When It is the seventy-eighth day of Winter and 70 degrees.
Where Southern Weyr

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Lower Bowl
Cobblestones sweep as far as the eye can see, a unique feature to the lower section of the bowl – but necessary, perhaps, as the stepped western bowl drains off into this high-trafficked area. The shallow bowl is bounded by craggy-black bowlwall with entrances pockmarked - and some boarded over in an effort to prevent entry from un-renovated caverns. Directly south, the wall neatly crumbles away to roll southerly into rollicking fields of soft hills; a glance of the stables can be seen through the gap, nestled against the entrance bridge that spans westward.

A large brown dragon winks into view and spirals downward to land in the middle of the Bowl. Of the three figures perched atop the beast only two depart. Making their way down the warm brown side to the dusty ground. With a wave ‘rider and dragon launch skyward and climb the heights before winking ::between:: once more. Leaving the new arrivals to fend for themselves.

“How kind of the lad to walk us in,” come the snide remark from Ricik as he watches their taxi depart from whence it came. Once the dragon is sure and gone he looks down to pat the dust from his vest and pants. Trying to affect a presentable picture before heading toward the Weyr.

Krissi rolls her eyes behind Ricik’s back and hefts her pack higher on her shoulder. “Perhaps if you’d been a tad more kind, sir.” She waits for him to start moving before falling into step behind and to the right of the Master. Taking the opportunity to gaze around at what she hopes is her new home.

Ricik has no patience for getting overly familiar with this slice of hell. He’s here to get his problem Journeyman off his hands and out of his Hold. “I was plenty kind! How is it my fault that his beast is problematic?” Not exactly a dragon lover this one. “Where is this supposed crafthall anyway?” He wipes a sleeve across his brow and glares at anyone within glaring distance. “I was warned that Southern is hot but this is ridiculous.”

Krissi pulls her eyes away from her surroundings and sighs softly. She hadn’t thought the wonderful dragon had been a problem at all. The old man just has trouble getting his legs to work is the only problem. Far be it for her to dare say so though. “I’m not sure,” she answers the crafthall question and eyeballs the folks coming and going. “I think the heat is a nice change, sir. Isn’t it just lovely here?”

“I’m glad I can leave you here then,” Ricik grumbles as he ambles on. “You can wilt away as you please. And just send reports when my flit comes for them.” He stops suddenly and turns to glare at Krissi, “Do please behave yourself. I’d like NOT to have to come back down to this forsaken place any time soon.” He spots a young lad with a familiar knot and snags his shoulder before he can scurry by. “You there lad. Where is the crafthall?”

Devarl is going about his business and not minding anyone else’s. That is until a tall Master snags him by the scruff of his shirt. “Uh,” is all he says at first. Standing there staring up at the unfamiliar face. “That-a-way, Sir. Would you like me to show you?” The hand on his shoulder is heavy and uncomfortable so he squirms trying to get out from under it.

Krissi smiles sweetly at the poor apprentice pined by Master Ricik. She has been in the kids shoes before and doesn’t envy him the attention of the old codger. At least the lad is nice enough to point them in the right direction. Perhaps she can be rid of Ricik soon and get to the business of settling down. Perhaps explore the area and see how big the trees get in these parts.

Ricik releases his hold on Devarl and straightens up to his full height. Peering down the length of his nose at the lad. “Yes, lad, I would like you to take us there. And quickly if you don’t mind.” He isn’t one to dawdle when there is work to be done. “I need to see the resident Smith and see about unloading Krissi here.”

Devarl bobs his head to acknowledge he’s heard, but casts a look at Krissi before turning toward the crafthall. “The Craft Complex is this way Sir,” he calls over his shoulder and heads off in the proper direction. Wondering to himself all along why the Master wants to ‘unload’ the large woman.

“Jee thanks,” Krissi mutters beneath her breath almost too low to hear. Following along behind Ricik and glaring at his back. Unload her, eh?! Why she’d like to show him! A boot to the butt would do the old bastard some good in her opinion. Still she’s getting her wish for transfer so she bites her tongue. Afraid if she goes off now he’ll make her return to Lemos. A shudder runs through her at the thought.

Ricik glances over his shoulder at Krissi and cocks a brow. “Did you say something?” He heard her perfectly well. But as he doesn’t care for the woman he’s choosing to ignore it. “Do hurry up girl.” Returning his eyes forward he finds he lad took him at his word. Now they have to hurry to catch up or lose their escort. Dratted woman!

Devarl isn’t about to look behind him. He scurries forward to the complex and disappears from view for a moment. Popping up in the middle of the complex grounds and turning around finally to wait on his followers. It would be rude not to let them catch up. Though honestly he’d much rather run for the hills and deal with the consequences later.

“No sir,” Krissi informs him with a mildly haughty tone in her voice. The rest doesn’t bear commenting on. Since if she hurried any faster she’d run the Master over and leave him in the dirt. Not that the image doesn’t bring a curl of a smile to her lips. Her eyes dart through the complex until they land on Devarl waiting for them.


Craft Complex
Expansive and airy, this space, now adorned and decorated with the pride of well over a hundred crafters. A vaulted cavern encompasses two levels, fit with clever skylights from innovative smithcrafters that illuminate tapestries displayed from the bannister of the second-floor: Healer purple, Harper blue, the yellow of the Farmcraft — all the colors and all the crafts are upon display, proudly. The lower level is given to tables and chairs and a hearth stocked with klah; it is brightly-illuminated and a place to study and congregate socially both. The upper level is given to residential rooms, lending the whole atmosphere a pleasant, if somewhat supervised, aura.

Ricik walks up to Devarl and halts beside the lad. Raising his eyes to the vaulted ceiling of the cavern then taking in the tapestries hung on the walls. “How nice,” he breathes the first real compliment since his arrival. The place really is impressive. “I assume that wing to belong to the Smiths?” From the familiar smells and ringing tinks coming from within, he makes a guess and eyes the Apprentice for confirmation.

Devarl nods his head and grins, “Aye it is. But Smith Aaron is out if’n yer lookin’ for him. You can look ‘round. But you’ll hafta come back later to see the Weyrsmith.” Ever helpful that’s him! He takes this opportunity to back toward the smith wing. “I should be gettin’ back ta work. Have a nice day Sir.” He says nothing to Krissi but nods his head in her direction. Then he’s off and near running into the wing. No doubt bent on spreading the warning that Ricik is here.

Krissi is enthralled with the complex itself and looks around with an obviously happy smile. “Guess you’ll have to hang around a while Master Ricik.” Does she sound a bit disappointed? Well she most certainly is. The faster he leaves the faster she can get down to the business of her work. “Care to sit sir?” She waves toward the tables and chairs spread out for the purpose.

“I think not,” Ricik announces while watching Devarl run off. How rude!! “You stay here and wait for my return. I’ll venture up to the Weyr itself and see about settling this matter.” He wants Kris out of his thinning hair just as much as she wants to be settled for her stay. “I should return before meal time, but if not meet me in their caverns.” Without waiting to see if she’ll follow his orders he spins on his heel and marches back the way they’d come.

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