==== October 19th, 2013
==== Kyara, Zarolan, H'ai, K'ane
==== K'ane recruits a new bluerider for his wing. Kyara chats up the new Vintner Journeyman.

Who Kyara, Zarolan, H'ai, K'ane
What K'ane recruits a new bluerider for his wing. Kyara chats up the new Vintner Journeyman.
When Evening. There are 11 days and 9 months until the 12th Pass.
Where Dustbowl Cantina, Igen Weyr

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Dustbowl Cantina
To enter the Dustbowl Cantina is to descend: the heart of the ancient tavern lies half underground, at the foot of ancient steps, insulated from summer heat and winter cold by the volcanic rock surrounding it. A windowless place well-lit by glows, it is homey, even cozy, with a certain bijou charm - but for the deep gouges worn in wooden table and solid stone, some clearly lingering evidence of boisterous brawling. The wall behind the well-polished bar, though, remains free from scars or graffiti, as does the door into the small kitchen, and the stairwell up into the owner's quarters: the barkeep and his staff reign, and they guard their territory well. After all, only a fool angers the source of the booze.

The Dustbowl is gradually filling with its usual winter evening patrons, each table bearing at least one occupant for the time being. Kyara has been here for a short while now, having come early enough to secure her own little corner of the place back by the hearth - the spot she always goes for, if she can get it. A very young bronze firelizard prowls a spot on the table between her arms as she tears scraps of meatroll for him to eat, still trying to train him into sitting still for what she gives him rather than being grabby. It's…sort of working. Otherwise, there's a half-finished drink nearby, with one empty glass besides.

Zarolan strolls into the Cantina, glancing around curiously as he moves to the bar. Standing in an out of the way spot, he orders a glass of wine and watches the other patrons. As a new resident of the Weyr, he's almost nervous…so many people to meet he doesn't really know where to start, but a good glass of wine never hurts.

Tucked away against the farthest curve of the bar, H'ai is busy nursing a glass of dark, semi-translucent liquid. His jacket's slung over the back of the chair, leaving a light tunic that's partially unlaced at the throat. Other than that, he's dressed in leathers and seems intent upon giving his Bartender his woes. "…and then she goes and jumps off the top of the waterfall." Or maybe not woes. "I tell you, that woman is crazy, but she's the most beautiful crazy I've ever known." The 'tender is there, of course, to listen to H'ai wax eloquent on his love, right? Right. Perhaps he's just a very MUSHY drunk. Too early?

The new Sandblast drills have been getting increased interest as of late, becoming spectator sport events by-way of the fact that they are just purely entertaining to watch, with all the random chaos elements. The wingleader of said grouping of insane individuals enters the bar, weary-faced and smelling strongly of firestone, singed-leather and sweat. "Y'know," he announces to H'ai as he settles in next to the bluerider, "You talk about that woman way too much. They addle your brain, man, an' she's as fuckin' crazy as they come." Bitch be CRAY CRAY yo. The single-minded bronzerider has evidently not noticed Kyara or Zarolan — yet.

There's a small yip from table in the corner as Kyara's baby bronze gets a little impatient and bites a fingertip, which she shakes out with a scowl and some muttered scoldings before taking up her glass and draining it. K'ane's voice at the bar draws her attention, and she glances up to find where he's at, rather immediately forgetting about being bitten. Talking to a bluerider she's unfamiliar with. She won't interrupt, of course…but she does need another drink, and after picking up the bronze and sticking him on her shoulder, she slips up quietly to the bar on the other side of K'ane and requests another drink. Her eyes flick over to the new face, and she inclines her head at the nearby Vintner. "Evening," she greets with a smile, and then glances back over to the table she just abandoned. Someone just took it. Oh well. Looks like she's stuck at the bar, now.

Zarolan smiles as the woman approaches and nods. "Evening." he says with a charming smile and flick of eyes over her face to take in her features. He slowly sips his wine and leans casually against the bar. He follows her glance and gives her a wry look. "You're table got taken, eh? Well, there's not many here who would mind you coming to be next to them." His tone is a low tenor and somewhat teasing.

"Yeah well." H'ai crooks a grin at K'ane. "Can you blame me? And hey, she won't be addling my brain. Just — hell, I'm drunk, man. What the hell else am I going to think about when drunk? My-practically-sister Teya?" Because, seriously. Ew. Not that Teya isn't — but Ew. Family, dude. "You want me to dwell on the fact that my dad's dragon less now? Kahi's beautiful blue eyes are so much more appealing, thanks. Or how about the time I caused the death of Zeyta's twin." See, K'ane, see what you did? Now he's morose. Brooding over his drink, while giving Kyara (and by proxy, Zarolan) a look when the greenrider takes a seat. "You want a drink? You're looking like shit, K'ane." It's a compliment. Really. You just can't tell it. "Sandblast, eh?" He snickers. "They have a hot greenrider."

Stuck. Oh well~ K'ane glances over to the greenrider and has a quick-flickered smile for her, more of a half-grin than anything, in welcome. Zarolan's words catch his ears, and blue eyes seek out the owner of the voice, his grin shading perhaps a bit more roguish for something the other man says. To H'ai: "I'd hit that," reflectively, about Teya. "S'not like she's fugly or anything," in the brownrider's defense. "H'ai." His voice, tolerant: "Alys ain't that hot." He would know. Rikane and Alyssa go WAY BACK, kthx. "But it's kinda hilarious bein' her wingleader. Even though I look like shit." A lofted brow to Kyara-and-Zarolan: but does he really, or is H'ai just drunk?

Kyara simply has a polite smile for the look the bluerider sends her way when she sits down, which becomes a lopsided grin when she turns her attention upward to K'ane. And then she just ignores the exchange between the two men after that, because…it just seems best. Zarolan's bit of flirting gives her pause, and she chuckles a little, smirking at the man. Oh dear. Not that she doesn't appreciate the compliment; it's just that K'ane is right there, for Faranth's sake. And even if he weren’t, she wouldn’t be of a mind to flirt back. Because of him. "Hmm, they might with this little terror on my shoulder," she returns to the Vintner, stroking the little bronze that is eyeing him intently. "I appreciate the kindness, however. Kyara, green Liareth's. Good to meet you, Journeyman." She quirks an eyebrow back at K'ane and shakes her head a little; she doesn't think he looks bad.

Zarolan has been listening unobtrusively to the two men's conversation - honestly, how could he miss it? - and glances up to catch the lofted brow sent his way by one of the men. A coy smile curls his lips as his glance flickers over the other briefly, the tip of his tongue teasing his lips for a moment before returning his flirting gaze to the woman. "My pleasure, greenrider Kyara." he says with a courteous bow of the head, one hand against his breast. "Vintner Journeyman Zarolan, lately of Benden Hold."

"No, Alys isn't nearly as much of a looker as Kahielle is," H'ai is in ready agreement on that. Not that he isn't drunk enough to lean closer to K'ane, whispering something intently. Then he leans back and shrugs. "You look overworked." Is what he meant. Kyara and Zarolan's conversation can't help but be overheard — they are sitting RIGHT THERE — and so he offers, obnoxiously, "H'ai. Oldtimer. Rhavinaeth's." As an aside to K'ane, "Yes, I would do Teya too if she weren't my SISTER." Kind of, anyway. Or now, H'ai's confused and trying to go through the mental image of his father's family tree.

You overhear K'ane mutter, "Are … … … old? … y'fucker, … … … talk about … … crazy-ass … … … an alien." to H'ai.

You overhear H'ai mutter, "I … … … … … … …" to K'ane.

K'ane shifts his eyes over Zarolan at that particular look, squinting over the other man with a thoughtful look. It comes across as mostly tired, given the fact that he's fresh from drills. But it isn't immediately dismissive. "Y'ain't a greenrider, are you?" is his query to the other man. Hey, it would explain the look! He jabs an elbow then at H'ai: "Alys has more of a rack." Hubba hubba. "An' come-on, Teya ain't really your sister. You're just bein' a little bitch." It's jovial enough. "I'm beginnin' to get the feelin' that Parhelion ain't pushin' you enough, if you're drinkin' at the bar when you should be working." He co-opts Kyara for this statement: "Right, Ky'? Damned shame for a fightin' rider to be drinkin' at the bar when he could be working, don't y'think?"

"Well-met, H'ai," Kyara answers the bluerider, ticking two fingers off her brow before turning attention away again as the men take to conversation of a more muffled sort. After a sip of her drink, she drums her fingers on her glass a little, a sound that thankfully distracts little Mios from his nearly-subvocalized growlings of calculation over Zarolan. Now the bronze is watching her hand rather than the man. Quietly. "Igen seems to draw its share of good Vintners," she observes, eyebrows rising at the man's origin. "Have you met Journeyman Eollyn and Apprentice Mayte yet, by chance?" And then K'ane has questions for both Zarolan and her, and she blinks a little, leaning over to give H'ai an assessing glance. "Oh yes," answers the other fighting rider drinking at the bar. "A damned shame. Though I'm sure you've got a solution in mind for that, resourceful man that you are, wingleader." A quick wink to tease, after that. She's pretty sure she knows what K'ane is about where H'ai is concerned, at the moment.

Zarolan's eyes had been drawn to the rider at his question and shakes his head slightly, that coy smile still firmly in place before returning to Kyara. "No, m'lady. I have not had the pleasure of meeting any of my fellow Vintners as yet." he says courteously. "I fully expect to in the very near future though." He swirls his glass of wine slowly before taking a generous mouthful, swirling it between his teeth before swallowing it with a sound of satisfaction.

"Kahielle knows what to do with hers. Alys is a lazy bitch. Always has been." H'ai's had experience with her too! Well, namely when visiting SHIZL. "What are you," now the bluerider is squinting at K'ane, "trying to be freakin' W'rin?" Squeezing one eye closed, he downs the remainder of that amber liquid and keeps his eye — and attention — on K'ane. "I ain't going into freaky ass Whirlwind." There's something wrong with that wing. Really. "Wait." Maybe H'ai's been shopping for a new wing for a while now: "You got another idea?" Kyara's well-met is given a finger wave of a response, though her words are given an incredulous look. Then a brow-waggle at K'ane. SUGGESTIVE. But then… Zarolan's coy look at K'ane is too good not to prompt a response. "Damn, K'ane. What the fuck did you roll in before you came here? Pheromones? They're going to be humping your leg soon if you stand here any longer." H'ai's Il'ad's son through and through. Complete with the AWKWARD observations.
H'ai blinks. Oops, was that out loud? Time for another drink!

"Guess all y'really need is a handful," K'ane unconsciously echoes something he'd told Teya not too long ago to H'ai, momentarily ignoring both Kyara and Zarolan while he goes for the kill. "I ain't tryin' to be anything, boy," complete with a cuff aimed for the back of H'ai's head. "You should move to Sandblast. N'thu may owe me one, from way back. I could make it happen. If, y'know. You could handle," AND HERE HE LEERS, "workin' under me." He tried so hard to make that a straight face, especially after H'ai's … Iliadism. His lips keep twitching, though.

"Pffff." That's all Kyara has for H'ai's assessment of her wing before she laughs a little at it and takes another drink. Much as she'd like to say something back, she's not about to argue with a drunk guy. Besides, K'ane whacks him upside the head. That works. The bronzerider's last just has her rolling her eyes, and she rests her elbows on the bar, one hand reaching up to rub her forehead as she swivels her gaze over to look at Zarolan with an exasperated smirk. Welcome to Igen Weyr. "Corks and Works is the wine shop they've got in the Bazaar," she offers with a light sigh. "Mayte's all over the place, usually with a skin of her latest blend. Hard to miss her. She really knows what she's about with her craft, I can tell you."

Zarolan keeps his attention on the woman now since he seems to have made his point with the two male riders, or at least his interest known. His smile deepens as he nods slightly, sipping his wine once more. "I will have to look into that, tomorrow or the next day," he says with a soft laugh. "And I'm always pleased to hear of your Vintners who are passionate about our Craft. Makes it all the easier to teach them."

Oh we're leering now? H'ai's is well learned from his father. Pushing into the bronzerider, he can leer RIGHT BACK. "I can take anything you can give." Beat. Wait for it. "And we don't even have to worry about tossing unborn babies in ::between:: because of our frolicking." Purposefully being atrocious, is he. There are no limits to his shame. In all seriousness, he does consider K'ane. "Let's do it." So what? He's bored. Time for a change. His attention is re-directed away from Kyara and Zarolan to the bartender. Another round! Not on the house.

You overhear K'ane mutter, "You … … … … … of a … … that … have ever …" to H'ai.

You overhear H'ai mutter, "You know you wanna … me … … … (again with … … boy)." to K'ane.

You overhear K'ane mutter, "The … … that would ever … b'tween us … … … boy-toy." to H'ai.

You overhear H'ai mutter, "… equal … I … mind … …" to K'ane.

K'ane shifts Kyara one last grin, half-roguish, half-tired. Zarolan receives something of a wave, before he is launching out of his chair and swinging an arm around H'ai's neck, dragging the bluerider's head towards him in a rough, atrocious NOOGIE. SCRUFF SCRUFF SCRUFF. "C'mon," he's still got the other in a HEADLOCK because he is obviously the One In Charge, "Before y'kill me, let's make this thing official." ONE MORE RIDER FOR SANDBLAST, and no more discussions of dead babies in ::between:: or blowjobs. Or whatever H'ai and K'ane were muttering about, at least… "Later," says the man who didn't get a drink in a bar, strong-arming H'ai with him right out the door.

You overhear K'ane mutter, "… … … … … your … dad." to H'ai.

Aaaand Kyara is IGNORING the leering and other such atrocities going on to one side of her, pointedly keeping her attention on the Vintner now. "I'm sure they could teach you a thing or two, as well," she says with a smirk gone wry. She catches K'ane's grin as he's suddenly up and out the door with H'ai, and she waves, though her expression flickers doleful - for a few different reasons - as he goes. And then she's back to normal. "So, when did you arrive?" she questions with another sip. "Have you been finding your way around well enough? Anything you're curious about that I might be able to help with?" Her way of diverting her mind from certain things now, this - though the offer is sincere.

Zarolan smirks as the two men head out the door and then turns to the greenrider with a slightly raised eyebrow. "I suppose they could." he murmurs thoughtfully. He sips his wine and tilts his head in consideration of her question and smiles. "This evening…not too long ago, actually. I've been given a room and that's about all I've had time for. I'm sure I will have a dragonweight of questions tomorrow or the next day though." He nods his head with gratitude for her offer.

"And you've already found the local watering hole!" Kyara observes, her eyebrows rising in an impressed manner as she grins at Zarolan. "But, when it's this cold, this is one of the best places to be. Usually good music, too," she adds, gesturing with her chin to the hearth, where an Apprentice Harper is tuning up a guitar for a bit of evening entertainment. "Even I come to play and sing, some evenings." Finally, she drains her glass, considers it for a moment, and decides against more. "Do be careful in the Bazaar, especially at night," she warns, gesturing in the direction of the door and the darkening windows.

Zarolan laughs softly and shrugs. "I'm a Vintner…we always find the tavern first to see what the locals are imbibing." he says jokingly. "How else am I to know what needs to be improved or which type of drink will be acceptable to the local populace." He glances to the windows and tilts his head at her and asks, "Are there … problems here then?"

With a raised eyebrow and a dip of her head, Kyara concedes the point - joked or not. "Fair enough," she chuckles. To his question, she drums her fingers lightly on the bar, gaze slipping from him to the exit and back as she considers her answer. "There's been…some unrest," she replies, pushing a swath of burnished hair back behind her ear absently. "There's always the odd cutpurse and pickpocket, of course. But there have been some issues with the guard, and people are little jumpy, naturally. I don't know the particulars. I just know it's there." She gives the length of him an appraising look and smirks a bit. "Though I'd wager you'd be able to handle yourself reasonably well. Just have an eye to what's carried with you and walk tall." Then she shakes her head and laughs at herself a bit. "My advice, for what it's worth. It's not as though I'm a frequent fixture in the Bazaar, really. It's just what my gut tells me is worth saying." She grins a little sheepishly at him, settling Mios in the crook of her far arm for the moment. Naptime!

Zarolan listens carefully to her warnings and nods, eyes hardening slightly. "I thank you for your warning, m'lady." he says with a smile. He lifts his glass in toast to her as he sips the ruby liquid once more. "I have been known to give as good as I got, yes." His smile is not quite one of pride since he's never taken pride in anything other than his Craft. He considers the young woman before him and asks, "What kind of drink you enjoy? Beer, ale, wine, cordial?" He's a Vintner and he's starting early to find that new bit of alcohol he can make so that his customers are happy.

Waving for the bartender's attention once more, Kyara asks for another drink - her fourth for the night, but most likely her last. She may as well, since she's still here! Inclining her head once again at his toast, she sips, then smiles widely at his question. "Cordials and liquors," she answers. "Though the occasional wine is nice. Red over white, and the sweeter varieties, at that. I have a particular fondness," and she swirls the dark amber liquid of her new drink a bit, "for rum. And almond cordial. But mostly rum. Blame that on my sailor of a father." To punctuate her point, she neatly downs a full quarter of her drink without so much as wincing and slips her gaze to his again. "Do you have a specialty, Journeyman? Or is all manner of alcohol equal in your hands?"

Zarolan drains his wine glass as he listens to her explanation and nods briefly. "Actually, cordials and liqueurs are my specialty … so far." he says, asking for two fingers of a spiced rum. When the dark fluid arrives, a sip is taken and swirled around his mouth as he savors the flavor and burn. "Mmmmm, very nice rum. A few minor changes might make it better…I'll have to see what I can do with that. Any particular flavor you would like to see made into a cordial?" His eyes sparkle as he speaks about his passion.

Grin renewed, Kyara brightens at Zarolan's revelation. "Well, well, well! A man after my own heart, in that regard," she laughs, and she watches curiously as he samples the rum, nodding as he makes his assessment. "They've good bottlings here. Though I'd be eager to try whatever changes you'd think to make." Now, what flavor? She has to think about this for a good moment, tongue lightly tracing between her lips as she does so. "Mmmm…I've always wondered how a combination of vanilla and klahbark might be. Or mango."

Zarolan raises an eyebrow at he choice of flavor and nods. "Hmmm, I've never used mango in my cordials." he says thoughtfully. "That is exactly what I can down here for too. Vanilla and klahbark … that would be an interesting flavor as well." The wheels of thought are obviously turning in his head, a hand moving to his pants pocket and frowning as it doesn't find what he's looking for. "Hmmm, no paper or silverstick for notes…right, in my luggage. Ah well. I should be able to remember, though." He downs the last of his rum in quick swallows and gives a slight grimace at the burn in the back of his throat. "Well, m'lady. I fear I must away. I have a very early morning tomorrow and must be off to my bed. I thank you for your company and I hope to be seeing you again." He sweeps her a courtly bow and a coy smile.

"I'm sure we'll run into each other more, Journeyman Zarolan," Kyara says, bowing her head in response to his own bow, her smile lopsided. "Good evening to you." She watches his retreat before finishing off her own rum, then gathers the baby bronze firelizard into her other arm as she rises and leaves as well, her own tasks to attend to before she, too, seeks out her bed.

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