==== February 11, 2014
==== Coora, Nika, Rhydian
==== There's talk of storms… and /acting/ of storms. Nika is a one-woman lovetempest!

Who Coora, Nika, Rhydian
What There's talk of storms… and /acting/ of storms. Nika is a one-woman lovetempest!
When The eighth day of the first month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
Where Star Stones, Southern

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Star Stones
Jutting from the jungles, the caldera's northern most edge has been fashioned into the necessary star stones; two great boulders push up against the sky, weathering the winds that scour the ever-encroaching lichens that cling to the humid-moistened rock. A singular stone, so obviously man-made, serves as the eye-rock, long forgotten with only the wind's erosive touch to keep the greenery away. The stones stand upon the flattest point of the caldera, and any who climb the winding stairs, up the mountain's face, will be treated with a view worthy of the effort of the climb of the seemingly endless stone steps. Far and away, the entire weyr is exposed as are the vast jungles and terraced fields that dot the horizon. The Southern Barrier Range looms above the weyr, and from this vantage point, one can see the snows that clings to the summits. The winding Black Rock River sparkles far, far below. The ledge itself is small, however, so only a few brave souls and possibly one dragon could fit up here. With no handrails, the edge of the star stones's ledge offer a danger to the unwary who think to stand where the rock curves down into the bowl below.

Sidaaeth trumpets a greeting to his wingmate, drawing Coora's eyes up to watch Atmanth land. She smiles at Sidaaeth's commentary on the dragon's landing, giving his nearest body part an affectionate pat. "You get showy sonetimes, too, Sida. Especially before a flight," she reminds the small brown dragon. "Hey Nika. Sweeps were boring. There's absolutely nothing going on right now. And I was just telling Sida that we shouldn't have to check the star stones now that Thread is here again." It's the same now familiar sight - the red star smack in the middle of the star stones. Again, Sidaaeth rumbles his disagreement, but he has eased himself to the ground to take weight off his injured leg.

"Of course you gotta check the star stones!" Nika's in complete agreement with her adament tone. "They're beeeaaauuutiful." Perhaps not one's general reasoning for checking things on sweeps, but Nika has spoken. "Sweeps were boring?" The phrase turned over in the woman's mouth a few times before she stares incredulously at Coora. "Whattya mean?" As if this were just too unbelievable for words.

There's a /heckuva/ lot of steps to get up to the star stones from the lower caverns, but Rhydian's braved the staircase and emerges, red-faced and puffing, triumphant and most likely exhausted, too. But he's here! Bearing a notebook and a pencil, too. He hangs out by the top of the stairs as he tries to regain his breath, brushing sweat-plastered curls back from his brow and then wiping off glasses that have steamed up due to his exertions. Once he's able to breathe easy again, he looks to the two women riders who're already here, tucking his notebook under his arm as he meanders on over to them with a 'hello there!' grin. "Ladies."

Coora laughs at Nika's disbelief, shrugging. "Nothing new and exciting to see. I guess I have seen enough quiet sweeps to last a lifetime." Coora's not that old, but she does have twenty Turns of sweeps under her belt. "I miss watching the ships preparing to sail and the dolphins playing by the old Istan seahall." Sure there is activity unique to Southern, but its not the same as where and when Coora grew up. The newcomer gets a smile and a wave, "Hi," Coora offers.

Hands smack against her own face as Nika stares aghast of the brownrider, "But…but…but…" The woman sputters incoherently for a moment, "But Southern is awesome, there are jungles and felines and we have boats too, and the dolphincraft, but you've seen all that stuff. Time for new advent…." Speaking of new, an unfamiliar voice cuts off her squeaky tirade, and pulls her voice into a squeal so high only the forming of the words are seen, 'Hiiiii!', is the general gist, and somewhere in the bowl a canine is most likely howling, but for the moment the dimunative bluerider is soley focused on that guy. "Who are you? What's your name? Where are you from? Starcraft? Oh oh! Are you here about that?" Her finger points up to the soon to be deadly sky above. "Isn't is beautiful. The sky! Life. Death. Life. Death…" Her questions pull off into a little chanted song before she is suddenly quiet.

Coora gets an awkward wave and a crooked smile, and Nika? Whoa there! Barrage of questions! Rhydian smiles nervously in the face of /so much/ energy, and gives the bluerider a tentative smile. "Yeah, um… Starcraft. Journeyman. Rhydian. I'm, um, Rhydian." The awkwardness continues through his big, cheese smile, even as he touches his fingers to his temple in a greeting salute. "I'm sorta here about that?" Because his job /is/ in the skies, after all. "Um… I study storms. And stars. But storms, mostly." His grin extends from one rider to the other. "Um… you're…?

"Rrrrrhydian!" The bluerider rolls the 'r' for an extended time as she tests the name out with satisfaction. "Oh! I'm Nika and that's At-man." A teeny finger juts out towards the gigantic blue who is her lifemate. "Or Atmanth, but he doesn't like the full thing. You know?" Sliding up into the man's personal space she sings, "Storms! Oh, how exciting!" Round eyes turning up to stare at the man who towers over her by a foot. "What kinda storms? Snow storms? Ice storms? Rain storms? Sometimes here we get to soo much rain you could practically swim through the bowl." A pause as her eyes widen, "NEXT TIME, I'm GOING TO SWIM THROUGH THE BOWL!" And then suddenly bouncing back out to a reasonable distance, "You have the best ideas Rhydian." That's right, when there is one drowned rider in the bowl, he's going to get all the credit.

Personal space invasion! Rhydian looks awkwardly down at little Nika, blue eyes flicking from her to her dragon. "All kinds of storms," he confirms, while attempting to take a backwards step to get his bubble back to being a one-man zone - and when Nika dows the same, he breathes a sigh of relief. "It was, er, your idea… Nika? Nika." Committing the name to memory, he also dips his head to the big blue dragon. "I like lightning storms best, I guess. Or ones with, um… wind and stuff. /Big/ ones. Twisters are cool."

"My idea?" Nika's round eyes fall into a squint as she peers suspiciously at the man, but the mood dispasates quickly and she's back to bouncing about the star stones. "Lightening is pretty! Weird how such beautiful things can be so deadly, and how really ugly stuff is good for you." Which causes the massive mount that is her dragon to huff, but whether in agreement or contradiction is left unaired for the non-rider. "That's life though, yah? Beautiful and ugly and awesome and sad." Beaming, the energy that makes it impossible for her to be still draws her back around the male. "Wind! Like the ones at Igen? The wind would take the sand and whip it all around." Arms outstretched she makes a mini sand twister about the edges of the stones. "Why do you like storms?" She asks as suddenly as the movement stops, like a statue she waits for his response.

"That… that /is/ life." The way Rhydian says it, it's almost like he's never considered it to be all of those things at once before. Watching Nika whirl around like a twister brings out a bigger, warmer grin, the awkwardness knocked out of him when he laughs. "Like the ones in Igen," he confirms, shifting his notepad from under his arm to his hand. And then the big question: why? It takes a moment of contemplation before he can answer… and he answers with a shrug, as if it's obvious. "They're powerful, and beautiful, but deadly and destructive. I've just always liked them… they give me goosebumps. The /good/ kind of goosebumps."

"I liked Igen, when we were there. We were only there since we jumped from a long time ago, until we came here. But here feels like home. Even before anyone was here. Home." The synapses in Nika's brain are occassionally hard to follow, but she's still, not even the twich of a muscle as he explains his life to her. "Ohhhh…" Is all that she can murmur, before the full force of all that pent up energy has her half hopping across the space between them to wrap her little arms around his waist. "Yah. Just like that. You get it!" Life that is, and as suddenly as she attacked the hug is ended and she danced back to the edge. Toes lined across the edge as she peers down. "Beautiful, and deadly. But you can only really live right here. You know?"

"Igen's… ok." Rhydian shrugs it off; nothing to write home to for this Starcrafter! "I'm from High Reaches, though, um… the Hold bit." And then suddenly, hugging! He stiffens up when Nika's arms wrap around him, though he does, after a beat or two, awkwardly wrap his arms back around the much littler woman. There's even a little bit of back-patting, too. "I… yeah. I get it." He's blushing when she backs up, and has to push his glasses back up his nose before running fingers through his curls. They're loose today, rather than tied back. Nika gets a bigger grin for her living right here comment. "/Yes/." It's her turn to get it, now! "Only for the /now/. And -" he holds up a finger to emphasise his point, "you have to do what you can /now/ for all of the /future/ nows."

"Igen was so cool, people were so different. The people were all like, in tights..oh and the bazaar. You could see so much. I'd never seen a whore, I mean like, talked to one. She was real nice. I met her in the bazaar. She was trying to find a bloke so she could work." Nika twirls about before stepping off the ledge and regarding the starcrafter again, "Hey. You ever taken a ride through a storm before. I mean, probably couldn't do a lightening storm, but when the monsoons come, if one isn't like going to kills us, duty an' all, then At-man and I could take you through one."

Rhydian just watches Nika, with a befuddled, bemused look on his face. "You talk an awful lot," he laughs in between a pause, gently, affectionately teasing. "I've not really been to Igen /proper/, just, um, around the edges. The plains, and, like, Keroon. There's lots of twisters in Keroon, some /huge/ ones too on the plains." Up goes his empty hand, spinning around like a funnel while he mimics the noise. The offer of a stormrider, though, has his hand dropping slowly down. "/Through/ a storm? Not on a dragon! Never on a dragon. Only on the ground… can you /fly/ through them? Like… /fly/? Without getting buffeted around?" Up goes his hand again, pantomiming a dragon getting wind-tossed in the tempest-noises he makes to accompany it.

"Yah. Sorry." Nika draws quiet for a moment, at least she tries real hard, her face tensing with the effort, but its too much for her and she bursts forth from the dam once again, "Oh! You need to go to the bazaar though. All sorts of people are interesting. I mean, a lot of people from my time get all panty twisted cause people here seem backwards to them. You know. High Reaches this time is way different than Reaches my time…but I dunno. Everyone just lives different. Doesn't really matter long as your livin' I guess." The blue rider pulls her eyes down in a squint and studies the crafter, "Well. I mean, not really bad ones, but we could go through something a little bit worse than they really want us too." She giggles mischeviously, "Can't risk a fightin' dragon too much, but you know, it isn't livin' if we don't push the limits a little. And naw, it'd be real bouncy. Can't expect a smoothe flight, but At-man is one of the best flyers 'round. S'why we're on Serval. You know?" That's no small feat. "If you don't get sea sick in a storm, it'd probably be the same. Think you could keep your stomach?" Challenge thrown.

"Um… well, I, er… I guess I only puked once on the boatride down here?" Which isn't /too/ bad, considering the distance between the 'Reaches and Southern! Rhydian rubs at his jaw - recently shaved, given the minimal stubble there - and shrugs. "But I've never been on a dragon, so I don't know if I could, um, up /there/." Up in the /sky/, because that's a whole lot different to down here! "Did you know High Reaches back then? I've, um, never really asked anyone about it, I guess because… well, y'know what it's like /now/, and I didn't know… what you would be like." The collective you. People of the past.

"Yah, once isn't bad." Nika side-eyes her dragon, "He's awfully big, a little puke wouldn't be so bad on 'em. He' could just wash it off in the lake." If the blue has any opinions of having meals revisited on his hide, he's keeping them to himself. "NEVER BEEN ON A DRAGON?" Totally perplexed the girl eases back into the man's space, "But, how did you get here?" As if there were no other types of transportation that she could conceive of. "I mean…That's it. You meet me in the bowl tomorrow mornin', after drills. And you're going for a ride." Clearly the boy has now choice in the matter. "I mean, your first time canna be in a storm. I mean. I'd take you up then, but if its for your craft you'd better be at least a little use to it before."

Rhydian blinks. "No-no! I /have/, just… just not in a /storm/. Only before and after. Um… there's a couple of guys who the, er, Craft pays, you know? To take us… sometimes, anyway. Research is kinda easing up right now, since… well, we said the Pass had started, didn't we?" That's the collective we - the Starcraft we. "But, well, I mean, if you want and if there's nothing too big going on, er, storm-wise, then… sure. I mean, we could meet tomorrow. In the morning. After drills." He smiles crookedly, hugging his notepad to his chest again. "If you and… At-man? -Th? Um, if you would /like/ to take us up, then yeah. /Yeah/. I'd… wow. I mean, /yeah/." It's an /exciting/ idea!

"Pay? Pay?" Nika lets out a long 'pfft' and shakes her head, "That's tunnelsnakeshit!" The cursing tucked in nicely between laughter, "Oh man, you giving me a reason to do it is payment enough." Why this causes her clutch her tummy and double over is left up to the imagination, if one wanted to attempt to make the trek into whatever they think might be going on in the blueridrer's mind. "Atman, Atman. We're friends! No use for full names. Niks and At-man." Clearly, the starcrafter gets no say in this matter either. The Pern's tiniest dictator has spoken, luckily she requires only love in tithes. "Like to? LIKE TO? We'd love to. See you tomorrow for a test flight…I'm going to go find leathers for you to borrow!" Cause one can't fly dangerously without the superhero costume. And with that she's scurrying up the side of her dragon, and with a full armed wave they fling themselves full force into flight.

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