==== December 4, 2013
==== Nathanael, Nika
==== Nika takes Lendai's declaration to the people, in the latrines. Nathanael is her first victim.

Who Nathanael, Nika
What Nika takes Lendai's declaration to the people, in the latrines. Nathanael is her first victim.
When 6 months and 21 days until the 12th pass
Where Southern Weyr

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Spotless and clean, the toilets shine with the glow of units well-worn from the numerous backsides of residents of Southern. The left half is for skirts, the right for pants, and there is a little protest petition tacked up under that skirt sign… something about discrimination, with a Serval rider's name prominently displayed.

Nathanael dashes into the latrines, not particularly looking where he is going at the moment. There is BUSINESS to be done. Unfortunately, when he arrives there seems to be somewhat of a early evening rush going on, and all of those places in which to do BUSINESS are taken. Nathanael stands, hopping slightly, waiting at the divider for something to open up. His eyes only flash once at the less full woman's side before snapping forward again. Nope, not there.

There is a woman's side? Nika doesn't seem to notice as she comes bouncing into the men's latrines, "Haaaaaiiiiirrrrcccccuuuuttttsss! Get your haircuts!" Because what better place to plug ones business then where other people do theirs? As it is her badly mangled curls aren't much of an advertisement. Surely someone else cut them. Right? "You!" Pointed scissors are wielded like a sword in Nathanael's direction as he waits, "You need a haircut!"

Nathanael's eyes open WIDE when Nika bounces right past him and into the men's section. His jaw drops markedly. "Ma'am! Ye ain't… 's'a …. 's f'r men!" He manages to garble out, confusedly, "'n I dun need no 'aircut!" Clearly, Nathanael hasn't quite gotten the news yet, even though there is one of those fliers posted RIGHT OVER THERE with the decree upon it.

"Haircuts are for everyone!" Nika counters, completely off topic, but the scissors do swing wildly (poor guy behind Nathanael who has to jump out of the way lest he be sliced) toward the poster on the wall. "See. Haircuts. For everyone! Wasn't that sweet of the weyrwoman? She's wants us all to look purdy." Pointy object heads back in Nathanael's direction, "That means you too, buddy." The instruments of simultaneous beauty and destruction are snapped open and shut at the boy.

Nika stands a good few inches taller then the diminutive sea crafter, so it doesn't take much for him to duck that snipping motion- even though they don't come close to his golden locks. "Ain't part've'e weyr!" Nathanael gestures at his shoulder, where the sea craft knot is displayed, like it would get him out of a haircut. "'n 's not long!" As if to prove him wrong, the hair takes his vehement headshaking as an invitation for the hair to flop downwards and across his eyes. This causes him to have to brush it aside.

It is unusual for Nika to be taller than anyone over the age of 13, especially boys, and the surprise at the boy's escape cause her to frown, if only momentarily. "You live at the weyr, therefore, part of the weyr. Or at least the weyrs responsibility." Her own finger jabs at her only somewhat bouncing ringlets. "Lendai wants to make sure thread doesn't get ya by the hair…or that someone doesn't accidently get set you ablaze with a flamethrower." Snippy, snip noises are made, even if she's no closer than when he out manuvered her, "We're only trying to help!" She takes a delicate step forward.

The man behind Nathanael takes Nika's step forward as an invitation to cut around the pair. Nathanael attempts to look around Nika with a very sad face as he presses his legs together. "But… Ain't big'nough t' be on 'e flamethrower crew, ain't gonna go 'ut 'n Thread…" His voice chooses this moment to slide upwards into his boyish range again.

"Pffft.." Nika giggles and shakes her lopsided hair vehemently, "You dunno have to be on the crew to get all burned up." Nathanael is momentarily spared the attention of the hair slicers as the tiny bluerider makes wild motions about the air with her hands to indicate the amount of flaming that would happen to the male were he to choose not to cut his hair. Clearly. It is the only possible conclusion. "You canna' say no to Lendai! She cares soooo much. Don't hurt her feelings!" Boy or no boy, he's Nika is determined to cut all his hairs.

Nathanael looks longingly around Nika again as an empty latrine appears. He bounces in place slightly legs tightly closed, and licks his lips. "But, if'n ye cut 'i 'ere ye'll make a mess!" There, logic. He bounces again, looking at that free spot.

Nika seems oblivious to the wee-wee dance happening before her, "Wuh? Naw! This is the perfect place. Cause 'n we can just do it over the latrine and then it'll go right down the hole. And they clean this place all the time. Otherwise it'd be all gross." Well, more cross than the toilets are by their very nature. "Look there's a free one! We can do it there!"

Nathanael develops an utterly scandalized expression. "Yet canno' do 'n 'ere! 's…" His voice drops to a whisper abruptly as he glances around. "'s f'r BOYS." The pressing together isn't working as well as Nathanael might hope and he's leaning forward slightly now, attempting to hide that he REALLY needs to GO.

"And you’re a boy!" Duh. Her wide-eyed expression gives a clear look of bafflement at the youth's arguement. "It's the perfect place. Unless…" Eyes narrow as she peers at him, "Unless you're just a really ugly girl. In which case you should be in the other bathroom."

Sad face all around on Nathanael's face as Nika calls him a girl. "I ain't 'e girl!" His voice is still stage whisper low, and he looks around for someone to rescue him please. Instead, all he gets is male bathroom etiquette, namely, ignored, as more stalls open up. He bounces again inplace, and bites his lip. "Please ma'am, I really gotta… ye know…. Go!"

It is the 'Go!' that draws Nika back to the present reality, and her head swings dramatically around the room, "Ohhhhh!" She blinks, "Um. Sorry." A little hand slaps across her eyes and she turns away from the open stall, "Okay, you go. I'll wait here. I'll cut your hair when you're done." And she'll even whistle a little tune for him while he's doing his thing.

Nathanael doesn't have much choice now, and she isn't leaving…. finally after his bladder delivers a clear message that he scoots to that open stall and unbuttons. Tinkling sounds issue from where he stands.

"Hey! Can I ask you a question?" Nika is a foreign visitor in this particular side of the latrines, forgive her lack of etiquette. "It sound way cooler to pee standing up. Ours is more a SPLOOSH! But is it as fun as it sounds?" Her free hand's gestures might make more since if the other half weren't covering her face.

Nathanael finishes up, and comes out of the stall actually looking thoughtful now that he isn't needing to.go. "Ain't n'er thought 'bout it… Ain't you e'er tried it?" Other men have taken off, and Nathanael and Nika are alone in the latrines again.

"Tried to pee standing up?" Nika's eyes widen, "Don't you know what a girl is like down there? It's a physical imposs…" But then she breaks off, a latrine studied out of the corner of her eye. No. Alas, there are somethings boys are better at. Even if that list consists pretty much of bodily functions. The sound dying off her tiny hand slips from her eyes, and gives Nathanael a large grin. "Better?"

Nathanael tilts his head sideways slightly, maybe he's trying to think of those pictures that Jedi drew. Finally, he shrugs. "Aye, 'll just 'e goin…" Nathanael attempts to edge around the sissor-wielding rider, a bright smile on his face. No need for haircut here ma'am!

"Hey! We had a deal!" Nika may be small but she's a force to be reckoned with and she takes a step between the boy and the doorway. "Your hairs, in the toilet. And your head can look jus' as pretty as mine."

"Aw," Nathanael's bright smile fades slightly. "Ye ain't gonna… cut me are 'e? Gotta be on on 'e ship 'morrow, 'n 's hurts like 'ell if'n 'i gets water in 'em…" He gives Nika bright puppy-dog like eyes, please don't hurt him?

"I could cut 'em on the ship, but I'd be a lot more likely to accidently cut you then." No that Nika has completely ruled that out at the moment. "Yah. It's real easy, you just bend your head over the hole and I'll cut it. And then you can be on your way, but..uh..don't put your face too close cause you might accidently touch it." Her face screws up in a disgusted look.

Nathanael thinks about that for a moment, then has to agree he's probably right with a head nod. "'n pa wouldno' 'ike if'n I was bleedin' on 'is ship." There is one last mournful look at the doorway out that Nika is blocking. "If'n ye have't…" Nathanael reluctantly leads the way back to the stall he had just abandoned and looks down into the hole, his nose wrinkling at the smell. "can't 'e do 's outside mayhap?" Big blue eyes look back over his shoulder at Nika. PLEASE?

"Someone else will haff ta clean it up if we do that." Nika shakes her head in disagreement, "This way we get the job done and we clean up. All the same time. Efficiency, you know?" Her head points to the HOLE, "Don't worry, though, I'll be real careful."

"What 'bout 'e jungle? Ain't no'un gotta clean up 'here!" Nathanael gives this ONE LAST CHANCE, blinking those long eyelashes of his at the woman.

"Your worried about me making you bleed! A feline 'll give you a way worse haircut, and probably eat you." Pause, "Actually it'd just eat you." The scissors make dangerous circles in the air, "Look the longer you don't do this more likely someone is going to walk in and we'll have to have this conversation while they're peeing. Dunno worry. It'll take two minutes tops." Cause that's the average length of time it takes to create a stylish do.

Pause, Nathanael thinks about that for a moment. "' guess so…" He cloes his eyes rightly, scrunching them as he scoots as close to the side of the stall as possible to give the not-much-taller Nika room to get in there and do her business.

Nika'll do her business alright, only not the kind that was previously done here. Leaning as best as she can over the younger person, she takes a non-segregated clump of his hair in her hand. "Dunno worry, I did mine yesterday." SNIP. The first bit of Nathanael's hair float helplessly down the hole. And then much further away without much thought another SNIP.

Nathanael can't help it. As that SNIPPING sound happens close to his head Nathanael twitches, his face coming very close to the seat. The cleaners must not have done their job well enough, because there is TOTALLY yellow stuff right there in front of his nose. Every time Nika grabs a lock of hair, he twitches away, only helping with the 'artistry' of the haircut.

"You okay? You always twitch like that?" A few more snips, a few less than there probably should be, and Nika steps back from her masterpiece. "Ta-da!" It is art. Modern art. "You look lovely!" She squeals excitedly clapping her hands. And then as quickly as she appeared she is bounding off to look for her next long haired victim.

The deed has been done, and hair still floats gently down. Nathanael runs a hand through the MUCH shorter… and uneven… do upon his head as more golden flakes fall everywhere around him. "Pa's gonna kill me…" he moans slightly as he notices that not all of it is the same length now. "'e's gonna 've t' shave me bald." With that one last :( thought, Nathanael exits the latrines still shedding golden strands behind him.

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