==== October 8th, 2013
==== Kyara, Liareth
==== (Backdated!) Liareth tries to reason a few things to her lifemate after Kyara gets shot down again.

Who Kyara, Liareth
What (Backdated!) Liareth tries to reason a few things to her lifemate after Kyara gets shot down again.
When Late night. There is 1 Turn and 18 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Liareth's Ledge, Igen Weyr

Liareth's Ledge
A wide, flat ledge, edges gouged from centuries of taloned feet gripping it to land, faces west near the apex of the caldera that is Igen Weyr. Sand fills a dragon-sized spot worn into the surface near the southern edge. The back half is sheltered by weathered, rusty-hued stone - expansive enough to provide a haven during inclement weather. Around the outside edges of the cave, a few smaller shelves of rock jut out - deep enough to allow firelizards to lounge, should they wish to. Beyond a stone platform lies the entrance to Kyara's weyr, cut off from the ledge by a heavy, sapphire-hued hanging edged with a simple blocked spiral pattern in gold thread. Two sand-filled cylindrical striking bags hang in the back left corner of the sheltered space. Just to the left of the entrance is a shelf holding pots of oil and salve, beneath which is a row of hooks for fighting straps.

Late night encroaches once again, still, cold, and quiet. Kyara is out on her ledge, sitting relaxed in an alcohol-inspired slump between her lifemate’s forelegs. A few tear streaks shine on her cheeks, not evaporating in the chill air as she drums fingers lightly against the flask in one hand, picking up and flicking away pebbles absently with the other. In spite of these things, she’d not really sad or angry. Frustrated with herself, over her continued lack of perception concerning men…but not nearly to the extent she had been over Erikkhan.

Not interested. Very willing to be friends - and a very good friend D’reize has proven to be - but not interested in her that way. That’s what he said…after she’d managed to fluster him quite handily. At least he didn’t outright run off. With a pained chuckle, Kyara unscrews the flask and takes another good swig of rum, letting the strong, sweetish stuff linger in her mouth and then crawl in a slow burn down her throat. Is it really so impossible for her to figure this out? She’d liked him, damn it. Not…lusted, which is what she’d decided it was with Erikk. Liked. Hoped. At least she hadn’t gotten too far in with her emotions with D’reize yet.

Through all of this, Liareth has been quietly long-suffering, a nearly inaudible croon sounding in her throat and vibrating softly against where Kyara’s head rests. « Kyara, » she soothes, humidity wrapping more thickly than normal about her rider’s mind because it’s just a little more work to do so through a buzz, « perhaps this is simply something you must be content with not knowing for now. Work is constant for us, and that is where your focus should be. Someone will come eventually. Only a fool would not take notice of what you have to offer, my love. »

It’s only through feeling that Kyara reacts to this, silently conceding the truth in Liareth’s words. Finally. It hasn’t only been her dragon to tell her as much. Perhaps it’s time to just give in to that. Still, she takes another drink. She’s not going to admit it aloud. It aches too much to try. But strictly in emotion, she lets Liareth know the words have been accepted. Her pretty green croons again, then gives a deep sigh, curling dense, white steam in comforting billows through the haze. « You still worry about what must come, » she observes gently. « Why not simply go to Dhioth’s with this? He is ever at the back of your thoughts. »

Kyara groans and rolls sideways a bit, coming to rest in the crook of Liareth’s left foreleg. “Don’t you see how…” Immature? Immoral? “…flighty it would make me feel to do that?” she rasps, a few more tears making their way loose and tracing momentary warmth through the cold tracks pre-drawn on her face. “So soon after this? After Erikkhan? I was his Candidate. I respect K’ane. I admire him. I can’t just-”

« Why not? » Simply asked. Liareth is quite a bit more practical in this matter than Kyara is, and doesn’t understand what all the reservation is about. « You are forever making more of this than you need to. There is no more rank standing between you and the man, and I very much doubt that him finding you for me will be an issue to his mind. Admiration is enough, is it not? Dhioth also pays you heed, and his obviously does not dislike you. Why not try? »

“It’s not that simple.”

« You always tell me that. »

Another drink is taken, and Kyara drops her forehead onto Liareth’s foreleg. “There’s a right way to do things,” she says flatly, muffled. “I want to be able to consider love over…over instinct.” Cling, cling, cling. That’s what she feels like she’s doing to this argument more and more.

Liareth gives a careful snort. « The two need not be exclusive, » she states matter-of-factly. « Instinct led me to you…and I love you. »

A sound almost like a sob escapes Kyara’s throat, and she stays silently limp against Liareth’s leg for a long moment. “I love you, too,” she whispers. More silence, more stillness. Finally, she rolls back over and tosses back the rest of her rum. “I’ll…think on it, Lia. It’s just too soon. Too soon.” She’ll be seeing a lot of K’ane over the next sevenday, since they are on a team. That will give her some time to process all this…and maybe make a decision. There isn’t pain over this, thank Faranth. Just the frustration. She knows she’ll have to change her mindset a bit if she’s going to keep sane and not be caught off guard, what with Liareth’s first flight coming up sooner than she likely believes. For now, she’s just going to drink about it. Then think about it.

« I don’t understand why you do that, » Liareth says of her drinking, touching her nose to the hand holding the flask. « You should just let me ease you to sleep. It’s no trouble, you know. »

Oh, Kyara knows. She’s known since the first week of weyrlinghood, when Lia inadvertently did it to her in class. “Mmm, because it tastes better,” Kyara drawls, laughing lightly. She isn’t drunk; her tolerance is remarkably high, for as little as she drinks. She’s just buzzed enough that she can sit out here, with Lia, without the cold affecting her too much. “Don’t take it personally, love. I’ll need your help on that count in a bit, don’t worry.” For now, she’ll just sit here, arms heavily circling as much as she can reach of her lifemate’s still-growing green muzzle as she just…absorbs things. Tourney practice tomorrow, she reminds herself from some remote corner of her thoughts. After that…maybe she’ll go pick out a new dress for the banquet to happen a seven from now.

Anything to take her mind off all this for a little while.

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