==== October 26, 2013
==== Aife, Nora
==== Nora has just the thing for Aife: a booboo to fix.

Who Aife, Nora
What Nora has just the thing for Aife: a booboo to fix.
When There are 0 turns, 10 months and 27 days until the 12th pass
Where Infirmary, Southern Weyr

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The clutter has been removed, and the Healers have moved in: even now the hearth has been commandeered to make more of that soothing tissane that aids in sinuses unused to Southern's allergens; shiny tables of oldtime metal have been moved in from being found unused in storage, acting well as examining slabs. Curtains section off areas, and the general waiting area is on the far side from the hearth, to maximize coolness in the dead-air heat of Southern's interior.

With the storm swirling and spitting about outside, the temperature having plummeted with the cold front, (sure, it's not actually cold, but when it's been 100 degrees for weeks on end and suddenly it's 70? It's hard not to feel it.) it is, perhaps, not a terrible surprise for Nora to arrive in the infirmary looking chilled and wet in her black dress and rain hat. But less expected might be the dirt smudged on her clothes, a bit of mud on her boots and a pale forearm that's looking a bit, well, bloody. So it would seem that her visit today is less about inventory and more about… ow. Her cheeks are all flushed, fair skin made splotchy with cold and adrenaline, and now she stands at the entrance, tight-lipped and eyes skimming around for a healer who can give her a hand.

The rain is something that gets the occasional attention from Aife as she quickly works through getting the supplies in order for a gathering mission the following day. The infirmary is fairly busy despite the nasty weather, the healers on duty moving from patient to patient. It seems like the only one available is Aife towards the back, and so it's likely why she's the one to spot Nora at the entrance first before the others. Setting the box she was rummaging through down, she comes around the table and approaches the woman with a genial enough smile and a frank demeanor as she briefly looks her over. "Dancing out in the rain?" is her greeting, openly looking her over as if any physical pains can be seen right then.

The exposed forearm has a kind of blunt-trauma look about it, bloody, but thinned with rain so that it's hard to tell how much is really free flowing and how much is just dripping red-tinged water. Something has dragged down her arm though, leaving even lines welting up, bruising starting and the skin broken where the pressure was worst. It looks rather messy now, but underneath it's little more than some broad, ugly scrapes, barely oozing at this point. "I wish I'd known the steps," Nora quips, a smile quirked on her lips and her voice a little dull and hollow but joking nonetheless. "Maybe it would have gone better." She holds out the arm for Aife closer inspection, an apologetic twist on her brow as if she's afraid of wasting the healer's time. "I don't think it's too bad, but could you…" Healer-magic it?

Aife is definitely eyeing that arm something fierce now once she's gotten close enough to see it, commenting back, "Some dance, doll. What happened?" She jerks her head back in a gesture for Nora to follow her to the back where the supplies are keeping an eye on her as she starts off. "Doesn't look too bad, no," she agrees with a nod. "I'll know once I clean it. You didn't have a angry fight with a tree, did you? I'm starting to think they're attacking in mutiny or some shit. Come on." Another healer was looking to approach and take up Nora's case, but the wild-haired healer waves him off and states in his direction, "You know I've got this." To Nora, "Sure, I'll take care of it. Hopefully you won't need any needlework done."

Nora shakes her head, which has her hat dripping. "Just an accident," she says, giving the actual even as little importance as she can get away with. So it's likely that touch of shiver about her has more to do with the relatively cool temperatures and drenched clothes rather than the wounded arm. She follows along after the healer, careful not to let the bloody water drip on her clothes. "Do you get a lot of treefighters in here? Er… Would that mean they lost to the tree?" A bit funny, says her distracted glance, though perhaps no so impossible to imagine. She offers a light smile to the unnecessary healer, but being tended by Aife doesn't seem to give her any cause to pause. There is at least one person in this Weyr who thinks nothing at all of having a female healer tend to them. "You don't think it will, do you?" The prospect of needlework pulls at her mouth, flexes a cord in her neck that is probably more show than actual fear.

"Accidents have stories," Aife seems to note in mild humor, leading Nora to where her table is. As for tree cases, "Well, there was one," she states as she gestures for her to sit first while she hooks a leg around the leg of a nearby chair to drag it forward. "The tree attacked him since he was trying to steal its fruits. It's a definitely lost since I don't think he walked away with fruit in the end. Just a bloody hand. Hold out your arm for me?" As to her last question, that gets a pause as she starts to truly examine the arm. She turns to get a small bowl of water and cloth to wash the blood away, glancing over at her before she finally answers with a shake of her head and, "Nope, I think you'll be fine. A few shallow wounds is all. At most, you'll be sporting some pretty badass marks until it heals properly. Once the bandages come off, anyway. I can take care of those, too. Aife, by the way." Her name, belatedly given.

Accidents do have stories, but this isn't one that Nora seems eager to tell. "Stealing fruit," she repeats instead with a mock-tsk of her tongue. She takes the directed seat and lays her arm out for the healer to do her work, finger stretching idly once to make the swelling flesh flex about, and then curling limply. "Must have been a miserly tree. Or a clumsy thief." Other peoples' accidents will have to do for storytime. The wound, once cleaned, looks like it will be mostly bruise and a few gnarly looking scabs when everything dries up, but the damage is, indeed, minimal. Nora's mouth curves wryly at the prospect of looking badass. Bedraggled as she is just now, the delicately-boned, fair-skinned woman in her prim and perfect clothes has rarely been called badass. "We should make up a tale of my daring heroics," she says with a leftover shiver. "You can tell people I came in with feline fur stuck in my teeth and only a scratch to show for the battle. Nora." Maybe she doesn't need to say it, maybe she does. Either way. "Do you have any tea? Or klah?" So it's implied she's looking for a warm up rather than medication.

"I'm thinking both," Aife comments on the thief and the tree. "Unless he was lying, which is always a possibility. Men like to make a story out of any little cut and bruise if it's to bring a smile to a lady's face. She finishes up cleaning the arm and moves the bowl away for a salve to cover the bruises with as she says, "Heroics. Yeah, we ladies might as well take a page from their hides, right? Maybe tell everyone that you injured it saving a little feline from a tree, or that you slammed your arm against a man's face for grabbing your boob." She can get more outrageous than that. Just wait for it. You can be called the Brazen Nora. Have the harpers pen songs about you making men cry." There's a teasing smirk before she adds while coating the bruises, "Well met, Nora. I think I've seen you around. You're the assistant Headwoman, right? I haven't been here all that long, but I've been trying to at least know some names and the titles that go with them off the top of my head. We've got klah." She finishes the wound and cleans her hands before getting up to grab her a cup to the side.

"Oh hey, there's a thought. Perhaps I'm just as bumbling and greedy as a man looking for fruit." There's a cunning arch of one brow for the word 'fruit', giving it more meaning. "But would that make me seem manly or just ridiculous?" Oh, but the options continue to spin on, and Nora's smiles warms a bit more genuinely. Brazen Nora, indeed. Making men cry, yes please. She's good patient, though, still and, well, patient during the cleaning, the slathering on of some kind of substance. "What is that?" she wonders. But there's a courteous nod when Aife gets her position right. "That's me. How are you finding it? Southern. I haven't really been here very long myself. Though I suppose no one has, in the grand scheme of things. I like that. It evens the field, doesn't it?" She can't help but look hopeful about that mug, smile stretching eagerly while her arms lies inert and waiting for its bandages.

Laughing openly now as she returns with a steaming mug of klah for her, "Now you're speaking my language, Nora," Aife states to that arch of brow, her chin dropping with wry meaning. "It makes you seem brazen, to which you'll be in good company." Her, she implicitly indicates. To the pale green substance given, "Ground herbs, mostly. I find it helps with these sort of wounds. My concoction. It hasn't killed anyone, so" That's great, right?? She sends a grin her way then before answering on the Weyr with, "It's different. Not like the Hall, like I was expecting, maybe. Maybe I shouldn't have expected that, considering, but like the sort of freedom I have here. People are nicer, too, and there's not a whole lot of gawking at female healers, either. It does even the field, yeah," she agrees with that with a nod, straightening up to reach for the bandages. "Where did you call home before that?"

A press of Nora's smile turns it to a rather cheeky thing, conspiring with her sister in brazen…hood? Brazenness? Brazenity? With Aife. And as for the concoction that has not yet proven deadly, the headman's assistant plays along with a dryly understated, "Oh, good to hear." The rest of her humor is a touch lost in her steaming mug, cradled covetously with one hand as she leans in to breath the warm, invigorating steam. "I want to swim in it," is her thanks before she takes a small first sip. "But the Hall trained you," she presumes. "You must be good." And in there it's hinted that she supposes Aife must have been good to get the training, rather than the other way around. "I'll never understand the hesitation of this time to see women healing. How is it not the most natural of professions? Who first soothed your hurts if not your mother?" And if the knee-length of her skirt and the passing mention of 'this time' wasn't enough of a hint, then Nora's origin is more clear when she says, "Telgar. By way of a few centuries." Oldtimer.

With a smile bearing teeth, "Well, the masters would say that it's not my hands that will get me in trouble one day," Aife states on being Hall trained, her fingers working the bandages on Nora's arm. "It's the mouth." Meeting her gaze from there, "I've always had a problem with that. Could be why my folks thought it fortuitous to send me to the Healer Hall instead of having me end up being married off like my sisters. Let me be someone else's problem. Still. I think I'm a damn good healer." She shakes her head in agreeing to the next on female healers before saying, "Beats me. You should hear some of the comments I've gotten back at the hall, going through my paces with the boys. Had to slug a few of them myself," and she says it as though doing so was a long-suffering task. "I was never one to take it on the cheek like my mother wanted. It does boggle the mind. Oldtimer Telgar, huh?" That gets an interested pause from her, looking at her anew as though now knowing would produce a different face. "You don't say? You're further from home than I am, doll! Mind if I ask what made you take the plunge?" which is what she seems to be calling the Jump.

"You have one of those, too?" Mouths. They can be such trouble. And Nora's is looking perfectly satisfied now that she has her arm getting carefully wrapped up, a bit of klah to stave off the chill and calm her nerves, company to distract her. "Doing well as far as I can see," she says of the healer's skill. "Not that I've given you much of a test here. Hopefully I'll never find out just how good you are." But the levity in her demeanor begins to fade as the talk turns more toward her own home, toward the massive distance between there and here. "I wanted to live," she says, a simple statement to cover all the complexities. "My brother brought me. And now we have thread to face. A rock and a hard place," to steal the assessment someone else has made. Again her fingers flex, testing the snugness of Aife's bandaging.

"Apparently they are the ruin of all women, according to one of them," Aife answers that with sarcasm. "I don't think he liked my answer to that one, too. I guess in the end I proved him right. And hopefully you'll never have to get the full extent of my skills," she agrees now, wryly. She listens on Nora wanting to live, finishing up the bandaging before she finally leans back so that the assistant headwoman could flex her fingers. "Your brother live here, too?" she asks then, nodding towards her. And thread, which, draws a frowning line to her mouth before she comments to it with, "Once that starts, things won't be the same. Feels like the calm before the storm, even," considering the fact that it's storming right now. "So yeah, I'm with you on the living. Sounds like you and him have no regrets. You're going to have to tell me more about what it's like in your time, sometime. Maybe I can sketch something from it. Give the bandages a couple of days and come back," she gives instructions right in with conversation, it being a seamless skill for her as she looks the arm over. "I'll change it if we need to. Whatever happened to you, for real, keep from it being a repeat performance?" and there's a teasing dimpled grin from the erstwhile healer, casually giving Nora's wrist a pat of her fingers. "At least until your arm's solid."

There's a drift of amusement leftover that allows Nora to smile appreciatively at Aife's sarcasm, but she's fallen more quiet now, sitting back with her neatly wrapped arm and taking a few gentle squeezes of it to see how it all feels. Tender. That's how it feels. But she's in one piece and will, indeed, live — through plunges and accidents and even Aife's special herb sauce. "He does," she nods of her brother. "Bluerider." And so yes, the great change is coming and, like everyone else in the Weyr, the assistant headwoman has plenty of reason to be nervous. But her grin widens a little for 'no regrets', a non-committal bounce of her eyebrows. Warmed and wrapped, the color in her cheeks is looking healthier already. "I think I'll stay far away from dancing in the rain, if I can help it. At least, yes, for a while. Thank you, Healer Aife." She tips her head with gratitude and starts to stand, taking another longer drink of the klah while she does. And then, "Oh, do you ever… teach? I might have a project coming up and I could use some healers."

There's an understanding and sober nod when Nora confirms her brother, adding to her words, "Got a brother here, too. Dragonrider. Just have to keep them supported is all." Giving encouragement in words about the coming Pass, and she mirrors her wide grin when Nora mentions dancing in the rain. Shaking her head on the thanks, "Just glad I can help," she states, meaning it with a nod of her head. "Come nab me if you go dancing in the rain again. I imagine it would look weird if one's just doing it on her own. I've never taught before," she tacks the last on in answer to the last, getting to her feet once the assistant headwoman does. "It wouldn't be something I'm against, though. Tell you what. For the sake of peace, if you have trouble getting some of these here-" and she jerks a thumb out to indicate the other healers around "-to get involved, I'll do it. Come by and tell me about your project when you can. Might be some way where this could help the both of us!"

"And clearly I need the practice, and probably some help," Nora slips in for this prospective rain-dancing, quick as her smile. It doesn't seem to worry her that Aife claimes not to have much experience in teaching, so perhaps whatever she's got up her sleeve requires more willingness than expertise. "I'll do that," she promises of coming by some time in the future — bandaging aside. "Or maybe over a drink sometime?" Downright friendly! For now, she sets her mug aside unfinished, adding, "Thank you, again," for the fixing-up as well as the warming-up. "Stay dry," she bids as she retucks some humidity-coiled hair safely beneath her hat before she heads off about her day.

Hands lifting up to indicate herself, "I have no qualms with doing anything," Aife is more than happy to admit. "Even the crazy stuff. We'll do a drink, Nora. I'm always due for one. You take care of yourself, hm? Until then," and she inclines her head in a farewell to her as she starts cleaning up, already the next potential patient entering in from the storm and looking her way.

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