==== December 23, 2013
==== Sadaiya, Cha'el
==== Cha'el drops off a copy of the report Maryam had put together for him, with Sadaiya and is given an idea of where he might find a few answers.

Who Sadaiya, Cha'el
What Cha'el drops off a copy of the report Maryam had put together for him, with Sadaiya and is given an idea of where he might find a few answers.
When There are 0 turns, 4 months and 24 days until the 12th pass.
Where Igen Weyr, Sadaiya and Tanmorand's Fancy Schmancy Weyr

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Sadaiya and Tanmorand's Fancy Schmancy Weyr
A fairyland dream of satin and tulle softens the harsh edges of ages old stone. Thus, the elaborately carved darkwood furniture seems less out of place, the curled lines of molding matching the ebb and flow of purple fabric. The most prominent indigo canopy drapes over a four poster bed large enough to fit an entire weyrling class, piled high with matching pillows embroidered in golden thread. A screen of thin, lacquered wood depicting stylized trees divides the echoing cavern with it's zig-zag slashing across the floor. Behind it, bubbling sounds indicate a bathing area. The kitchenette is set into a nook and is complete with cellarette and matching goblets, expensive silverware, and plates, each marked with the SB of South Boll's first family.
On the perch are Milquetoast and The Cap'n.
Gold Jivayath is here.
You see Journeyman Harper Sara Portrait, Orchid Garland2, sign, and your mom here.
Sadaiya is here.
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Mid to late evening and as usual, Cha’el is at a loose end. Less so now thanks to that fancy, loop affair fixed to his shoulder - Wing reports, formations, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Sikorth of course is in draconic heaven, constantly peering (mentally) over his rider’s shoulder, making corrections and offering suggestions until the Weyrsecond’s head feels like its about to implode Tonight is just such a night. He needs a break! Which of course means dropping by to finally present himself to the new Weyrwoman. Nothing formal just a….Oh who are we kidding. There’s a stack of hides under his arm. It’s work. But at least there’s a bottle of something in the other hand too. Boots to Weyrwoman’s ledge, mottled bastard of a dragon looking on with smug approval, he eyes the enormous gold coiled there. “Evening, Jivayath. You’re looking fine.” Compliment to the metallic lady, he’ll then ask after her human half. “I wonder if I might have a word with Sadaiya?”

"You MAY!" Sadaiya drawls cheerfully, looking up from whatever she's been scribbling onto a parchment (though most of the margins are wastefully filled with various doodles). Even though noticing the hides causes her face to fall, she nonetheless beckons the brownrider in with a welcoming wave that turns into a gesture towards the chair across the table from her. "Please, take a seat. I'm guessing you're Cha'el, correct?" Her lips twitch at the corners of her amiable smile, threatening to turn the smile into a devilish, estrogen-filled grin, and the twinkling of her dark eyes certainly doesn't do anything to help. "How can I be of help?"

Not having expected a direct reply from the lady herself, Cha’el about jumps out of his boots when it comes. The expression that falls about now-stubbled features – he’ll have his beard back thank-you-very-much – is somewhat on the sheepish side, a hand lifting to rake through hair beginning to curl at the ends. “Evening, ma’am,” he returns, meandering inward and then pausing as soon as he’s hit with the décor. Woah. Fancy. And girlie. Doh. Clothed in a fresh pair of leather trousers (black. He must be dying of heat) and a clean white shirt, he clears his throat and eyes the seat being offered but doesn’t yet take up the offering. If he’s aware of the shades of devilment sifting behind Sadaiya’s expression, he’s not letting on. “Yes, ma’am. Cha’el. I’ve been meaning to come passed,” but one thing and another, erm, the bottle bearing hand is extended. “And drop this off for you.” As a means of introduction, celebration, commiseration? Undetermined. “And bring you these.” The sheaf of hides jiggled beneath his arm.

Sadie's still not smirking. Nope. Uh-uh. Whatever expression she doesn't have, though, it certainly does smack of pure woman-at-her-worst delight even so as she reaches a hand out to secure the bottle. "Ah! Bribes DO make me a lot more welcoming of even yet still more hidework to go through." Wrinkling her nose a little, Sadaiya pulls an exaggerated face even as she shifts to grab a couple of crystal goblets from the counter behind her. "Seriously, though, thank you. I appreciate the gesture. Any hint as to what needs working on this time, or is it a surprise that you'd prefer I discover when you're safely out of my home?"

Cha’el’s expression folds about a light frown at mention of bribes. Second time that day. But he doesn’t correct Sadaiya, merely tracks the tiny Weyrwoman as she moves about, hides still tucked under his arm. Finally, there’s a low sound, a sort of thrumming in the back of his throat, the curve of lips suggesting a chuckle. “Not work, ma’am. Just a copy of the records I had Maryam pull together for me. Figured you might want a set given that the refugees fall under your jurisdiction.” He of course, has held onto the originals. No reason!

"O-ho. Well, that is within my authority to handle," Sadaiya replies with only the slightest stress on the key word and accompanying lift of a single manicured eyebrow. "Even so, I appreciate it. I'll have to make sure to get a thank-you down to Maryam as well. What brought all this to your attention, anyway, might I ask?" Once again, she swivels slightly on one large buttcheek and fusses around on the counter, turning back as soon as the corkscrew is obtained. She doesn't open the bottle, though, instead choosing to rest her elbows lightly on the table's surface and thread her fingers together to serve to rest her chin on before dropping the full weight of a heavy, inquisitive stare on Cha'el.

Still standing Cha’el sets the hides down on one corner of Sadaiya’s desk and glances up to find himself set with an intent look. The urge to shift uncomfortably under it, itches beneath his skin with the brownrider walking a very wary circle about goldriders these days. Not quite ready to reveal his plan until he’s spoken to W’rin, his reply is given with carefully chosen words, “I’m interested to know how many extra bodies are under our direct protection. A study of familiarization if you will.” Mmhmm.

Tilting her head to the side, Sadaiya scrutinizes the poor brownrider's face silently for a long moment. "O-hoooo," she repeats, drawing it out a bit more this time. "That's right, you're the one to take up A'lory's old mantle. You'll have to excuse me. I've had my hands and brain a leeeetle full lately. Hand brains? Brain hands?" A blink and a slight frown at herself accompanies the pause before she shakes her head very slightly and continues. "Nevertheless, usually domestic affairs fall under the jurisdiction of myself, my associate, and the other goldriders. I suppose I can't fault you for taking an interest, though. You DO have to make sure thread doesn't touch their ranks. Quick question, though. What caught your interest in this particular affair?"

“Your associate,” Cha’el gives back in a flat tone, expression entirely unimpressed with said ‘associate. That is chosen to comment to first, after which he inclines his head to the identification of his rank. Odd that he hadn’t mentioned it upon arrival by way of introduction, isn’t it? As to the question put to him, that’s when the brownrider takes the seat, folding his large frame carefully into it. Wouldn’t want to break the pretty furnitures. Deep blue eyes fix to Sadaiya. “That clusterfu…” cough. Ahem. “Mess over Keroon.” Blunt his reply unadorned with no further explanations forthcoming.

"Well, first of all, congratulations and my condolences in equal amounts on the promotion." This time, Sadaiya's smile is genuine, the glint to her gaze more inclusive. "Second, yes. My associate. She's amazing and quite efficient in keeping me apprised of the goings-on of the weyr that I might otherwise miss. People tend to trend towards evasiveness when working with me directly given that, well," And she gestures towards her lounging gold lifemate, whose own oversized rump casts a long shadow on the ledge. "Third, you CAN say the eff-word in front of me, especially since that WAS a clusterfuck. Were you able to adequately make heads or tails of how the change will effect existing fall charts?"

Wry amusement curls about Cha’el’s mouth at Sadaiya’s first, tipping toward a lopsided smile that warms wary eyes. “Thank you, I think.” And then the smile is slipping away and his expression becomes focused! “Mmm…Efficient.” There’s a telling pause that follows as he gathers together his thoughts on the matter of the woman he’d met in the Bazaar. “And full of shit.” Yeah. He certainly doesn’t have a problem with evasiveness. Not in this matter any how. Next comes a heavy sigh and hands lift to rake through his hair in a frustrated gesture. “Not yet, no. Still waiting on word from the Starsmiths.” Who are being strangely quiet on the matter. “But we have to assume the worst and prepare from hereon out as if Thread is back. Five eff’ing,” see what he did there? “months early.” Growl. Followed by a throaty rumble coming from the air just above the ledge area. Sikorth is on duty!

Is Sadaiya taken aback? Does W'rin wear tights? Both: Yes. Her eyebrows practically leap off of her forehead, then settle into a befuddled expression. "Full of shit? ZEYTA?" An almost comically stereotypical 'HA' explodes from her lips, though confusion still reigns on her face. "Are you sure you're not thinking of someone else, because I'm pretty sure that she's incapable of censoring herself enough to lie. It's why I value her so much. She tells it like it is! Pulls no punches! It's refreshing, actually. I mean, sure, she has… ah… strong opinions," Insert a delicate clearing of her throat and a shrug of her shoulders, "And I can see where that might be offputting for you, especially if you're already having to scramble to prepare the weyr prematurely for the Fall that wasn't supposed to happen for another few months. I wonder… do you suppose it was the comet? The one from when we were from?"

Dry amusement colored at the edges with astonishment follows Sadaiaya’s reaction to his assessment of her assistant. Again there’s that humming sound that comes from Cha’el. “There’s telling it like it is and then there’s downright insubordinate. You might want to have a word with her about employing tact. Especially when it comes to dealing with the daughter Steen.” And there the Weyrsecond leaves the matter for Zeyta really barely even registers on his radar. She’s the Weyrwoman’s problem. Until she gets up in his face again. There’s a more important and far more disturbing topic to be addressed, told in the way he pales slightly beneath his Istan-Igen blended tan. “The comet? Surely enough time has passed that that…” Dear Faranth if the comet still posed a threat. “Were the falls irregular before its arrival?” Cha’el asks leaning forward, his frame crowding his side of the desk, features set about an intent line.

"Okay, I'll give you that," Sadaiya concedes, tugging a hand out from under her chin to gesture with as she straightens again in her chair. "Let's just say that's an ongoing project. Being blunt hardly makes her a liar, though, and sometimes the women here DO have to employ forte in their voices in order to be heard. You can hardly blame her for that, but we all must make compromises in order to live together." The gesture this time is definitely on the side of dismissive. "As for irregular fall patterns, I don't RECALL reading anything about that, but you may want to read some of the older records we've brought with us, or perhaps ask some of the few riders that are old enough to have flown thread, though I think the majority of those went south for the easier climate. There's no crime in sending a message, though I can't imagine there WON'T be an inter-weyr meeting of a sort if large scale irregularities are going to be the norm. Safety in numbers and all that!"

“Didn’t say she was a liar,” Cha’el idly comments fitting the goldrider with a sympathetic look because, ZEYTA! “I’m not one of those that’ll turn a deaf ear simply because the speaker is a woman,” he counters, gaze narrowing slightly before he leaves the topic well enough alone. The one at hand of far more interest, especially when records brought forward are mentioned. And of course, Sikorth weighs in. « Request them now! » - “Would you give me a break!” Spoken aloud. Whups. “Where would I find these records?” Cha’el asks, a frown lingering thanks to his dragon’s pushy, bellowing insistence, the steady thump of blades like a drum banging in his head so that he lifts a hand and rubs fingers to a temple. As for inter-weyr meetings there’s a curt nod of head and his hand drops away. “Now is when the Weyr Council needs to get up off its arse and DO something. If we don’t stand together in this, then your having come forward will have been for nothing.”

"The Archives, though if we don't have what you need, you can probably check one of the other weyrs. I'd suggest High Reaches, since they have copies of eeee-ve-ry-thiiiing." Sadaiya rolls her eyes and draws our her words somewhat dramatically at the well-known attitude of the frosty place (thanks, wiki!). "You can barely get a cup of klah there without signing something in triplicate, but it IS a useful habit to have. Faranth knows we have our own issues keeping organized. Anyway, hopefully Vienn and Ha'sin won't get weird about letting you spend an afternoon studying charts, or if we send some Harpers over to make copies. Like you said, we've GOT to work together, and I appreciate your, ah… wait, would it be a modern attitude about the sexes or outdated since it was more popular back where we came from?" The Weyrwoman screws up her face in a mask of deep consideration for the follies of time travel.

High Reaches. Yeeeah, that look of distaste that curls about Cha’el’s stubbled features says it all. But duty above all else and all that good stuff. “I’ll see what the Archives here have to say first and then head up that way if necessary. Maybe take a harper along to make copies of anything I find.” Starting to gather long legs beneath him to stand, the brownrider pauses and fits Sadaiya with a short smile. “Out of the normal scope in this time,” he admits of his attitude toward women in general, “but I was lucky enough to have a mother that was a progressive thinker and taught me that more often than not, it’s the woman behind the man with the title that wields the most power.” Hands to the arms of the chair, the Weyrsecond stands and ticks a two-fingered salute off. “It’s been a pleasure.” No really, it has. Sadaiya a breath of fresh air after the manipulative bitch he’d had the misfortune to get entangled with in Ista. But that’s a story for another day. “If there is ever anything either Sikorth or I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know.” Genuinely intended.

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