==== February 19, 2014
==== Mayte, Kyara, K'ane, and E'bert
==== Kyara and Mayte catch up in the infirmary before going out for dinner at the LC. E'bert is busy, and K'ane wants dumplins.

Who Mayte, Kyara, K'ane, and E'bert
What Kyara and Mayte catch up in the infirmary before going out for dinner at the LC. E'bert is busy, and K'ane wants dumplins.
When The seventh day of the second month of the 12th Pass
Where infirmary, Living Caverns

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From the astringent smell of redwort, to the gleam of counter and cabinet, this place positively defines the concept of antiseptic cleanliness. Despite the yawning exit to the Dragonhealer Courtyard, the floors remain scrupulously swept of sand and particulate matter. Back behind the counter where the healers usually are, are shelves full of bottles and jars, as well as cupboards hiding away more delicate items that shouldn't be exposed to too much sand. Beyond the counter, there is the Desk, where patients are checked in and taken to one of the examination areas by a healer. The windows are usually kept open for the flow of air, but there is both shutters to shut out dust storms, and curtains for other occasions.

Rukbat sets on a glorious, cool day outside, and the crowds ermrm with content at a milder day and promises of some stew-like concoction in the Living Caverns. That sound is muted, though, in the Infirmary which is where Mayte can be found, looking not very pleased. And there's reason; she's sitting on a table, attended by a healer, while Kalligon lurks nearby. The cause of attendance today is an admittedly nasty-looking scrape on the back of Mayte's forearms. "No, no, it's fine," Mayte reassures impatiently, the tone of a patient who has Things to Do, "Sir. It's just a little scrape." The healer journeyman fixes Mayte with a beady-eyed stare of 'who do you think you're fooling', so Mayte huffs and at least stops protesting so much.

Well, today has certainly been an adventure for Kyara, to say the least. Unexpected visitors in the morning, gusty winds during drills to make maneuvers interesting - and that, in turn, leads her to one of her least favorite places in the entire Weyr: the infirmary. Her strides a bit more careful than normal, she wanders in with her left arm kept a little closer than usual, and is immediately met by a Healer apprentice. He's one she's seen here a few times before, and she manages a small smile at him. There's a quiet explanation of her injury, after which the lad trots off, and the greenrider takes to glancing around…only to spot a familiar face not too far away. "Mayte?" Venturing in the Vintner's direction, she stops and leans on the threshold. "Are you alright? Or are you just on an errand or something?" It could be nothing; she doesn't want to jump to conclusions or anything…

What is it with people fussing? Mayte's entirely dissatisfied, but silent as the Healer daubs some redwort onto her skin. A much more welcome voice has the apprentice turning to look at least more pleased than the healer, having his work disrupted: "Kyara! Hi there!" Such gaiety in dour environs, Mayte turns as much as she can in Kyara's direction. Displeased Healer is displeased. "Aww, I'm fine. Just skinned my arms a little," and the one the healer isn't touching right now gets waved in the greenrider's direction, showing the effects of bracing one's fall against dirt. "Nothing serious, but Eollyn wanted me to get it checked out." Speaking of which, Mayte eyeballs Kyara, "What are you in here for?" Mayte's one tin mug from running it along the bars of her infirmary incarceration.

Coming in a little further so that Mayte won't be shifting around as much to see her (and therefore letting the disgruntled Healer get on with his work, hopefully), Kyara winces at the display of skinned arms. "Oh, me?" Her young Healer apprentice tracks her down, bidding her to hold still as he takes hold of her arm, and Kyara nods first to him before looking back to her friend. "Just a riding injury. Happens a lot; we keep them pretty busy in here." With one deft manipulation, the apprentice makes something pop somewhere in Kyara's arm, and the greenrider gives a small grunt, hissing air in through her teeth before letting it back out again and rolling up her sleeve. As a light numbweeb salve gets rubbed into elbow and lower bicep, Kyara tilts her head a bit at the Vintner. "How'd you do that?"

Kalligon is watching the Healer with fascination, but Mayte is much more interested in chatting with Kyara: "A riding injury?" Pop, crunch? Mayte is round-eyed with morbid interest for a moment before she covers it up: "I mean, I didn't know you could do that up in the air or anything!" A quick Look loaded with at least butterknives is tossed at the healer as he prods something deeper, but Mayte turns back: "I didn't know it was that dangerous in practice." As for her injury? Mayte's almost proud: "Awww, someone left a broom on the floor, and I tripped on it." Very telling is how Mayte doesn't glare at her younger cohort; "I was lucky I didn't sprain an ankle, but Eollyn was scolding Tildran pretty bad when I left." The healer starts with some bandages, and the Vintner ignores this, wondering instead, "So how are things in Whirlwind doing?"

Kyara actually chuckles beyond her discomfort at Mayte's interest in her injury, nodding to her initial question. "It happens a lot, actually," she explains, her expression starting to relax as the numbweed takes effect. "There's Thread, of course," which they'll be getting to again shortly, joy of joys, "but there's also unexpected wind shears jerking you around, bad firestone tosses, the occasional burn…" She shrugs with her good shoulder. "Being a rider is dangerous, simple as that." The apprentice finishes his ministrations, and before he can run off, Kyara leans over and whispers something in his ear, to which he nods and strides briskly away to a cabinet. She winces a bit at the Vintner's reason for injury, though there's a smirk accompanying. "I'm glad it wasn't worse!" she says, rolling her sleeve back down. "As for Whirlwind, it's fine. Intense as usual. Waiting for our turn to fly Thread again." As she speaks, the apprentice comes over and discreetly hands her a small, clear bottle full of a green liquid - something familiar to many women at the Weyr, one would presume - which is accepted with a single nod and a quiet word of thanks before being slipped into a belt pouch.

See, this is the stuff they don't warn you about. Mayte listens in rapt fascination, even hissing in surprise, "Burns?" But Kyara doesn't seem overly bothered by this, so Mayte takes her example and watches after the Healer apprentice curiously. But instead of the tone of a Vintner's admittedly nosy question, there's a soft thump as Kalligon manages to knock over a pile of once-very-clean towels, then makes a bit more racket in trying to re-stack them. You escaped Mayte's curiosity this time, greenrider… NEXT TIME! "Kalligon," Mayt says sharply, "Go tell Eollyn I'll be back soon and the Healer says it wasn't a big deal." Whether the journeyman agrees or not (he doesn't disagree at least) is ignored because he's finally tying off the protective coverings and giving Mayte a gentle pat on the wrist, where there is no marked skin. He'll even try a little joke, "Stay off them until the skin has healed," which earns a very bemused half-grin from Mayte. It still seems wise to reply with, "Yes, sir," but Mayte's happy to slide off the table, seeing only a quick drop of green before Kyara's stuffed it away. "Whassat?" Mayte whispers curiously, now close enough to make whispering amidst healers possible.

It might be more accurate to say that Kyara is just accepting of the fact that things like burns may happen, not unbothered by them - but that's been a development long in the making. She nods in answer, watches Kalligon's display of clutziness with mild amusement, and then smiles and steps aside a little bit as Mayte slips off the table. She suggests a route toward the exit with her head, and then fingers reflexively brush her pouch at Mayte's question. "Oh! Uhm…" She colors a little - a far sight less than she might have some months ago, and keeps her voice low. "Well, it's a sort of tea. It helps keep you from…getting pregnant; they taught us about it in weyrlinghood. Because of flights. And otherwise; it's not the best idea for a rider to end up pregnant." She slides a glance at the Vintner curiously. "Hasn't Eollyn or someone told you about it? I thought most people in the Weyr kept it on hand."

Mayte is free, free! The Healer has gone off to new duties, so the Vintner is ready to make like a skybroom and leaf. Kyara's tip of the head gets an enthusiastic nod, Mayte rolling down her own sleeves, now slightly lumpy over the dressing, but pauses in her seeking freedom to grin at the greenrider, "Oh, yeah, the greenstuff." For Mayte, this seems all in strike: "Eollyn started me on it a long time ago." There's a mischievous snort and then Mayte decides to share the joke, "And then she got pregnant." To clarify: "It's just I only saw a little bit of it, didn't know what it was." It ends with a little shrug and Mayte wonders, "Heyyyy, I haven't seen you in a while. D'you wanna go get a bite to eat in the Caverns or something?" And in case there was any doubt, the apprentice's stomach makes warning gurgles.

Living Caverns
Dim light from hanging glow-globes cannot fully camouflage the ravages of time and neglect on Igen's busy living caverns, though hints of its former glory peek through in the decorative cuts to the cave's natural limestone and the high quality of dusty, tatty-ended tapestries. Here and there, skybroom tables — stained dark by wood finish and a decade of grime — sit in loose groups, flanked by wicker chairs with pointy, broken rattan that pokes out to invariably find unprotected skin. The seemingly randomly placed furniture, however, at closer inspection, forms a sort of cross-shape of negative space. At the northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns, a long buffet table with tarnished lazy susans hosts an array of finger-foods and pitchers for the interested, refilled occasionally by drudges that shuffle in from the curtained entrance to the south, beyond which lies the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside and, across from that, to the west, a set of rattling doors that open to reveal the tunnels and stairs of the inner caverns themselves.

"Ah," is Kyara's somewhat abashed response to the subject of the green stuff (and Eollyn), which she just chuckles past after that. The suggestion of food gets an enthusiastic nod. "Sounds good to me," the greenrider says, picking up her pace a bit as they exit the infirmary and cross the dragonhealer yard out to the Bowl. It isn't a long trek to the Caverns, and the atmosphere within is only a mild hum - not too busy, not too dead. "Speaking of Eollyn," she ventures, wending her way toward the food and snagging a couple of plates as she passes, handing one over to Mayte, "how is she doing with all that? That's put a lot of responsibility on you lately, yeah?"

Mayte is tagging along with the taller greenrider, stomach growling in anticipation. The lack of company in the Caverns gets a casual 'huh' from the girl, but she accepts the plate from Kyara with gusto. "Eollyn?" Yeah, you know, the lady you work for? "Oh, yeah, she's doing fine." AS they draw close to the food, Mayte isn't quite a bloodhound drawn to prey, but the way she eyes some of those meatrolls could put a lustful man to shame. Ergo, at last one third of her diet tonight consists of them. "She had her little one a little while back, and is starting to work the store again when Odyn," no face is pulled at this point, "is sleeping." The rest of Mayte's plate is full of greens and fruits. She's being healthy, right? And out of curiosity, she'll ask, "D'you know if Teya has had hers yet?"

Kyara is hungry, too…but the rather lascivious way Mayte surveys those meatrolls puts her level of huner to shame, and the manner in which she fills her plate has the greenrider not quite stifling a laugh. "Odyn, hm?" she asks, trying to divert herself from the Vintner's food-gathering as she takes up a few meatrolls of her own along with some bread and cheese. "Sounds like a name out of a Harper story. A great name, don't get me wrong, just very…charismatic. Faranath, are you sure you're not pregnant?" she teases, eying Mayte's plate one more time and giving her wink before getting some klah and moving toward a nearby empty table. "I heard that she did, yes," she answers about Teya. "A boy, I think."

You sexy meatrolley thang, you. Mayte grabs a fork and starts moving to a seat once Kyara's plate seems nearly full. "Yeah, she said it was a good combination." Shrug. Whatevs. The proposition that the Apprentice might be pregnant earns Kyara a horrified look, "No. Definitely not." A look at her plate and suddenly Mayte's expression turns to understanding: "Naw, we just had a busy day. I haven't eaten since breakfast." That's her story and she's sticking to it, though the apprehensive look over Mayte's furrowed eyebrows could suggest otherwise. The news on Teya is received with more enthusiasm, "Oh, nice. He," whatever they call him, "can run around with Odyn or something." Okay, maybe that enthusiasm is ambition: more minions!

The desired reaction achieved, Kyara laughs again, settling down beside her friend and nodding at the justification. "Excuses, excuses," she drawls, but she waves her jesting off with her fork and spears a tuber. "Oh, I believe you, Mayte, don't worry about it." That lingering apprehension is noted, however, and the greenrider gives a tilt of her head. "You alright?"

What's first on Mayte's Menu? Turns out, some leafy green thing that she eyes carefully before popping it into her mouth. "No, really." Okay, so Kyara does believe her? There's a look stolen at Kyara before she starts wolfing down a meatroll. The apprentice does chew and swallow before huffing a little, uncertainly eyeing anyone in the vicinity. No one seems to be listening, so Mayte leans in and says quietly, "Well, um. When the weyrwoman's gold went up… just recently." So, probably Elicheritath. "I was kinda in the Cantina. And there was this nice guy there." A forkful of greens are getting waved to draw a square. One word. Sounds like…

It's in to this conversation that E'bert finds himself walking into with Tyagana right behind him, "I still don't understand why you have Ivy flying behind you, and not me. E'bert she's not," E'bert stops, turns and looks at his fellow senior weyrling, "She's not what? She's not you? This is not the time, or the place for this conversation. You have a problem with my choices, take it up with the weyrling master, or Sienna or maybe O'ell," his voice is soft, but even at that it does travel. The taller girl glares, spins on her heel, and stalks out. This leaves E'bert to go get himself something to eat before heading towards the infirmary for more studying.

Reflexively, Kyara leans a little when Mayte does, and the story gets a sympathetic raise of eyebrows. "Aaahh, I see," she murmurs. One only has to say the word "goldflight" and it's safe to assume a number of things after that. Idly, the exit of one half of a bickering weyrling pair is observed not far beyond Mayte's shoulder. "It's always a plus when the guy is nice," she says with a bit of a knowing smile. "But…you're worried about the possibility?" E'bert's moving past is greeted with a small head-bob, but Kyara's attention is immediately fully back on Mayte thereafter.

Mayte only seems to catch half the argument that E'bert has going on, but it seems to be about wing formations, that strange and foreboding beast, so Mayte's interest drops back to what she was about to say. It sounds a little something like, "Oh, he was nice." Rhiex-butt. "But now I keep seeing him in the bazaar and," Mayte's voice drops to an exasperated whisper, "It's embarrassing." Pause. "Like, he's a guard, so he has to be in the bazaar, but do I say hi to him?" These are the problems one wants to have? "I mean, O'ell and Eollyn are okay, but how do I say it was good, but I don't really want anything from it?" Mayte's en-forked hand starts to rub along where her skinned arms are bandaged - fortunately, not with the fork.

E'bert watches the entrance to the living cavern for a moment after he gets his plate, then he's on the prowl for a place to sit. This brings him close to where Mayte and Kyara are seated. Kyara is given a salute, then E'bert's sitting down to eat his meal. He's got so much studying to do, but at least he's managing to keep his temper in check.

Sighing, Kyara fiddles at her own food with a single tine of her fork, her lips set in a near-smile of thought. "Well, you said he's nice, yeah? What we do during flights…it's pretty much out of our hands, and he's bound to understand that. If you like him as a person, then sure, say hi to him. If you can both acknowledge that a flight's a flight, it was good for the both of you, and that doesn't obligate you to one another, then you should be fine, I think." E'bert's salute gets returned, and Kyara tracks his progress to sitting before looking at Mayte again. "It may a take a while to pass; trust me, I know how it goes. Just…try not to dwell on it too much." With a shrug, she finally skewers another bit of food. "If you're in doubt, maybe just about things is best. Has he said he wants anything from it?"

E'bert finishes his meal, and gathers his dirty dishes. These are quickly deposited in the kitchen before E'bert's heading towards the infirmary for his extra studies. Busy E'bert is busy.

Time was Kyara didn't think it could possibly be that easy…and she's found out otherwise since! For the increduluous look, Kyara reaches out and gives Mayte's shoulder a reassuring squeeze. "'Make it up to Eollyn'? What, did she find out and threaten to shove him in to ferment with the wine or something? Sounds like a noble sort." Klah gets sipped, and the greenrider relaxes back into her chair. "Always talk if it's an option," she advises. "Better to clear the air if something's making you uncomfortable than let it set in silence until it gets unbearable. Or worse, turned into somthing it isn't." There's a bit of silence as Mayte does her nibbling and E'bert slips away, and Kyara takes advantage of that to get some bread and cheese together and pop it into her mouth. To Mayte's rumination about the next clutch, she simply grins and shrugs. "A good one," she answers. "I'm pretty eager to see how big it'll be, with the Pass started and all."

Pretty eager to see how big it'll be.

That's undeniably what she said.


The bemused look on Mayte's face at the wingrider's question starts to turn into a grin, one of mischief and no little trickery: "Maybe he thought she'd make him stomp grapes in barrels with his feet, or something." And then, "Maybe I should tell him that's what Eollyn would accept for," an air of innocence and some grandeur is affected, "plucking the delicate flower that is her apprentice." Too much? Mayte drops back into mischief, a much more convincing look on her, "We could make it a party." Rhiex sans shirt in the tub, ladies watching from without. Anyways, onto much more likely things, "Yeah, s'it gonna be as big as Southern's? They get, like, nearly fifty eggs these days!"

Kyara nearly spit-takes her klah at Mayte's affectation, instead swallowing hard enough to redden her face and lapsing into laughter hidden with a hand clamped over her mouth. "MAYTE." That's all she manages after a moment, but the continued chuckling and the similarly mischievous glint to amber eyes she regards the apprentice with is indication enough that she's getting a bit of a kick out of this. "Grape-stomping party? Sounds like fun to me. Can I bring a friend?" Someone else to throw in the tub, maybe? Did she really just join in that line of thought? Cough. "Oh, I think Elicheritath's could beat Southern's latest. I hope it does. If it doesn't happen this time, it will someday soon, I'll bet. We'll just have to wait and see!"

Mayte grins widely at Kyara, not even looking at the green she forks into her mouth. A sight to behold! "Yeah, like how the Vintnercraft says they used to do it, though I can't imagine drinking wine stomped on by feet, clean or otherwise." A wrinkled nose and Mayte explains: "Fermentation can only do so much, y'know?" And even if Kyara doesn't, Mayte waves a hand, "Bring your friends. We'll make a night of it. Charge a small fee for admittance and…" Wait, back to the conversation here, Mayte, "It'd be fun." Dark eyes gleeeeeam with possibility and naughty impishness. And that somewhat transfers to the other topic too, "You think it'll be bigger? More bronzes, maybe?" Mayte isn't competitive, she's… enthusiastic.

Mayte watches Kyara's assembly mutely, mmming over a new bite of meatroll. It takes some time for her to finish and swallow that bite but eventually she's able to contribute a somewhat sagacious, "I bet there'll be more blues and greens. Cuz, statistically, right?" That rascally grin doesn't quite die when Mayte applies healthy green thing to her mouth but it's more quickly swallowed than meatroll. "Means there'll be a lot more people to buy wine and liquor soon," she says with satisfaction, pushing her mostly-eaten plate aside to rest both elbows on the table.

"Oh, yeah, of course," Kyara affirms, adding, "Nature decreed there ought to be the most of the best color, after all!" with an impish grin. No bias here, not at aaaaall! Then the greenrider chuckles at the Vintner's craft-centricity. "Mayte, I don't think that is ever going to be a problem here. Particularly if people keep having kids." Aaaand they've come full circle. It's said very flippantly, though, and the greenrider stretches her legs out under the table, downing the last of her klah before casting a wry smirk at her friend.

Here comes in one bronzerider: dirty, fresh from drills, but with suspiciously clean hands. And a clean face! K'ane. He bee-lines for the klah, pausing on his way to watch a greenrider sway towards the door. His head shakes after she disappears around the bend and one can literally lipread his, Damn, as he pours himself a cuppa. What? He's just a man, carry on.

Mayte grins a little at Kyara and holds up an imaginary wineglass, "Hear hear!" Mayte even imagines in wine. The younger woman looks over at her recently discarded plate and curls her lip, asking, "Y'know, I don't know why I took so much - I can barely look at a meatroll now." Sulks. The apprentice will nod agreement and add, "Second oldest profession," in absent tones as she eyes a sort-of familiar figure going by; except it's K'ane, and so many riders have similar physiques these days… Still, she can't let an opportunity pass, discreetly pointing in the bronzerider's direction, covered subtly by her other hand and asks, "What about that one, for "grape-stomping"?" The quote marks are pretty audible.

Kyara tsks at the Vintner, feigning solemnity as she eyes the unfinished food. "Well, that'll teach you, won't it?" she says flatly. The "second-oldest profession" comment…honestly stumps the greenrider for a moment, and by the time it finally clicks she's caught sight of K'ane and is idly watching him right alongside Mayte. Rubbing her chin, she snickers at the apprentice's suggestion and gives a non-chalant shrug. "Good idea, though I don't know if he'd go for it. Still, you could always ask him." That's right, Mayte - YOU could ask! Still, the greenrider leans back and raises her voice to call, "Evening, K'ane," across to the bronzerider, sliding a glance sideways to see how Mayte reacts to actually drawing his attention theur way.

K'ane has his mug of klah, and he turns to consider the caverns before his name is called. He doesn't realize, of course, that he was just a topic of conversation; instead he offers one of his bluff little half-grins and picks his way through the tables to end up seated across from Kyara. "Ky'," he greets her with a mellow note to his voice; "Vintner," to Mayte. "I really want dumplings, but I don't know if I'm quite ready t'brave th' kitchens t' procure such treasures," he announces, sipping at his klah in the meantime.

Mayte's expression falls into disbelief and (okay) a little dismay as Kyara calls the next-best-thing of her object of trickery over, the fluttering hand of 'cease! desist!' making only two moves before K'ane has turned, and it gets pressed to the table. And of course, K'ane comes over, and seats himself. Marvelous. Still, not all is lost, Mayte offering, "Bronzerider," in return. The search for dumplings is truly epic but Mayte can't help but wonder, "Why? Are the Kitchens really scary or something?" Mayte stretches to look over heads at the Kitchens' entrypoint, "Doesn't seem that bad…" Wait, did she just call K'ane a wimp?

The grin from Kyara at Mayte's discomfiture is completely unrepentant…but it's not as if she has in mind to torment the girl further. Not really, anyway. But she's in a bit of a teasing mood, apparently… "Have you seen the kitchens around this hour?" she asks Mayte, leaning over toward her in a feigned aside. "They might be a little much even for our K'ane, for a little while yet." She winks playfuly across at the bronzerider, then casts an idle glance at the food. "I didn't even notice any when we first came in. Might be some on the way." Shrug. "How're you doing, K'ane? How's Dhioth?" A little more weight to the last question, considering their last conversation.

"Th' kitchens ain't scary. Th' women in th' kitchens are scary," K'ane qualifies his statement for Mayte's behalf. He has a rueful smirk over for Kyara, though. "Y'wench," he states, without any heat. "Y'could go make me a sandwich." He even leans forwards a little, propping his elbows on the table and offering the greenrider his MOST CHARMING smile. "Or some soup. With dumplin's." He shifts, leaning back again, and gestures with his cup. "I'm fine. He's still wound up but who knows. Who's your friend?" It's all one on top of the other, the last gesturing to Mayte.

Mayte has not, in fact, tried the kitchens, head shaking echoed in, "No… They seem awfully busy anyways." That's her excuse and she's sticking to it, arms crossed over her chest before Mayte leans them on the table. As for dumplings, Mayte's no good for that but she'll chim in, "There are plenty of meatrolls." One elbow is lifted to bump against her plate, which contains some sad greens and leftover rolls of meaty-content. K'ane's comment of sandwiches gets an 'Oh really' look from the girl, but when K'ane's peering in her direction, A) she pauses because mother of Faranth he looks like someone and B) Mayte ends with, "Vintner Senior Apprentice Mayte, sir." One hand is even untucked to momentarily thrust itself at the rider as if she's expecting a good shake of it. "Corks and Works, just off the Sidestreet." We'll take TMI for ten marks, A'lex.

Kyara's Look for K'ane is one of those trying-not-to-laugh smiles, and she kicks him under the table. That smile of his, though, turns her red again. Of course it does. "Shut up," she mutters, looking away until she's certain she's not so flushed anymore. She tosses a discreet smirk at Mayte to let her know it's fine. Nothing new on this front, really! "Haven't you two met before?" she questions, glancing between bronzerider and Vintner. "I could've sworn…ah, well. Mayte knows her alcohol. And she's good people," she informs K'ane, nudging the girl next to her with a grin.

"Yeah, but meatrolls ain't dumplings." This is all Mayte's fault anyhow, as her player was discussing earlier rosemary dumplings and now visions of dumplings are dancing in K'ane-player's head. Sadface. "Mayte. Well-met. K'ane," the man responds, shaking her hand. He mutters at being kicked and laughs aloud - not a bit tickled - at how flushed Kyara still gets. Faranth rue the day if ever Dhioth flies Liareth; think how red she'd be! Ahem. "I'm sure I hav…" whatever K'ane was GOING to say is cut off by someone calling his name in exasperations. "Ah, sorry, m'ladies. Duty calls." The rider gets to his feet, jauntily salutes the pair of them, and then heads off towards his wingmate, calling back a, "I'm comin', I'm comin!" in exasperated tones.

Mayte's hackles fall because Kyara's aren't rising, so, good. K'ane gets an eyeball, then another. There's the horribly uncertain moment of nearly-recognizing someone that passes over Mayte's face, but instead of 'fessing up, she nods to the rider in return, retrieving her hand as soon as politely possible. So eager to contribute to the just-met theory, she's happy to add, "I bet there are a few guys as…" As what? WHAT?" Too bad, Mayte cuts that off when K'ane has to depart. To Kyara, Mayte hisses, "That looked so much like him." Who? "You know, him. From earlier!"

Faranth rue the day, indeed! Whether or not Kyara will ever let on that Liareth would very much like to see Dhioth try remains to be seen; it's certainly not happening now! Especially since K'ane is already up and leaving. "Bye, K'ane," she calls after him, ticking off a salute. The cut-off comment gets a questioning look from the greenrider, and then she blinks in realization. "The guy from the flight looks like…" Eyes flick to K'ane's departing back, then return. "But he was a guard? I…actually think I know who you're talking about; Sienna and I met a guard once, and we both thought he looked like K'ane. Can't remember his name for the life of me, but I do remember him being nice." She takes one more moment trying to remember that name before giving a stretch and a bit of a groan. "Oof. Feel like going and walking off dinner? Liareth wants to go take a quick swim. And she says you're welcome to come along." With a lopsided grin and a smile to match, she adds, "She says you're good company. Which isn't an opinion she offers often."

Relief! Success! Mayte doesn't say much more but nods emphatically, "Yeah, him!" It's like they're playing Face Charades and Kyara and Mayte are on the same team. "Ree… Rebald, Reese, something. Whatever." One hand is loosened to wave that thought away, "Anyways, he was nice. And good. Except I hear he's supposed to bring klah or something." Disgruntled Mayte is disgruntled, until Kyara's offer brights a grin to her face: "Oh!" It may not be the same green of old, but Mayte's game, pushing her forgotten plate even further into the oubliette of space and memory, "That sounds great. I, uh, haven't gotten out to this side of the Weyr as much lately."

Kyara and Mayte would totally win at Face Charades today! Provided they could, of course, remember the man's name. "Well," the greenrider says as she gets up, lowering her voice enough that Mayte can still hear, but not anyone else in the immediate vicinity because some Topics are best at lower volumes in public, "hopefully, whenever goldflights happen, that'll keep being the case for you. C'mon." Dishes are scuttled, leftovers are…left over, and soon greenrider and Vintner are headed for the lake shore to meet a certain graceful green dragon. Most likely there will be a bit more chatter about a certain guardsman, clutches, and other flight-type things - just typical talk between two friends who live in a Weyr, really.

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