==== December 7, 2013
====A'lory, K'ane, M'ero, Sara, Sienna, Teyaschianniarina, W'rin
==== A marathon RP in Igen's living caverns. It has all the things you'd hope for. Laughter, tears, friendship, sexual tension, and a whole lot of awkward at the beginning.

Who A'lory, K'ane, M'ero, Sara, Sienna, Teyaschianniarina W'rin
What A marathon RP in Igen's living caverns. It has all the things you'd hope for. Laughter, tears, friendship, sexual tension, and a whole lot of awkward at the beginning.
When 6 months and 12 days until the 12th pass
Where Igen Weyr



Living Caverns
Dim light from hanging glow-globes cannot fully camouflage the ravages of time and neglect on Igen's busy living caverns, though hints of its former glory peek through in the decorative cuts to the cave's natural limestone and the high quality of dusty, tatty-ended tapestries. Here and there, skybroom tables — stained dark by wood finish and a decade of grime — sit in loose groups, flanked by wicker chairs with pointy, broken rattan that pokes out to invariably find unprotected skin. The seemingly randomly placed furniture, however, at closer inspection, forms a sort of cross-shape of negative space. At the northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns, a long buffet table with tarnished lazy susans hosts an array of finger-foods and pitchers for the interested, refilled occasionally by drudges that shuffle in from the curtained entrance to the south, beyond which lies the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside and, across from that, to the west, a set of rattling doors that open to reveal the tunnels and stairs of the inner caverns themselves.

Between official business and drills W'rin hasn't bothered to try to remove the sand from himself, but he has managed to remove himself from the wingleader table. At least for now. Since he's trudging in a few moments behind the assistant weyrlingmaster, and from the opposite side for the weyr. Passing by her, he notes the parchment, but points first to the food - he's going to get some, and then an empty table that is not the leadership tables - meet him there.

Sara's hair is slightly mussed, though thankfully, sand free. The narrow sidestreet hadn't allowed the buildup of too much sand and they had cleaned up fairly swiftly. She yawns as she enters, and heads straight for the Klah pot.

Sienna is learning to speak (or not speak) W'rin-eese, and she nods, wandering after him to get herself a small glass of wine and a plate of food to nibble on. Lots of little things, a good variety rather than one big thing. Then she'll follow him to that empty table and sit down, rolling her shoulders and scratching at an itch on her forearm while she waits for her turn to be all official n'stuff.

Mountain of food in hand, W'rin turns to a pot of klah. Sara spotted gets a polite, if not overly warm incline of his head. "Uh. Wanna eat with us?" He doesn't wait for an answer, instead wielding his mug of klah in his free hand he marches over and flops down at a table. Settled enough to throw a salute to Sienna as she approaches. One has to keep things above the line when trying to hide in plain sight.

Well, the W'rin greeting isn't exactly what Sara is expecting, but he offered. She fills up her cup, but leaves any other food behind. "Hey Sienna," she greets the other woman with a smile.

Sienna returns W'rin's salute with a little grin, a touch amused as she rests the rolled hide on the table beside her plate. "Hello, Sara!" the greenrider says, all eager smiles and warmth. "It's great to see you, how did the shop weather the storm?"

It wasn't exactly what the man was expecting either. But considering the disappearance of a mutual "friend" perhaps there is some non-normally there bond. In any even W'rin will be quiet for the moment, only nodding along at the question. The storm was a beating for everyone.

"Well enough- the outside stalls took the brunt of it. I think some of them are still cleaning up." She lifts the klah mug to her lips and takes a large drink. "Peaston complained all morning about having to wash off the front windows." The disappearing "friend" isn't mentioned.

Sienna chuckles as she picks slowly at her food. "Might get the Weyrlings down there to help after lunch. Be good for them to connect with the Bazaar folks." Then she smiles in understanding about Peaston. "Is there anything he does willingly and happily?" And it's only half a joking question.

W'rin lifts a shoulder in half a shrug, "We go through this every year. Most of the old folks have plans for these storms. It's the newer guys who'll hurt the most. Old blood offering any help?"

Sara gives a slight smile to Sienna's jab at the pasty-faced senior Journeyman. "I'm starting to think he does like females, just doesn't know how to show it. Though he's been more quiet since…" Sara's gaze flicks over to W'rin and she stops and shrugs. "Some help, but it seems like a right-of-passage almost."

"Since?" Sienna presses with a curious look to the Harper. Finishing a morsel of food Sienna pushes the rolled hide to W'rin. "A report of yesterday's sweep. But K'vvan wanted to speak with you first."

"Since." W'rin cuts off Sienna's question with a narrowing of eyes. He offers a glance at Sara. And then his eyes fall to the roll. He's starting to unwrap it as the greenrider gives K'vvan's preference and he stops. Brow lifts but he honors the male's request.

For once Sara is grateful for W'rin's particular brand of prickly. "Since." She nods and takes another sip of her klah. She tilts her head slightly in curiosity but doesn't ask the question as it sounds like Weyr business.

Sienna looks a bit surprised at W'rin's interjection, but the greenrider lets it go with a slight pursing of her lips. Fine then, be that way. She'll just drink more wine.

W'rin offers a nod as Sienna lets the subject drop, that'll cost him later. But rather than explain he just shoves the parchment into an inner pocket of his riding jacket. The awkward silence lingers for a moment and the man coughs. "So. Erm. How's life?" It isn't directed at anyone specific. Small talk. Not his area of expertise.

Small talk? Sara takes up the thread of small talk and talks about, well, small things. "Some of us smaller shops are getting together to help finance some of the smaller shelters…. which reminds me, do either of you know where Sadaiya is? I was hoping to speak with her."

Sienna almost laughs at W'rin's attempt at small talk, but she /wants/ him to try this more, so…she won't laugh at his attempt. "I'd heard of that," she says, latching onto Sara's suggested topic. "I haven't seen her yet today, but…she's proddy so…in bed with Tanmorand is my best guess. Take the poor guy some lotion if you go."

"She whawah…Sienna don't use that word in mixed company." W'rin points a finger at himself. "Speaking of -things-. I was thinking we should get away, Sienna. You know.." That vacation she's been nagging about. "Sara where should I take my beautiful weyrmate?"

Cue Sara's cheeks taking on a flaming red colour as Sienna gives a suggestion to where the goldrider might be fine. She rushes to say with a slight flapping of the hand not holding the Klah, "No, it's fine. I, ah, I'll just wait till I see her again." W'rin's sudden shift of topic leaves Sara even more floundering. "Um, High Reaches are pretty in the summer time?"

Sienna snickers into her wine, grinning coyly at her weyrmate. Only to blink and startle when he…was that a compliment? In /public/? And talk of a trip? That sends her for a loop, making her blush just as much as Sara over there. She's…yes. She's speechless.

"High Reaches." W'rin nods solemnly, "High Reaches it is. Keep a bag packed Sienna, we'll be going as soon as Sadiaya gives the word." Okay so perhaps not the most romantic thing he's ..No. It still might be.

Sara is feeling more than a little bit out of her depth here, so she lifts that cup of hers to her lips. She senses undercurrents here which little crafter shopkeepers should keep their noses out of… maybe she'll ask Sienna about it later.

Sienna would have to consult her notes to see if that was the most romantic thing he's said. It's certainly in the top five though, as Sienna just stares at him for a moment and then nods. "Right." Bag packed, she can do that. Glancing at Sara, she smiles and fumbles for another topic of conversation.

Suddenly he's just there — impeccable timing will do that for you — amid the Caverns crowd, having divested himself of sandy camping gear up in his weyr and left his dragon curled upon his ledge to sleep in familiar surroundings. Perhaps it is the beacon of his mate's voice that draws him, or the pointed reminder about responsibility from a certain bronze, who knows; at any rate, A'lory has returned, far more quietly than he'd left. Klah is the firsy order of business, though; he's parched.

Really, what this particular setting needed was MORE awkward. Good thing A'lory showed up. At least is in the process of showing up. W'rin's eyes seem to pick up on the lanky man first, and the scuttle to Sara, and then flicker back and forth between her and him. Hey. Look that way.

Sara sips at the klah and gives W'rin a look with an upraised eyebrow. Though she does finally turn, just to see what it is that he is eyeballing behind her. A'lory catches her eyes and she stars to turn all the way then stops. No. If he wished to speak to them, he would find his way. See, Sara can totally give SPACE.

"A'lory!" Sienna calls, since…since! SINCE.

W'rin going to let Sara do it her way, but then Sienna jumps in and his eyes stop looping back and forth between Sara and A'lory and fall to his mug. Erg.

A'lory halts mid-sip when his name is called. What? Oh, right: he should go make polite noises at people and the like. And so he does, turning toward the group and bringing along the awkward. At least mostly, anyway, since he offers the familiar gentle tug of Sara's braid before offering W'rin and Sienna a guarded nod. Klah-sips are in order.

"Welcome back A'lory." Sara attempts to keep her tone neutral and light. She holds back on any other greeting and turns back to Sienna. NO TENSION HERE. New topic um…. "How are the weyrlings doing?"

"Hey!" Sienna starts, smile warm and easy. "Where've you-" and then she stops, finally sensing something is amiss and glancing around at the others at their table. "Uh. How're you?" Blink blink. She looks at Sara, baffled. Why don't you have a dragon so we can talk and you can explain what's going on??! "Weyrlings?" Right, her job. "They're good."

W'rin's eyes sweep up in time to see A'lory's nod. He too dips his head, the farthest corner of his lip turn up in a grin. The man survived the sand storm. He finally bothers to take a bite of his food, while nodding to an empty seat.

A'lory does take that chair, blithely ignoring Sienna's hastily cut-off inquiry for the more general question. "As I ever am." His gaze rests briefly on Sara, calm and unruffled, before casually lifting his mug again. "They have got to put whiskey in this stuff."

Sara's storm green eyes meet A'lory's gaze before she's turning them away. There is no particular chill in their interaction, and Sienna's questioning gaze just gets a slight shrug. Ask later. "That's good to hear." She drinks the rest of her Klah and eyes the empty mug. "I should probably get back to the shop- I never how many people Peaston is going to offend without me there."

Sienna clears her throat a bit, glancing between the others. She is /missing/ something. So she'll be quiet, looking up when Sara speaks of leaving. "Oh." Should she follow? Or stay here? Always so hard to figure out.

W'rin can help with that problem, if none of the other ones at this particular table. Riding jacket pocket is searched and a flask pulled from it. Setting it gently on the table before A'lory. Sara is glanced at and the man offers another nod, "Have a good afternoon, journeywoman." And then he shoves more food in, cause what better way to not have to be the one to say something.

A'lory should have known W'rin would have a portable stash somewhere. With a hint of a smirk for the other man's quick thinking, A'lory pours a small measure into his klah — it wouldn't do to be drunk now would it — and looks up as Sara prepares to leave. Well. That wasn't in the plan, but what is? He tilts his head a little, then offers quietly, "Shall I meet you there, later?" And possibly explain his mysterious disappearance?

"Good day Weyrleader." Sara can't quite help being completly impassive, and she turns her gaze towards A'lory when he speaks to her. "I've quite a bit of work on my bench, I'll see you at home?" There is a very clear question there at the end, as if she isn't completly sure she would see him later. Holding a hand back from reaching out to touch him just to be sure he really is back Sara's soft footfalls allow her to leave to refill her Klah mug and leave.

Sienna watches Sara go and then she sighs, turning to stare at the bronzeriders. "So. Anyone going to explain what's going on? Or should I just go ask Sara later?" The trio are sitting at a non-wing table the day after a big sandstorm blew through, though Sienna looks none the worse for wear despite having been out in it. Clean riding leathers and her curls pulled back into a runnertail.

W'rin may relax just an tad when A'lory picks up the flask. But Sienna manages to make the disappear in about a second flat. And rather than respond verbally he just looks at her and then goes back to his meal. Shoveling continues. Apparently the answer is 'no' at least form W'rin.

The tension was draining, but one of the ripest tomatoes strolls in to town! He's here to party, party hard, and flame some Thread, and M'ero's gonna do it in style. A mug of klah is appropriated, and in usual M'ero fashion (which Igen will learn to regret), the flyboy makes his way around and decides to sit in the area where the hot chick is sitting. And the two other guys. Before sitting, though, he whips off a salute, "Hey, Weyrleader, Weyrsecond, Assistant Weyrlingmaster!" Basically, M'ero's two cards away from a straight. "How's it going?" A quick, extra little eyeful of Sienna is taken as M'ero seats himself.

Sienna eyes W'rin for a moment and then a distraction is arriving, the greenrider turning to look up at M'ero and smile at him. "Hello!" she says warmly, returning the salute. "Ah, join us?" It's an amused question since he's already answered it. "Not sure we've met yet. AWLM Sienna, green Kehemath's," she says, offering a hand to shake.

A'lory rubs a hand over his face, wincing a bit at the rasp of beard beneath his palm. Right. "I am disinclined to explain it. And I would much rather you let her be this time." Because he remembers a not-so-helpful previous instance with a certain dry amusement. And then, M'ero shows up in all his glory, giving A'lory all the reason he needs to raise his eyebrows. Anybody ask this one to sit? Huh. Suppose they're stuck with him.

So 'no's all around. At least there is M'ero here to take their attention away from the tension at hand. Or maybe make it worse. The salute is returned, crisp and formal. "Wingrider." He watches him sit. And then watches him take an extra eyeful of a ranker. A ranker who also happens to be his weyrmate. Both eyebrows arch upward, and the giant of a weyrleader says nothing, only his head shakes back and forth once like a dangerous pendulum.

M'ero doesn't quite shoot fingers at Sienna but his wide boyish grin has that feel to it, "M'ero, on blue Furanth. The pleasure is mine," whether or not they were discussing pleasure or not in the first place. The offered hand is accepted and shaken but strangely M'ero doesn't linger on the formal contact, pulling back to lift his klah. And like anyone who is good at defusing or sweeping tension under the rug, the new bluerider finds something reasonably innocent to discuss: "How about those sandstorms, huh? Just about thought Rukbat had disappeared!" Wide eyes at W'rin and A'lory, "Does that always happen here?" Like a crazy composer, M'ero's voice rises and falls with the outrageousness of the situation.

Sienna glances at A'lory, watching him for a moment. She doesn't like it when people don't tell her things. But. She'll suffer through it with a nod. And she'll try not to be insulted. Dark eyes shift to W'rin, and then back to M'ero with a quiet laugh. "Not sure, I'm new here myself. Wasn't fun being caught in it though, I can tell you that."

A'lory gives W'rin one of those 'steady-on' stares before managing to stretch his lanky frame a bit, joints creaking like dry wood. M'ero is given a long look, full of the patirnce of an old dog for a puppy, before shrugging. "It happens. Get used to it." He's singularly unhelpful today, he is. "Mmph. At any rate, I should go and peel Sara out of the shop, perhaps frighten Peaston into behaving… " You know, the usual.

As soon as the apparent taking in of his weyrmate stops, and A'lory's gentle reminder, W'rin face returns to its stern neutrality. "Every season. Welcome to the desert." The weyrleader's lips turn upward in an grin. "It'll make a…" Glancing at his two closest friends, "A real rider out of 'ya. That or it'll rip the skin from your hide and you'll die." As helpful as his weyrsecond it seems, his eyes sweep back to the other bronzer, and he shifts his chin back in a farewell. At some point in time the two will speak, for now, this seems enough.

Like a slow sunrise washing over the land, realization dawns on M'ero's face, "Ohhhhh, are you one of those Oldtimers who came forward?" The excitement makes M'ero nearly wriggle in his seat, "Lookin' good." That gets an accompanying grin before A'lory distracts him, indeed like a puppy, to whom he salutes a farewell. That leads to W'rin and the bluerider stares at him for a moment. Assimilating information… Assimilat- "So you're sayin' it's not good to get your clothes off outside?" TEH SADS is M'ero's expression.

Sienna nods at A'lory, smiling just a bit at him. "Hope everything is okay." /That/ is genuine. Glancing at W'rin, Sienna snorts. "Igen's right of passage," she chuckles, giving M'ero an encouraging smile. There's a nod. "Yes, Oldtime Ista." Then she laughs. "Just not during a sandstorm," she says lightly, sipping her wine with a grin.

Yeah, A'lory is going to leave this one to W'rin and Sienna. Things to do, after all — fortunately for M'ero, the departing bronzer pretends not to have heard a thing about his age. So off he goes to find his woman, hoping to duck her tiny, painful fists.

"They both are." W'rin says flatly, and clearly he's the one to take it up with if there is a complaint to be lodged. His nostrils flair just a bit, but then the other man actually seems excited about the idea and so he settles into his seat, crossing his arms over his barrel of a chest. "Well. Just not during a sand storm at least." One eyebrow stays raised as the other falls, "Seems you're the kind of man who…" W'rin coughs gently, "Would want to make sure he has skin in certain areas."

M'ero gives the exit A'lory disappeared through a long look again, and huhs, "Cool." That's all there is to say about this, but he oohs, "So I passed it already. Been here less than a month and I'm already fitting in!" Score! W'rin's gentle cough gets a confident smirk, "Hasn't come off yet, though, ya know sometimes…" that trails of into the land of indecent innuendo and then M'ero settles into his klah for a moment. "So, that K'vvan guy was telling me that the Cantina's a good place for the drinks… but what about meeting the ladies?" Then he realizes and shoots a brief grin at Sienna, "Present company aside."

Sienna looks startled that W'rin made that comment, but then she grins at her weyrmate, almost proud of him for it. Well done! Turning back to M'ero, the greenrider smirks and then laughs. "The bazzar's got salve for that," she says dryly. "Though you might want to check with the Healers to make sure it's not something /else/." Oh yeah, she went there. "Oh, I see how it is." And she winks at M'ero, amused, flashing W'rin a wide smile.

"Cantina…The brothel if you aren't looking to take her home." W'rin shrugs as he braces his arms against the table and hefts up his bulky frame with a grunt. "If you'll excuse I have to get back to work." Taking a step he turns, looks at Sienna and then M'ero, two fingers meet his eyes and then push out toward the man. Though to balance out the look of intimidation he offers an unpracticed smile and then heads back into the caverns.

M'ero doesn't even look apologetic, "No, I mean, you're fine," and that 'fine' is just a little drawled out, "But I know where you are." And though M'ero doesn't look like he has a whit of common sense, his self-preservation is finely-tuned, "Not to mention," chin-thrust at W'rin. Need he not-say more? The news that the Cantina's the place to find the chix gets a near-pout before he brightens, "Well, there were a few. And I hear more people are coming in every day, there's gotta be a few lookers in there." Yep, can't get rid of him now, A'lory. And speaking of getting rid of things, M'ero insists at Sienna, "Naw, never had a problem like that. Keep things clean, if you know what I mean." Rider, Lothario, Poet.

Sienna lifts her dark gaze to watch W'rin go, grinning a bit at his 'I'm watching you' to M'ero. As if the massive Weyrleader has anything to worry about. Eyes flick back to the bluerider and Sienna grins. "Thank you," she says, accepting the compliment and appreciating it! "Well yes, not to mention." She sips her wine and nods. "Just interested in looks? Or are there other qualities you're seeking?" Then she grins. "I'm glad to hear it, since I'm guessing your lifemate is pretty adept at chasing the greens." Is that a spark of wickedness to her eyes?

W'rin's departure seems to let some of the steam out of M'ero's charge for a moment, but there's still Sienna around! "A fine lady like yourself should be hearing that alll the time." It's all harmless fun, right? Especially since the glowery guy is gone. "I'm like the wind, baby; y'can't hold on to me." As for Furanth's chasing of greens, M'ero leans back in his chair, cup nearly dangling while he smiles lazily, "He's pretty adept though," a slightly embarrassed cough, "I'm looking more forward to it with a selection of lady greenriders." See, that's another plus to letting women Impress fighting colours. "Just waiting for one to go up."

Sienna snorts. "Turns ago I would have agreed with you. These days I get more satisfaction out of hearing I'm doing a good job at my work, or the Weyrlings are getting complimented. And please don't call me baby." It's a polite request, but seems like one she's had to make often in her short life. "Ahh," she agrees with a thoughtful nod. "Hadn't really thought about that before…but yes. There are more of us around now than there used to be, that's for certain. You shouldn't have to wait long."

M'ero huhs a little, nodding though it's evident by his disbelieving expression that M'ero EVER thinks that will change. Sienna's request gets a one-shoulder shrug, "No problem, ma'am. S'the saying back home. Won't happen again," though at least M'ero doesn't look like he's wondering what Sienna's problem is. The prospect of lady greenriders going up soon gets M'ero leaning in, grinning wildly, "See, I told my friends back home this was a good transfer." Winner is M'ero!

Sienna pauses to study the bluerider for a moment. "Where are you from? And…is that the only reason you came to Ista? To sleep with women during mating flights?"

"Naww, ma'am, I came for the sun! The sand!" Ironic tone, "And because Telgar asked me to come here." Whether there's more to that transfer request than this, M'ero doesn't let on. "I heard there was more to learn here, a better chance of getting ahead…" You know, all those radical ideas of ability and competence that the Oldtimers brought forward…

Sienna regards the younger man thoughtfully. "Telgar asked you?" There has to be more, right? "Mmm, perhaps, but…" She trails off, a thoughtful expression crossing her features.

M'ero nods happily, all thoughts of possible politics or subtlety non-extant, "Well, they asked if I'd like to try a new place, and I was like, 'sure', and so they said Igen, and everyone laughed when I said yes," pause for breath, "but here I am, and I like it so far." For a moment, M'ero's expression drops, "You think they sent me away because I wasn't good enough?" It looks like M'ero could have a deep thoug… "Nawww, they said I was good; my old Wingleader said I was compe… capable too." Nope. No deep thoughts for this blue rider.

Sienna's brows lift, and then she frowns slightly at the insult to Igen. "Igen wouldn't have taken you if you weren't good enough," she says, confident in /that/ at least. "And Telgar raises good riders." There's a slight, sad smile to her lips as she looks briefly to the leadership table, then back to M'ero.

M'ero nods proudly, "I know! That's why I'm so pumped to be here!" Apparently there's some type of slang at Telgar that previous riders aren't used to much anymore. "And yeah, home was pretty good for riders." He does catch Sienna's look, and ohhhs, "That's the Weyrleader who came from Telgar? They mentioned him!" Or maybe that's the part of the run-down on Igen that M'ero actually caught, "Hard as nails, but good."

Sienna nods, "Yes, W'rin is from Telgar. As was our previous Senior. So I hope you'll serve the weyr as well as they both have, and maintain Telgar's high reputation." Pumped? She'll bet he pumps quite a lot… "W'rin is an excellent rider," she says with a touch of pride to her voice.

M'ero nods slowly, "Yeah, Corelle…" Sad face time. The bluerider could come close to deep-thought territory, but it'd be better if he could just keep his mouth shut there. So of course he can't. "That really sucked." And that's about all M'ero can say on that topic because he's already starting to stare at the wall like this level of seriousness is getting too intense, but thankfully W'rin is there, or not quite there to save the day, "I heard that. Heard his wing wins all the games, too." And that's good news, "Though I'm reporting to that lady Wingleader… Trax? Track? No, Trek, with Arroyo." Still, the male blue-rider isn't too disappointed with this fact, grinning into his klah mug.

Sucked? What is it with this guy and sexual words used in strange contexts? Sienna stares at him for a moment before shaking her head. "Whirlwind is still the top wing in the weyr," she says proudly. "I flew with them before being moved to AWLM." Well, before she fell for W'rin, but. Details. "Won one of the events too, in the T-Tourney. Search and Rescue, my lifemate and I." As for Trek…Sienna just nods.

Philosophy is not M'ero's strongsuit; no one is surprised. "So, you're all AWLMing it up now," and there's a strange wink with that, for whatever reason. And for whatever reason, M'ero changes the subject: "Hey, you know that greenrider, K'vvan?" AWLMs know everyone, right, "I'm trying to, y'know, take him out on the town. Meet some pretty ladies. He ever relax?" Talking about someone without them around?

Sienna nods, "At the moment, yes," she confirms. "I was the Weyrlingmaster for a while as well." The wink is met with a little smirk, and then she /laughs/. "I know K'vvan pretty well, yes. And no. He doesn't. Not even sure he'd want to meet pretty ladies, truth be told. I think you can find better party friends than K'vvan." She's trying to help K'vvan, honest.

M'ero looks impressed at this; he's meeting all the important people today! Alas, Sienna's advice on K'vvan is taken in and immediately rejected, "Nah, he's got to have some fun sometime! His Nadeeth seemed like a pretty sweet thing too - Furanth likes her." M'ero's expression turns cunning: "Anyways, I said I'd be his wingman, help him talk with girls, that kinda thing. It'll be good for him." Says the extrovert to whom introverts are friends who haven't learned they're extroverts in disguise.

Sienna's smile softens. "Nadeeth is a sweetheart. Kehemath adores her." The cunning look has Sienna's brows lifting, but in the end she just shrugs. "Good luck with that." Clearly she expects it to end badly. Probably with K'vvan hitting someone, rather than hitting /on/ someone.

Kehemath thinks to you, « I bespoke Furanth with: Kehemath's thoughts reach out to the blue's, curious and skirting around the edges of the other's mind. A dark forest rises into the turquoise twilight, the scent of sage rises as golden eyes peer from the shadows, curious and watching. »

Kehemath senses Furanth's thoughts are startled, little crests of waves amid a babbling brook. « ! » The water of Furanth's thoughts burble along, up and over things, the scent of clean, uncomplicated H20. Forests come and go, deep and dark with secrets, but this little rivlet continues on, unhurried and unbothered of being watched, to its final destination.

M'ero grins widely, "Furanth was pretty sweet on her," though there's a brief moment after that statement where it seems M'ero's soothing ruffled… well, not feathers. The planning starts anew; M'ero maybe can't plot his way out of a paper bag, but he knows how to party. Maybe he can teach that.

Sienna chuckles, leaning back in her chair a bit and sipping her wine. "Was he now? But K'vvan is a male rider…" Harkening back to his previous excitement of ladies on green, yet it seems his blue has already gotten sweet on a male-ridden green. Whoops?

Kehemath thinks to you, « I bespoke Furanth with: Kehemath creeps forward, edging closer to that fresh water, to the scent of the stream. A canine-like figure creeps out of the underbrush, golden eyes darting this way and that as she approaches the stream to…drink with quick flicks of her tongue, ears perked and ready to move if she needs to. « ? » »

M'ero leans back as Sienna leans forward, grinning broadly, "If Furanth chases, y'know," he starts, and finishes that off with a hapless shrug, "I'd just like the option to, y'know… fly with the lady riders a time or two." Preference and all that.

Kehemath senses Furanth burbles on contentedly, not minding as Kehemath's canine figure comes to taste, splashing a little up over the rim at feet. Nothing unusual there. Furanth welcomes all, the gentle music of lapping water the only sound of his mind. « »

Sienna grins, though it's a bit of a smirk. "Well, just be warned if you ever do chase and win one of Kehemath's flights, we're pretty wild." And she subtly flexes her fingers around her wine glass.

Kehemath thinks to you, « I bespoke Furanth with: Kehemath drinks her fill at the stream and then stands to stare at it, peering both up and down the length of the water. Then with a happy, playful yelp, she leaps in and sends up a mighty splash, her thoughts rippling with amusement and a thoughtless playfulness - just to /be/ - as she paddles around biting at those waves. »

K'ane enters with typical heavy footfalls. Unsurprisingly, his face is bruised, one eye still showing the ugly green-yellow-purples of a healing black eye. He zombies past whoever's in here on his way to klah.

M'ero eyes Sienna appreciatively, forgoing the standard wolfwhistle - that big Weyrleader may come back, "I'd love to find out sometime," he'll say, risking his neck a little but finishes with, "When Furanth flies her." The rider is well-aware, his eyes blanking for a moment before grinning widely. Subtle like a hammer. The zombie walking past gets a glance - the new guy doesn't know K'ane or how his face came to look that way, but does he want to stay and find out?

Kehemath senses Furanth is splashed about! This was unexpected, but he's happy to let Kehemath dance in his crests, sending small waves to tease her. Splish splash sploosh, Furanth lets waves ripple back and forth, teasing in eddies from different angles.

Sienna turns when K'ane enters, and the greenrider sighs. "What now?" she calls after the bronzerider, half concerned and half resigned. Looking back at M'ero, Sienna snorts. "/If/," she stresses. Time will tell. It's /well/ past time for Kehemath to rise though.

Kehemath thinks to you, « I bespoke Furanth with: Kehemath paddles happily through the water of the other, and then she's bolting out of the stream to the forest, with droplets of…him?… clinging to her fur. Pausing just inside the thickness of the woods, she shakes her entire body, muzzle to tail, sending those drops flying before she's yelping in amusement and darting off again, deeper into the woods. How does water give chase? »

That layer of sand that the Weyr is coated in extends to Teyaschianniarina - now-officially a Mirage wingrider - and her stubby braids, tracking in from the bowl toward the sideboard. Sienna's voice is totally recognizable, so when the greenrider questions K'ane it catches Teya's attention and prompts a salute from the brownrider, instead. "What what now?"

Kehemath senses Furanth thinks « is shaken, not stirred, but the rivlet's babbling seems to be laughing gently, chortling happily. And how does water chase? With rain - a gentle drizzle blankets the forest, leaving dew behind for morning's breaking sunrise to reflect, before ending with whispered notes as Furanth pulls away. »

K'ane half-turns at Sienna's call - it's the pretty blackened side! - before moving back on with a finger lofted in the air. ONE MOMENT. He returns with klah, and a grunted, "M'tias," as explanation. Teya is belatedly noticed, and he'll toss her a more lopsided smile than the one he gives Sienna, though they are certainly both included in the gesture. Oh, and M'ero, too; belatedly!

M'ero casts a long look at the sandy Teya, but doesn't say anything just yet. Maybe he's building up to something. K'ane gets a similar look but the name K'ane says doesn't ring any bells, so M'ero just tells the taller man, "Nice shiner." Unto Sienna, though, M'ero grins inanely, "Yeah."

Sienna ahhs at K'ane, as if that's explination enough, and gets to her feet. "Good luck with that," she says, the AWLM glancing around as more folks begin to trickle in, returning salutes as they're offered. "Well, welcome to the weyr, M'ero. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around."

Teyaschianniarina passes up klah in favor of juice, and collects a plate full of rolls as well before making her way toward the little clutch of riders. K'ane's smile gets returned, lopsided too, but it's M'ero that she engages with first, pulling back to study K'ane's shiner before declaring, "Nah, I've seen better," in the bluerider's direction. "On your way out, ma'am?" is to Sienna, casual-easy, but her attention's split between getting an answer and picking a seat.

"Leavin' so soon? We need t'catch up sometime, Sie'," K'ane directs to Sienna with a half-wistful expression over to the greenrider. "Thanks," to M'ero, dryly. "Seems like I've always got one, since I've got here. Y'new?" He takes a long draw of his klah, and with a half-smile doesn't look at Teyaschianniarina.

M'ero watches Sienna stand up, "Thanks, ma'am, looking forward to it." In some mouths, that's such an innocent phrase, but from M'ero? Innuendo. As for K'ane's shiner, the blue-knotter eeehs to Teya, "I dunno, I don't think I've had one that colorful before." Lover; not fighter, here. To K'ane: "Yeah, Got here a few seven-days ago, been settling myself in." K'ane's a fellow Man, maybe he'll be more hot to trot to party hardy: "Just scouting the scene, checking the place, y'know?"

Sienna nods at Teya's question, with a little smile. "Yup. I've got more work to do before the day is up. And yes, that we do, K'ane. Let's grab drinks sometime or go flying or something, alright?" Looking down at M'ero, she just laughs, shaking her head. "Boy, we'd tear you up." And on that amused note, Sienna grabs her jacket and makes her way out, weaving her curvy form through the crowd until she's out the door and back to work.

Teyaschianniarina ends up opposite K'ane but not directly, the better to keep her focus on the new guy; her grin ends up half-hidden behind a sip of juice, but only half. "I'm sure that can be fixed if you stick around," she assures, oh! so sincere, "for any kind of time. They're quite," slanted side-eye toward K'ane, then back to M'ero, "fetching. Or so I've been told. Roll?" She offers one, before she tucks into the rest.

A glance to M'ero, again. K'ane has a half-smile. "Of course." Then the bronzerider salutes Sienna smartly. "Absolutely." Teya receives a Look, amused, and he seems to be ready to say something… before K'ane's eyes get distracted by something over-yonder: "Ah, 'scuse me," with an apologetic look to all before he's striding across the 'caverns.

M'ero is finishing his klah as Sienna leaves, and stretches. And splays. No one needs that, except maybe the ladies around: surreptitiously, M'ero cranes his neck around to see if anyone saw. Nope, no one but that greenrider over in the corner who's looking a bit lascivious, so M'ero stops… splaying. Probably better, but he fends off even the mere offer of a black eye from Teya, "No, thanks… I look better without." S'what his mom tells him. "No thanks," he says to the roll offered, "Too many rolls and I won't be able to offer the ladies this," 'this' being the toned stomach that M'ero pats. K'ane's hasty departure doesn't even have time to get commented on, but M'ero turns back to Teya with a 'what can ya do' look. And then because he's M'ero, he introduces, "M'ero, on blue Furanth. Heyyyyy."

Teyaschianniarina acknowledges K'ane again, but only once he's leaving: with two fingers in a v, at her eyes and then back at him instead of a salute or a wave, her, "Later," paired with it almost sinister — well, if you ignore the quick half-grin. Also, the fact that she totally chipmunked a bite of roll into her cheek before saying it. "I don't know," is back to M'ero again as she swallows, giving his midsection an appraising look, "I'd still go for the rolls, personally." Then again, while she's got that whole lanky-rangy rider-toned thing going on for the most part, she's also clearly somewhat fond of the rolls herself, at least lately. "Teyaschianniarina, brown Ryglinath. What do you think of Igen Weyr so far?"

Yeah, that chipmunk look is sort of not reeling M'ero in; though maybe that's the reason; perhaps it's how M'ero's not in on any joke between Teya and K'ane, and as such figures Teya's one to be watched. Cautiously. "I guess, if you really like them, but I can't run enough to work off rolls." And apparently he's getting a reminder from somewhere, because he rushes to add, "I mean, and you don't have to because, well," a handwave of despair. Please understand this and don't give him that black eye? "Igen! Great place. Lots of ladies here. Sorry, that was Teyaschinnyarena?" And Ryglinath. That's a lot easier to remember.

"Don't worry," teasing time apparently only goes so far, because Teya is a creature of kindness (and only well-earned black eyes), "I'll be running these ones off in a few months, you're fine." There is a scuff-scuff, thump-thud from under the table, the sound of booted feet against the floor as she swings her legs. "Igen's not always kind to its ladies," she tells him, face gone just a little bit solemn, voice firm, "so you should be." This instruction apparently has nothing to do with the botch-job on her name, though: that gets a half-grin and, "Teyaschianniarina," a little more slowly, "but Teya works just fine."

Well that's certainly comforting, and M'ero grins a little. As for the ladies in the area, the bluerider looks entirely earnest as he says, "Oh, I'm very kind to the ladies," and thankfully he stops there before details get out - don't want to give away the usually gameplan and risk it being borrowed. But even as Teya corrects her name and offers the shortened nickname, M'ero's determined to get it right. He's shallow, not stupid, "Teyaschi-anniarina." That pause is to get his breath, perhaps, but he grins in light of his success, "Yeah. Teya sounds good. So, you came from Before?"

The second try of her name gets a genuine smile, wide and lopsided. "That's it! It does get easier, but you don't need to worry about it." Her boots scuff-thud against the ground again, and she nods. "The name's a bit of a giveaway, isn't it? Ryglinath kept it," and, solidly settled in an Interval, no-one contested it, "but Teya's got a lot more utility. How 'bout you?"

Yaaay, M'ero got it right! He wins a stuffed pony! Grinning broadly, M'ero says, "It's h… a good name." See, he can be taught because how many women of substance like knowing their name is 'hot'? Whatever; M'ero sits there, glowing with success for a moment, until Teya asks about his own past which is not nearly as past-ey as her own. "I'm just in from Telgar Weyr," he says proudly, "Came here for the view, the sand, the sky…" And then M'ero pauses, hearing a message only for him, and he coughs, "Um. Sorry, I gotta go check out what Furanth needs." Klah mug is set down, and M'ero salutes Teya quickly before quickly moving out the doorway.

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