==== 30 Jan 2014
==== Jazene, Tavil
==== Jazene follows Tavil to Southern.

Who Jazene, Tavil
What Jazene follows Tavil to Southern.
When It is the sixty-second day of Summer and 83 degrees.
Where SW

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In dark morn and dusky eve fog lies grim and humid against the still waters of Azov Sea. Only the noontime sun burns away the concealing clouds of man's height, revealing that which lies beneath the mist- an awe-inspiring stone pier that stretches far into the inland sea, to the east of the line of orderly boat-slips for the locals and larger, open spaces for transport ships. Fishermen are often as common as seagulls upon the pier's length in particular, ill-concealed and ill-clothed in the loose dun homespun of Southern's natives.

Weeks. He's been here for weeks, and coming down to the docks every day. This evening finds Tavil at the docks once again, though he's looking a bit forlorn at this point. He got that letter from the Hall so long ago, and she's still not here!

All the passengers seem to have disembarked the ship docked in Southern’s port. The crew has begun to swarm down the ships plank with crates of goods. The shipment starting to pile up as Seacrafters and the like move forward to lay hands on it. Shuffling it off to wherever it belongs. After a while everything begins to slow down and less product is being unloaded. Before the loading can begin the Captain of the fine vessel appears at the side of the plank. Jazene appears a few seconds later. “Thanks for the marks Cap! Next you dock here make sure you’ve learned to play better eh?” Good natured ribbing continues as she hefts her belongings and strolls down the plank to the docks. Turning to wave a final goodbye to the friends she’d made during the voyage.

Tavil hears… A voice. A wonderful, familiar voice! He swings around to where he heard it, and walks quickly towards the plank. "Jazzy! You finally made it down here!" he says with a grin, waiting at the end of the plank. Once she disembarks, he picks her up in a hug, luggage and all. "Shards, I missed you!" Setting her back down, he shoots a grin at the captain. "Thank you, sir, for getting her down here safely!" Without asking he takes her luggage and grins at her. "Have a good trip then?"

Jazene eeps loudly when Tavil scoops her up in a hug. Her clothes case and bag fall to the dock around his feet. “Tavil!! I’m /so/ glad to see you!” Her arms wrap around his neck as she hugs him tight and laughs. “You won’t believe how bored I was!” She’s still chattering as he sets her on her feet finally. Only quieting long enough to turn and grin at the Captain. “Good luck sir! That girl is a handful!! Trying to grow seedlings on my deck…” the man turns on his boot heel and walks off. Still lamenting loudly about country girls. With a shy giggle Jaz turns to look bashfully up at Tavil. “They were in old boots not /on/ the deck!” She looks down and then leans to snatch up her bag. “It was alright save for the storm."

Tavil just laughs, shaking his head. "I would believe it, Jaz. I took the same trip, remember?" No dragon riding for him and his seed stock, thank you very much! He watches the Captain turn around with a roll of his eyes, and then puts his free hand at the small of Jaz's back, pushing her towards the Weyr. "Come on, I've got a room set up for you, and then I'll show you the fields that we have to work with in the morning if you want." Straight to business with him, huh? "It's really good to see you, Jaz. Surprised the dreck outta me."

“I know you did. Just up and /left/!” Jazene pouts at him for a moment. When he puts a hand in the small of her back she looks around and now realizes he’s got her case. “You already have a room for me?! You’re the best Tav!” Sauntering along beside him with a big ol’ smile she heads in the direction he’s aimed her. “It’ll be good to get my hands into the dirt again. I feel drained after all that water around me.” Not a plant to be seen forever and ever. Talk about dreadful. “Why are you surprised?”

"Hey, I gotta go where they tell me. You know how that is, Miss Junior Journeyman," Tavil says with a laugh. "As soon as I got the message that you were coming down here, I went to the Headman and got you a place. Hope you don't mind living next to me again." He turns to grin at her when she says that she feels drained, chuckling. "I know what you mean, though I didn't resort to trying to grow anything in old boots. I'm just wondering where you got the soil! I'm just surprised that you'd come down here is all. Figured your parents would want you to stay in Nerat." He's well aware of how… protective her parents are of her, after all!

Jazene smirks up at him and rolls her eyes. "You left just /two/ days after watching me walk the tables too! It wasn't fair. You were so busy I barely got to say good bye." And oh boy how she'd cried a storm over /that/! The idea of rooming next to him again sends a pang through her. A mixture of delight and jealousy. The feeling she's gotten living next to him since she was far younger than today. "I'd feel safest in a room next to yours," she admits with a blithe shrug. "What's this place like anyway?" He distracts her from her question and has her laughing in the next breath. "I got the soil in Halfcircle where I got the boots. Reyna says 'hi' by the way." When he brings up her parents she blanches and tries hard not to wince. Hoping he'll not notice and change the subject. "Master Litherak agreed with me that you needed someone down here to keep you in line."

Tavil mockingly glares at her when she rolls her eyes at him, trying not to grin. "Hey, I've gotta go when they say I've gotta go, so here I am." Tav, of course, has no idea of any crying, or even that there would have been any. "Not really a whole lot to be feeling unsafe about down here, from what I've seen, as long as you keep to the Weyr. The fields are a different story, of course, but we'll work something out with that too." Of course, they're fairly close to the Weyr proper, at least. "It's not bad here. A little hot, a little humid, but not bad." He grins that the response to her question, nodding. "Figures you would've. Reyna, huh? Guess it'll be a while before I see her again." Not a peek of mention is made of her parents when she changes the subject. "You're both right, then. There's a lot of work to be done down here."

Jazene just smiles quirkily at him when he ‘glares’ at her. Used to his fussing ways and knowing full well he isn’t angry. “Oh, fields are fields right?! I’m sure they’re safer than the people ‘round here.” She’s run across a few of the shiftier folk back home before. Luckily not many or often. “Plants are /always/ happy to see you.” Because they have a mind of their own. Or something of that quirky nature. “I wanted to see her a last time before I set out.” She and her sister were close up til she moved away. “It’ll be a long time before we see any of them again hopefully.” She loves her family but she’s still slightly bitter over her parents. The fact threads through her voice. “I’m glad I’m here to help with all the work then! You know me always happy to wade on in.”

Tavil chuckles, shaking his head. "It's not the fields or the folks I'm worried about, Jazzy. It's the bloody wildlife. They've got felines down here that can kill a man in no time flat. Glad you got to lay eyes on her, and I'm glad she's going alright. More to the point, though, I'm glad to have you here too." He eventually leads her into the crafter complex, and then up to a pair of doors, pointing to the on the left. "That's yours. Go ahead and open it, I left it unlocked."

Jazene follows Tavil up the staircase in the complex and to the pair of doors. She stops to look up at him with wide brown eyes. “They’re really that big?! I thought that was just more ‘Weyr’ stories.” She shrugs her shoulder and chuckles. Both of them familiar with her brothers and Jaz at least knowing a lot of it is herd-beast patties. “I am very happy to be here,” she admits with a suddenly shy smile when he professes being glad to see her. “This is it eh? So which one’s yours?” She glances to the left and right before twisting the knob and opening the door. Quickly stepping inside and out of his way so he can follow with her luggage.


Country Corner
A small sitting area greets you as you step off the upper landing of the Crafting Complex into this lovely office. Each piece of the mismatched furniture seems to complement the others in color if not in fabric pattern. A long sturdy sofa rests against the wall of the entrance while a table is shoved into the far corner. Two chairs, one against the wall and one placed opposite the sofa complete the cozy spot. Behind the door and along the rest of the wall a long trestle table is laden with a variety of pots, gloves, hand spades, and more. A collaboration of items a young farm girl might need to keep on hand. The east wall is taken up by a tin shuttered window and a wide staircase. A closet cut into the wall beneath the stairs serves as further storage. Centered in the northern wall is a smaller shuttered window. Providing light by day to the desk. A set of shelves is built into the north-west corner of the room behind the desk. While two small chairs take up space in front of the desk. A scattering of rugs dot the floor to complete the homey welcoming feel of the room.

Tavil follows her on in, setting the luggage down just inside the door. "Yeah, they're really that big, no 'Weyr' tales there. Mine's right next door," he says, pointing to the right. "Oh, I almost forgot, I've got your key right here," fishing the key out of his pocket and handing it to her. "So, whatcha think? Decent place, or do you wanna go to the headman and pick out another room?"

Jazene shakes her head in disbelief that the stories are true of such fearsome creatures. What /has/ she gotten herself into? As she ventures farther into the office she looks around and then upward at the loft above. “Wow,” she breathes happily. Turning her smile on him she walks back to him and accepts the key. “Thank you, Tavil. This is a /whole/ lot better than the dorms back home were.” She hadn’t stuck around long enough to be assigned a room there. Wheedling the Master into sending her here in a whirlwind kind of hurry. Much to her parents chagrin. “I think you chose a /perfect/ room for me.” It’s right next door to the love of her life after all.

Except that he's totally unaware of that fact! Returning her grin, Tavil offers her a side-hug. "That's right, you wouldn't have had much of a chance to get out of the dorms, now would you have? Why were you in such a sharding rush to get down here, anyways? Not that I'm complaining, mind you, I'm just a little shocked to see you down here so soon." Not a single mention of her parents, see there?

Jazene cuddles up against his side and hugs him back. He doesn’t know it yet. Problem is.. how to tell him? She slips away from his side and moseys over to inspect the desk set at an angle across the room. Giving herself a few minutes to debate what to say. “No I didn’t really have time to stay for room assignments.” The rest of her friends had and she’d bunked in the dorms until her departure for Sea Hold. “Is it so bad that I’m here this fast?” She turns to face him and perches on the edge of the desk. Briefly wondering if it had come with the room. Meeting a question with a question, she dances around the truth while she debates.

Tavil leans against the wall near the door, perfectly at ease with her. "Not bad at all. I'm just wondering why in the world you got yourself sent all the way down here for your first posting. I mean, I'm just a Journeyman, and near as I can tell we're the only Farmcrafters here. Not exactly the way for a rapid promotion, you know?" Because he knows that she's destined for great things. "I'm not gonna lie, though. It sure is nice to have a familiar face around here. Think maybe I could talk you into sitting with me at meals for a bit?" Not that she's ever sat anywhere else, but he's sure some young 'rider will catch her eye.

Jazene eases further onto the desk top and allows her feet to leave the floor a couple inches. “I couldn’t have my best friend down here all by his lonesome now could I?” That’s truth enough for now. Considering she’s all but been his shadow most of her life. She laughs softly and nods her head, “Of course I’ll sit with you at meals, Tav. Where else would I sit?” She tilts her head and smiles too sweetly, “Who else is going to drag the women out of your bed by their hair eh?” Okay so she’d only ever done that /once/. And the tart had deserved it.

Tavil watches her sit up on the desk, grinning as he remember how she used to sit on the bench in his work room back in Nerat. "Alright, if you don't wanna tell me, that's fine," he says with a chuckle, not believing the reason she gives for her migration. "Well, you don't have too. Plenty of folks 'round here are going to be wanting your company, I think." He just stairs at her for a moment at that last bit, then starts laughing, deep in his belly. "Shards, the look on her face!"

Jazene has always stayed as close as she could to Tavil. Even more so as she’d grown up and matured into a young woman. Tending to fly through her chores as fast as she could and seek him out. Often sitting on the bench in his work room to study. “I’m telling you everything!” She hops off the desk and marches over to him to stand before him with her hands on her hips. “Everything you need to know,” she has heard him use those words countless times with her. Often in relation to his latest conquests. Dropping her hands to her sides she looks truly baffled now, “I wouldn’t know who ‘round here would want /my/ company. I doubt too many folks are interested in seasons, seeds, and straight rows.” His deep belly laugh pulls a giggle out of her as well. “Well!! She’d have slept all day an’ got you into trouble come mid-morning.”

Tavil has rather noticed her closeness the last couple of Turns, and hasn't once thought to comment on or complain about it. "Mmmm, that sounds familiar. I think I might've said that to you a time or two, huh? There's plenty of folks that'd want your company, no matter what you were talking about." He grins at her giggle, shaking his head. "Yeah, you're right, she would've. Ah well, all's well that ends well." He gestures towards the stairs on the right side of the room, looking to change the subject a bit. "Bedroom's up there. Looks like it used to be used for storage, but I had 'em put the bed and whatnot up there. You oughta go and take a looksee."

Jazene quirks a brow at him and tilts her head when he admits telling her that very thing sometimes. “I wouldn’t know what for,” she shrugs her shoulders as her face clears into another smile. His gesture toward the stairs has her turning to look at what he’s pointing at. As always he changes the subject before she can dig any deeper. Drawing the usual frustrated near-growl from her. “You turned it into a bedroom?” Okay that’s enough to distract her and she turns to saunter over to the staircase. “Going to give me the grand tour?” She asks with one foot on the bottom step, looking at him over her shoulder with a smile.

Wow. That didn't work so well. Tavil smiles, though, and pushes himself up off the wall, gesturing up the stairs. "Lady's first, Jazz," he says, waiting for her to get a few steps up before climbing up after her. "Not much on room up here, but hey, you've got your own bathroom," he says as they reach the top, gesturing towards the cubicle in its corner. Because, hey, not having to share your shitter? Priceless. "Get a pretty good view of the sea from the windows, too. Nice breeze most days."

"You're always a gentleman, Tav," she tells him before turning to head upstairs. Jazene's hips sway as she climbs the stairs and emerges onto the landing of the loft. "My own bathroom? Oh I /love/ this place!" The threat of felines is forgotten in favor of not having to shuffle through a room full of sleeping people to get to the restroom. She skips across the room and opens the door to peek inside. "It's got a huge shower too! You could fit three of me in there." Or both of them. But she doesn't /dare/ voice that aloud. Shutting the door once more she strolls over to the bed and flops into the mattress on her back. Her skirt riding up her thighs, but not indecently so. "A big ol' comfy bed.. Tavil you spoil me," she tilts her head to beam happily up at him.

Tavil stays, quite stoically, over by the stairs, grinning as he watches her joy as she explores the apartment. "I thought it was a nice step up from Nerat. Even the journeymen quarters there are dingy. I'm glad you're happy with it." He can't help but smile back at her when she grins at him, he loves to see her happy. "My bedroom's right on the other side of that wall," he points, "Pretty much the same setup, just reversed." So the beds are as FAR APART as possible. Easier to have company that way, right? "So, you want me to show you over to the living caverns for the usual grub, or do you wanna head out to the boardwalk and see what's for sale?" Because surely the first thing on her mind after that long sea voyage is some decent, hot food, right?

Jazene feels a knife edge of disappointment shoot through her as she sits up on the edge of the mattress. How come he’s always charmed every other female on Pern, yet never her? Drat the luck! She hides her feelings behind her always carefully cultivated smile. “I’ll have to pop over sometime and see it,” she tells him. Rising from the bed she smoothes her skirt over her hips. “I don’t think I’m up for shopping right this second. So food would be nice,” she admits and strolls toward him. It won’t hit her appetite exactly but food will keep her going. “Anything but fish stew sounds wonderful right about now.” Ship food left a lot to be desired in her opinion. But it had gotten her here so she never once complained.

Not every other female. Certainly not any as young as her, nor as close! Tavil heads one down the stairs, waiting for her to follow before heading for the door. "Don't forget to lock up. We don't have a problem with thieves down here, really, but I was told that the apprentices geta little pranky sometimes. Not that you'd know anything about that, right?" he asks with a grin. Once she's got the door locked, he leads her on out, walking over to the living caverns and the glory that awaits there.

Jazene forces her hand to slide down the railing as she follows him downstairs. Rather than reach out and rest her fingers on his shoulder as she’d really like to do. The age barrier is one she wishes she knew how to get past with him. “Well the last thing I need is someone messing up my office before I’ve even been here a day.” She detours to the desk and scoops up her key, following him out the door and locking it firmly behind them. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Deny, deny, lie! “I was never a prankster as an apprentice,” she’s clearly teasing him from the expression on her face when she looks up at him. Their banter is fun and familiar as they head to the living caverns. Being here with him is better than being at home without him.


Living Caverns
Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophiba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

Tavil just smirks as she denies having been a prankster, intentionally and playfully bumping into her as they walk. "Oh, and I suppose that scarecrow in the west fields just happened to look like old Sharutin back home? Right down to his coat. You certainly wouldn't know anything about that, would you?" He's rather enjoying the banter, having felt quite alone for the last few sevens, even as he buried himself in his work. "Here we are," he says, gesturing grandly to the living caverns, still quite busy even at this late hour. "C'mon, I'll show you how it all works," he says, and then proceeds to do just that, taking her through the serving lines.

Jazene sidesteps with the bump from Tavil. Causing a couple people they pass to stare at them curiously. A man his size could easily knock her down, but she steps with it so naturally that it’s obvious they’ve known one another a long time. “Well I might have known a tiny bit about that,” she admits with a laugh. “But I was far from alone in that endeavor! I just /happened/ to be the apprentice assigned to deliver his laundry that seven. It may never have made it there or someone else might have swiped it after it did.” She’d never been blamed for it because no one had seen her do it. She walks into the living caverns with him and suddenly feels itty bitty. This place is huge! “Oh wow,” she murmurs while slipping her hands around his arm. An old habit she’d picked up when she’d gotten tall enough to reach.

Tavil looks down as she wraps her hands around his arm, grinning at the familiar sensation. It's the little things you miss! "Oh, aye, but we all knew you did it. Your ma had a sharding hard time over the ribbing she caught because of it." Not that he really minded seeing her put down a couple of pegs… Her reaction to the caverns gets another chuckle from him as he nods. "I pretty much said the same thing. Go ahead, take in the view."

Jazene has always held onto him like this when she’d felt overwhelmed. His sheer size alone had saved her from a lot of the meaner children when they were growing up. Mean brats hadn’t been willing to pick on her with him around. “She gave me quite a switching over it too.” Had left welts on her back and legs that had taken a good while to heal. “I think half the Hall would fit in this one room,” she tells him softly. Sticking to his side as he leads them through the room. Her eyes are everywhere but in the direction they’re heading.

Which is fine, since he's watching in that direction. "So I heard, and I was sorry to hear it. You were just having a bit of fun, after all, isn't like you did any permanent harm." He grins at her amazement, shaking his head. "Pretty much, yeah. All the people in the Hall'd just take up about that section," he says, pointing over yonder. "Here, hold a tray and help yourself," he says when they reach the serving lines and he hands her said tray.

“You were busy with classes and out in the fields,” Jazene tells him in an understanding tone. “Nothing you could have done about it.” She’d refrained from any further discretions after that. Opting to live as her parents decreed her to. Right up until she’d told them how she’d felt about Tavil. For the first time in a very long time she’s defied them. And she’s wondering how long it will take before it bites her somehow. “I reckon you’d be right,” she agrees with a nod of her head. When he holds a tray out to her, she lets loose his arm to take it. “They’ve sure got a /lot/ more to pick from here too.” She eyes the trestles and loads up her tray. Following him through the lines and then to a table. The evening passes with cheerful banter. Almost a homecoming of sorts in an entirely new home.

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