==== October 29, 2013
==== Mayte, S'kyre and I'tani, W'rin
==== The Twins and Mayte run into W'rin whilst he's drinking at the Cantina.

Who Mayte, S'kyre and I'tani, W'rin
What The Twins and Mayte run into W'rin whilst he's drinking at the Cantina.
When 10 months and 9 days until the 12th pass
Where Igen Weyr


Dustbowl Cantina
To enter the Dustbowl Cantina is to descend: the heart of the ancient tavern lies half underground, at the foot of ancient steps, insulated from summer heat and winter cold by the volcanic rock surrounding it. A windowless place well-lit by glows, it is homey, even cozy, with a certain bijou charm - but for the deep gouges worn in wooden table and solid stone, some //clearly lingering evidence of boisterous brawling. The wall behind the well-polished bar, though, remains free from scars or graffiti, as does the door into the small kitchen, and the stairwell up into the owner's quarters: the barkeep and his staff reign, and they guard their territory well. After all, only a fool angers the source of the booze. //

It is late at Igen, and W'rin has managed to sneak away after work. Currently tucked into a back corner in the Cantina with a mug of something frothy in hand the giant of a weyrleader is sitting with his back leaning against a wall, quietly observing the chaos that is the Dustbowl at night. Backs are slapped, deals are being made though nods and winks and handshakes, the essential bar fights. And man sipping at whatever it is he's been served, quite happily taking it all in.

And into this chaos comes the squabbling voices of S'kyre and I'tani, "I didn't cheat, mate. I just guessed correctly, you need to just pay up," this is S'kyre, or maybe I'tani. The other grumbles before he gives his brother a wry grin, "Guessed? Or something else?" wink wink, nudge nudge. This earns an eyebrow waggle before the pair are sidling up to the bar. A pair of steaming mugs are placed on the counter, and S'kyre drops the required marks down before they turn to see where the best place to sit would be.

W'rin is nothing if not observant, and it is no hard feat for him to spot his joshing pair of brownriders as they make their way through the throng. The grin falls from his face as he hears what the two are going on about. "You - TWINS. Over here!" But even the man who is so easily recognized by his anger can't keep up the masquerade as he points to the chair, with a grunted wave. "Hey guys. You two staying out of trouble?" Serious trouble anyway.

Once the drinks are collected, and the order snapped at them; the pair moves to join W'rin. A salute is snapped, and then they sit down, "Sir," is said by I'tani, then followed shortly by S'kyre, "What've you heard?" S'kyre asks in a very bland tone, he won't go for 'innocent'. First the pair is too old for that now, and second he already knows W'rin won't believe that anyway so why bother? Bland? Bland is an acceptable alternative. I'tani glares at his brother, then shakes his head, "We're good, sir," he can't believe his brother sometimes.

"Nothing. It was a joke." W'rin's face draws into something less jokingly concerned, but only mostly. Being away one's day job can do wonders for outlook, even draw it to the average person's level of grumpy. Which is really a vast improvement. And his settles against the wall in the corner table the weyrleader and his brownriding twin wingriders currently occupy. "What should I have already heard about? And who will I hear about it from. Just so I'm prepared."

"Nothing, sir," S'kyre answers with a grin, "Only, I'm working on a present for Gritta, and Sadaiya," because he hears they really like pretty things. I'tani blinks at S'kyre, "You didn' tell me about that," accusing tone would be heard to miss, "Oi, y'er always sneezing an stuff when we get near flowers. I didn' say anything because I didn' want you sick," brotherly concern, see?

It's not a shy or retiring Mayte who wanders into the Cantina, it's a cautious one. As she comes in, her eyes dart one way and the other, hand rubbing over short-shorn hair. Still, she doesn't immediately spot anyone who will recognize her, so the Apprentice makes her way to the bar, laying down a mark for something clear in a glass. Stiffen the nerves and such. Then she peeks over her shoulder, eyeing any newcomers, or anyone she missed the first time. She can't help but look over at Sadaiya's name, but there's no way to look casual in twisting back around, so Mayte so casually pretends she was looking in W'rin, S'kyre, and I'tani's direction.

"Making something for Sadie?" W'rin's eyes narrow. He's none too pleased with the idea of flowers for his the oh-so-not-on-the-good-list junior. But there isn't really a case to be made for stopping it so he'll just grunt heavily into his drink and down half of it. Mostly hiding the displeasurable noise that emits at the idea. Only then Mayte is here, man. Work is following him everywhere today. The girl gets a jerk upward of his chin in a greeting.

S'kyre exchanges a look with I'tani, then shrugs, "Well sir, I sort of started the project before the hatching," he admits. Not that he'd stop the game now that it's so far advanced after all, "I still think you should have talked with me first," I'tani gripes, then because he's still sore with S'kyre poor Mayte is included in his scowl. S'kyre sighs, "Fine, next time I'll talk with you next time."

Oh, well. If W'rin's reaction isn't to shout down the house at her, then Mayte will relax and make her way over. "Good afternoon, Weyrleader," she says in a sweet voice that totally contradicts the hair, and then turns to the twins, "And to you sirs." She refrains from asking about S'kyre and I'tani's brilliant idea, mainly because she's busy ignoring the latter's glare. Mayte will, however, wonder, "Have… ahem, have you seen greenrider K'vvan recently?" A sip of the clear liquid in her glass, a whiff of which proves it to be faintly whiskeyish - but who would water whiskey?

W'rin nods and shrugs, he isn't saying anything one way or the other. And if Mayte is completely off the hook well she certainly won't be getting any of W'rin's father style wing lessons for a while. But his shouting is contained to the time periods when he doesn't have a glass shoved in his mouth, or nearby to be shoved in aforementioned mouth. "K'vvan? He's on my wing." Duh. Girl. Oh was she looking for more information, the weyrleader seems unaware she was fishing as his eyes fall back on the glaring twins. "Well out with it. What is this project then?"

S'kyre punches I'tani, "It's not ready," well it is, but; "I found some lovely flowers, and made a pair of garlands from them. One for Gritta, and the other for Sadaiya," another scowl for his brother before he continues, "They haven't aged properly yet," see? Nothing really, "And I'tani here, well some flowers makes him sick. So he's just really sore at me for not including him, but honest I'tani I was thinkin' of y'er health when I didn' say anything," I'tani simply huffs, "Right, you didn't want to share the fun," which isn't true, but S'kyre will deal with that detail later.

Mayte eyes W'rin expectantly, but when he moves onto the new topic, she hides the press of lips behind her glass. Time to get out the clue-by-four, "Um, could you tell me where you last saw him?" That's pretty hard to wriggle around, right? So Mayte seems to think, because she looks over at the twins, "That sounds really nice. I bet Gritta and Sadi…" nope, not looking at W'rin, "goldrider Sadaiya will love them."

"A garland?" W'rin's eyebrows lift in a are-you-women sort of way. "Allergic to flowers?" This draws another roll of his eyes but Mayte saves the twins from a speech about manhood from the weyrleader. "Drills." The man blinks slowly as it all slowly dawns on him and then he draws out a, "Why?" Despite that the weyr's two most mischievous riders are sitting directly across from him it is the girl who draws the man's suspicions. Just what is she up to.

"K'vvan?" I'tani finally catches his wingmate's name, "Haven't seen him much beyond drills," he answers in complete honesty. S'kyre shrugs and adds, "He hasn't said much lately," not that K'vvan ever really says much. Now the pair are all ears, and leaning towards Mayte in absolute interest with what she may say in response to W'rin.

If W'rin is suspicious why Mayte is asking where K'vvan is, then Mayte is suspicious about why W'rin is suspicious. She doesn't quite notice the four interested ears of the twins, but replies with slightly forced airiness, "Oh, I just… haven't seen him in a while. I was - thinking I'd want to say hi!" Yes, that's it. No cold-water skinny-dipping or anything! A glance to the twins, "Has he been… uh, moody lately?" If W'rin doesn't know, surely his wing-mates will, right?"

"Oh." Is W'rin's completely placated answer to Mayte's reasoning. Perhaps he just doesn't have the energy for any more conspiracies. "Moody?" The man grunts as he locks eyes with the twins, or maybe just an eye a piece, and shrugs at 'em before turning back to the female. "You mean more than normal?" The back of a giant hand swipes at his nose, before grasping his glass again. If she's lucky the twins'll know more, and the weyrleader's eyes fall on them.

Mayte sighs and leans back a little. Nodding at the twins, she says, "Thanks," albeit distractedly. To W'rin, she hmms and watches him for a moment, then decides against saying anything more. "Thanks for letting me know. If, uh, if you see him, tell him I say hi?" Mayte requests of the entire table, but there's a stiffening of her shoulders. Men: who needs them? Present company excluded, of course. "My apologies for interrupting. Er, have a good night," Mayte rounds that out with some attempt at civil politeness, then turns to wander out, glass still in hand, the other scrubbing through her hair. Hmph.

"Chicks." Is W'rin's only offer as Mayte makes her exit, completed with a heavy shrug as he looks back at the brownriders. "AmIRight?" Surely he can get some affirmation from these two. "Any idea what sup with her?"

A couple of owlish blinking brownriders can only nod in agreement, "Not a clue," S'kyre answers, and I'tani just gives a blank look before adding a shrug, "She's a strange one, so your guess is as good as ours," I'tani finally says.

Grumbling at the final answer W'rin lifts an eyebrow, "Yah. So's K'vvan. Maybe that's why they're such good friends." Because in the man's mind nothing else could be going on. NOTHING. Subject forgotten his draws on his liquid relaxation. "You two doin' okay?"

S'kyre nods, "Sure thing," they answer, then I'tani stands and drops his hand on S'kyre's shoulder, "Gotta run. Grumble butt says he's hungry," isn't that a nice thing to call one's dragon? Well maybe it's just the last little bit of ire towards S'kyre. S'kyre gives I'tani a backhanded wave, "Yeah, Ats is griping too," so it's probably not going to be long before S'kyre heads towards the feeding pens himself.

W'rin is at the bottom of his mug, and he looks at it with a the look of a jilted lover. Le Sigh. Oh. One of the twins is departing, back in real life the weyrleader jerks his head in a goodbye and then half his mouth curls up in a smirk, "Oh, go on. Go with 'em. Faranath knows Pern would explode if you two were a part for mere second. Fuck it." The whole speel is good natured as she waves off the other half of the pair. "Fucking start calling you Sk'ani." But at this point even the giant is pushing his chair back to stand.

S'kyre grins as he stands to follow after his twin, "Sk'ani, good one sir," he says at the end of a long gigglefit. Then he's gone, along with I'tani. Presumably to feed their dragons.

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