==== October 27, 2013
==== Kalea, Kultir
==== Kultir is tanning hides on Kalea's ledge where bonding moments are shared.

Who Kalea, Kultir
What Ooo-oooh that Smell
When There are 0 turns, 10 months and 15 days until the 12th pass.
Where The Shire, Southern Weyr

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The Shire
The lush hues of outdoors follows you inside this small weyr. Light from outside allows several plants in stone pots to grow wildly up the walls. A short walkway into the inner weyr angles just enough to prevent any rain from getting inside. Embroidered tapestries decorate the inner walls, leaving only a few places showing bare rock. The cook stove rests along the curve of the wall past Ryadranth's couch niche and floor space. Far enough out of the way to prevent accidental bumping and yet close enough to give off more than enough warmth on cool nights. The sleeping area is positioned opposite the cook stove. Far out of any dragon's way, a plush bed is shrouded from view by a diaphanous curtain of lovely indigo that shades to midnight-blue. Barely enough walk space could be allowed between the end of the bed and the back of a low sofa. A matching chair rests to the right of the couch against the wall. Wedged between the chair and the wall leading to the entrance is a set of cabinets. Finding a smooth wall surface is impossible, and the floor is scored with claw marks.

There is a mildly sweet odor of rotting meat wafting away from the weyr entry out on the ledge where Kultir is settled cross-legged on the stone, as far away as he can keep the odorous stuff so that it doesn't smell up the weyr. A raw pelt is being tied onto a stretching frame with rawhide lacings. The young man's brow is creased in a frown of concentration as he works, three already tied onto frames and two more raw pelts waiting to be done.

The heat of the day and the lack of a breeze within the weyr compound the smell wafting in from the ledge. Making Kalea’s stomach turn as the infants within her belly move and shift about. She would give anything to be able to tell Kultir not to process the hides here at the weyr. But if she did that she’d never see him at all. And his ever growing lack of attention is cause enough for concern without creating further problems. “If I didn’t think it would make it hotter in here I’d devise a hanging to cover the entry,” she comments idly as she waddles up behind Kultir to see how much progress he’s made.

Kultir smiles as he looks up at her as she moves up behind him. "Is … is it getting too bad in there, love?" he asks softly, his tone one of apology as he looks back down at the pelts he's working on. He sighs as he ties off the last knot of the one he's working on and sets it aside with the others. With a glance at the position of the sun, the young man tucks the last two back into the basket he purloined from the storage cavern to use for his raw pelts and hides, lidding it tightly. Carefully leaning the four stretched pelts against the stone he had placed for this use, he stands carefully. A water skin is taken to the edge of the ledge and poured over his hands to rinse away the last of the odor, wiping his hands on a scrap of cloth to dry them. Turning to his 'mate, the young man takes her hands and kisses them both. "I'm sorry, love … about the smell. I didn't think it'd make it into the weyr if I worked where the wind blows it away."

Kalea’s hands spread across her ample belly as she watches Kultir work. “It’s the heat that’s getting to me the worst right now.” Which is honest enough and she smiles. “There’s a little bit of a breeze getting in but it’s just hot air stirring up hotter air.” In other words she’s hot, pregnant, and miserable. “The smell is wafting in with the breeze and with the weather it isn’t helping.” She chuckles while she watches him rinse his hands off. “I’m trying not to complain over much. I know the rains kept you from working on the pelts the last couple of days. Once Ryadranth is done visiting perhaps I’ll venture down to the Weyr and leave you in peace to work.” Because getting out of here has become the only way to get relief from the stench. But when Kultir is home one of lifemate pair has to be. And Kalea drew the short straw today so to speak.

Kultir chews on his lower lip, a habit he'd gotten into during Candidacy whenever he wasn't sure what to say. "I can stop working the pelts … after these are done." he offers softly. "I can still get the birds and those won't smell since the carcasses will go to the kitchens." The young man is still not sure how he should treat the woman now that she's getting more and more uncomfortable since he doesn't want to hurt her or the babies. "Do you want to sit down, my love? I can help you get back up if you want to sit over on the far side where the wind is blowing a bit stronger." He gestures toward the area Ryadranth usually lounges, one hand resting on one of the lounging chairs indicating his willingness to move it for her.

A decent portion of the Weyr manages to boss Kalea around and push her to her physical limit. Then she comes home to a young man who barely touches her and acts like he’s half afraid of her. It’s rather disconcerting. “Sitting out here where I can watch you work might help.” If she’s got to smell it she might as well watch the process right? “No, don’t stop working the pelts. I know how much you love this new venture you have going.” She moves out of the way to wait for Kultir to move the chair for her. That much of his attention is rather nice. “I’ve discussed it at length with Rya and we’re in agreement that if it’s something you love to do. It’s something we’ll adjust to.”

Kultir lifts the chair easily and moves it to a safe spot where she can get the most of the breeze whipping around the curve of the bowl. Holding out his hands to her, he helps her settle into the low chair as gently as possible. Once she's comfortable, he settles on the stone next to the chair and leans against it as he faces her with a tender smile curving his lips. "I do like it but I don't want to upset you and Rya if the odor is too much." he says. He sighs softly and clasps her hand tenderly in his own, the fingers of his free hand stroking the back lightly. Looking back up at her, his worry evident in his expression, the young man asks, "Kalea? You know I love you, right?" He feels like this shouldn't even need to come up but they haven't discussed much since she and T'lvier had dragged him out of the tavern after the Hatching.

Kalea is grateful for Kultir’s help settling into the chair. The low slung lounger allows her to lean back some and that helps take a little pressure off her back. She lifts her hair and tosses it up over the back of the chair. Getting it off her neck and allowing the breeze to cool her skin. “We’ll get used to it honey.” She laughs softly at the memory of some of the hiccups they’d encountered since this process had begun. Ryadranth had implicitly demanded that Kultir work on the portion of the ledge where his things rest now. Refusing to give up her sweet spot, as the green had called it. When Kultir looks at her with that worried expression she braces herself for the ‘but I’m leaving’ that she’s been dreading to hear. “I know that Kultir. I love you too.”

Kultir's eyes fall to their clasped hands as he swallows down the tears that her words called to his eyes. "I still say you're working too hard, love. You shouldn't be that tired when you get done for the day." he murmurs. He sighs heavily at her complaint of him being gone more often and shakes his head slightly. "I'm sorry, honey. I … it's not that I'm not interested in you … it's more like I don't want to hurt you or the babies." If anything he's more interested in her rather than less, he just doesn't know how to tell her this. He looks up at her and sighs softly, a slightly sad expression on his face. "The last few times you've been in bed before me and I tried to hold you … it felt like you pulled away from me. I … didn't want to crowd you."

Kalea is unprepared for the sheen of tears in Kultir’s eyes. He’s been so distant of late that she hadn’t considered that he cared anymore. Normally he stays busy with his hunting or with processing the hides. She still isn’t sure why he’s even going through all that. But she assumes he’s doing something with them as they disappear eventually. “I just don’t want to get into trouble for not being able to keep up with simple chores.” So she refuses to complain to anyone down in the Weyr about it. “I’m not any more fragile than I was before, Kultir.” She manages a dry chuckle because she /does/ get tired more easily. But still she manages. “And I don’t mean to pull away love. It’s just I feel like I’m taking up the whole bed these days. So I’ve been trying to stay on my own side.” Plus.. it’s hot! Even at night.

Kultir's jaw clenches briefly since he can feel an argument in the offing and sighs heavily. "I'll go to the Headman or Nora then. They can come to me about it but you shouldn't be so exhausted." he says softly. "I don't care if they don't think you should be having babies this close to Fall starting but you are and they shouldn't work you like they have been. By the Egg, I'll go work in the kitchens in your place if I have to so that you can get a decent amount of rest." His own brand of stubbornness burns in his eyes as he looks back up at her.

Kalea frowns at that clenched jaw because she too knows what it means. Kultir has grown a lot and not just in height. His new sense of responsibility is what she admires most about him a lot of the time. Though sometimes, like now, she misses that wayward teenager who was afraid to anger people of rank. “You can’t just go hollering at the Headman, Kultir. You’ll get yourself into a heap of trouble that neither of us need.” She chokes on a laugh when he mentions working in the Kitchens for her. “You work in that sweltering heat?! You’d lose time with your friends or not be able to get lost in the jungle.” And she knows full well the jungle is his first love. At least these days it seems to be. “I’ll be fine. Now that I know it bothers you I’ll pay more attention.” She would love to show him more attention. She just hadn’t thought he’d welcome it. “Go get me the yellow lined basket please? I have something in it for you.” Speaking of not getting enough rest.. when she can’t sleep she sews.

"I wouldn't holler at him, love. Just … let him know that you aren't doing as well as you say you are and that I'd take your place in some of those tasks they assign you." Kultir says softly, a low chuckle coloring his tone. "And it's just as sweltering in the jungle some days. Besides, the jungle will be there once the babies are born." He doesn't mention that he seldom even sees his friends any longer since he hasn't gone anywhere near where the weyrlings are allowed since the Hatching. He frowns at her request but smiles slightly as he rises smoothly to his feet and fetches the basket she'd asked for, settling it carefully next to her before returning to his cross-legged position beside her.

Kalea laughs and shakes her head at Kultir. “That isn’t necessary. I suppose I can mention it to the Healers when I see them again.” Though she just saw the Healers so that might take a sevenday or so. The Queen of procrastination right here. She doesn’t mind him disappearing into the jungle. Still she would like to see him more often. “I haven’t been into the jungle in /forever/.” She sort of misses it sometimes. While he’s gone fetching the basket she wriggles herself into a more upright position. Smiling happily when he returns with the basket. She flips open the top and pulls a leather vest out and hands it to him. It’s light weight with a variety of buckles and pockets for the various tools of his trade. Yep this is where that hide he’d asked her about had disappeared to.

Kultir frowns as she promises to tell the Healers when she sees them but doesn't say much. "Please do, love. I don't like seeing you so tired." he says softly. A wry smile curls his lips when she complains about not going into the jungle and shrugs. "We'll go when you have time after the babies are born, love." His curiosity grows as she flips the basket open and pulls out the vest. He gasps softly as she hands it to him, an amazed smile stretching his lips as he looks at the work she's put in on it. "Oh, love … it's wonderful. Thank you! I thought you didn't know where that hide went …" His last words are gently teasing as he looks up at her with sparkling eyes. He slips on the vest and grins as it is a perfect fit.

Kalea figures she’s at the point in her pregnancy where she’s going to be tired no matter what she does. Though she does nod her head in agreement that she’ll talk to the Healers. “I’ll mention it to them.” She chuckles wryly but nods her head. “I’m actually looking forward to that. Or just having these children already. I’m a little tired of being pregnant.” This is an honest enough statement though it’s said with a loving smile. She chuckles at the look of delight on Kultir’s face when he takes the vest from her and tries it on. “Well I lied,” she admits with an unrepentant smile. “I didn’t want you looking through my things for it. It was a surprise.” See? She still thinks about him all the time.

Kultir blushes as she tells him the vest was a surprise and shakes his head as he investigates all the pockets and buckles she's sewn onto it. "It's perfect and just what I needed too, my heart." he says, looking up at her with shining eyes. "You should know by now I wouldn't go through your things before asking." His tone turns a little reproachful but he's also a bit teasing. After a few moments, his hands brush lightly over the front of the vest before clasping her hand in both of his. "Kalea. I love you. I'm not going to leave you. I'm still attracted to you in all ways. Just … if you don't like something I'm doing … would you please talk to me? That's all I ask."

Kalea smiles happily because he likes the gift. “I figured it might help given the way you keep tying things to you or stuffing them into a pack where they aren’t easy to get to.” She has been watching him closely apparently to know these things. “And you do sometimes go through the baskets when you’re looking for something. And I’ve never minded.” It had been a trick of keeping the vest in her clothes press and working on it while he was gone. She looks up at Kultir in surprise when he takes her hands in his. She listens to him intently and blinks back tears. “I love you too Kultir.” She sniffs lightly and nods her head. “I’ll discuss it with you from now on if I have reservations about something.”

Kultir smiles tenderly up at her as she agrees to discuss things with him from now on and lifts her hand to his lips for a gentle kiss. When he thinks back on what's she has said, he frowns and blushes. "I'm sorry, love … I guess I do when I'm looking for something specific. I'll try not to do that without asking and … If I forget, please remind me." After a few moments he hitches himself up onto his knees so that he can lean his longer body over hers to capture her lips for a tender kiss.

Kalea laughs openly at Kultir’s blush and shakes her head at him. “This is your home Kultir. Go through it as you please when you need something.” It isn’t like she walks around asking for permission to do anything at all. She wasn’t complaining just making an observation. When he leans up to kiss her she stretches to meet his lips with her own. Sighing happily at the intimate contact that she’d been missing. “This feels a bit more normal,” she tells him when they break away and she can smile up at him. “I’ve missed you love.”

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