==== January 5, 2013
==== Aaron, Krissi, Sori
==== Aaron teases his newest Journeyman for working so hard all the time and gets Kris to take a break.

Who Aaron, Krissi, Sori
What Aaron teases his newest Journeyman for working so hard all the time and gets Kris to take a break.
When It is the fifteenth day of Spring and 80 degrees.
Where Southern Weyr

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Craft Complex
Expansive and airy, this space, now adorned and decorated with the pride of well over a hundred crafters. A vaulted cavern encompasses two levels, fit with clever skylights from innovative smithcrafters that illuminate tapestries displayed from the bannister of the second-floor: Healer purple, Harper blue, the yellow of the Farmcraft — all the colors and all the crafts are upon display, proudly. The lower level is given to tables and chairs and a hearth stocked with klah; it is brightly-illuminated and a place to study and congregate socially both. The upper level is given to residential rooms, lending the whole atmosphere a pleasant, if somewhat supervised, aura.

Aaron is sitting near the entrance of the Craft Complex from the Weyr's bowl, leaning back on one bench and feet propped up on another bench, the picture of relaxation. A pitcher sits on the table beside him, and his hands are wrapped around a steaming mug of klah. Even though Rukbat has just risen, the air is already heating up, with the characteristic Southern mugginess.

Krissi has been up for a long while and finally disappeared into the Weyr for a late breakfast. Now she is making the return trip. Heading across the bowl toward the complex once again. At least the limping has quit, and the rag covering the small gash in her knee has disappeared. The bruise on her leg is the ugly healing color of yellowish gross now. “Morning Aaron,” she greets the Weyrsmith as she approaches the entrance and spies him sitting there. Because well, who could miss him?

Aaron starts a little bit at the sound of his name, looking over and smiling at Krissi once he's regained his bearings. "Sorry, Krissi, you caught me thinking," he says with an easy smile. Eyes travel down to her knee, and he nods. "Looking much better there, how's it feeling?" He points over to the sideboard near the entrance, smiling. "Care for some klah? Or did you just eat?"

“Is that so rare an occurrence that you’re easily startled while doing it?” Krissi’s tone is teasing and light. She alters her path and walks up to the table beside Aaron, rather than heading directly back in to work. She angles her leg out and looks down at it with a nod, “It’s looking a lot better than it did. Feels alright so long as I don’t bump it into stuff. Still a bit tender.” She pulls her eyes off the leg and straightens, turning to eye the sideboard. “I just ate but a mug of klah doesn’t sound bad.” That said she walks over to pour herself a mug of brew.

Aaron laughs, grinning at the other journeyman. "Only when I'm not thinking about work," he says, still chuckling. "Just thinking about home. We used to get days like this all the time during spring. Not so much up at Telgar, though." He turns to watch her getting her klah, grinning at this indication that she's actually going to take a break. "You know, you're making me look bad, getting up and starting your day so early," he teases.

Krissi totes her mug of klah back to the table and pulls out a chair for herself. “Lemos was still fairly cold when I left. Winter up there can be downright frigid. Trust me I don’t miss it.” She drops into the chair with a sigh and lifts her mug to blow on the hot klah in her mug. He manages to surprise a laugh out of her and she sets the mug down forgotten for a moment. “I wasn’t aware it was a competition boss. I’m not angling to make you look bad. I’m just used to the schedule up at the Hall. Once I got used to the time change, I went back to my regular schedule.” In other words she’s been working like this for her entire career thus far.

Aaron arches an eyebrow at her response, then shrugs. "If that's how you want to do it, I'm not going to complain about your work ethic. I just want you to know that I'm /not/ those bastards at Lemos. If you want to go have some fun, chase some tail, whatever, you're entirely welcome too, as long as whatever assignments I've sent your way get done." He chuckles a little, grinning at her. "Faranth knows that Kat'd have my hide if I kept your kind of work hours. Even Xenok doesn't demand that kind of attention from her." And that's a lot of dragon to be caring for.

Krissi hasn’t known life any other way. It’s as plain and simple as that. She blushes a bit when he mentions her chasing tail and sips on her klah for a moment. Letting the mug hide a bit of her face for the moment. “There’s a lot more to do down here than there was up at the Hall.” She chuckles softly, “This time of year I’m used to crafting or repairing compound bows for the huntsmen.” And lack of orders for that down here has left her scrambling to find things to do. “I got my office finished. Been working on the upstairs some.” She shrugs her shoulder which sends the mug in her hand swinging a tad. “Your woman would get used to your schedule if you kept it I’m sure.” Because that’s what lovers do right? Right.

Aaron takes a sip of his own klah, then tilts his head back towards his forge. "You've seen the spear racks in there, aye? Much more useful for hunting in the jungle down here, and much more likely to save your ass if one of those big felines decides you look tasty." If you know how to use it, of course! "You'll have to let me know when it's finished so I can come have a look. Dreval still working out for you?" At that last bit, he just laaaaaughs. "Oh, aye, she'd get used to it, and I could get used to an empty bed. She keeps me happy, I figure it's my duty to keep her happy too."

Krissi gazes toward the forge herself before nodding her head. “I’ve seen them. Just not used crafting them to be honest.” Not that they don’t look easy as all get out to do. “The bows are more useful for wherry hunting. And as big as the suckers down here are supposed to be, I’m surprised more folks don’t hunt with them.” Then again perhaps no one has shown up until her who knew how to make them. That she doesn’t know. “Dreval is wonderful. Though even he has told me to shove my early hours and comes in after breakfast.” She chuckles at that because she’d given him permission to speak to her freely. When the conversation swings back around to his girlfriend she sips her klah and contemplates him for a moment. “She’d adjust I’m about positive of it. Your bed wouldn’t stay empty long if she didn’t keep you happy.” That said she sets the mug down and digs in her pack for a moment. “Still,” she tells him while digging, “it’s good that you keep her happy.”

Aaron sips at his klah, nodding. "Problem with the jungle is that there's just not many places to properly use a bow, it's just too closed in. Most of the wherries the hunters get are from snares and other traps." His voice tell of his distaste for such methods, but then he shrugs. "It's what works down here, though, and I like to eat, so I'll not complain." At the news of Dreval, he nods, then chuckles. "He never was much of one for mornings. I really don't think I run to harsh of a shop here. Shards, the first moon I was down here while I was finishing out my rooms, I slept in a hammock in that corner." He points, and sure enough, there're two large eye hooks sunk into the stone.

Krissi hasn’t had the time to venture out into the jungle that surrounds them. Okay, she hasn’t taken the time to do so. “If it’s not broke don’t try to fix it,” she says as she produces a partially carved runner and a knife. “I haven’t been out in the jungles as of yet. Not brave enough to go it alone. My luck I’d get lost and you’d be short another Journeyman.” She scoots back her chair a bit and works idly on the carving. “Dreval is a good kid and he’s picking up new skill faster than I’d expected.” The little flakes and slivers of wood stop hitting the floor for a moment when she looks up to see what he’s pointing at. “If the summers get as hot as I’ve been told they do, I’m surprised everyone doesn’t sleep outside.”

Aaron has been out in the jungle more then a few times, though not lately. "Exactly right. Well, if you want me too, I'll let you know the next time we get together and go out. It's been a while since I got a feline." He watches the runner taking shape, nodding in appreciation of her skill. "Dre is a good kid… I just think he was getting bored with what he was doing. I'm glad that you're able to put him to good use." At the thought of everyone sleeping outside, he sighs a little and shrugs. "It'll be interesting… Threadfall is supposed to start in earnest right at the beginning of summer. I just hope they can get the charts updated and accurate fairly quick."

“I’d appreciate that,” Krissi tells Aaron with a nod of her head. “A good hunt would do me some good. And I’d love to see these fabled felines everyone up north goes on about. To hear folks up at the Hall tell it they’re big enough to eat a green dragon.” She looks up to roll her eyes at that and chuckles. “Old men and their stories.” She frowns slightly when he mentions Thread and looks up at him. “I’ve been trained on ground crew. But I haven’t got a tank. They all belong to the Hall up in Lemos.” In other words if she’s needed, she’s willing and able.

Aaron arches an eyebrow, then stands. "Stay here, I'll be right back." He disappears into the Smith wing, and there's the sound of a (his) door opening and closing. A little bit later, the door can be heard again, and he comes back out, carrying a bundle. The wide ribbon around it is untied, and then, on a neighboring table, he rolls out and unfolds a particularly large feline hide, easily longer and wider than the tabletop itself, hanging off the edge all around. "Nailed that one last fall with Headman Ranalde," he says with a slight smile. "Not quite so big as a green, but plenty dangerous none the less." At mention of flamethrower tanks, he shrugs. "We've got plenty down here. Just did a batch a couple sevendays ago." Plenty of flamethrowers to go around!

“Okay,” Krissi says when he commands her to stay put. Wondering vaguely where he thought she’d been about to go. She finishes the runner carving and sets it next to her mug of klah. Eyeing it for detail until Aaron reappears. Carving forgotten she sets her whittling blade on the table and rises from her chair to investigate the feline hide. “They must have gorgeous pelts,” she admits and lightly brushes her fingers against it. “It would be neat to bring one down.” She figures on how big the cat had to have been before the skinning and processing of the hide. “They really are fairly large animals aren’t they?” That comment made she looks up at Aaron with a smile. At the change of subject she nods her head, “I figured you’d be telling me where to report to. So since you brought it up, I thought it best to let you know I’m a fair hand with them.”

Aaron leaves the hide on the table, going to retrieve his klah and take another long, appreciative sip. "Thankfully, they're fairly easy to bring down once you know how. Just gotta stay away from the sharp bits. We usually use some firelizards to scout the way, and make sure that there aren't more coming. You can have that pelt, if you've a use for it. I've got more then I know what to do with." He nods at the comment regarding flamethrowers, then shrugs. "If you're that good, I'll probably put you in charge of one of the ground crews. We just have the standard flamethrowers down here, you're familiar with the most common issues with them?"

Krissi listens to Aaron describe how the groups go about taking down felines on hunts. Meanwhile she is circling the table where he’d spread a large pelt out for her to see. “I’d really like to go with you on the next hunt.” She looks up and grins at Aaron. “If things go wrong all I have to do is out run you,” she teases him and chuckles. “Are you sure?” This is asked as soon as he offers her the pelt. Because she’ll be taking that home with her if he’s serious. “What do you want for it?” And then they’re talking about flamethrowers again and she’s nodding her head. “I know how they get gunked up and act like backed up old men. If that’s what you’re referring to. I don’t think I should head a crew though until I’m familiar with the area I’m working in.” It would help ya know.

Aaron sips at his klah, looking over the striped hide spread on the table in front of them. "Well, consider yourself invited then, and the hide's yours for the taking. Faranth knows I've no use for it." Because why wouldn't the big Smith have a surplus of hides? Her grins as Krissi's description of flamethrower issues and nods. "Exactly like that. And no one here is overly familiar with all the area, the longest any of us have been here is a Turn, but that's fine. We'll all get familiar with it soon enough, I'm sure." Aaron might just have an advantage here, what with the hunting trips.

Krissi admires the pelt and runs her fingers across the hide with a smile. “I appreciate it Aaron. Thank you.” She isn’t positive what she’ll do with it yet. But she will certainly figure something out. “I have no doubt that everyone will be familiar way too soon,” she agrees with a nod of her head. “We heard about what happened over in Keroon. Had everyone up at Lemos freaked completely. And more than a few of them thought I was mad for wanting to escape down here.” Clearly she hadn’t cared for their opinions because here she is anyway. Very carefully she begins to roll the hide up and then discovers that from the angle she’s going at it it’ll be too big to carry, “Well shucks.” Unroll and try again.

Aaron sets his mug down again and moves over, chuckling. "Here, lemme show you," he says. The sides of the hide are flipped up and folded over, and then the whole thing is folded in half lengthwise when he starts to roll it up. "Keroon was… a mess. We lost a lot of good people there, and had a lot of injuries," he says, voice somber as he pulls the ribbon back out of his pocket and ties the hide back into its bundle. "On the other hand… I think it really woke some people up to the impending unpleasantness."

Krissi gives up her attempts when Aaron starts to show her the proper way to bundle the pelt back up. She watches closely so she can repeat the process later if necessary. Once the hide is secured with the ribbon she nods her thanks to him. “I have a feeling it’s going to be a bad Turn until everyone gets the hang of things.” She is immensely grateful that Lemos hadn’t been hit before she’d made her transfer. Somehow it feels safer down here in a Weyr. “Hopefully we’ll get it all figured out quickly though.” She caresses the pelt a last time and leaves it sitting on the table safely. Walking back over to the table still holding her klah and sitting back down.

Aaron settles back into the chair he was occupying, finishing off his klah as he nods. "Aye, it's going to be a mess until everyone gets things figured out. I gotta tell you, I'm kind of jealous of the young kids, the babies… They're going to grow up with this, and some of 'em might actually live to see the end of the Pass. It's not going to be a huge thing for them like it is for us… Unless they Impress, of course." He sighs a little, looking down into his empty mug but making no move to refill it from the pitcher at the table.

Sori makes her way in from outside. The towel draped around her neck, and dampish hair a good clue to her recent where abouts. To be clean, what a luxury. Specially given that she's developed a constant layer of soot under her fingernails.

“They will only be as strong as those who have gone before them teach them to be,” Krissi tells Aaron with a small smile. “Those before would be us I’m afraid.” She reaches over to pat his forearm lightly before quickly moving her hand to the klah pot and topping off her own mug. “Refill?” She holds it aloft and quirks a brow at him. “The more eggs on the Sands, the more folks Impress, and the better off we all are in my opinion. The ‘riders are a special breed of people to fight against it like they do. We need plenty of ‘em that’s for sure.” She has nothing but respect for dragonriders, even having come from Lemos. The place where the world at large ceases to exist to those living within the walls of the Hall. While she waits with the klah pot suspended in the air she looks up to spy Sori passing through and smiles a hello.

Aaron chuckles a little, and looks up when she asks if he wants a refill, nodding as he slides his mug over. "Aye, that's true. Talicanitath dropped 42 of 'em with this last clutch. Those new riders'll miss the first Turn of Fall, which I'm sure will gall them all." He follows Krissi's eyes to Sori, and gives the apprentice a smile of his own. "Hello, Sori," he says from his seat, giving her a little nod. "Have you met Krissi yet?"

Sori nods, "Yes," she answers, "we met in the living caverns," well close enough, it was actually at the night hearth but who keeps track of these things anyway? "Those eggs are interesting to look at," because she took her spare time and watched the eggs before her bath. Krissi is given a wave, "Ma… Krissi," ah look, the apprentice is still trying to follow formalities. She's learned to set them aside with Aaron, but it may take some time with Krissi.

Krissi pours her boss another mug of the steaming brew before setting the pot back in the center of the table. “I’ve never actually seen a dragon egg,” she confesses with a slight smile, “so I might just have to venture over before they hatch and take a gander at them.” She simply nods her head in agreement with him about the newest batch of ‘riders missing the first Turn. “But they’ll be the second wave so to speak eh? And better trained I’ll wager once the experienced lot gets their deal down pat.” She chuckles softly when he asks if she’s me Sori. Because yup she sure has during one of her very rare breaks. “Good to see you again Sori.” When the girl reveals /where/ she’d met her, Krissi sends Aaron a grin. “Devarl forgot to bring me my supper one evening,” she admits with a small shrug.

Aaron nods, taking a sip of his freshly renewed klah and sighing happily. "Good, good. I haven't even been over to see the eggs yet… I hate to say it, but one clutch looks the same as the others to me." Krissi's admission gets a chuckle out of him, though. "I'd never seen an egg until I got assigned to Ista. If nothing else, know that you /are/ expected to make an appearance at the hatching. Not by me, mind, but by the Weyr leadership." When she mentions Devarl not bringing her supper, he chuckles. "S’what happens when you go easy on 'em. Right, Sori?" When was the last time Sori brought him dinner?!

Sori blinks innocently at Aaron, "I remember the klah," because that's important to her. Food? No, that's not so important and probably one day she'll be reminded why eating is considered a good idea. Hopefully that reminder won't be in the form of her taking a header into the forge.

Krissi’s eyes go wide when Aaron informs her that she’s expected to be at the actual hatching. “I am? Whatever for? I’m not planning on bringing one home with me.” And she’s heard horrible stories about what goes on at hatchings. She isn’t at all sure she wants to be present for a living horror show folks. A sip of her klah is taken and she sighs softly. “I don’t actually expect it of him. It’s just something he started doing after I first got started working on my office. He noticed that I tend to forget to eat.” And yet she’s still a full figured woman. Go figure that. “At least you remember the klah,” she says to Sori’s retreating back. Apparently the girl got distracted by something because she wanders off.

Aaron chuckles and nods. "You're a journeyman, you're expected to be in the bleachers to watch. Don't worry, it's not near as horrible as whatever you've heard. I was raised in hold and Hall, so I was expecting some pretty nasty things at my first hatching too." He nods, listening to her explanation about her apprentice, and chuckles. "Well, good on him for taking care of you, then. Eating is important."

Krissi is relieved that Aaron knows the why of her not wanting to witness the hatching. “I suppose if I /have/ to,” she says grudgingly. “The stories that are told are simply not flattering about things like that.” Then again if the stories she’d heard about other things had been true she’d have had suitors by now too. “I suppose Halls exaggerate things.” She shrugs her shoulders and then breaks out into a smile, “He really is a sweet kid.” She glances down at herself then up at Aaron, “I usually don’t worry about it over much. I can stand to miss a few meals here and there. And I get to concentrating and lose track of time.”

Aaron smirks, just a little, at that relief, grinning. "I don't think it's anything that's done intentionally. People just don't know what goes on in a Weyr, and will believe just about anything that anyone tells them. If one of the candidates doesn't get out of the way fast enough, there might be some blood, but that hasn't been an issue at the ones that I've been too." He shrugs a little at the topic of food, gesturing down his own body. "I could too, but I rather enjoy eating, so screw it."

“I hope it isn’t an issue at any of them I’m forced to attend,” Krissi says softly about the idea of blood on the sands. “Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen my fair share. Doesn’t mean I like it.” She figures that he might well be right. That’s probably how the worst of the stories spread like they do. She certainly has some misgivings about being here herself. “Nah you carry your weight well,” she tells him with a shake of her head. “I think it’s the height. There are times when looking at you makes me dizzy.”

Aaron shrugs a little, sipping at his klah. "If it is, it is. It's just part of life in a Weyr. Never good to see, but it does happen." He says this so very wisely, one might think that he's just trying to cover his own nervousness. "You'll notice that I do try to spend a lot of time sitting. I know it's easier on people that aren't used to me that way." A shrug, and he scrubs a massive hand across his shaved scalp. "At least you can make yourself a stepstool if you want, eh?"

Krissi finishes off the last of her klah before nodding her head in understanding. “No it’s never good to see. I just hope nobody loses a limb.” She’s seen that happen before and it’s never a good thing. She chuckles and nods her head, “I’ve noticed that. You haven’t got to bother around me though. I like that you’re so tall.” She grins at him as she pushes her mug away on the table. “The first day or two it was a little surprising. But nothing to worry over.” She laughs aloud at the idea of making herself a stepstool. “I suppose I could if I thought I needed one.”

Aaron laughs along with her, nodding. "Aye, you could. You like that I'm tall, eh?" he asks, waggling an eyebrow teasingly, just to see if he can get her to blush again. Because it's fun, that's why! "Kat almost died when she impressed Xenok, she stumbled over her own two feet and he, I guessed, tried to catch her, and nicked her femoral. I know a few other riders with similar stories too." Another shrug, and a sigh. "I suppose it's what happens with something as big, sharp, and unwieldy as a dragonette, eh?" He takes another sip of his klah, and sets the mug down. "Well, I'd probably better let you get back to work here, eh? And maybe do some work myself." Yeah, right!

Krissi does in fact blush at his teasing. Still she stands her ground and forces herself to nod at him, “Yeah I do.” That said she awws softly after his story about Kat. “I’m glad that she’s alright now. Must have been quite a trying experience. I’m sure I know what a dragonette is light at all to be honest. Never seen one of those either.” She collects her carving and knife to stow in her pack. “Yes, I really should be getting on to work.” Whether he actually does her not isn’t her concern. Items stowed she rises from her chair and hefts the pelt he’d given her. “Thanks again for this,” she tells him before heading off toward her office. Before she says anything else stupid.

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