==== September 27, 2013
==== Kalea, Kapia, Kultir
==== Kalea and Kapia drag Kultir with them to the store rooms to look for clothes.

Who Kalea, Kapia, Kultir
What Pantaloon Panic
When There is 1 turn 1 month and 18 days until the 12th pass.
Where Beach, Southern Weyr

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An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

Kalea has decided to watch the sunset while walking along the beach this evening. It sounds oh so romantic doesn’t it? Except for the fact that she’s out here alone. Despite that small fact she appears to be enjoying the exercise she’s getting while playing in the surf. Weaving in and out of the waves as they lap onto the shore, her sandals dangling from one finger. Far off in the distance the colors of the sunset plays along the hide of Ryadranth where she dabbles in the water chasing fishes and the like.

Ah, romance. It's sadly lacking for Kapia as well, despite the perfect setting for it. In fact, Kapia manages to look particularly painfully bereft of companionship as she walks along the sand with a sort of lonely expression. She's still in that horrible ill-fitting borrowed tunic, having failed at another attempt to secure proper clothing. Woe is her. Her aimless meandering brings her right by Kalea.

Kalea catches a glimpse of movement out of the corner of her eye and looks up to see Kapia having the same sort of day that she’s having. “Good evening for a stroll eh?” She pauses for a moment to watch Kapia move in her direction. Enjoying the feel of the water washing across her feet while she waits. Her eyes take in the girl’s size and the fact that the tunic doesn’t fit at /all/ well but she doesn’t say anything for the moment.

Kapia pauses, uncertain for a moment whether Kalea is talking to her or not. Once she's sure that, yes, she's the one being spoken to, she smiles a little bit. "Yeah… the weather here is very nice. Once you get used to the, uhm, heat…"

“Aye I can relate!” Kalea agrees with a nod of her head and a soft laugh. “It took some time to get used to winters with no snow and springs as hot as summer where I’m from.” She still has a flight jacket made for the super cold region of her birth. Though it’s probably going to fall apart from disuse living here. She shifts her feet a little bit since the water is burying them steadily in the sand while she stands here. “I’m Kalea ‘rider of Ryadranth, Lynx Wing.” She offers her introduction with a grin and a thumb hooked over her shoulder toward the dragon cavorting in the distant waters.

Kapia looks out at the dragon, belatedly realizing she's talking to a rider. She stands straighter and snaps off a salute. "Oh! Uhm. I'm Kapia, ma'am." She returns the introduction hurriedly. "I'm a recent arrival to the weyr. Still getting settled. Looking for work. It's, uhm, very nice to meet you."

Kalea has never been one to concern herself with being saluted or not. She's a fairly relaxed 'rider all things considered. Still she grins and tilts her head in acknowledgement of the girl's salute. "Well met Kapia." She thinks it over for a moment and then chuckles lightly. "I'm sure you'll find a position that suits you once you figure out what it is that you enjoy doing." Her head tilts slightly though her smile remains welcoming, "I'll say welcome to Southern. And that I hope you're enjoying it so far?" The last is worded as a statement though there's a hint of question in her voice.

"Well… I hope so!" Kapia replies with a little bit of a smile. "I really need to talk to the Headman about that, I think. I just keep missing him. I think I could help, but… well, that's a conversation I need to have with him." She clasps her hands behind her back and grins. "I am enjoying it! I'm… still confused by some things. But I'll get there. Everyone's so nice!"

The rythmic sound of feet slapping the wet sand and splashing through the slight surf heralds the arrival of Kultir on the beach. The young man is running rather hard down the beach, obviously pushing himself to his limits since he's streaming sweat and the muscles of his legs and arms flex and relax with a smooth movement as he runs down the beach. He notices two short women ahead of him and knows he'll end up running them down if he doesn't stop so, the boy slows to a jog and puffs up to the two before he can even recognize them. When he gets within speaking distance though, his heart leaps into his throat … Kalea is one of the two women.

Kalea's laugh drifts along the beach. "I have been needing to have a meeting with the Headman as well." She pats her stomach lightly and shrugs her shoulders. "I'm hoping to he'll be around tomorrow sometime. I wasn't able to catch him today." Hey, they have something in common. Okay it isn't much, but it's something right? She grins happily upon hearing that Kapia thinks everyone here is so nice. "I'm very happy that you seem to be adjusting well. You'll get it all figured out right quick I'd wager." The heavy breathing of someone off to the side and behind her catches her attention and she turns to spy Kultir of all people. Oh boy! Well nothing to do for it but grin at him and hope she doesn't bring him trouble by being here. "Evening Kultir."

"Oh, well… if you see him, could you maybe mention I'd like to have a meeting with him?" Kapia asks Kalea, with a little smile. "If it's not too much trouble, of course." Then she spots the heavy-breathing Kultir, who earns a little bit of blinking and a little smile. "Oh… hey, Kultir!"

Kultir huffs softly as he catches his breath, his face a picture of mixed emotions before he manages to get himself back under control. "Evening, Kalea … Kapia." he says, still a bit breathless but he can blame that on his run, right? He realizes rather abruptly that he's streaming sweat and probably smells like the stables right now but he can't really help it except to move slightly more downwind of the two women. "Nice evening for … for …" He searches for the right word, a safe word. "A stroll?" Lame! But it's the best he can do. He tries very hard not to ignore his new friend Kapia but, the boy can't seem to keep his eyes off Kalea, as if memorizing her features.

Kalea looks back at Kapia and changes her stance in the surf so that she can more easily see both the girl and Kultir. She doesn't need a crick in her neck this evening her body has been sore enough of late. "I will certainly mention it to him if I get a chance to meet with him tomorrow." She grins at Kapia and gives a short nod with her agreement. "I'm feeling rather like you must feel. I'm without a Wing at the moment and I have no idea what it is I'm supposed to be doing." She sighs as though this is a true dilemma for her. Then swings her smile to Kultir and nods at him. "I thought it would be. Rya wanted to play in the waves. She's hoping that it'll rain." She waves a hand out toward the water around the time a bugle of greeting echo's toward the shore. "She says to tell you hello and she still misses you." Which is important for Ryadranth as there are only so many things she remembers long term.

Kapia may not exactly be the most observant student of the human condition, but she gets at least an inkling of what's going on here. She looks at Kultir, then Kalea, then back at Kultir before one of those 'oooooh' expressions appears on her face. She does a poor job of masking it as she continues on with the conversation. "Yeah. It's, uhm… a nice evening… I was just… exploring. And, uhm, thinking about things…"

Kultir soon gets his expressions back under control and gathers the reins of his emotions tighter into control so that he can at least act more naturally. He glances toward Kapia and sighs softly. "Didn't Sy take you to the stores last night?" he asks, flopping a hand toward her poorly fitting clothes from the night before. He shakes his head slightly at the girl and then turns to Kalea with a slight smile. "She seems to think it's not right for her to use the clothing in Stores … tried to tell her otherwise but … maybe you'll have better luck since you're a rider and a woman?" He hopes that Kalea can help his new friend, she's nice but … rather naive, reminding him of himself when he first came here. He glances out to where Rya sports in the water and sighs, a fond smile curling his lips a bit more. "I miss her too." is his soft rejoinder as he wrenches his eyes away from the green and back to her rider.

Kalea very much wants to engage Kapia in further conversation. If the girl wanders off then she too will be forced off the beach for fear of causing trouble for the Candidate. So she swings the full force of her smile on the girl and hopes she appears casual. "Where all have you explored so far?" She really is curious. Though that train of thought is derailed by Kultir. She eyes Kapia's clothes and realizes why they are ill fitting. They're probably borrowed from someone in the dorms. "Oh." She blinks at Kultir and then nods her head. "Of course you should raid the stores honey." She chuckles softly as she gazes at Kapia. "I'll even take you if it would make you feel better. For that matter I /may/ have some clothes that would fit you. Though for once I think my pants would have to be hemmed.."

Kapia frowns and shakes her head at Kultir. "No… after I left the baths, I tried to find them on my own. I should've waited. And most places were closed by the time I made it back…" When Kalea offers to help, she freezes. Then she looks up at the woman with wide, grateful eyes. "… Really?" She smiles. "Oh, that would be /so/ nice! This tunic is /terrible/! And that horrible man bled all over my other outfit!"

Kultir grins as Kalea agrees to help Kapia and relaxes a bit more. But Kapia's comment makes him frown and blink at her. "Horrible man? Bled on you? What?" he asks, confused. "I didn't hear anything about this … " His tone one of question as to why and who and how. He shifts his stance to ease stiffening muscles in his legs and back with a sigh. He's going to need a good massage after his bath tonight, he'd pushed himself to get that last furlong of the mile today. *groans*

Kalea raises a brow and turns to smirk at Kultir for a moment. Bath's huh? She chuckles softly and nods her head. Uh huh, okay. She can guess who'll be doing the massaging.. So much amusement is glinting in her eyes right now. She returns her gaze to Kapia and sees big ol' hazel eyes looking all happy. Melting a little she nods her head. "I'm not sure when or /if/ they'll ever fit me again. They might as well get some use." She frowns slightly and nods her agreement with Kultir's tone and words. "What man honey? Are you alright?"

Kapia blinks, looking a little sheepish when she's asked to recount the story again. "Oh, uhm, I'm fine. It was really nothing. There was this man… a weyrling. A bronzerider, I think he said he was. Name started with an E. He came into the nighthearth and started yelling at me to make him drinks. I told him I didn't work there, but he said he was a man and I was a woman so I had to do what he said…" She waives her arms. "Then this other woman swooped in and punched him right in the face! Like, hard! Knocked out one of his teeth and broke his lip. I got blood on my clothes…" She pouts. "They're all stained. So, another girl lent me this tunic, but it's too big for me and too hot in this climate…"

Kultir groans at Kapia's explanation and raises a hand to his face to pinch the bridge of his nose. "If he does it again, let me and Sy know, eh?" he says finally, weariness clear in his voice. "We've had to take the wind out of his sails before … overlording it on some of the female Candidates. We can do it again." He shakes his head and shrugs. He did catch that smirk from Kalea though so when his face is completely visible again, he seems to be a bit more red but … he has to ignore that, right?

Kalea frowns mightily when she hears how Kapia had been treated. It’s a good thing someone else punched the snot! “Some men act like idiots. But not /all/ of them are that way.” She flicks a fond smile toward Kultir for a moment. “I have to deal with one or two myself who act like they have no sense at all.” One in particular is claiming her child. So she knows /all/ about jerks. She casts Kapia a sympathetic smiles and shrugs her shoulders. “Well we’ll have to get you fixed up with some actual clothes.” In the next moment she fixes Kultir with an irritated look. “You go around getting into fights and loose that knot and see if you don’t find yourself sleeping on the ledge in a rainstorm.”

"I… I know." Kapia replies to Kalea, smiling nervously. "They're not all bad. Kultir and Sytin have been really nice to me!" She says with a chipper smile at Kultir. "… Most boys just ignore me. I… I know I'm not glamorous like the weyr girls, but you two have been so nice to me anyways!" She looks back to Kalea. "I would /really/ appreciate some help clothes shopping. I don't know what to get here. I mean… what's in style, and what won't make me overheat? I don't want to be hot all the time. But I wouldn't want to be, uhm, immodest either…"

Kultir laughs softly at Kalea's threat, reddening just a little more and ducks his head. "I didn't fight him … Sy and I just …. tied all his clothes in knots before we soaked 'em in the baths so that they were really hard to untie. Leathers too." is the chuckled comment, a little embarrassed to admit to such a juvenile prank. Kapia gets another /look/ and a raised eyebrow. "There you go … talking yourself down again. /I've/ seen the looks the other guys in the Baths were giving you last night …" He doesn't mention that he'd done his fair share of ogling either, nope, shiny white knot means not interested, right? Yeah, sure it does. *sarc*

Kalea chuckles wryly when Kapia tells her that Kultir and Sytin are so very nice to her. Two teenage boys being nice to the pretty new comer.. Nah! Why ever would that be? She glances down at her own outfit when Kapia mentions not wanting to be immodest. There are clothes on her body, so that wasn’t a dig right? She isn’t entirely sure. “I’m sure Kultir was noticing the looks because he was taking a gander himself,” she tells Kapia with a shrug. She chuckles lightly and waves toward the Weyr. “What say we get you to the stores and see if anything fits you? I’ll try to catch you tomorrow some time so you can try on some of my clothes if we can’t find something to your liking.”

Kapia blinks confusedly at Kultir. "What other guys?" Pause. "… What looks?" Both are foreign ideas to her. Why would guys be looking at her? Kalea's thoughts on the situation just have her blinking in confusion. "Wh… what?" She shakes her head. "You're joking. But, it's nice of you, still… yes! I need clothes. Let's go shopping, please!"

Kultir groans at Kalea's comment and blushes even more. "Kalea!" he groans. "Okay … so I looked. Do you blame me? She's cute and I haven't been able to talk to you in …. Shells! ages." He shakes his head and sighs heavily, oh-so-put-upon. He blinks at Kapia and rolls his eyes skyward, asking for strength before turning a glance on Kalea. "She's worse than I was …" Maybe his love will take the girl under her wing and get her straightened out before the next green mating flight … otherwise the kid's gonna have a rude awakening to Weyrlife. "Yeah, come on … Kalea can help you pick out clothes and I'll lift the bales down if you need me to." He turns to wave a hand toward the Weyr, offering himself as escort though not his arms since he's still rather sweaty and filthy.

Kalea leaves well enough alone when Kapia looks so confused. Though she does shoot Kultir /the look/ when he starts speaking. “I’ll keep that in mind when I’m as big as Ryadranth,” she quips. Given the chance to do so, she steps closer to Kultir and rests her hand on his arm. Using his weight to hold her steady while she slips her sandals back on her feet. With her feet prepared she straightens and smiles at Kapia. “We’ll need him to do the lifting I suppose. I’m not allowed to do it myself for a while.” This is said with a wry twist of her lips. A woman used to doing everything for herself needs a man to do the heavy lifting. Oh the irony of that! She heads off toward the Weyr assuming the teens will follow.


~Cluttered Stores~

Kapia follows the duo who actually seem to know what they're doing. She looks wide-eyed the whole time. "Wow… I hope I have enough marks to get some good stuff! What kind of things are women wearing here? I don't want to offend anyone or anything…"

Kultir had shivered at the touch of Kalea's hand on his arm and smiled tenderly down at her, resisting the urge to stroke her silky hair. "You'll never be as large as Rya, love." he manages to murmur for her ears alone. Then he is walking a short distance behind the two women as they return to the Weyr and the promised visit to the stores. He glances at Kapia when she mentions marks and shakes his head. "You're weyrfolk now … all this is for your use, provided you're … not greedy." he says, glancing around to see if the bales of used clothing are marked in any way. "Ah, here we go … looks like Renalde got someone to mark them." He lifts down a bale and unties the covering so that they can flip it back and peruse to their hearts content.

"Well since you aren't a 'rider," Kalea quips with a shrug of her shoulders, "you might want to fit in by having a couple of the dresses I've seen some of the women in." She understands the girl's need to fit in and leans down when Kultir unties a bundle for them to go through. "This all appears to be tunics and trousers though." She shakes out a tunic and then discards it as too small. Only to lift and shake out another that looks like it might fit. "What do you think of this one?" She holds the tunic out to the girl and then waves toward the bundle. "Have a look see." She wanders a couple feet away and climbs up on a box to peer at the tags on a few other bundles.

"Oh, uhm…" Kapia seems uncertain as ever. "… Tunics or dresses, it doesn't matter to me. Just… whatever people around here wear. I don't want to stand out!" Kapia ponders that for a moment. "I mean… I guess I'd like to stand out in a good way. Not a bad way. But, uhm… nevermind. I know the women here are much more… uhm…" She shakes her head, focusing on the tunic that Kalea holds out. "Oh… that could be nice, maybe…"

Kultir smiles as Kalea starts pulling things out of the bale for Kapia to look at, at least he didn't pull down one of the men's bales. When Kalea moves to climb on a box to look at the other bales and their tags, he immediately moves to put a steadying hand on the small of her back so she doesn't fall. He doesn't even consider the fact that he shouldn't touch her but … she's pregnant and he's not going to allow her to fall. He smiles at Kapia and shrugs slightly. "You know you don't have to dress like /everyone/ else does, right? Wear what you're comfortable in." he says, glancing back up to be sure Kalea is still steady on that box. "If you don't feel comfortable in the flimsy dresses like Cerise wears … then don't. One of the Weyrwomen wears a rather nice kind of dress … think it's linen, dunno … she was on the boardwalk the other day …" He doesn't mention that day, he still has the blue stains on his chest and back.

Kalea doesn't find it comfortable to wear dresses. So even though she's not in her usual leathers, it's still a tunic pants combo for her. Dresses tend to ride up when mounted on a dragon after all. "I'll make sure that you look stylish before you leave here girl. Relax." She laughs softly at Kapia while she peruses the bundles on the shelves. Climbing onto a box with a wobble when she balances on it. "You mostly want light colors and breathable cloth." While she's speaking to Kapia she glances down to smile fondly at Kultir. Perhaps a tad too fondly before she catches herself and looks away again. Now that she's flustered, she forgets herself and why she'd even agreed to bring Kultir along for a moment. Reaching up to tug at a bundle marked for skirts anyway. Perhaps dresses are in here.. tug.

Kapia gives Kalea another bright, grateful smile. "Thank you!" She says. Those looks between the two are noted with a little bit of a blink. She knows enough not to comment, at least. "Light colors and breathable cloth… sounds good." She lifts and eyes the tunic she was already shown. "Should I try it on?"

Kultir feels Kalea start tugging at the bale and clenches his fist into the back of her tunic to remind her he's still here. "Lemme get that. You know you're not supposed to lift heavy things." he says, tone gently chiding though he knows he can easily get a fist in his teeth for it. He sighs softly and glances back at Kapia. "If you step behind the shelf there, I won't be able to see you and you can see how it fits." He jerks his chin at the shelf that blocks the view of the entrance from where he's standing.

Kalea huffs unhappily when Kultir reminds her that she isn’t allowed to haul heavy things. “Well they haven’t expressly told me that. It’s what one of the girls who work in the laundry were harping about when I took in my laundry.” Even though she’s issuing complaint, she uses his shoulder for balance and steps off the wobbly box. Letting him get the bundle down for her. “Of course. Might as well be sure that they fit.”

Kapia tilts her head at Kultir, blinking. Why would she care if he sees or not? He's seen what there is to see already. Still, she takes the advice and shuffles behind the shelf. "Okay. Just a sec." There's a little shuffling of cloth and movement before she reappears in a much lighter, more colorful, and better-fitting tunic. "Is this better?"

Kultir smiles up at Kalea as she balances herself on his shoulder as she steps down and then he's lifting the 'skirt' bale down and untying that flap as well. He glances up at Kapia as she returns and asks for an opinion. He nods slightly and grins. "It looks good. But you are the one that has to wear it." He's willing to do the grunt work, this way he's got an excuse to talk to his former lover and still dear friend even if they aren't allowed to be alone together.

Kalea lowers herself onto a low crate while Kapia goes to try on her tunic. "This baby is going to be the death of me," she grouses in what she hopes is a low enough tone. She's simply unhappy at the changes she's been going through of late. Not about the fact that she has to deal with ribbing and criticism for keeping the child. When Kapia emerges from behind the shelf she nods her head and grins. "I'd say that looks a /lot/ better." She notices that Kultir has untied the bundle she'd wanted and slips off the box to kneel next to the new assortment. "Ahh here we go." She shakes out and holds up a very pretty wrap dress for Kapia to see. "Now /this/ will get ya some looks of the right sort."

"It /feels/ a lot better." Kapia agrees, looking down at the tunic as best as she can. She looks about to try to find a reflective surface to study herself in until her attention is stolen by the dress that Kalea founds. "Oooh… could I really wear something like that? It looks so nice!"

Kultir heard that grumble and glances at Kalea, a quickly hidden flash of hurt spasming across his face before he has to look away because of the sudden tears burning his eyes. He blinks rapidly and turns his attention back to the other bales and spies a rather smaller one marked 'smallclothes (f)' and pulls that one down as well. "Umm, not sure if you need these but …" he says, blushing though it's hidden in the dim storage room. He quickly unties that bundle as well and places it on top of the one full of tunics and trews. He chuckles at the sheer femininity in Kapia's excited exclamation at the sight of the dress but doesn't comment further. He's like to get himself in trouble if he does.

Kalea laughs softly when Kapia expresses an interest in the dress. "Of course you can. It's similar to one that I have put up for gathers and the like." She said she didn't like dresses. Not that she doesn't own any. She holds the dress aloft with one hand and pushes herself up with the other. "Give it a try. See if it fits like you would want it to." She waves the dress at Kapia with a kind smile. "It's even got capped sleeves and a square neck. So you don't have to worry about looking immodest." The girls' earlier remark had stuck. Because Kalea being the oldtimer that she is could sometimes be considered that very thing. When she sees what Kultir has gotten down next she laughs softly. "Now there's a bundle /I/ need to rifle through myself." She sits herself down and starts digging for breast bindings.

Kapia reaches out to take the dress hesitantly, as if worried her very touch might ruin it somehow. "… Okay. I'll try it." Back behind the shelves! More rustling. She emerges in the dress, a little sheepish. "… I feel like this is just… I don't know. For someone fancier than me?" The smallclothes bundle is eyed. She blinks. "… Should I, uhm, have put those on first…?"

Okay, now this shopping trip is getting into the realms of female that Kultir isn't sure he's wanting to deal with. Not that the boy /minds/ rifling through smallclothes … just he'd rather be taking them off someone! He clears his throat and smiles at Kapia and nods. "It looks nice on you." he says, just a bit … 'don't ask me, I'm a guy' sorta way. He can't keep his gaze from straying toward Kalea and catching sight of frilly, silky … underthings and then glances away, blushing more.

Kalea glances up to eye the dress Kapia has put on. She hefts herself to her feet and leaves a small piles she’d started behind for now. “If you care to wear them then yes. Next time I’d suggest putting them on first.” She walks around behind the girl and does some adjusting of the dress. “There now! You’re beautiful. And of /course/ you should wear it Kapia. It’s in the stores so it’s up for grabs.” She walks back to the little pile she’d put aside and starts digging even more. “See anything you’d like?” She looks up a Kapia as she asks the question. And then shakes out and holds up a sheer lacy breast binding much like a few in her own pile. “I prefer these since I’m having to wear them lately. They provide support but you don’t sweat to death.”

Kapia blushes, clearly a little embarrassed by her oversight. "I'l… uhm… take the dress. And the tunic, then." The breast binding is eyed, the color still remaining on her cheeks. "… I guess I should find a few things like that, too? Uh… what do girls wear here?"

Kultir's ears are burning and he's sure his face is glowing in the dim light of the storeroom. This has just tipped into the realm of … no males allowed! He clears his throat and decides his time is best served to wander the aisles, studying bale tags. Hmmm, so many … interesting things to look at, no? Not really, but he will surely be in deep manure should he say /anything/ that springs to mind during the women's conversation. "Just … ummm, lemme know when you're ready for the bales to get put away. I'll just be over here looking at … umm, wherhides?" Yeah, so interesting, a stack of tanned wherhides.

Kalea has been fairly well ignoring Kultir’s blushing. Assuming that it has nothing at all to do with her. After all it isn’t like he hasn’t put on and taken off her small clothes more than a few times. There’s nothing to blush about concerning her. Right? Right. She sits there and eyes the blushing girl for a moment before grabbing a wad of the small clothes she’d been selecting. After all they aren’t all that different in size. “C’mon let’s try some of these on you.” She waits next to the shelves so that Kapia can step behind them. “They’re pretty much universal honey. I’m sure they fit like you’re used to.” After all the girl /has/ worn them before.. well if not Kalea will show her how. She stands there separating the soft cotton panties out with matching bindings to hand to Kapia to try on. Guessing that the girl probably wouldn’t like the lacy garments that she herself prefers because they are to say the least quite immodest. Give the girl her modest clothes after all.

Kapia is all too baffled by all of this. The process of finding clothes of any sort seems oddly new to someone who supposedly worked as a trader. She lifts a pair of cotton panties, eyeing them for a moment before looking back to Kalea. She hesitates to say anything, but ends up asking. "But isn't this… like… what old women wear?"

Kultir is so not blushing because of Kalea but the selecting of frilly panties and breast bindings! Well, yes he is blushing because of Kalea … He hums to himself, trying to block out the conversation though he can't help but hear some of it. He nearly chokes on his tongue at Kapia's question and coughs to clear his throat. "Make sure you get enough, Kapia … otherwise you'll only have the one change of clothes … besides the dress, of course." he says, wanting to be sure that the girl actually has what she needs. He likes her and doesn't like how she has no self-esteem.

Kalea pauses in the act of unbuttoning her top. Intending to try on a couple of the bindings to make sure they fit her. After all she’s a lot more top heavy than she used to be. She laughs openly at Kapia’s question and takes the panties from the girl and hands her a pair of the ones she herself likes. “Try the lace honey. They tend to give him a heart attack,” she hooks a thumb back toward where Kultir disappeared to. “They’re more what you’d be wanting a man to see you in.” She just hadn’t wanted to horrify the girl is all. She trades her way too tight binding for one from the pile and sighs in relief. “Now that is better.” She decides she needs a few of that size for now. “Let us get her set with some underwear so she can try on some more clothes,” she calls to Kultir. Given the width of the shelf Kapia is standing behind she can look down the aisle and see him clearly.

Kapia takes the panties and eyes them a moment, uncertain. On the one hand, these seem like the sort of thing she should be wearing. On the other hand, she's never worn anything like them before. She takes a deep breath and nods. "… Okay. I guess I'll see how they look, at least!" Resolved, she ducks behind the shelving again. More shuffling of fabric and clothes. After a little hesitation she emerges again, wearing the lacy panties in question. And, well, nothing but the lacy panties in question. She seems quite uncertain. "… I don't know. Do these really work for someone like me?" She asks, tugging at the waistband.

Kultir turns at the sound of Kalea's voice and freezes. Great Faranth! He hadn't realized that he'd moved to where he'd actually get to /see/ them. There is a sound of choking and staggering against a shelf and then a low, long groan as the boy finally turns away from the forbidden sight of female flesh. Kalea and Kapia have succeeded in giving a 17 turn old Candidate a heart attack!

Kalea is standing in the isle in a pair of trousers and a bra. And here comes Kapia in nothing but panties. Every teenage boy’s dream! “They work perfect,” Kalea assures the girl. “Don’t pull them up quite that far. They’re supposed to ride your hips low.” She adjusts them and then leans to get a look at Kapia’s behind in them too. “Some of the women ‘round here call ‘em peek-a-boo because your skin peeks through the lace. Those are the type I wear.” She doesn’t mention she has the exact same ones in black. Oh boy what /those/ did to the boy down the hall. Ha! “Here’s the breast binding that matches them.” Standing right there she wraps it ‘round the girl and then stands back. “Now lift your breasts to settle them into the cup like this.” She demonstrates with her own. When she hears the sound of Kultir in distress she snaps her head in his direction. “You okay love?” In her concern she forgets to censor herself.

Kapia, still utterly oblivious to the effect she might be having on the lurking boy nearby, pays attention closely to Kalea. "Oh. Like this?" The panties are tugged downward quite a bit to try to follow the instruction given. There's a glance at Kultir, perhaps wondering if the boy has any input on her present look. She raises her arms to let Kalea apply the breast binding to her considerable chest, at least removing her toplessness from the list of things distracting the candidate. She wriggles, trying to settle properly. "… Like this, too?"

Kalea looks back at Kapia and watches the girl adjust the undergarments. “That’s perfect,” she tells the girl with a grin. “You’re a heart stopper girl.” She tilts her head toward her at one time lover and grins. “Case in point.” She laughs at that and snags her top to put it back on. “Alright put your tunic and pants back on and let’s get back to the business of getting you some clothes.” She buttons her top on the way back to the pile of clothes. Leaving the rest of the lacy garments she’d picked out in the pile with Kapia’s dress. Seems like they’ll fit her alright and Kalea has an entire pile to go through to choose more for herself. She flicks a glance in the direction Kultir has retreated and chuckles softly to herself as she starts selecting more lacy things for herself. One good thing about being pregnant this early in? Big boobs.

Kapia seems less convinced. The fleeing candidate is noted, and she draws the logical conclusion: that her hideous appearance must've somehow caused him to flee. She still manages a little smile at the praise given by Kalea, even if she doesn't seem to quite believe it. "Okay. I guess that's a good idea." She retreats behind the shelf, re-emerging moments later in tunic and pants as instructed.

Fleeing? There was no FLEEING, there was simply Kultir being polite and allowing the women some privacy to try on the lacy … frilly … silky … *ahem*! After composing himself, the boy manages to stand upright again and move cautiously back up the aisle toward the bundles where the two women are happily engaged in selecting various garments for themselves. Thank Faranth! Both of them are fully clothed once more!

Kalea has no idea of Kapia’s insecurity or the ‘rider would set the girl right real quick. As it is she just chuckles when she disappears to put her clothes on. “Let me move these for you,” she tells Kapia when the girl emerges again. She heaves against the frilly bundle of underthings and manages to slide it off the pile of tunics and pants. “There now you can look through everything.” She glances toward Kultir as he emerges from the shadow. A knowing smile playing about her lips. “Find anything to fit yourself back there?”

Kapia continues to interpret events in the least flattering manner possible. Though she does at least seem a little encouraged by the pile of garments she now has to sort through, both lacy and non. It's all quite amazing to her. "… I can really just have all of these?" She asks, astonished. "… Should I try on more of it?"

Kultir's cheeks flame with blushes as he returns to the two women and shakes his head at the teasing. His eyes remain on the pile clothes as he moves back into dim light surrounding them. He leans against the shelves, trying to remain nonchalant though it is quite evident that he is totally /not/ nonchalant at the moment, he's quite nervous. He smiles down at Kapia and nods. "Of course! That's what it's for, folks who need it." he says with a slightly forced laugh.

Kalea chuckles at Kapia’s child-like amazement and nods her head. “Take enough to get you through a sevenday at least. So that you have a decent variety and you’ll have something to wear when you wash the rest.” Seems logical enough to her at least. “Try on as much as you like dear.” She glances around the stores and wishes she’d thought to bring some juice. Ahh well when they get out of here. She notices that Kultir fairly ignores her and sighs softly. Can’t blame him. The girl is younger and quite pretty. She rifles through the clothes and finds a few tunics that look to have a good cut to them. She’ll have to bring down what she’s outgrowing.

Kapia's self-esteem takes another hit as she observes Kultir. The sight of her was so unsettling that it's made the boy totally unwilling to look at her! She is crestfallen for a moment as she eyes the clothes, the allure of playing dress-up having dimmed a little. "Uhm… maybe I'll try on the rest later." She suggests, trying not to sound glum even as she eyes a few more lacy bits curiously.

Kultir didn't /intend/ to ignore Kalea, he's just having a difficult time keeping his hands to himself with her so close. Perhaps he should flee the storage cavern after all? He hunkers down next to the two women and gives them both his charming smile, hoping that neither will kill him where he sits. "I think you're looking good in those new clothes, Kapia." he says, trying to be polite and increase her self-esteem. He lifts one hand to stroke Kalea's cheek in apology for the way he has acted. Just the one touch can't hurt, right?

It seems that self-esteem is in low supply in the stores tonight. Kalea’s flagging mood having more to do with being pregnant and hormones. Not to mention that Kultir’s attention is quite clearly on the new girl. Go figure eh? Nothing like feeling knocked up and soon to be replaced to make a woman cranky. “If you’d rather,” she agrees and bundles up her items in one of the tunics she’s selected for herself. Easy to carry that way. “Should something not fit at least now you know where to go to find something that does.” To her surprise her smile comes easy when she grins up at Kapia. Kultir’s touch distracts her and she looks up at him with an uncertain expression. One that she tries to hide by flipping the bundle of undergarments closed.

Kapia sullenly nods, gathering up her selected items, lacy and non-lacy, in a bundle which she hoists up. She looks excited to have new clothing, but there is a certain air of melancholy about her now. "Maybe now I'll… fit in, right?" She asks, hopeful, eyes wide.

Kultir gathers up the undergarment bundle and reties the strings so that he can place it back onto the shelf where it belongs, a bit lighter than it was before. Returning to the women, he sighs softly at the look Kalea gives him and smiles tenderly at her. He leans forward to put his mouth close to her ear and whispers, "I love you." so that only she can hear him.

Kalea smiles up at Kapia as the girl gathers her items and then asks if she’ll fit in. “I’m positive that you are already fitting in fine,” she assures her. “But I’m sure you’ll be more comfortable in the new clothes.” At least she hopes that it gives the young girl a boost in the right direction. When Kultir kneels down next to her and whispers to her she blushes for a moment. Looking up at him with a reassured smile and slight nod. All that she can do given the circumstances. She then begins tying up one of the other bundles still left out. “You’re a show stopper in that dress Kapia. I promise.” She looks up at the girl and smiles. Reassured at least that her love his room in his heart for her as well anyone else he might fancy.

Kapia blushes a little about the compliment about her and the dress. "Th… thanks…" There's an uncertain look at Kultir. She may suspect that he's whispering something negative about her appearance. "… Maybe I'll wear it sometime soon…" She says quietly.

Kultir smiles at Kapia after he's reassured Kalea and nods at the girl. "You should. I think Sy would like it on you." he says. He'll do the best he can to help raise the girl's self-esteem as much as he can. "I know he'll be happy that you were able to find more clothes that fit you better." He gestures to the bales and asks, "Are you finished? Shall I toss these up on the shelves now?"

Kalea smiles kindly at the girls’ hesitant voice. “Just telling it like it is.” She chuckles and shrugs her shoulders, “You’ll give the boys a hard time thinking straight. And the other weyrgirls a run for their marks.” She nabs her bundle and pushes to her feet just a little too quickly. Swaying for a moment and dropping the bundle to put her hands to her forehead. “Oof,” she mutters and closes her eyes tightly against the sudden dizzy spell. “I hate it when that happens.” It takes her a moment to regain her balance enough to move where she can lean against a tall crate of something and bend over slightly. Don’t mind her she’s fine.

Kapia blinks and blushes more. "… Sytin is, like, twelve. He's a nice kid, but he's way too young for… oh, you're making fun of me again!" She shakes her head and sighs, hoisting up her bundle. When Kalea puts her hand to her head, she looks a little alarmed. "Are you okay?" She asks, setting her bundle back down.

Kultir looks up in alarm as Kalea sways and is immediately beside her, an arm around her waist to help steady her. "Are you okay?" he asks, concerned, his own question blending with Kapia's. He moves a crate over with his foot so that she can sit and considers asking Kapia to run for a healer. At the moment, Kapia's comment about him making fun of her is ignored in favor of making sure the pregnant woman is cared for.

Kalea stands there with her head down until Kultir all but forces her to sit down on a crate. “I’m fine.” She tells the two teenagers in the most reassuring voice she can manage. “I just stood up too fast.” She manages to chuckle at herself. “I fainted the other day and Rya got upset. So T’lvier brought Healer Favnier up and he assured us all that it’s alright. Just my body adjusting is all.” After a few deep breaths she manages to sit upright and look between Kapia and Kultir. “I’ll just stand up a little slower.” She sits there for a few more moments. Taking the time to look at Kapia and grin. “Don’t underestimate younger men girl. They’re not so bad.”

Kultir is still concerned since T'lvier hadn't said anything about this sort of thing happening with her. "If you're sure. Maybe you need to get something to eat?" he asks softly, still keeping an arm around her for support. He chuckles at her encouragement to Kapia and shrugs. "Hey … you're going to turn heads, like she said. And the girls are going to be so jealous of you too."

Kapia looks very concerned as she moves closer, offering an arm to steady Kalea during the trip to the chair. "Have you been staying hydrated? That's very important when you're… uhm… in a family way." She peers at Kultir a moment. "… Are you the dad?" Almost as soon as she asked that, she turns bright red and regrets it. "I… I'm sorry! I shouldn't have asked that!"

Kalea reaches down to caress Kultir’s hand where it wraps around her waist. “I’m sure. I’ll be just fine.” She shakes her head at Kapia’s question, well the first one at least. “I’ve been fairly thirsty since we got down here. I just figured I’d grab some juice when we were through.” She probably should have sent Kultir for something before now. Hindsight and all that. The last part of Kapia’s questioning causes her to freeze and stiffen up beneath Kultir’s arm. This is the first time that she’s been challenged over the father’s identity. “No,” she forces the lie past her lips. “He isn’t.” Oh wow was that not easy to say! She shudders with the force of not wanting to say it. And grips Kultir’s fingers reassuringly. He knows the truth and he’s the only one who can for now.

Kapia looks between Kalea and Kultir. There's a kernel of suspicion there. But she knows she should never have asked the question to begin with, and she definitely knows she shouldn't press the matter any further. "… Oh. Uhm. Sorry. That was really rude of me." She frowns a little. "I… sometimes I wish boys would look at me like… oh, I'm just being silly." She sighs heavily and shakes her head. "… You're lucky. I wish you the very best. You're so nice, you deserve it.. I'm rambling, aren't I?"

Kultir flinches at the question from Kapia but sighs softly as Kalea answers so he doesn't have to. He exerts light pressure on her fingers in return and urges her to her feet to lead her to the caverns to rectify the situation. "Come on, let's get you something to eat and drink then." He hopes that Kapia doesn't pick up on the hesitation in the rider's voice though. He smiles at the girl and nods his thanks for her concern.

Kalea manages a kind smile for Kapia as the girl does indeed begin to ramble. “A boy /will/ look at you that way one day.” She has no doubt of it what so ever. “Thank you for your kindness. I feel very lucky.” Her free hand splays across her barely there abdomen. Only slightly telling at this point of her condition. She’s pretty certain she doesn’t deserve the ridicule she’s gotten from some of her fellow ‘riders. But the girl’s well wishes give her hope. Kultir lifts her to her feet and she leans against him for a moment. Making sure that her head is clear before she begins to move. “Some juice would be nice,” she agrees with a nod. “Don’t forget my bundle though. I’m going to need that.”

Kapia is still kicking herself mentally, shaking her head and struggling to smile. But she does her best to put the awkward moment behind. "Yeah. I need to go find a place for all this stuff, anyways… maybe try the rest on." She says, eyeing her haul again.

"Then juice it is." Kultir says, cheerfully. He scoops up the bundle and carefully leads Kalea up the stairs, keeping his arm around her waist to keep her steady on the steps. "Take care, Kapia. Enjoy your new clothes!"

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