==== December 22, 2013
==== Sara, Alesa, Vezre, Aaron, Sienna, Kalea, T'ral, Zalara, Kyara
==== A mixed now and oldtime venture sets the oldtime harpsichord on the first step of its journey to Southern.

Who Sara, Alesa, Vezre, Aaron, Sienna, Kalea, T'ral, Zalara, Kyara
What A mixed now and oldtime venture sets the oldtime harpsichord on the first step of its journey to Southern.
When There are 0 turns, 4 months and 27 days until the 12th pass.
Where Destroyed Ista Harper Hall

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Destroyed Ista Harper Hall
Long abandoned, this Hall is now a shadow of it's former days, where now the only songs that echo through the halls are the songs of birds, and of the fairly close shore. Chunks of the wall have fallen in after all the neglect, and plants from the jungle have crept in, attempting to reclaim this Hall. The staircase to the higher levels is in pieces, a path upwards can be found but appears fairly fragile, pieces of stairs and railings littering the floor now. The performance hall has holes in the walls and ceiling were sunlight trickles in, giving the only source of light in this room. The jungle plants continue to grow in where water and sun make it in, fighting through the stone walls and floor. Even some ivy is dangling down from the ceiling. Pieces of plaster have fallen away from the walls, showing the bare stone underneath, and only pieces of old paintings can be seen through the dirt, grime and plants that have covered the walls.

Sunlight beams down through the large holes in the Istan Harper all onto the industry that rings through the dilapidated stone walls. A light breeze cools as a score of smiths work with hammer, wood and rope to put the final touchings on a scaffolding of wood that overhangs a dark hole in the ground. The remains of treated wood have been shoved to one far side of the hall, leaning against the remains of the indistinct painting on the wall. Pulleys have been firmly attached to the scaffolding and ropes hang down into the hole. Off in the distance a goodly sized ship bops in the water, expectantly waiting for its cargo to be delivered.

Sienna and Kehemath are here as directed, on time and willing. While Sienna moves with care into the room, the green is settled outside, peering in when she can, shifting a touch restlessly with her tail flicking back and forth against the overgrowth. Stopping just inside, the Igen greenrider - formerly of Ista - looks around for a long, long moment, absorbing the sight of the Hall in ruin. It pulls at her, and she doesn't seek anyone out just yet. She just looks and lets her memories and emotions wash over her.

Vezre hasn't been here in a while, not since first coming forward and confirming that the instrument was actually here. Seeing this beautiful hall destroyed nearly brings tears to the Journeywoman's eyes, but she pushes them back as she sets to make sure that the Harpsichord gets to its new home safe and sound.

Aaron arrived a few hours ago upon Ryadranth's back with Kalea, and has been supervising. It's a very /loud/ form of supervision, but it's efficient, and effective. Any willing hands have been put to work, always paired with at least a senior Smith apprentice. This place holds no memories for Aaron, as his family is from the other end of the island, but the climate is familiar and comfortable.

Zalara is here to help with the movement of the harpsichord since she's a smith apprentice. She's not a senior smith apprentice, so there isn't too much she can do, but she can help more then the average person.

And of course, Alesa is here. This time, however, she's steeled for what she will be seeing, and the shock has worn off. After unearthing the key to the ancient lock from arond her neck and getting that part of the required actions completed, she's supervising, somewhere next to Aaron, eyes peeled, hair tied back and ready to get dirty. She keeps her eyes on the prize, as if she has blinders. No need to languish on the remains of the beautiful paintings and tapestries a second time.

Sara supervises the building of the scaffolding, trotting from Smith to smith to make sure everything is in place. There is a bright smile on her face, hope for the future rather then tears for the remnants of the past. "We're ready Aaron, Alesa!" She says brightly, drawing close to the large smith. "Once we get the ropes secured around it we can begin to lift. Obviously you can't do that," Sara gently teases the large smith. "But if one of you," she speaks to Alesa and Vezre, "will direct, the apprentices can clamber around to make secure the ropes."

"I can do that," Vezre offers when Sara mentions directing the apprentices. "If you don't mind Alesa," she defers to the master though to see if she wants to do it instead.

Zalara smiles as she gives a wave to the others as she's on the team helping to secure the ropes. She grins, "If he can I will!"

Kalea was mostly a taxi for the large Smith bellowing orders at everyone. At least that's how he'd made it sound. Next time she'll know sharding better! She already coated in a light coating of dust from scrambling around in response to his orders. Now she drops down beside him and peers up at him. "Now what?" She cleans off her hands on the sides of her pants.

Alesa nods, "Can do. Thanks so much for your help organizing the crews, Sara. You've done your hall proud." She smiles and claps the girl on the arm gently.

Sienna moves forward then, careful to keep out of the way as she approaches Sara and Aaron, offering them both a warm smile. "We're here, so…just let me know what you have need of for Kehemath and I." Then she's stepping back, hands clasped behind her back as she looks around again.

Aaron gives Sara a teasing glare, then smiles down at Kalea. "Now we wait for those smaller then I to go down there and secure the ropes." He raises his voice again, pointing at several of the apprentices. "Rimer, Zalara, Drostur, down the hole, and tie where the Harper's tell you to tie. And for Faranth's sake, be careful with the instrument!"

Alesa gets a large smile from Sara as she drifts to the edge of the hole. "Sienna, green rider, if you two would help me throw down the protective cloths, Vezre and the apprentices can hook up the ropes. Be careful of the wood- it could be rotted in places we cannot see at this angle." Sara kneels and tosses padding to those who will tie up the knots. "As soon as you let us know it is secured, Aaron can show us his handiwork."

Catching wind of on old Harper treasure rediscovered - so to speak - is, of course, something a former Harper rider is not going to ignore. Kyara has also arrived, something new to focus on slanting a small, eager smile across her face as she approaches the gathered Harpers and Smiths. Lots of familiar faces, here! "Let me know if there's anything you need from Lia and me, too," she offers after giving greetings around, a salute tapped off to Sienna as she spots the only other rider here.

Vezre waits until things are clear before jumping down with the apprentices to make sure that the ropes and cloth is secured properly She remembers bringing this down here, now it's finally satisfying to see it raising up out of this dark hole. "Alright, we need to secure the front and the back, as well as the middle!" she starts pointing out areas. "But make sure that where the rope will sit isn't rotted like Sara said. Don't need the rope cutting into it."

Sienna dips her head with a nod to Sara, carefully lifting one of the cloths, moving slow as she kneels beside the hole to hand down a blanket. She won't be throwing anything down, but she'll certainly pass. Glancing over her shoulder, she smiles to Kyara, nodding in reply to the salute. "Help me with the blankets?" she suggests.

Kalea eyes the ropes and the apprentices descending them. "Ain't most everybody smaller'n you?" she muses to herself as she edges her way past Aaron. She walks over at Alesa's bidding and gathers up the cloths. "Kalea; ma'am." Just for future reference of course. She follows Sienna's lead and bellies down on the hole to gently drop the cloths to those waiting below.

Zalara nods a little bit to Aaron, "All right if you are sure you don't want me to help you lift it." She heads down the hole to help with the other apprentices, "All right we are ready."

Alesa gives the stinkeye to one apprentice who is fiddling with one of the carved pieces of wood along the top end of the keys but has nothing much more to say as she watches.

Sara watches from above, biting her lip to keep from micromanaging the little people down in the hole. When one of the apprentices calls out that the instrument is secured, she stands up and brushes off her feet. "Riders, would your dragons be willing to help us lift up the instrument? We need to lift it as smoothly as possible. Those below need to stabilize it to make sure that it doesn't bang against the walls and sustain any more damage. Aaron will let you know what needs to be done."

Sienna dips her head and smiles. "Certainly, we'd be honored," she says. Outside, Kehemath lifts smoothly into the sky, the lithe and nimble green flying over the holes in the roof, hovering and peering within. Her thoughts reach out to the other dragons as well, sage and forest scents mingling with theirs so they can coordinate. Though the green uses no words, she is still clear in her thoughts on how this might best be done, with a dragon at each corner, moving smoothly and together as they lift upwards. Good practice working as one unit, despite not knowing several dragons here.

Ryadranth rumbles a welcome to the newly arrived pairs and jockeys to be among those helping. She's more than willing to help. Kalea smiles at the announcement of more 'riders but doesn't have time for looking around. She pops up on her feet and steps back out of the way. Though she'd really rather be watching below it's not really her area of concern. "Rya would be honored to help," she hooks a thumb over her shoulder to indicate her green lifemate.

"Got it," Kyara answers, taking up a few blankets of her own and dropping to her knees to peer down the hole. Blinking at the contrast in light, she grins. "Ah," she murmurs as she hands the things down to waiting hands. "I never did get to actually lay eyes on this." At Sara's request, she looks up and gives a nod. "Gladly," she answers, dusting off her hands and rising again as she looks upward. Liareth leaps airborne as well, taking her cues from Kehemath as the dragons coordinate over this fragile thing.

T'ral nods at Sara's inquiry, "You bet. We've done similar work down South." He walks over to Esanth, who's sitting, wings cattywampus and one paw tucked to his chest. "This you're gonna need all four legs for, pal." Esanth rumbles and stands, uncurling the mentioned paw. He hustles about, getting traces hitched and settling straps for the work. When they're all set, he gives Aaron and Sara the high sign, "Ready when you need us."

At mention of his name from Sara, Aaron's shortly climbing back up the scaffolding to get a better view of everything, and double checking all the rigging on his way up. The big man moves easier then anyone that size has rights too, and is soon standing high up on the scaffolding beside the davit that will let the harpsichord be lifted and swung. Riders are directed to color coded ropes, one for each corner, leading through pulleys and blocks. "Have you lifemates each grab the color assigned to you, please," he calls, easily heard even from his perch. "The key here is /slow/ and /even/. We all know they're stronger then me. On three, start to lift. Those in and near the hole, just keep everything steady, and yell out quick and /loud/ if something goes sideways. ONE! TWO! ANNNND THREE!"

Kehemath dips down to grab her assigned rope, careful to time it so her wings don't run afoul of anyone else's. Rope held in her mouth (not her paw), the green links minds with the other dragons and begins to lift, making tiny, minute adjustments as they all move together, so she's not moving too fast or too slow. All together now…

Vezre gets the apprentices stationed around the harpishord. "If you see it going the wrong way and you can't just push it it, yell." She looks up to the others. "Ready down here!"

Positioning himself where he can see the other dragons and the rigging, T'ral gives Esanth the sign to start pulling, "Steady, now." The stocky little blue moves forward slowly, catching only slightly as the lines go taut to gauge just how fast, "Easy, now." T'ral's eyes move intently from one dragon to another, watching the tension on the lines, "Steady ahead." Slowly, slowly, Esanth eases forward.

Ryadranth as always is a calm and steady presence among the others. Gladly taking Kehemath's example and dropping in to nab her rope. Easily avoiding the others while they do the same. At the signal to pull she carefully applies pressure attempting to keep the lift steady and equal on all sides. Hearing and being heard by the others as the trickle of a distant stream weaves through minds. All conferring with one another as they work.

With the help of the dragons the harpsichord begins to rise slowly from its long resting place. It sways slightly, sometimes coming within inches of the walls of its protective hole, only quick hands of the apprentices below keeping it from bashing against the sides. Soon the instrument, wrapped still in its waterproof covering rises into sight.

Kehemath resists the urge to go and splash and play in Ryadranth's thoughts, her full focus staying on the task at hand. Below, Sienna's attention is divided between her lifemate and the instrument coming into view.

Liareth gets a nice bite on her rope and intently listens in, joining in the gradual pull with care. Kyara is watching rope tension and such from her spot on the ground, still smiling as she watches and listens in on her lifemate, offering encouragement of her own to the pretty green in silence.

Alesa looks up as the dragons start to lift the great wooden beast out of the floor. "Slowly! The ropes will hold!" Biting her lip, the tension mounts as second by second, it rises up and out. She makes the mistake of a glance towards the ruined murals, and /winces/, redirecting her gaze.

Kalea scrambles up the scaffolding and pops up near Aaron for a moment. Peering downward to observe while carefully staying out of the way. Mentally encouraging Ryadranth while not distracting her love from the task at hand. The better view gives her an idea of where she'd be the best help. And then she's walking off the platform and swinging back down to another angle on the scaffold. It helps her green to see what she's working with.

As the harpsichord pulls up out of the hole, the bottom of the frame they built around it coming level with the floor, Aaron waits another half second worth of lifting, then whistles loudly. "Riders, hold it there, if you please!" Once it's stopped and leveled off, he nods. "Alright, T'ral and Kalea, if you'd be so kind as to ask your lifemates to walk towards Kehemath and Liareth, while they walk backwards. Again, slow and steady is the key here! We want to keep everything level, and just swing it on the davit here," he says, slapping the hugely thick piece of wood. "Whenever you're ready, please!"

Zalara moves around helping to secure all the ropes as the harpsichord lifts up into the air. She's making sure that the ropes she's checking are secure. She gives a thumbs up to Aaron as she finishes tying off her ropes.

Alesa smiles gratefully at Aaron, his voice breaking her melancholy inner monologue. So many memories in this ballroom. So many lives touched and made by what went on here.

Sienna nods her head, as Kehemath does what is asked of her, the green moving backwards in a slow and steady pace, her entire being alert for commands and moving very slow and steady. No jerking the rope here.

Sara stands as the harpsichord finally slips out from its hole. HERE she has to hold back the emotions that sweep up. A year, plus or minus four hundred others, had passed since she had last seen its wrapped form. Keeping close she puts her hands onto the instrument, helping to guide it as Aaron shouts out his orders. She'll bow to his superior knowledge in this case!

Ryadranth settles gently upon the debris of the old Hall before carefully angling and edging backward toward Kehemeth and Liareth. Kalea relays orders as she hears them and watches as the instrument slowly swings toward its destination.

No one in the hole speak up about any problems, Vezre watches as it rises out of the hole it's been hiding in for the past four hundred years. It's finally seeing the light of day again. Hopefully soon it will be able to be played properly as well.

With the order to back up relayed to Liareth, Kyara finds herself unconsciously backing up as well, her grin steadily widening as the instrument comes further into view. Slow and steady, slow and steady.

Gently, as if a feather in the air, the harpsichord continues to move, this time swinging out from the hole and its ages of rest. "Just a few more feet!" someone on the fall side calls out. "Someone get the cart over here!" Sara calls out, "We'll set it down upon it to move downwards towards the boat. Zalara, would you go alert the captain?"

When the harpsichord has swung away from the hole, and is over solid ground again, Aaron whistles for another stop. "Yes, bring that cart up, please!" And with that, the big Smith is swinging his way quickly back to ground level, grabbing a rope tied to a handy boulder and tossing it down into the hole so the apprentices can climb out, his hand outstretched to lift them out of the hole. "Good job, folks, thank you very much."

Alesa walks over to Sara and links her arm through hers. Squeezing,she murmurs. "Edsel, rest his bones, would be so proud of you, Sara. And of us. Knowing that somebody cared enough about our history to love and care for this harpsichord, even over 400 years of neglect. He, and we will live on, and we will pass it on to the next generation of Harpers." Maybe even uniting the craft, old and new? Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? The dust and dirt slides off the instrument like butter, filling the air with small bits of the past.

Vezre climbs out of the hole, brushing off the dust and dirt that she is now covered in. "It's out!" she smiles and goes over to Alesa and Sara, wrapping her arm around their shoulders. "We have it out!"

Esanth plods steadily, pulling as he'd done with palettes of stone down at Southern. As he'd done lifting great blocks, raised and then fitted into the now-refurbished buildings. T'ral's chest tightens as the instrument comes into view. Soon enough it's ready for the cart. The young rider grins, eyes bright. This was why he'd angled for this assignment - the chance to hear an instrument no one had heard in hundreds of years. Well… no Nowtimers. It's why he'd come to Southern. To learn about music from the Oldtime and from Oldtime Harpers. And though his life took unexpected turns and that wasn't in the cards for him anymore… he's fiercely glad to be part of this restoration. And doubly so that the instrument will be ensconced at Southern. He can't wait to hear it.

Kalea looks like a figurehead for a ship the way she's angled out from the scaffolding. One arm back and wrapped around a hand hold, boots on the edge, and the rest of her suspended in midair as she watches the dragons synchronize to get the harpsichord swung into place on the cart. Ryadranth halts at the Smith's whistle and holds steady. Waiting for the all clear that the load is safely secured to the cart.

Sara squeezes Alesa's arm as it curls around her own. "Master Alesa, thank you for saying that." Vezre joins their embrace and Sara wraps her free hand around the other journeyman. "Once it is safely under yours and Jithan's solid eye in Southern I'll draw a deep breath of relief." With humans pushing the cart rolls under where the harpsichord hovers, the animals usually hooked up kept outside to keep them from bolting from the dragons in residence. Sara disengages from her friends and cohorts, lifting her voice. "It's all yours Journeyman Aaron!"

Zalara climbs out of the hole and she brushes herself off too, "I'm out too." She moves out of the way to watch harpsichord just dangle up there, 'Amazing."

Kehemath stays PUT.

Liareth halts as well, a glad rumble echoing the emotion from her rider. Kyara laughs aloud, softly, folding her arms and gazing at the retrieved instrument with somewhat shining eyes. Sienna's words catch her ear in the midst of everything, and she glances over at the other greenrider, her smile diminishing slightly. "At least," she ventures, sauntering in Sienna's direction, "it's for a happy reason?" She gives a little sigh; she didn't know when she'd get a chance to return here, either. "Bittersweet, all the same." When Zalara pops out of the hole, she sends the Smith girl a little wave, but otherwise remains away from the activity.

Sienna glances at Kyara and nods. "More bitter than sweet, for now," she murmurs. "I might go flying after. Just…around. Since we're here. If you want to come with."

Aaron waits for Sara to declare her satisfaction with the location of the cart, and then raises his voice again. "Riders! If you'd please have you lifemates walk backwards /very/ slowly, we oughta be able to lower this into place now. If I shout 'HOLD', please have them stop /right/ where they're at, if possible. I promise I'll try not to do that! Now, on three again, very slow! One… Two… THREE!" And as it lowers, he's right there, nudging it this way and that to make sure it's seated /just/ right… "And it's down! Thank you, riders, you may release your dragons now."

T'ral hears Sara's call and looks to the burly Smith, quickly unhitching Esanth. That done he trots over to Aaron, fairly bouncing with excitement. Without interrupting, he waits (relatively) patiently for anything that the Weyrsmith needs from him or from Esanth.

Alesa squeezes both Vezre and Sara. GROUP HARPER HUG! Feel the love! " It's true, though. Every word." A pause, "I've already taken leave from Igen for this trip," she remarks casually. She is ready to GO. Packed bags may or may not have been already moved to the docks area. Probably they have been.

Ryadranth backs up carefully until she gets the all clear from Kalea. Then she drops the rope and swivels her head around to eye her handiwork. Good job everyone! We are awesome!! She meanders forward out of the way before lifting off and once again settling outside. Trying to finagle a good seat. Kalea is super proud of her lifemate and it shows in the smile plastered on her face. She swings back into the scaffolding and scrambles her way down to solid ground once more. "Wow," she breathes as she slides through the throng for a slightly closer look at the prize.

Sienna moves forward to help Kehemath safely move away from the ropes and all the Things associated with her job. Rubbing her lifemate's neck, she watches as the green turns and vanishes into the jungle.

Zalara nods to Sara as she goes to run to go to the skiff to tell the captain that the harpsichord is on it's way. She wants to do a really good job to help out with this.

Ah, now they can let go! Liareth lets go of her rope and then turns whirling eyes of green to Kyara; there's water and trees and different colored sand out there and she wants to go be in it. With a laugh, Kyara dismisses her pretty green to go explore this old memory of an island, falling silent thereafter and watching the bustle around the harpsichord continue.

As the dragons release the load the harpsichord drifts downwards and settles onto the cart. Under the weight the cart settles with a creak on the solid wood of the cart. Human helpers converge on the cart, and soon the ropes securing the instrument to the scaffolding are whisked away. Willing hands push the cart along a cleared path out and down towards the ocean. Sara walks behind it along with any who wish to come. "Alesa, I'm glad you're going with it. I don't think I could convince Peaston that I was sick for that long without him getting suspicious or trying something untoward in the Harper."

Alesa laughs softly towards Sara, "Its no trouble, my dear. I haven't been on a good sea journey in..oh. 400 Turns or so." Wink. "But also, I'm not letting it out of my sight until its safely down at Southern. What I need for you to do is send a dragon shipment of items down to Southern to arrive when we do, can you? They've already been crated over at Igen and are ready for transport." She hands her a list.

Zalara comes running back from the skiff and she comes up to Sara. She is panting softly and smiles, "The ship and its captain are all ready at the docks, they've got a lot of dock hands to help get the harpsichord onto the ship." She says with a smile.

The question Sienna's asked finally registers past all the activity of the recovery, and Kyara blinks a little, nodding. "Yeah. I'll definitely come along. I'd…like to see around here now, while we can." And so she'll follow her friend's lead and wander on, eventually to head out to fly some. She'll be able to catch up with the Harpers and Smiths again later - once they're a little less occupied!

T'ral trots up to the Harpers (throws signs, yo), eyebrows raised expectantly, "I can take anything you need wherever you need it." He's one of the riders from Southern if his garb, gear and patches weren't plain enough. "Is there anything I can tell Jithan?" He nods, explaining, "When I get home?" To Southern. Dur. Eloquent, and words tumbling on top of themselves. Probably for the best he Impressed.

"Of course I will!" Sara takes the list and pockets it. "I'll come along myself, if you'll be willing to take me rider. I still have all of Edsel's notes. I believe I'll be sick quite a bit for the next few months." The journeyman winks at Alesa. When Zalara runs up Sara offers out an arm to her for a hug, "Thank you dear for coming along, we really needed your help."

Zalara oohs at the hug and she loves to give hugs. She hugs Sara, "You are welcome. I'm happy to help."

Alesa beams. "Thank you both, Sara and T'ral. I trust our things will be in more than safe hands between the two of you." A twinkle in her icy blues as she fake coughs, "Oh yes, Sara. We're all sick. Its catching!" Cough cough cough. Smirk.

The cart rolls its way towards the ocean, as the oldtime harpers and others trail after it. Soon enough the cart arrives on the loading dock. Workers from the ship wait, warned by the apprentice of the incoming instrument. The captain is also there and Sara strides forward to grip his hands. "Thank you for agreeing to take this south for us. Have I introduced you to Master Alesa? She will be riding along as the resident expert, just in case something unexpected comes up." The captain nods to Alesa, his eyebrow raising as Sara doesn't introduce the others. "Oh, and this is T'ral, blue rider, Journeyman Harper Vezre, and Igen Apprentice smith Zalara. We owe them a great deal for helping us today."

Zalara walks along with the others and she helps to push the cart to get it to the ship. She waves to the captain, "I was happy to help out."

Alesa had previously grabbed her belongings at the docks and brought them over, walking with the cart ensemble and its precious cargo. Nodding officiously at the captain with a "Well met, Captain. Fine vessel you have here," she makes her way to the sleeping quarters to deposit her packs. Returning to the decks, she takes a deep breath of the fresh ocean breezes, feeling a little bit revitalized.

T'ral salutes, "Well met, Captain," he gestures at the sturdy blue who is… seriously? chewing on his hind foot. "If we can be of service, just let us know." What a dragon could do for a sailing ship… Buh? But the offer is there just the same.

"Well met Master Alesa, my man will show you where your belongings will go." A burly sailor gestures towards the ship. While the group has been talking the sailors have done their job, hoisting the harpsichord upwards and onto the ship. It is settled on deck, extra waterproof wrappings swaddling around it to protect it from the elements. "I leave it in your hands Captain. Alesa," she reaches out to grip Alesa's hand if she'll let her, "I'll be waiting in Southern when the ship docks. Everything will be prepared for your arrival." Turning away, "Comeon Zalara, lets go help the smiths dismantle everything and get back to Igen. I believe a celebration is on order!"

Zalara smiles brightly at Sara, "Okay that sound good to me." She will head off with Sara to help her.

Whistling, Alesa calls her blue. Valdi materializes, crooning a B flat key as he curls his talons and tail around his humanpet's neck. The harper kisses him on the headknob and chinscratches before wrapping her hands firmly around the ship's railing. The breeze whips her hair about her face as she turns to the horizon, just observing. "We're off to adventure, my dear, are you ready?" A squawk and wingflap as Valdi's orbs whirl the colors of blue and green. To new beginnings!

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