====December 21, 2013
====Ivy, K'vvan, E'bert, A'dan, N'zi
====Ivy runs afoul of a proddy K'vvan. Or is he always like that?

Who Ivy, K'vvan, E'bert, A'dan, N'zi
What Ivy runs afoul of a proddy K'vvan. Or is he always like that?
When Four months and 27 days until the 12th Pass
Where Feeding Pens

Here thar be pens, in a variety of shapes and sizes fit for all manner of beastie. The largest pens are those housing plump herdbeast for human or draconic consumption. A few of the smaller pens are unoccupied, though there are remnants of their former occupants still evident on ground and fence. The actual pens themselves are made of wood, stick, nail and twine. It's a slap-shod sort of place, kept together by dreams and good luck to hold fast against the winds. In each pen there are troughs for feed and water, and they appear again by the stableside.

Udath is yet too young to catch his own prey, but he's anxious about learning, so he and Ivy are taking their meal out at the pens. Well, Udath is. The deep brown dragonet is crouched in a curve around his rider and Ivy leans against his flank, occasionally handing him a chunk of dripping red meat from a pile at her side. A tiny green firelizard clings to the girl's shoulder, wobbly and fussing for food as well. Between thoughtful bites, the brown dragon eyes the pens with a mixture of eagerness and anxiety.

Nadeeth and K'vvan are on the far side of the pens, a quiet conversation ensuing as they approach. At the fence made to keep the beasties inside, Nadeeth pauses then jumps into the pens. She strikes quickly, her meal going down with only a meidum ammount of effort, and very little spillage. K'vvan makes his way around the pens, allowing the wind to push at his back rather then drive the stink of the pens towards him.

E'bert walks in from the Lake Shore.

Ivy and Udath are watching. The weyrling throws her arms in the air in a triumphant sort of gesture, unsettling the firelizard who digs tiny talons into the front of her ugly yellow shirt. "Nice one." K'vvan is probably one of many who have been subjected to this particular judges panel today. Udath shifts his weight a little bit and rumbles softly, also impressed.

K'vvan eyes the weyrling as she speaks, then turns his back to her to look back at where Nadeeth is having at her prey. The blood spills out onto the ground, but the green moves herself out of the pooling liquid and begins the rather messy process of eating. As much as possible she keeps blood off of her hide, eating slower to achieve this.

Ivy gets to her feet and wipes her gory hands on her pants before meandering down to the far end of Nadeeth's chose pen and clutching lightly at the fence rail. She appears to be completely unperturbed by the carnage (delicate though the green's feeding may be) going on within. "She's real neat," she calls, also unperturbed by the rider's turned back. Udath, never pleased to be separated from his girl, clambers to his feet and follows her.

Karkath, having finished his prepared meal, lies curled some distance away from E'bert. The weyrling gives his own brown a soft snort as he watches the small beast sleep. Apparently it really doesn't bother Kar to be seperated from his rider, "She's a lovely green," E'bert says moving to join his fellow weyrling.

K'vvan's gaze flicks backwards once again at the girl. Obviously she's speaking to him, and as Nadeeth is the only other dragon in the pens well, the girl must be talking about her. Then there is another one, it's raining browns! "She is." His words are abrupt, not rude persay, but they do not invite the weyrlings to continue to speak to him.

"So how long before those two," head nod towards the brown weyrling dragons, "Are hunting their own food?" E'bert asks. It's a purely practical question that isn't so much about being squeemish as it is about having more time to focus on things like bagging firestone, and less on mucking out stone couches. Sure he should probably ask one of the AWLMs, but K'vvan might be willing to answer. Then again this is K'vvan.

Ivy tosses a grin at E'bert and sort of wanders along the fence in K'vvan's direction, training her fingers along the rail. You can practically here the Jaws theme playing. It's more than likely she's parsing the greenrider's standoffish behavior correctly, and also completely ignoring it. "You teach her that, or is she just real particular?" Udath follows, sticking by Ivy like a burr. To E'bert she murmers, "I -wish- he'd just stay put for a few minutes."

"Ask Sienna." Is K'vvan's brusk reply, "Or O'ell." Perhaps he looks up to see where the weyrling keepers have gone- are they just allowed to randomly roam like this? Ivy's question seems to fall under the same reply. He leans his elbows on the fence and keeps his eyes fixed on Nadeeth, occasionally flicking upwards to look out into the distance. "There's going to be a sandstorm." There, conversation.

E'bert gives a nod to K'vvan's reply, then another as he looks off to the distance. He didn't really expect an answer from K'vvan, but neither did he expect an observation on the weather, "We should probably get back to barracks before it hits," said to Ivy, though E'bert makes no move towards that direction. He'd have to wake the sleeping brown lump that is Karkath before he could go anywhere.

"But how would they know? She's your dragon," Ivy points out, all wide-eyed and curious. She continues to approacheth, though a glance is spared for the dark cloud in the distance. "It's a little ways off. We can get in time." The unconcern of the non-weyr native.

K'vvan finally turns his gaze on the weyrling girl. "Because they're your f*king teachers." He shoves up from the fence. "You've been here a while. Haven't they taught you not to f*k around with the sandstorms?" Says K'vvan who totally didn't even have proper sandwear himself till recently.

E'bert chuckles, "Sir I grew up here," he knows not to muck around with sandstorms. A thumb is twitched towards Ivy, "She's still learning," grin, chuckle. The weyrling looks off towards the gathering storm again, then he's plodding towards his dragon, "Come on Kar, time to get up," nudge, "Now Kar," and if that doesn't sound like a certain baker from down the sidestreet nothing ever will.

Hey, she made him look at her! Ivy shoves her hands in her pockets and rocks back on her bootheels at the outburst, eying K'vvan balefully and trying to decide if he actually thinks that's an acceptable answer to her question. "That makes no sense. I mean, the second part does, but not the first bit." But she'll leave it at that if she must, and jerks her chin towards E'bert, confirming his statement. "He's my weatherperson." Udath, sensing even that wee flash of annoyance in his rider, lowers his dark muzzle and shoves it under her hand.

Yup, K'vvan should never be allowed to interact with the weyrlings. But, it was only a year ago he was totally questioning Authority! and trying to Make Sense!. A year under W'rin will fix that. "Then f*king listen to him if you won't listen to anyone else girl." He actually manages to put a slight sneer on to the last word, then turns back to his dragon. Nadeeth has ignored the bile off to the side as she continues to eat her beast, large bites going straight down her gullet.

"Oh thanks," E'bert calls, nudging his brown again. Grumpy Karkath is grumpy, and he doesn't like being disturbed when he is sleeping so he hisses at E'bert. The weyrling taps the end of the brown's nose, "Stop that Kar, we gotta go. Storm's coming," the brown relunctantly climbs to his feet, and heads towards the training grounds. He was comfortable yo, "She really is a lovely green, K'vvan," said with a sincere grin. E'bert's just glad his Kar isn't green.

Narloth drops in from the Sky Above Lake.
A'dan slides from Narloth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Annoyance flips over into anger when Ivy catches that sneering emphasis, overriding a grasp of Weyr manners that is tenuous to begin with. She tromps forward another couple of steps, too small to really get in the greenrider's face but she'd obviously like to be. "I'm listening fine, -you- aren't listening!" She's totally ignoring poor E'bert's attempt to pour oil on the tempest. Udath bumps at his rider again, then lifts his head as Karkath hisses, looking distressed.

N'zi slides from Zateriyath's neck and lands gently on the ground.

K'vvan leans back against the fence, tuning out the complaints of the nearby child. He mutters under his breath, having decided to simply ignore the angsty female weyrling. W'rin would be so proud.

You overhear K'vvan mutter, "… … why … … … fighting dragons…" to himself.

It is hot, and there are weyrlings, and one of these is clearly more of a deterrent than the other but Zateriyath likes the one and N'zi is indifferent to the other, so. To the pens, where Zateriath crackle-zaps a hello across the mindscape of anyone tuned in to his frequency before descending into the herd for his dragonsnacks. Which leaves N'zi to stray-cat slink-sidle up to the fence and the little clutch of people there. They get an initial indifferent look, but then he looks back again, and his forehead furrows and his mouth turns faintly down at the corners like he can't quite place something.

A'dan drops to the ground and spends a few moments unharnessing the dark bronze. Wow. That is one frumpy dragon. He looks… slept in. As A'dan works, the bronze -really he looks brown- peers at those gathered, eyes drifting at seemingly different angles, but keen, keen intellect in those red-whilrling eyes. There are three healing claw marks along Narloth's flank. Not Thread scores. Finsihed with the straps, A'dan rolls them up and parks it against the fence. He tilts his head in greeting to the other bronzer and sketches a salute at the Arroyo Wingsecond. The weyrling gets more study, keen blue eyes peering intently at the teenager and her dragon.

If K'vvan's just going to ignore her and mutter rude things, well FINE. Ivy turns on her heel to retreat to the familiarity of E'bert's presence, only to find that he has rousted sleeping Karkath and headed back towards the barracks. Momentarily at a loss, she gazes skyward and tries to blow a tendril of hair out of her face. The landing of other, far larger dragons, hinders this. With K'vvan now out of sight and out of mind, her manners return and she salutes the latest arrivals.

When the large bronzes appear Nadeeth pauses in her eating. A stray ribbon sweeps out, lingering only a second on the baby and twining around the adults happily. K'vvan catches the salute and grows slightly, pushing up from the fence AGAIN to give a brief salute back. He really should stop wearing that knot when not in practice. Getting saluted by people older then himself was weird.

Narloth twitches his wings into order, neck arching, wind of the storm fluttering Nadeeth's ribbons. How long's it been since she went up, eh, Prickles? The bronze turns and walks a few paces away before turning back, 'Ah, excuse me, one more thing… « You're looking lovely, Nadeeth. » He launches into the sky. A'dan's considerable brow furrows and he shakes his head. "Randy sharding dragon."

N'zi, apparently, not one for introductions — or, you know, a hello. He is, however, one for standing somewhat on the fringes of the knot of activity, his furrowed frown drawing inward more and the line of his mouth growing more pinched. He's maybe-kinda staring, too, at Ivy in particular, for long enough that it's probably kind of noticeable. (If Zateriyath were not invested in eating, he'd probably be mentally rolling his eyes.) Then his expression clears abruptly, shifts to one of vaguely disgruntled resignation, and from his mouth comes the charmingly non-explanatory: "Oh." Then he salutes K'vvan, like he's only just realized there are other people here, and grunts noncommittally at A'dan. What a charmer.

Is Ivy supposed to be listening in? She totally is, and while Udath is far too young to be interested in girls, she can get enough context from him. To A'dan, without ceremony (hey, she -did- salute!), she ask irritably, "Oh, is -that- why he's being an ass? Or is he always like that?" She casts a cursory glance back at K'vvan, then turns back and narrows her eyes a little at the Guy Who Is Staring, more curious than anything else. Realization dawns, and her mood turns on a dime to delighted enthusiasm. "Nazir!" She darts for the hapless bronzerider.

"F*k off girl." K'vvan says abruptly, then swings himself over the fence and into the pens themselves. For Nadeeth IS looking rather sparkly, though she is always very clean so maybe it is just a trick of the light. She has made swift work of her food and nw blood droplets mar that sparkly hide. "Lets go get you cleaned off, that sandstorm hasn't hit yet, but it could any second." Nadeeth spirals one more ribbon towards the pair of bronzes, a happy lets-meet-again, before she and K'vvan take off the way they came.

A'dan laughs. "He's always like that, kid. Prods or otherwise." A'dan squints at the little dragonet. "This is a bit far afield, aye?" Y'all don't know this -or you might- but A'dan spent a good 6 or 7 turns touring other Weyrs and studying weyrling training practices. For the good of Igen.

"Ah," is clipped, but, "yes, the climbing-clinging vine," bears with it a wealth of of both resignation and muted - but still clearly present - affection. He braces for what he clearly predicts as incoming impact, bristled-stiff for an excruciating moment before he lifts one arm in anticipatory invitation, so that if there is a hug forthcoming he is in position to direct it into a side-armed configuration. "My sisters said that you had grown." K'vvan's parting comment draws a sharp, defensive frown and a tch of sound, hypocritically chiding. Now it's A'dan's turn to get that I-can't quite place you squinty-frown, because while he's been a fixture at the weyr for a little over a decade, now, for quite a bit of that he was a socially maladjusted teenager who didn't really pay attention to people unless he had to. "This is Ivy," he introduces instead, "who has both grown and Impressed since last I saw her, and who I have been told, upon pain of makeover, I am to keep an eye on." There, now the other bronzerider is obligated to introduce himself first.

It is indeed an incoming hug that the vine has in store for N'zi, and she clings with all the cheerfulness of a proxy little sister until the bronzerider can side-arm her off. K'vvan's parting shot is forgotten. "Yes! I've been here two months! How Diya, and Sadia?" Udath finally catches up with his wayward rider and settles nearby, eyes whirling with now fading anxiety. A'dan's question is addressed next, once the kerfuffle of greeting N'zi is done. "Oh…well, we walk slow. He likes to watch the others hunt."

With a 'yup' nod, A'dan takes the introduction, he's been around the training grounds a bit, talking to Sienna and O'ell. There weren't so many female Impressees that he didn't know them by sight or name… or reptuation. "A'dan, bronze Narloth's. I remember you, N'zi." Plus, the kid had tipped him off calling out his pre-Impression name. He inclines his head to the both of them. To Ivy: "Tell him to watch now." The dark bronze, folds his wings and plummets, like a bolt snapping wings out at the bottom of the dive to spin his hindquarters down, knocking the herdbeast ass over teakettle, neck-snapped, bones crushed, flipping into the air. It hadn't seen the bronze's shadow until it was too late because Narloth had stooped from an angle that cast it away. The bronze admires the distance that the herdbeast tumbles before pouncing on it and ripping it to shreds.

N'zi does hug, and though the embrace is brief his arm is secure over Ivy's shoulders and he tips his face down so he can scuff his cheek against the top of her hair before dropping his arm and stepping a half-step away. "Ah," is the sound of his moment of clarity, "I remember, now." He doesn't answer Ivy's question immediately, but extends a hand to nudge her elbow and then point to Narloth, all yes-look-no-really sure. "Sadia sends her love, and says that you," he heaves a sigh and flicks his eyes upward, aggrieved, as he recites from memory a lower-voiced but dead-on impression of his middle sister, "simply must dish, write and tell her about all the young men you encounter at the weyr. As if," and that's his own disgruntled tone, "there are not enough in the holdings to hold her attention, and you do not have more pressing matters to attend. Diya, tch, she is at Southern," and clearly, clearly he cannot understand for the life of him why, "but also sends her love." To A'dan, he adds a, "Sisters," on a sigh.

Ivy nods once sharply to A'dan and obediently passes the message along to her little brown fellow, who watches the adult dragon take down a beast raptly. The weyrling then bounces on her toes happily, all smiles for N'zi. "Oh, I've been negligent…I'll write Sadia tonight before bed, -promise-." Not that he probably cares about her gossipy-letter-schedule. "And Diya's at -Southern-? I missed so much!" And she would likely continue on thusly for some time, boring both bronzeriders to tears. But suddenly Udath gives a bit of a shake, and // leans // on his slight rider with a chirrup of query. "Shards…we need to get back, he's itchy. Naz-N'zi, we have to catch up soon! A'dan, very nice to meet you." And though Udath would never wander off without his girl, he is quite insistent and the two depart in lock-step.

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