====September 11th, 2013
==== Jedi, Aaron, Nika, Arianne, Katarina, Andi
==== A group effort results in a solid platform.

Who Jedi, Aaron, Nika, Arianne, Katarina, Andi
What A group effort results in a solid platform.
When There is 1 turn 3 months and 3 days until the 12th pass.
Where Hatching Sands, Southern Weyr

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Hatching Sands
The Sands are surprisingly soft to the feet and to the eyes: rich grains of gold commingle with the ground basalt-black that mark the shores of Azov's Sea. The whorls of lighter color pattern into the sands, larger-grained and often settling at the top, as golden driftwood against dark shores. … but the moaning from above sounds like the chorus of the damned, lessening the natural beauty here below.

All said and done, it took a very short amount of time for plans to be actually drawn up regarding the New Platform Of Undeath, and likely even less time to actually gather supplies to begin with. Several Lynx wingriders are helping with this project, as well as other assorted people of every walk of life. Jedi RECRUITED, of course she did. And while some people have been forbidden from actually helping with the construction itself, they are being made use of in other way! At the moment, Jedi herself is working on the stairs taking form for the low platform, while the base is being doublechecked for integrity - and yes, for looking good as well. Th'seus is not here at the moment, likely making good on a promise to talk to someone about something. To do with pointy objects. Anyone wanting to help out has been welcomed so far, though it's all being watched INTENTLY by Jedi's brown lifemate, who watches from the ledges overhead.

Aaron wanders on over to the sands, wearing the THICK boots that he brought down from up north with him. Seeing the new, non-deathy platform taking shape, he chuckles, and walks over to where he spies Jedi working. "Well," he says by way of greeting, "I have to say, you're at least doing the Craft credit, even if you /were/ corrupted into becoming a dragonrider." Ah haha, quite the joker is Aaron. Taking a moment to look the growing assembly over, he squats down, eying the platform for levelness. "Really, it looks rather good, Jedi. Anything I can do to help?" Because WHY ELSE would Aaron have come all this way from the Smithy?

"Hello Aaron," The woman replies, without looking up from her careful work. "Thank you." His joke about being corrupted into becoming a dragonrider falls a bit flat today, with Jedi in full responsibility mode, but he still earns a little smile from her. Although he might not see it, given that she's busy working on the steps. "Everyone wants to help, it seems," it's a soft note from the woman, "shows the support we've got here. It's nice. Wouldn't be nearly as far as we are right now if not for everyone." Because really, extra hands do help when it comes to keeping things level while hammering things in! "Um, let's see.." At his question of what he can do to help, Jedi stops with the last nail she was using, and stands up to eye things. "Well, let's see…" Jedi has stopped working on thus-so-far unfinished steps to the low platform, and the platform's base is coming together nicely. Aaron is standing near her, asking how he can help. "So far you're the only other Smith-trained person here — that I know of. Maybe help me make sure things are as level and steady as they're looking? I want this thing going up with as few hitches as possible."

Since Ari had intended to help with the platform anyway, this is perfect. It means helping, but with no arguments! So she arrives on the sands with sleeves rolled up and hair twisted up and neat into a bun. "Use me!" she offers, obviously in good humor as she comes to a halt in front of the other brownrider and the large smith. "I can do whatever. Except anything that will get me hurt - direct order from large, dark, and grumpy outside."

Lynx! LYNX? The Serval wingleader pops her little self out onto the sands, ringlets abound wildly about her face as she bounces up to the brownrider in charge of building the decidedly less goldrider booby-trap. "I brought this!" The tiny woman is clutching a hammer, lifted mightly in to the air, like THOR, only she isn't quite sure what it is for. And her quizzical look at the thing makes it seem like inviting her may have the opposite of non-death the current crew is going for.

Katarina follows the noise to the building of the platform. She'd had to find Aaron via drudges along the way. She walks onto the sands and is immediately regretful as the heat hits her, but she keeps putting one riding boot in front of the other until she is level with the big smith. "Need any help?" She asks, in that even tone of hers, as she taps him on the shoulder.

Aaron doesn't see Jedi's smile, but shrugs it off, knowing that she's possibly a bit stressed. The arrival of other familiar faces brings a grin to his face, even as he gives Nika an EYE. "Nika, put that down before you hurt yourself," he says with a chuckle. A tape measure is pulled from a pocket, and he moves to the far corner of the platform, pulling Kat along with him. "C'mon over here and hold this for me, and we'll see if everything really is as good as it looks here." And with that he's off, measuring and calculating angles and depths… "Jedi, how much weight are you thinking? Just the three goldriders, or what?" Because that's mildly important.

"At least four people your size and weight, Aaron!" Is Jedi's loud reply. "Not everyone is as tiny as Hannah, and they'll have company from time to time.." Her thought process trails off verbally for a few moments at least, and a smile is directed at the three riders who have arrived to help out. "Nika, Arianne." These two she at least knows a bit better, but she's heard of this other woman as well. "Katarina, I assume? Thank you all for coming to help." Since Aaron has kidnapped Katarina to make use of her extra pair of hands, she turns to size up Arianne and Nika alike. "Nika, can you swing that thing without hurting someone?" Jedi sounds dubious. "Arianne..well, just don't tell him if you do? Construction can be hazardous, though we're trying to make it not be." She taps her lips a moment, and nods. "I'm finishing up the steps, Nika, you could help with that? Arianne, could you doublecheck that those supports are holding up like they're supposed to? Let me know if there's any sign of strain, or if the nails look like they're pulling out anywhere?" With so many hands working on this, surely this will be a project done before it's time for eggs!

Arianne puzzles at Jedi for a moment, giving a mild snort under her breath. "You just don't know Caelth. He'll -know-." she says ominously, with a nod for emphasis. Yet, with apparent unconcern she tosses off a playful salute to the other wingsecond and then wiggles her fingers at Nika. And then hunkers down to start checking on the supports that are supposed to be holding everything up. She'll regret this later, certainly, with the heat wafting up to fold over her like an uncomfortable blanket of gross.

Nika's shoulders are thrown up and then sag down in the poutest of shrugs, which lasts all of two seconds before she's bounding towards Jedi hammer still well in the air, "SURE! I'm not sure I could swing it hard enough to hurt anyone, so not hurting people should be easy!" Aaron's orders then are completely forgotten, so she can offer some help to Arianne, "Just tell him I said it was an order. It's an order!" She has to now, right? Nika isn't afraid of no big bad Caelth. Or the steps she's now staring angrily at. She will defeat them! Mighty (very small) hammer, wielded (awkwardly), high in the air (above her, so right around an average person's head). "Where do you want me to NAIL?"

Katarina follows Aaron and does as instructed. She smiles warmly at him and looks to the work ahead. "This seems to be coming along quite nicely." She is looking forward to some actual work! She's been hermiting herself lately and this morning she's had enough. Bring it on!

Aaron is, thankfully, on the FAR side of the platform-to-be when Nika starts waving that hammer around. Kat gets a smile in return, then his eyes flick over to Nika for a moment, rolling with mirth. He drops to the ground briefly, hissing a little at the heat from the sands meeting his hands and rather wishing he had thought to wearing his leather working gloves. Oh well. A quick peer under the platform reveals more then adequate cross bracing and supports. Measurements and a bit of mental math confirm everything, and he nods at Kat's statement. "It does indeed…" Raising his voice a smidge, he calls over to Jedi. "Looks good and square, and well supported. Very good job. Are you going to put a railing up around it?"

Jedi hands some nails to Nika, with only a slight twitch of her eyebrows to show she's not 100% sure of letting the shorter woman actually weild that hammer upon ANYTHING…but instead says, "here, we need to hammer long here….and here. The nails need to be all the way in so they don't hurt anyone by accident." That said, she'll give Nika the nails, and watch for a moment before she interferes at all. Aaron's first words get a thumbs up, and then Jedi considers his next. "We might as well! Be a bit safer, that way." Arianne checking on things is noted with a quick little nod, and Jedi uses this moment to make sure that things are getting done. Jedi herself is standing near the soon-to-be-stairs to the soon-to-be platform, which is taking shape. There is no floorboards to the platform, but so far it's coming along well - the base and supports are looking well like they'll handle the weight they'll need to. Though that test will come once construction is complete! Aaron is on the far side of the platform with Katarina, while Arianne checks the supports for any stress. Nika is nearby the stairs with Jedi.

Arianne doesn't bother being all gentle with the supports or anthing. She raps her closed fist against them a couple of times to check their sturdiness, shuffling along to check the next set and running her fingertips lightly over the wood to make sure there are no surprise nails popping out anywhere. "Nika, can I borrow the hammer?" She will pretend to make use of it, so that everyone else can breathe easy. Everybody WINS!

Nika is a little cooky but she ain't no fool, and she levels her eyes at her wingsecond. 'Really' is the read on her expression as she quirks an eyebrow upward, even with the a smile playing on her face. "NAILS!" She giggles, now more to make everyone uncomfortable than anything. The tiniest of hammer taps can be heard from where the bluerider disappears down the steps. "Awww…it's like tucking them into their beds! Goodnight little nail!"

Katarina shakes her head at the antics of the others and follows Aaron. She's leaving it up to him to tell /her/ what needs doing, she doesn't know the first thing about building and had just volunteered herself as a grunt. "So, what are we going to be doing?" she asks, looking at the porject with obvious interest.

Aaron grins to himself at Jedi's handling of Nika, and Arianne's attempts at same. His eyes go distant for a moment, and a few seconds later a blue firelizard pops into the cavern and circles down to Aaron. A quick note is scrawled out and attached to Cobalt's leg, who then takes off and pops back ::between::. Several minutes later, a couple apprentices trudge onto the sands, pulling a barrow that's been stacked high with floor boards, a couple bags of nails, and various tools. "I kinda snuck down here and measured last night, Jedi. Hope you don't mind." Looking over at Kat, he just grins. "You're the one that said you wanted to be a grunt. Help Rimer and Vetrara get those unloaded. Lay 'em length wise," he says, indicating, "about a half inch apart."

Jedi watches Nika for a few moments, before helping her friend finish up the stairs. "We should probably secure them to the platform. Here, let's move this way a little, and," considering they're both tiny! "We can affix them to the platform before it's too boarded up." Aaron's words earn a little grin from the woman, and a nod of her head. "I know. Fiwa was watching." Oho, so she knew he was up to something! Jedi, meanwhile, recruits a few people to help her move the stairs - they're heavy - and goes ahead and gets started on nailing the stairs into place. "How're the supports looking, Arianne?" And then, because curiosity's killing the cat, "you're in Ocelot, right, Katarina?"

Arianne just gives her wingleader a sparkling smile and a shrug when she sees right through the clever ploy to divest her of the hammer. "I think you should sing to them too." is quipped, as the cute widdle bluerider wishes the nails a goodnight. "You know… gooodniiiiiiiiiiiight, little naaaaaaaaaaail…" No? No. Okay. When the floorboards are bebing layed down, she stands up and steps away from the platform so that she's not in the way at all. "Looking good!" is acknowledged. "Very sturdy so far." Can they get to the jumping up and down on it to test it part yet? Can they?

Nope, not yet. They need to have something to STAND on first!

"Gooooddddniiigghht, liitttleee.." Only what starts as Nika's cute little song to the nails turns into a, "Nooooo!" Leaping from her crouched position the tiny woman is cupping something in her hands. Something very small. "I think I killed it!" For a woman who showed so little concern when a dead body fell at her feet, she seems rather upset about her part in the death of the poor trundlebug she has cradled in her little hands. "I need to go save it!" Which, granted is probably an impossible, but the woman is sprinting from the sands, towards the dragon infirm. A fatality was inevitable with Nika wielding a blunt weapon.

Katarina gives Aaron a curt not and is off too it. She introduces herself to the cart pullers and smiles. Then she's into her work. She declines help when offered, our Kat might be small, but she's strong. She can be seen laughing and joking with the two cart pullers.

Jedi is on one short side of the platform-to-be with some helpers, moving fresh assembled stairs up to connect them to the platform. Arianne and Aaron are both working their way around the platform, inspecting what's been assembled so far for any signs of stress or errant nail heads, while Kat and two NPC smith 'prentices (Rimer and Vetrara) are unloading are unloading floor boards and placing them across the frame of the platform so that they can be attached. As the floor boards are layed out, Aaron finishes up his inspection, apparently satisfied, and goes to the barrow the floor boards were delivered on. A large hammer, a bag of nails, and a pair of spacers are obtained, and he starts fussing with the outermost floor board, making sure it's perfectly lined up with the edge of the platform. "Someone come watch this end, please, and make sure it doesn't shift?" And with that, he goes to the other end of the board to make sure /it/ doesn't shift either, fishes out a nail and offers it and the hammer to Jedi. "Care to drive the first nail in the floor, Wingsecond?"

Cue the convenient arrival of a potential 'someone' to come watch that end — enter yet another female brownrider to the group on the sands, Andi trundling her way down uninvited. Or maybe she was invited; she doesn't make it entirely clear as she practically chirps, "Vedoriath said people were building on the sands and that I needed to come help," as her way of introducing herself to the group. She speaks in a Lemos accent, and those who fly in Ocelot at least know who she is, but since very recently moving in Andi has mostly kept to herself. She's the new girl. The very new girl, at least until M'aal and K'nan showed up — not that they're girls. "Want me to — watch that end and make sure it doesn't shift?"

Yulena makes her way down onto the Sands of Infamy, mug of hot klah in hand. She eyes the business happening on the Sands with a raised eyebrow. Before she opens her mouth, the cook eyes the platform-esque construction critically because building platfoms is like building a cake, right? See, she'd be as useful as Lendai in this. "How's it going?" she calls, just in case her eyes are tricking her. Sip of klah. Yulena's here to supervise, from a distance, y'all.

"Please do," is both Jedi's permission and Jedi's greeting to Andi. "Why not?" She chuckles, and after popping out from underneath the platform, accepts nail and hammer. "Soon enough we can test how it holds up." That's promised to everyone who's been helping out and is still here! "I'm sure Nika will be back soon as well…" Although that's kind of doubtful, Nika's likely to be well. Preoccupied for a while, now. For a moment before striking the nail in, Jedi looks seriously at her companions and helpers, and then grins. "Let's get this done!" BANG in goes the nail! And with that done, and the stairs attached - Jedi turns to Andi with a smile. "You're new, aren't you?" And then Yulena is spotted, and beckoned at! "Yulena! Come join us."

Arianne rubs at her forehead a second as hammers meet nails, and though she turns to offer a greeting smile to Andi and Yulena… suddenly the one of many in the room brownrider ladies finds herself fleeing out hatching sands exit. "Be back!" Hopefully.

Aaron chuckles and grins as Jedi drives that nail in, then steps up and takes out another nail, setting it's tip to the wood, and… taptaptapBAM, it's in. Moving over to where Andi's hold the board, he secures it with a couple nails, then leaves a pile of them and his hammer for her to use. "And then we just pull the next board over, put this spacer between them, and nail it in place once we're both ready. Got it?" he asks, demonstrating. Yulena's name and voice pulls his head up, and the cook gets a smile and a wave over as Aaron obtains another hammer, lines his end of the board up with a spacer, and looks up to see if Andi's ready. No point in lollygagging!

Board holding and hammering is at least an easy enough job; from the looks of Andi, one would not think she was someone who had experience building things. That would be because it's entirely accurate, but she is at least intelligent and not clumsy. "Right," she tells the Smith with a nod, and then over her shoulder to Jedi — "Me? Yeah, I haven't been here long, transfer from Fort — the behemoth's my dragon." The brown behemoth, that is, but for a dragon ridden by a girl he is rather stand-out big. That is, so long as she doesn't forget she's talking to an Oldtimer who has a larger dragon.

You know that saying that too many cooks spoil the broth? Yeah, Yulena's well acquainted with that one, "Um. I'm not terribly handy with a hammer." And see, klah: the mug is waved. A close little grin to Katarina and Aaron, and then she's content to… observe from a distance. "I wouldn't really want to get in the way." A curious eye is cast to Andi, "Well met, then, Andi."

Jedi flashes a grin at Andi, and points up at the ledges. Overlooking the whole process is Jedi's own brown - Llioramasith. "I know the feeling." Of having a behemoth, apparently! She'll hand a spare hammer over to Andi so she can help, and Jedi herself will doublecheck and see that the stairs are firmly attached before returning to help with the process. "Thank you all so much for coming to help. It's made this go so much quicker." Than if it had just been riders from Lynx. "I'm Jedi, rider of Llioramasith." Is her belated introduction to Andi. "Lynx Wingsecond." And have a flash of a grin as she helps with nailing things into place. "Oldtimer."

Katarina continues to lay boards. She's walking by when comments are made about having bohemoths and chuckles, adding in: "Yeah, Xenok's not so small either." As she walks by. She places a board and heads for the cart again.

Aaron figures he might as well introduce himself too. "I'm Aaron, Smith Journeyman. Pleasure to meet you, Andi." Yulie gets a warm smile as she approaches the group, though that doesn't slow him down with the hammering. Looking up at Lli, and knowing Xenok, he chuckles. "I'm just way to used to being the biggest one in the room," he mutters out, moving steadily down the platform, board by board. While broth might get ruined, many hands make short work of construction!

"I think he," Andi gestures at Llioramasith, "probably has that championship now." It's said with a tiny smile, like a hesitant tease of a brand new person — hard to really tease someone you don't know, but it's a natural enough part of the way Andi talks that she can't quite turn it off. Also, who is she teasing: Aaron or the brown? "I seem to be in good company, though, when it comes to huge dragons." She also seems to not be terrible at hammering, though her manicure? Is definitely in trouble.

Still… cooks love to have fun. And meddle. And improve. "Well," Yulena says, draining the rest of her klah, chugchugchugchug!, "If I can lift a board or two. Kat?" Who is in charge of board-carrying, it seems. That's totally helping. Yulena snorts at Aaron, then, "What do you need next?" And a slightly sheepish look to Andi, "Pardon. I'm Yulena. Cook here." Manicures? Let Yulena tell you about manic… or don't. Definitely don't. "Looks like you've banged in a nail or two before, huh?" That's what one gets when one gets friendly with Yulena: her face is totally straight and entirely serious.

Jedi for a moment goes distant, and points at Aaron suddenly. "I have to go check on the twins, Jawa's bugging Lli and he was supposed to be watching the nannies with them. I'll be back; in the meantime, you make sure no one gets hurt." In other words, Aaron, you have the com! "It was nice meeting you!" And then Jedi's gone, but to return soon!

Eventually, it must come to an end. The last of the boards are put into place, carefully squared up with the outer edge. Aaron puts the last little nail to bed, then steps back, taking a careful look at their work. He squats down, casting an eye along the surface of the platform, and then moves to a couple other vantage points and does the same. "Well, that about does it… Who wants to be the first to stand on it?"

Andi … does not volunteer. She looks at the structure curiously — at least it does look like a floor — and then glances over at the others, waiting for someone else to speak up. (Vedoriath? Probably harping at her to go for it, because it would be Noble and Just, but for crying out loud, dragon, it is just a floor.) "You want to try?" she suggests to Yulena, since, after all, the cook did ask.

Yulena has entirely aided in the finishing of this product which… in reality, wasn't a lot of help. Jedi gets a little wave, and Kat another grin, so when volunteers are requested, Yulena's quite ready to enjoy the spoils, "I can do it!" See, if it were anyone but Aaron in charge of this project *coughweyrwomencough*, Yulena would be on the other side of the Weyr, but she's totally now A) late to the party and B) eager. See, Andi, she's totally in!
Slowly, Yulena circles the four-cornered platform to the stairs, and steps boldly onto one. The tiniest of squeaks. Next step. A bit more squeak, and Yulena freezes - she's heard about Lendai's wrist. But heck, onward and upward, and Yules bounces confidently (perhaps wishful-thinkingly) up the last two steps and she's on. the. platform. Dude, she's doing it. "It's working!" she tells the assembled, if by 'working' she means 'holding her up', and begins to stride across it, not testing each foot for more than a second, "It's safe!" Final answer? Final answer! "Hey, what colour should we paint it?"

Jedi returns just in time to see the final nails set in, and smiles. Stupid firelizard shirking duties! She even goes so far as to clap a little. "None of this would have been possible without all of your help, not nearly so quickly. Thank you all." Yulena's ascent upon to the platform is watched with sharp eyes - she's proud that her project went so well! "Let's see how it holds up to a few more people upon it. Aaron. Andi. Katarina." Jedi herself is clearly also among those numbers: she climbs up the stairs as well, without hesitation! "I don't think we should paint it, actually. I do have some things to set up on here for Hannah though, when she's ready to take up residence. If this holds us all, at least."

Aaron watches Yulie's ascent without the slightest concern, having had a chance to go over the structure already. His head swivels as Jedi returns, giving her a smile for her words. "It was rather nice being consulted this time, I have to tell you," he says, watching Jedi climb the stairs and then climbing up after her and Kat. There's no hesitation in his step and, in fact, once he gets to the top, he /jumps/, surely a sight to behold. The vibration of his feet coming back down to the platform is felt all through it, but other then that it's rock solid, with nary a squeal or a crack or breaking wood. "Well, rather then painting the platform, why don't I just make some chairs up for them? We could paint the chairs, at least."

"I doubt all the weyrwomen actually agree on what color they like," Andi quips — though it's more likely than not a guess, as she doesn't actually know any of the three of them. "So it might be more workable to just put a varnish on it, yeah, and then —" And then the youngest brownrider present stops talking, because it's not her project so much as her dragon just encouraged her to participate. Presumably, there was a color scheme related suggestion there. "Yeah. Well. It looks sturdy?"

Yulena grins at Kat, "Very pink." Pinker than pink. Aaron's bouncing all over the platform earns a small scowl, but the cook is easily distracted, "Ooh, chairs. One painted pink for Lendai." Yulie's time as a Weyrwoman's assistant at the last Clutch has not faded /that/ much, "And a table, for eating or serving drinks at." The consummate hostess who's invading someone else's place for her dinner party, Yulena's busy waving her hands about, "And a lovely varnish, I quite agree with Andi there." A pause in thought, "Unless the smell would be bothersome for the queen in these environs." A look over to Jedi and then Llioramasith, "What do you think?"

"Exactly," Jedi agrees with Andi's assessment, and then thinks a little. "I don't know, Aaron; it might be simpler to let them decorate with their colors, and just have a few essentials set up on here? Like a privacy screen, and such. And then they can decide what they want out here?" That's what makes the most sense after all - and it gives the weyrwoman some space to negotiate with for what they'd like out here! "It sure seems sturdy, yes… The real test will be Aaron and Th'seus up here jumping around." Because that'll happen, just you wait and see! Jedi might actually be contacting her Wingleader NOW. "As for a varnish…I'm not sure. Perhaps this is the point at which we should ask." Cheeky grin!

Llioramasith thinks to you, « I bespoke Vossuth with: Llioramasith is a pitch-black marshland with only the sounds of the marsh, and the marsh's creatures to break the silence. « It is finished. » The brown's baritone states, sending an image of several people standing upon the now-finished platform. « They think of adding a railing. Mine wants to see how it stands up to yours and the Smith's weight, when it is convenient. » »

Katarina sees the platform is acceptable and waves to all around. She, after all, has other duties to attend to today. "See ya'll later, it was great working with you!" And off she goes.

Aaron nods at Jedi's idea, tilting his head a little. "Yeah, good point… Well, lemme get going, and I'll get working on a privacy screen." Chairs will probably still get made, but offered to the goldriders separately. Hey, it counts as tithing, right? Right.

Do Weyrcrafters actually need to tithe? Andi certainly has no idea. But it's not the sort of thing to concern her — talking about varnish, on the other hand, seems to. "Varnish'd mostly just protect the outside and make it look finished, I think, less than like a decor thing — the best way to make decor work would be if it were easily interchangeable for each clutchparent — or set of them," because Th'seus should get to have nice things too, clearly, "so yeah. That'd be good."

Yulena talks about varnish the way she talks about clouds: it is, or it isn't, "Yes, I see," she tells Andi, waving a quick farewell to Kata and Aaron, "And then we can put the chairs on top. But will the queen mind the smell of the varnish?" Oh, so the cook knows /that/ much, does she? "We really wouldn't want to make Dhiammarath sick while shey's trying to lay eggs." This from a woman who saw a dying gold's last meal come out the wrong way. Let's just say, it wasn't pretty. Shudder.

Jedi nods her agreement, "exactly, Andi. But with the clutching likely so close, I don't want to cause Hannah or Dhiammarath to get — exactly, Yulena. They've been through enough.. We could do the varnish after the Hatching. But I don't think it'd be a good idea to do it before then.." No making pregnant golds sick, she agrees on that much, at least! "I'd say we've done enough for tonight, at least. I had Lli let Vossuth know that it's ready for Th'seus to test it himself…and until Aaron has the screen ready.." She smiles cheerfully at Yulena and Andi. "Let's go have drinks, on me!" Because what better way to celebrate than booze, right?

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