==== December 17, 2013
==== Aaron Kalea, Owein
==== Aaron and Kalea welcome Owein to Southern.

Who Aaron Kalea, Owein
What Pleasantries
When There are 0 turns, 5 months and 12 days until the 12th pass.
Where Living Caverns, Southern Weyr

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Living Caverns
Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophiba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

It's just around supper time when a copper haired, grey eyed, lolling youth of a man walks into the living caverns of Southern Weyr. Freshh off the dragon, Owein is a little dusty and windswept, and loving every minute of it! A carefree smile outlines his white, straight teeth and he walks with a bounce in his step. A rucksack hangs off his back and clunks quietly as he walks to the tables. FOOD! Owein is a hungry traveler!

Drills have been an absolute bear today! But Kalea is finally through that particular ringer and ready for a meal herself. Fresh from the baths her hair is still damp but twisted up into a bun at the back of her neck. She wanders to a table and drapes her jacket across the back of a chair, effectively claiming it for herself before getting into the line at the trestles to rustle up some grub. Hopefully she’ll have time to gulp down some hot food before Fasia makes it out here.

Sadly for all those that are hungry, Aaron's already been through the line. Well, there's plenty left, but a goodly portion of everything ended up on his tray. Trays. Sitting along the wall, as out of the way as he can get, the huge Smith tucks into his meal with a purpose. For once, there's not a pile of hides, or anything else, on the table with him. However, when he notices Kalea claim a seat not too far away, he slides himself down, taking up station opposite her. Might there be a baby in his future?

Owein whistles as he merrily grabs his food and a large drink of something or other. He glides down to the table where the smith sits, and the Rider's jacket claims territory. He slides into an unclaimed seat, giving the smith a salute in greeting. A flask is produced, drink added to his already existing one, and then,, the flask is slid out of sight. He tucks into his food like a starving man, a good natured air about him.

Kalea doesn’t eat a whole to as it is. So the morsels that Aaron didn’t claim are still more than she could eat. She selects a few of her favorites as she wanders through the line. Filling half her plate and snagging a mug of fruit juice to wash it down with. When she returns to her seat she finds Aaron holding court opposite her chair and Owein sitting to the side. “Hey folks!” She sets her plate and mug down before pulling out her chair and sinking into it. “Aaron,” she greets and smiles at the big Smith, “eat quick Fasia will be out soon with Kalira.” Because he gets to entertain her daughter while she eats. Ha! Her eyes travel to Owein and no name registers with the new face. “Hello there. I’m green Ryadranth’s ‘rider Kalea.”

Aaron looks up at the sudden company. Saluting? Who does that?! Well, whatever. He returns the salute, then nods approvingly at the flask. Good man. As Kalea approaches, chewing intensifies, and then he swallows right as she sits down. "Evenin', Kalea," he says with a broad grin. "Oh, so I do get to she her tonight? Most excellent." When she introduces herself to the newcomer, Aaron just sits back and waits for a response before introducing himself.

Owein looks up, grins slightly around his mouth of food (no it's not open!) and does the comic swallow before chasing it with a drink. "Hey there!" He greets finally, voice buoyant and light, he accompanies this with another salute, you know, respect for riders and all. "Name's Owein, professional….traveler, at the moment. Just got in from Telgar."

Kalea would probably fall over in shock if Aaron did such a thing as salute her. Thank goodness he knows better! She grins at his reaction to getting to see Kalira and nods her head. “Of course you do. What are friends for?” She spoons a bite of river grains past her lips and chews with a delighted expression. Yup her favorite part of the meal right here. Though her juice isn’t ignored. She picks it up to wash down the grains before smiling at Owein. She waves her hand and grins when he salutes her. “You needn’t bother with all that. I’m just a Lynx Wingrider.” A regular ol’ worker bee. “Well met, Owein. And welcome to Southern.”

Aaron leans across the table, holding out one massive mitt. "Aaron, smith of the Weyr. Well met, and welcome to Southern," he says with a chuckle. "You're here just in time for the rainy season, so I hope you've got a good cape in that pack of yours, lad." Kalea's assurance gets a chuckle and a nod. "To watch your kids for free, just for the fun of it? Besides, Kalira's a real sweetheart."

Owein chuckles. "Alright then." He shakes the big smith's mitt with a strong grip of his own and grins. "Aye, well met Aaron, Kalea. And I do indeed have a cape. A couple of other travelers warned me of Southern's weather." He takes another drink and delves back into his food. Traveling is hungry work, don't ya know?

Kalea laughs at Aaron’s teasing and nods her head in agreement. “Most definitely.” She chuckles and chews another bite of her food. Swallowing before nodding her head at Owein. “I’m glad they did you the courtesy of warning you. The storms here can get interesting.” She shrugs a shoulder, “Though capes don’t do me a whole lot of good. Ryadranth prefers to sit out and watch them. So I get drenched cape or no cape.” She looks up to spy Fasia emerge into the caverns holding her gorgeous baby girl and lifts a hand to wave the drudge over.

Aaron grins a little, finishing off the last bit of food from his tray and leaving just dessert, tonight a small bowl of sugared almonds. "Well, you'll get some good use out of it, so long as you don't wind up Impressing a storm watching dragon," he says with a winking acknowledgement of Rya's tendencies. "When I first came down here, it was in the middle of a nasty storm. We haven't had a blow that bad since." Seeing Kalea moving, he follows her eyes and grins at Fasia, popping an almond into his mouth and then gesturing the drudge over, holding out his hands.

Owein follows the conversation as he eats, listening to everything said. "I doubt I'll be impressing anything, getting a little old for that. Only a few years left in me on that and I doubt it'll happen. I'm too…..philanthropic to be a rider, no dragon would have me." He chortles and takes another drink. "Though I wouldn't mind havin' a firelizard, useful little buggers those."

Kalea chuckles when Fasia halts next to her chair and looks uncertainly from mother to Aaron. She leans up to kiss Kalira’s cheek and then nods toward Aaron. “Let him have her, Fasia. Thank you for bringing her out.” Fasia smiles and walks around the table to hand the baby over to the Smith. Quickly back stepping and turning to head back to the nursery once her charge is safely delivered. Kalira recognizes Aaron and squeals happily while kicking her little feet. “Rikus is with his father this evening so all I get is Kali. Well providing I get to see her.” She winks teasingly at Aaron and chuckles. Tearing her eyes away from her baby she turns her head to grin at Owein. “Never say never. You just never know.” She nods her head in agreement with the traveler. “I had forgotten how lovely they could be until I impressed Brie. My little ‘lizard.” She sips her juice before picking up her spoon but resting the utensil on her plate. “So what brings you to Southern Owein?” Question asked she tucks into her food with happy gusto.

Aaron's eyes go out of focus for a moment, then he smiles at Owein. "Aye, they are useful. This is Cobalt," he says, pointing upwards just at the little blue winks into the cavern. Cobalt glides into the land on the table, trilling at Aaron for a moment before wandering towards Owein and Kalea. Fooooooood! Fasia gets a smile and a bow of his head, then the big smith's arms are enveloping the little one, laughing as she squeals. "Well, someone's talkative tonight, isn't she?" he asks, tickling Kalira playfully. He's still paying attention to the conversation, but wouldn't have anything to add to it besides asking the same question again.

Owein pushes his now vastly empty plate in front of him and settles down with his drink. Grey eyes survey the two he's chatting with, with humor and mirth. "Shards save me if I do. I dunno what I would do with a big hunking beast like that. NO offense meant, but that's a lot of living thing to look after." He smiles softly at the baby, what a cute little button! And now to answer the question! "Came to Southern to see if I could get into the guard."

Kalira giggles and burbles at Aaron when he tickles her. Wriggling and trying to look up at his face. Because faces are fascinating to a three moon old. Kalea chuckles and shakes her head at Aaron and her daughter. Swallowing her current bite of food and downing a sip of juice. “She certainly recognizes you don’t she?” She chuckles and nods her head when Owein captures her attention. “They are a lot to take care of. But at least they can tell you what they need and when.” Unlike the tiny infant in Aaron’s arms and her twin brother. “I hope you make the cut then. Guards are always useful.”

Aaron grins and cuddles the baby up, quite happy to just hold her, one hand idly brushing at her hair. "A guard, huh? Well, we've always need of those." Looking over at Kalea, he grins. "That she does, though I guess we shouldn't be surprised, should we?" he asks with a laugh. He probably sees about as much of the twins as anyone else save their parents and the nannies. "Dragons and flits both take a lot of work, though dragons do take a lot more!"

Owein nods. "Thanks, I need the luck." He grins at the rider and smith, white teeth flashing. He finishes off his drink and stands. "Well, it was nice chatting with you folks, but I need to find a bed. I hope to see you around." He gives a comic bow, scoops up his dishes, deposits them wherever they need to go and heads out the door with a whistle and a bouncy step.

Kalea snorts and shakes her head at Aaron. “Only /you/ would think a flit takes a lot of work! Come bathe Ryadranth for me. See which you prefer.” She finishes off her plate of food and sits back to sip on her juice. Looking up when Owein rises to his feet. “Have a nice evening, Owein.” She watches him deal with his own dishes and make his way out of the cavern. Then turns to shrug her shoulder at Aaron. “Rather a pleasant lad wasn’t he?”

Aaron shrugs back, chuckling. "When you've already got a busy schedule, and then you have a lizard on top of that? Yeah, they're a lot of work when they're hatchlings. I'm just happy they stop growing so much faster then a dragon does," he says with a teasing wink. "And don't forget, I've got four of the little buggers." At the last question, he nods. "Aye, he was. Dunno how well it'll help him as a guard, but it'd be a nice change from those surly bastards."

Kalea laughs and shrugs her shoulders, “I managed to take care of Ryadranth, Brienne, Kalira, Rikus, and Kultir for a short while there. Talk about being busy.” She leans across the table and snags a couple of almonds off Aaron’s tray. “But I do understand what you’re saying. Anything that adds to the workload can seem overwhelming a little.” She chews the almonds thoughtfully. “It would be a nice change of pace to have a happy guard around. I wonder though. Does the uniform change them?”

Aaron laughs, nodding a little. "That it can, m'dear greenrider, that it can. How are Ryadranth and little Brienne?" He grabs an almond for himself, popping it into his mouth as he ponders the question and plays with Kalira, letting her grab onto his thick finger. "Either the uniform does, or the power trip it gives them does. Shards, I had a bit of a period where I was rather a prick, right after I got my journeyman's knot."

“Ryadranth is fine,” Kalea answers his question with a smile. “Brie followed Kultir this evening. So I’m guessing she’s being spoiled as usual.” She considers the thought that perhaps it’s a power trip of some sort and hum’s softly. “I suppose that’s entirely possible.” A surprised laugh escapes her to hear Aaron admit he was a prick. “Operative word there is supposed to be ‘was’?” She teases him and giggles about it. “I have to say that Ryadranth has always kept me humble. And I’m rather thankful to her for it.” She twirls a finger to indicate the Weyr in general. “Nothing like being the bottom of the totem pole to begin with and then coming forward to the way some people now think. If I weren’t used to it already I certainly am these days.”

Aaron nods his head with a grin. "I've yet to meet her, you know. It'd be a joy to get to some sometime." He smirks a little at her reaction to his admission, then laughs at the question. "Well, I think so, anyways. It was very short lived. The senior journeymen wouldn't let it stand, and now I'm one of those more-senior journeymen, and I can admit my own past failings in pursuit of present perfection," he says with a wink. "Hey, that's the thing about being on the bottom: the only way to go from there is up." And with Thread coming, there'll likely be a lot of vacancies…

Kalea waves toward the bowl and grins. "You can meet her anytime you'd like. She's on the beach currently." And she has time to kill until Kultir decides to wander home with her son. "I'm glad that you see now the error of your ways." He wouldn't be sitting over there holding her daughter if she thought he as a prick now. "I suppose we all learn at our own pace." When he mentions the upcoming vacancies she visibly shudders. "I somehow doubt that I’ll ever go farther than my current wing position. I’m not a politically minded as some.”

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