====January 14th, 2014
====E'bert and Tyagana (NPC)
====E'bert gives Tyagana an earful for deliberately ignoring Drill protocols.

Who E'bert and Tyagana
What A post drill arguement
When 0 turns, 2 months and 18 days until the 12th pass
Where Igen



Weyrling Training Grounds
Here, a wide and spacious field, devoid of all but more of the glare of ubiquitous, fine white sand of Igen: not even a blade of grass dares lift its head against centuries of clumsy draconic antics. To one side, ever-present firestone bins are set, kept supplied by many a hand, while agenothree tanks line the curving angle just outside the barracks, primed and ready for use. Very often, a glimpse of classes in session or dragonets at play may be caught under the open sky under the watchful eye of diligent Weyrlingmasters and older dragons.

"What were you thinking?!" E'bert's voice is tightly controlled as he spins to glare at his fellow weryling. Tyagana simply blinks, pale blue eyes giving away not a single clue as to her thoughts or emotions, "If that had been real you would have killed half our class! Damn it! Tyagana you were given a position in the wing. Don't," deep breath which is encouraged by the deep bass rumble of Karkath, "you ever push your way into lead again! This drill was mine to lead."

"You aren't fit to lead, E'bert. Neither is that silly slip Ivy. I doubt even P'wyn is fit, but since he's not been given a turn to lead yet, that remains to be seen," Tyagana's tone is soft, silky as she looks towards where her own brown is lounging with a smug glow in his eyes, "Since the WeyrlingMaster and his staff haven't seen fit to give me a shot…" the full force of E'bert's open hand across the girl's face silences her. Tyagana raises her hand to the reddened outline of E'bert's hand.

"Go bathe that useless dragon of yours Tyagana. I'll be talking with Sienna, or O'ell about that. You are dangerous! I won't fly with you if you can't follow protocols. I'll make sure the WLM and his staff are aware of that as well," E'bert continues to glare after the other brownrider as she saunters off with a smirk on her lips. Once out of sight, E'bert slaps Kar's flank, "I'm going to go find Ivy. Make sure she's alright. You find Udath, huh?" the brown blinks a couple times, « He's at the lake. I'll go. »

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