==== October 8th, 2013
==== W'rin, Sienna, G'ad, O'ell, Kyara, Kanga, Corelle (NPC: W'rin-handler), K'ane, Mayte, We'bey, Sadaiya, Tanmorand, V'dean, Maryam, K'vvan, S'kyre and I'tani (NPCs: W'rin-handler), A'dan, Zalara, cameo by Zenethen
==== Awards, alcohol, streaking, a kiss, dancing, mischief, good times and bad! Lords and ladies - the T-Tourney Banquet.

Who W'rin, Sienna, G'ad, O'ell, Kyara, Kanga, Corelle (NPC: W'rin-handler), K'ane, Mayte, We'bey, Sadaiya, Tanmorand, V'dean, Maryam, K'vvan, S'kyre and I'tani (NPCs: W'rin-handler), A'dan, Zalara, cameo by Zenethen
What Awards, alcohol, streaking, a kiss, dancing, mischief, good times and bad! Lords and ladies - the T-Tourney Banquet.
When Evening. There is 1 Turn and 12 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Living Cavern, Igen Weyr



Living Cavern
Dim light from hanging glow-globes cannot fully camouflage the ravages of time and neglect on Igen's busy living caverns, though hints of its former glory peek through in the decorative cuts to the cave's natural limestone and the high quality of dusty, tatty-ended tapestries. Here and there, skybroom tables — stained dark by wood finish and a decade of grime — sit in loose groups, flanked by wicker chairs with pointy, broken rattan that pokes out to invariably find unprotected skin. The seemingly randomly placed furniture, however, at closer inspection, forms a sort of cross-shape of negative space. At the northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns, a long buffet table with tarnished lazy susans hosts an array of finger-foods and pitchers for the interested, refilled occasionally by drudges that shuffle in from the curtained entrance to the south, beyond which lies the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside and, across from that, to the west, a set of rattling doors that open to reveal the tunnels and stairs of the inner caverns themselves.

The living caverns have been transformed once again - cloth coverings from the tables which have been scootched back to make room for dancing and glows dimmed by covers set a flickering soft feeling on the night's attendants. The mock thread fall competitions ended early in the afternoon, leaving plenty of time for all to bath and dress in the evening best. Even the giant, unsociable weyrleader, has proven he dresses up pretty nice. The patches of all his T-Tourney wins, which line the man's everyday pressed leathers, are put away for the night, as W'rin dons his most formal attire - dark blue leather, with golden buttons at an angle across the breast. His short hair is carefully groomed, and even his beard has been trimmed. Standing at attention by the door. Pausing to shake the hand of each person that enters. All of the man's small amount of politeness and etiquette is saved for his particular occasion each turn. "Pleased to see you could attend, sir. Please have a seat…There are drinks over there, food for the lady." The giant of a man ushers a pair of holders into the room.

Sienna walks slowly into the living caverns dressed much the same as she was during the last one. Different dress, similar style, this one in chocolate brown with beading along an empire waist. The neckline is modest, as is the jacket she wears, but her neck is visible and she wears a simple silver necklace. Her other jewelry consists of her weyrmating ring, and a silver anklet that glimmers when her skirt flows just enough to make it visible. Her shoes have a slight heel but are comfortable - ready for dancing. Her curls have been pulled back into a half runnertail and left to cascade down to her shoulders, a few tendrils falling around her face and a silver comb holding the hair into that style. And if her eyes are a little red, well. Blame it on the dust from her flying in her various events today.

Guess what the dragonhealer has spent the afternoon doing? If your first guess involves gussying up for this occasion, you'd be wrong. G'ad still smells faintly of numbweed, and there are stubborn redwort stains on his fingers. These are souvenirs from his efforts to attend to the day's losers, those sad sacks of humanity and draconic life who won only bumps, bruises, sprains, strains and assorted other minor injuries while striving to be the best. A tunic of midnight blue with black leggings and high boots do allow him to cut something of a fine figure, but the smell, the stains, and the impassive expression worn do nothing to improve his looks. But he's here and after being glad-handed, he's already craning his long, skinny neck in search of something to drink.

Does O'ell actually have dress clothes? One might wonder, since he shows up in a nicely pressed set of dress leathers. But, that's about it. And he smells nice. Not lady roses nice. Something woodsy; obviously not from around here. And of course he tries to arrive as quietly and unobtrusively and unnoticed as possible. He's here to soak up the local flavor as it here.

Corelle is sashaying about the place, a gentle reminder for a cook here, a smile for a drudge there, as food is taken in and out of the kitchens, the few people gathered given an over abundance of attention by the servers, "Oh, no, no, dear. We must scare away the guests." And she disappears into the kitchens, only to return again in a moment, her blue dress swirling about her feet, in a conservative but without W'rin's stuffiness. Her neckline dips, nothing scandalous but enough to suggest. This is how it is done, ladies. A gentle twirl by some forward gentleman has her blushing and waving him away with a gracious but clearly line-drawing laugh. "Things to do, dear. Things to do." And then she's slipping up beside Sienna. "You look lovely!" And who is this new rider? "Hello!" The weyrwoman's voice is high and honeyed as she waves at O'ell.

If Kyara is near exhaustion after the Tourney (which she is), she's hiding it well beneath the dress she’s wearing. Forest green at the shoulders darkens to dark sapphire somewhere in the vicinity of her waist, while amber vinework borders long sleeves and a scooped neckline. Light beadwork sparkles remotely about an empire waistline and atop mostly flat shoes. Around her neck is the pendant she's worn since graduation - a dragon in flight containing within a diamond, both in blackened silver and inlaid with blue and green paua shell. Notably absent - a woven bracelet she's been seen to wear almost constantly for the past few sevens. Her hair is down again, but that's fine by her; it's nice against the cold. "Evening, sir," is her politely smiled, saluted, and hand-shaken greeting to W'rin as she enters, after which she is surveying the faces in the room. Her eyes find Sienna across the way as she's in the process of getting a drink, and she casts a gentle smile at her friend, trying to gauge how she's doing. Other entering riders are acknowledged with a nod as they pass. Kyara will doubtless find a moment to trade a few words with them as the night goes on.

Kanga makes an entrance in style! you know, except for that wrist brace, acquired from certain events earlier in the day. A deeply curled runnertail-half poof with deep side part highlights some dangly pearl and jade earrings, and some smoky eye makeup. Below that, a matching jade and pearl choker hangs just above a cromcoal black, a-line, sleeveless dress hugs her shape. It ends about mid thigh, showing off some tall, matching boots. The collar of the dress consists of a woven tapestry-like material with papyrus tan tassels, and a line of tiny gem fragments about its length. Making a beeline towards Sienna, she tries to wave but DOH, that's the bad arm! A momentary look of frustration before she uses her other, nondominant arm.

Sienna gets herself a glass of wine and manages a long sip before others approach her, and she puts on a smile for Corelle lifting up a corner of her skirt to offer the Weyrwoman a curtsey. "As do you, Weyrwoman. I hope you won't demand too many dances from the Weyrleader, so that I might have a few?" she asks, tone light and teasing. "Kanga. You look lovely. How's your wrist?" She glances around again, seeing Kyara and returning the smile and offering a little wave and a beckoning gesture. Then she tries to find W'rin once more, but he's busy so she takes another drink. It's tonight's drinking game!

Leathers. K'ane has them. But they are not necessarily his standard dress leathers - that familiar mahogany set that has seen him at graduations and hatching feasts throughout the last six or seven turns. No, this set seems somehow new and so-very-old all at the same time: black leather piped at the edges with a dark red so deeply saturated it seems verging on purple, yet somehow still remaining certainly crimson-toned. The back of this jacket shows a brilliant firebird stitched in inferno-esque colors, vivid and instantly recognizable to those of Oldtime High Reaches. His hair has finally grown out of the shaggy seventies faze, and is now clubbed back in a neat queue at the nape of his neck. He lingers around the entrance, as if waiting for someone or looking for a particular individual, blue eyes scanning the crowds within.

O'ell suddenly sports that 'wherry in the glowlights' expression when Corelle sets her sights right on him and uses a voice designed to make any man want to quickly drown an entire bottle of whiskey and then hope he passes out before he's expected to speak. Shit, where's his emergency flask!? He's going to have to… sigh. "Weyrwoman, you look lovely." He even smiles, before hiding his grimace with a glass of dark liquid. It's not a bottle, but it can be refilled often.

Mayte makes her way into the Living Caverns, trying to look as inconspicuous as a purveyor of wine can. She's not banged up, hobbling, wincing, or anything else which might be either because she wasn't involved in the main events, or because she's doing her very best to show this gown to its best; if she has to wear this celebratory garb, she's gonna rock it as hard as she can. It's still plain in colour: black and white, but it covers everything necessary, nicely. So far, the Vintner apprentice is trying to look like she's not a part of the main party, and stay away from the Official People as much as possible. Sadly, this means being on the other room from Sienna too. Alas. But Mayte takes this opportunity to hunt down a glass of wine instead.

Faranth knows what We'bey is wearing, but he looks FABULOUS, his neckline rivaling any woman's present! And he's sparkling, because We'bs should always sparkle. "Weyrleader!" It's too friendly, and he knows plays it off with a fluttered salute, fingers waggling at the end - even salutes need bedazzling. "Sienna! Kyara, love! You!" A finger is flickered at Kanga with a wink, he doesn't know her. "Oh, love, what did you do to your arm?" Yes, don't mind him if he settles in with the hens. "Weyrwoman." A salute is given.

And Sadaiya stands alone, for the moment, dabbing lightly at the sweat on her forehead from the press of equally sweaty crowd. One server, dismissed as the guest-terrifying helper he is, exchanges a shrug with the junior weyrwoman. She smiles wryly, making a great show of rolling her eyes sympathetically at him before he disperses. Left to her own devices, she ambles away from the corner she's been hiding in. Since it's the Thing To Do, it's a noteworthy cloud of lightly sequined rose-colored silks that poof out from her. It's almost too much, but manages to stay on the side of demure. Her knees ain't even showing, much less her scarred, brown stomach.

Tanmorand ducks in as well, the tall Smith hunting after his weyrmate. He's late, he knows, he knows, but he's here at least, and dressed finely in black and grey. No doubt something Sadie had made for him, since the Smith knows next to nothing about clothes, save which fabrics burn faster than others. Lessons learned around the forge. Peering over almost everyone, the Smith seeks and then finds his weyrmate, approaching her with a smile. "I made it." Promise kept!

W'rin would save O'ell, only he doesn't, he leaves the man to his fate. The other rider does have a glass of courage, after all. And he has this horrid business of being nice to people. Perhaps this will hold the political royalty of Pern at bay for a while. The newest wingleader is spotted, no particular reason to wish to speak to the man he juts his head back in a greeting with a grunted hello, before turning to the next people to enter. "Welcome." Is said formally with an offered hand. Kyara's greeting is perhaps the first to draw an expression of any emotion other than strict formality, which is an emotion to the man, a smile sneaking out from beneath bearded mouth. "Rider." But then he's recovered from his momentary lapse into normal persondom. "Food, wine." Fingers are jabbed in opposite directions.

Knotted twists of Southern's green about dragon blue mark at least one rider of the newly re-established Weyr in attendance. V'dean neatens up as well as any well-heeled nowtimer, glossy buttons at the cuffs of dark breeches and the multiple layers of shirt, vest, and coat in coordinating browns and grey. The neatly coiffed bluerider makes his way in with slightly hesitant consideration behind We'bey's sparkles. Still, he is composed enough to offer a solid shake on entrance (never mind that it is sure to be outdone by the large bronzerider at Igen's helm. His: "Weyrleader. Good evening," is politely cordial enough as he flashes a practices smile and lets his gaze slide on towards the indicated Food, Wine and the guests arrived before him.

Having successfully wrangled himself a glass of something or other- it has an alcoholic tang, that's good enough for G'ad- from a fleeing server- really why is he having to chase them, thanks Corelle- the brownrider takes up a spot to the side of the crush. There's a wall here in dire need of a shoulder to prop it, a task that he attends to with utmost dedication.

"Me?" O'ell's comment draws a giggle from the werywoman who flutters eyelashes, "You're one of the new riders, aren't you? W'rin is so happy people are here, we love this place so much. That you would come to help…" Corelle's voice trails off as her hands curl over her chest in a gesture of gratitude. "Please, please enjoy the festivities, see what you'll be up for next year. I hope you caught some of it."

O'ell will be sure to remember that if ever W'rin needs saving! The sideline 'SAVE ME' glance sent the burly man's way turning into a knitted brow of 'WTF' when We'bey arrives in all of his splendor. His drink was only halfway down the gullet too. Which means that he obviously wheezes back the rest of it in surprise and has to pound his chest with a fist to recover. "Evening. Hello. Yeah, great party." For all the people who greet him, he's got those words or a grunt. Until Corelle verbally molests him again. "Yes ma'am. I saw enough to know I chose well in coming here." Brief, and ass kissing without actually having to pucker up. He's pleased with himself.

Kyara does gradually make her way over to Sienna - there are a lot of people in here - and comes up alongside, just as she hears her name from We'bey. That draws a big grin; she never gets to see him anymore, it seems, and she waves hugely. "How are you doing?" she questions just loudly enough for Sienna to hear. They did fly mock fall, and they didn't win, of course…but the new things tried did pay off, even if there are many other things Sienna likely has on her mind. "Hello, Kanga," she greets the incoming brownrider, though eyes flick to the woman's wrist, questioning. Her gaze happens to drift past K'ane and then lands on him, wry. She's of a mind to tease him about their event earlier…but that can come later.

Sienna grins as she catches sight of We'bey, giving her dress a little turn so he can see the finished product. "You look fabulous, We'bey," she remarks, lifting her wine in silent toast to his fashion sense. Scanning the room once more she offers a wave to Mayte and a grin, and a thumbs up. Then her ex-AWLM is seen and she offers him a wave as well and a smile. Another sip of her wine and the greenrider looks towards the food. Hey, they don't know yet if they didn't win! But they probably didn't win. Still. You never know. Sienna smiles at her friend and shrugs. "I'm okay. I'm going to dance tonight." And that is something to look forward to. "You?" she asks, looking her friend up and down. She nods towards the empty wrist with a lifted brow.

And now for something a little different. Few of the steadfast Bazaar's merchants would be caught dead at an official Weyr event but loyalty has its benefits. For We'bey, at least. As the trickle of arrivals swells to a flood, one entrant does her best to arrive without fanfare. Maryam has come to support her friend, and perhaps serve as a walking advertisement for The Night Flight. The gown she wears (with matching veil!) is everything a modest young lady's should be, covering her from mandarin-styled neck to floor-skimming hem in dual-colored silk of cream and tawny, its buttons running the full length of the dress as well and flashing topaz in the light. As she tries to sneak (with dignity) past the receiving line, she too is on the lookout for someone and trying desperately not to sweat through the silk, for being in such unfamiliar territory.

K'ane catches a wry cant of amber eyes in his perusal of the crowd; his lips quirk lopsided in reply. He's preoccupied, then, by inclining his chin sharply to W'rin, the gesture infusing the respect of a salute into an action correct for the surroundings. Apparently resigned to not finding whomever-it-was he was looking for, the oldtimer proceeds through the crowds, his steps crisp in a measured stalk. His size and squared shoulders and solid stride carry him through the crowd as a hot knife through butter, though he seems to have no particular destination in mind: instead, the wingleader ends up next to G'ad, his back to the wall. He has a flicker of eyes for the other man and a chin-nod of greeting, silent man code for heard this wall needed serious structural support.

Gratefully, Sadaiya mouths an emphatic 'THANK YOU' to her weyrmate as he approaches. "You, my dear, are the best," she says with emphasized gratitude, reaching around Tanmorand to rest her arm around his waist. "And you look pretty amazing, too. Everyone does, which yaaay! I like when everyone dresses all nicely." Her observations have her bouncing slightly, unable to contain her sudden onset of fashion-induced spasms.

Kanga beams at Sienna, "And you too, dahhling-" a pause as she notices the eyes, a momentary eyebrow twitch before looking down at the wrist in question, "Oh just fine. And by that I mean, completely ahnnoying!" Pursed lips, "Have to keep it bound and still for a few sevendays yet, and its itchy as all get out. But-" a ffffshing noise escaping her lips, "I'll decorate it, or something. Bejewel it. Make it match my outfits, eventually." Other wingmates, and the weyrleader are greeted in turn with the empty (for now) hand, and then a moment considering We'bey before offering a little smirk, "Kanga. I believe we shared a baths, once?" Oh the scandal. But its not like lots of other people were there. "Sadaiiiiiya!" is called out momentarily with another wave. And back towards We’bey, "Oh this? Sprain. Doing the trick riding earlier. I almost finished my last routine. But it was gloorious."

The Southern's hand is taken into the giant weyrleader's, though it is W'rin's steely gaze that meets V'dean's. Despite the cool look in his eyes, the man offers a pleasant enough greeting. "Welcome. Do help yourself to some food, or drink. Come see the best Igen has to offer." Meaning his riders of course. The man waves a hand toward the food, the dance floor, and the harpers which are currently starting to warm up in the front of the caverns. "Please make yourself at home." Grumble. And then he's stalking off toward the front of the room, where a temporary stage has been set up.

"Make yourself at home" is when V'dean probably chugs a bottle of booze and strips to his skivvies.

Mayte has somehow managed to find her way to the wine and gained a glass of red and wanders around a little until she ends up standing close to a wall. Oh hai, wall! And a new face! "Hi there," she tells G'ad and K'ane, and then a sip of wine. "Nice wall, huh?" Mayte catches the end of Sienna's wave and offers a brief one back. She takes a moment to sip her wine and try to avoid the crush of everyone, "Did you guys fly today?"

Give it time. Naked will happen.

K'ane has some marks if people're gonna start takin' off clothes, hey.

O'ell has some spare blindfolds, just in case.

Tanmorand grins, bending down to kiss Sadaiya. "Thanks, you look stunning as always," he remarks. He weathers her bouncing spasms with long standing patience, grinning down at her in amusement.

Check it: G'ad is quick with the eyebrow-flick that communicates I know, right? Good thing you showed up or this would be rubble. With K'ane's shoulders there to help shore things up, the brownrider shifts his stance a little. Slightly less dedication in wall-bracing, slightly more in tracking the Weyrwoman's progress through the crowds, with a sip of… "Faranth's saggy tits, this is cider," he mutters after a spoiled mouthful of the stuff. See? See, Corelle?? This is what happens when you intimidate the servants; orders get all mixed up. Still wearing that dark look, he sizes Mayte up and then eyebrow-twitches at K'ane again. Ladies. Can't keep 'em away. "I'm tasked with cleaning up those who fly poorly," he says dryly.

We'bey would be happy to carry on with Sienna and coo over Kanga's arm, which is what he is currently doing, "Trick riding, oh love, do be careful. I saw this boy; he…" A hand is waved in the front of his face as he thinks back, "Almost gave me a heart attack." But his eyes have caught the gaze of someone else, newly entered into the thick of the crowd. And his graceful strides are carrying him to Maryam with a wave of fingers for the girls he leaves behind. "Hey, love. Thanks for coming. We don't have to stay long." This last part is whispered as he pulls up next to her, "But rider crowds, they're so different than Bazaar crowds." See, he needed the moral support.

Man-code still works. Noted. K'ane has a subtle smirk to offer G'ad, just slightly lopsided, before his eyes flicker to Mayte. She is doubtless acquainted at least in a retailer-customer manner with him, as he frequents Corks more often than not. "Vintner," he greets the girl, his voice rougher than normal, husky and scratchy as if he's been yelling a bit too much recently. "We did," he confirms regarding the day's activities. He is still drinkless, but his shifted glance askance to G'ad's cider seems to be infused with the dubiousness that must be preventing him from bothering with alcohol at the moment.

Sienna smiles at Kanga, though her grimace is sympathetic. "Go with black, then, that matches everything. Black with gems. Hope it heals up fine though, that's no fun." She watches We'bey drift off to the veiled figure, and after a moment of staring Sienna has a pretty good idea of who that is. And, poor Maryam, Sienna has to turn away and gulp at her drink and then get herself another.

Intimidate? Corelle doesn't have it in her, as she skirts through the crowd, perhaps not K'ane's butter-knife, but like a seed on a breeze, not quite as direct but always ends up where she plans on being and with a delicacy not known to many Igen men. "Cider?" Is her softened questioned as she passes by G'ad and K'ane, rather than scold the language choice she only looks mildly embarrassed, pardon her while she hides her blush behind long fingers pressed against her mouth, finally recovered she offers a pleasant smile, "Cider? I can manage something else for you. Are you a whiskey man?" See, let Corelle fix the problem.

When We'bey reaches Maryam's side, she immediately latches a hand over his arm and refuses to let go. Some of that fine material and those spangles might be unfortunately rumpled. "It seems quieter," she murmurs to her friend as her gazes moves restlessly over the edge of her sparkle-bedecked veil, her lips just barely visible as they move. "And not one person has eaten a baby." A little Bazaar humor there, but she's wise enough to keep it to a whisper. "Or have we not reached that point in the festivities yet?"

O'ell whistles low, his expression a near comedic look of relief as it appears he's been let off the hook by a wrong drink order. And when Corelle's not looking, he lifts his glass up in salute to G'ad and K'ane. They didn't mean to save him, but they tossed him a lifejacket anyway Faranth bless 'em. One deep drink taken, and he ducks behind a few other people in the crowd to see what's what.

"Worn out," Kyara chuckles to Sienna, but she shrugs; it's pretty self-inflicted, with as many events as she and Lia flew. Nope, not doing that again come the next Turn! When her friend indicates her bare wrist, she looks down at it, turning it over for a moment and ticking a shoulder upward. "Just friends. It's okay," is her only comment on the matter. "I think I'm going to dance, too. Seems like a good idea. If I don't decide to get up there with the Harpers," she adds with a smirk. She winces when Kanga mentions how she hurt her wrist, but smirks at the brownrider's attitude over the whole thing. Eyes wander again, once again spying K'ane - he's hard to miss - and Mayte nearby, who'll get a wave if she can catch her eye.

W'rin hates this part of the night, and his armpits aren't letting up in their liquid protest to the situation either. Long arcs of sweat are visible unless his arms are directly at his side, and they rarely are as he grips a whiskey in one hand, and a parchment in the other. Public speaking, it is not his favorite thing, and perhaps one of the few times the man shows any fear at all. And so he has busied himself with work. In the midst of the rest of the party the man has set up a small table with nine shot glasses and a bottle of whiskey.

Kanga nods, "Oh, its an occupational hazard," she smirks over at We'bey, "But mostly worth it." A smile over at Kyara before eyeing a few things. First, Sienna's drink; Kanga blinks, didn't she forget to do something? "Mmm, definitely working on that color." She tilts her head towards her brace, which has some black accents already (or is that just dust? Its hard to tell in this lighting). OH, yes, forgot to get some alcamahol. As Sienna turns, she follows suit, grabbing a nice goblet of something red and fruity. And alcoholic. Nursing it for the time being, her eyes scan the room, gaining a nice view of both K'ane and G'ad. Hmm.

Yeah, cider just doesn't cut it when you're looking for something harder, and Mayte smirks while lifting her glass at G'ad, "I bet you were pretty busy then." And then K'ane also gets a nod of greeting; she knows him by face and mark, if not by conversation, "Hi there." That's polite, right? "Did you do well? I didn't get to see as much as I wanted to…" and then Corelle' voice is breaking in and Mayte's back stiffens slightly, but the conversation seems to not be so much around her as over her, and Mayte gives the Weyrwoman a nearly bright smile before looking into her wine glass, "Oh, um, I could definitely go get something." Looking out over the crowd, Mayte waves back to Kyara and then spies W'rin's whiskey, "Maybe the Weyrleader would share?" Unless all nine glasses are for him?

"Thank you, sir." V'dean is smooth. Not quite so smooth as to get through all those clothes and down to his skivvies like that, but. At the least he's seeing about working on that booze chugging part! Greetings properly given, the Southern bluerider is quick to identify not only the location of the refreshments, but a stretch of the offerings attended closely by some of Igen's ladies. Thus he continues to follow close in We'bey's wake, washing up in the greenrider's place beside Sienna, Kanga, and Kyara. "My regards, ladies," he offers with a run of his gaze and brilliant stretch of smile. The former's turn and grab for a drink refill get him looking to obtain his own glass and replicate her choice. "What… happened, there?" he wonders of the brownrider, interrupting her room-scan, as the rove of his gaze finally makes it to her wrist.

Really, cider should be served with a little foofy umbrella, to warn a man. Bizarrely, G'ad doesn't appear displeased when Corelle flutters their way. Happy to take her off your hands, O'ell, for here's a lady who holds the lifeline to the proper drinks. Leaving K'ane to fully support their wall, he drops a courtly bow to the woman and presents her with the glass he's holding, with all due courtesy. "Whiskey would do me fine, thank you Weyrwoman," he says, utterly comfortable with this being her job, ha. Upon straightening, he honors Mayte with a nod. "I was told to expect a lot of injuries." Buuurn, Igen.

Sienna nods to Kyara, glancing around. "I'm sure there will be plenty of people to dance with," she murmurs. Turning, she finds herself looking at the southern rider, and she dips her head in a greeting. "Good evening, sir," she replies politely, with a little smile.

"Whiskey it is," The weyrwoman is all the fuss about her guests tonight. It is Corelle's job after all. Or to send someone else to do it, but some people just need a personal touch. "A lot of injuries? By whom, dear? Really, you don't seem the sort of man who'd listen to idle gossip." And she's certain, from her look, that it wasn't W'rin who told him to prepare for that. But with that slip of a smile she'll spin off to retrieve some suitable liquid for the man.

Well well well. Kanga's eyes come to meet the blonde Southern rider's over her goblet, which is quickly lowered to show the curve of a smile. Briefly discarding her goblet, she waggles her good arm towards V'dean, "Kanga, rider of Ruenalth. Charmed…ah?" Names are requested here. "Oh that? It’s just a little sprain, dahhl. I almost finished my last routine in trick riding with perfect execution but it got a little twisted in the straps right before dismount. Buut-" she pauses, eyeing his leather padded wrist cuff. "Maybe I should look for one like that. It might better match my outfit. You have style, rider."

K'ane lifts a shoulder and allows it to fall for Mayte's question. "Did our best." That apparently is his analysis of a job done well, or not. He seems unaware of the looks tossed his way — this was supposed to be a quiet corner — but is very aware of the weyrwoman. He inclines his chin deeply to the woman, apparently unwilling to remove his back from the wall. Someone has to hold it upright!

W'rin is at the front of the stage now, his glass lifted in the air - a strange way for the normally loud man to call for attention, but he's on his game tonight. The one night he has any game to speak of, and it is the nowtime Whirlies - who have done this for turns - who quiet first. Even if their eagerness for the night's festivities seem more heightened than the rest of those connected. S'kyre and I'tani and barely contain their anticipatory glee, the brownriders' arms looped over each other as they fall into laughter in the back of the room, with some rowdy 'WHOOPS!' for their wingleader. "We're going to start with the award for Single's Search and Rescue."

O'ell seems to appear near a small gathering as V'dean does. He gives a curt nod to the Southern Rider, and an equally polite one to everyone else before he too gestures towards Kanga's wrist. "Wrap that up tight until you see a healer to look at it properly and it won't swell. A wrist cuff might look nice, but it isn't gonna do squat to help on its own." he offers, without bothering to introduce himself. Why would he do /that/? Instead, he smiles broadly the male bluerider. Sorry 'bout that. And then W'rin speaks, and he turns his attention thataway. Because that's just what you do.

Sienna dips her head as well when O'ell joins them, and then the greenrider is turning to look up towards her weyrmate and the Weyrleader, smiling encouragingly at him. You can do it! "Good luck," she whispers to the others around her.

Mayte has apparently evaded being called in as waitress, and sips her wine in victory. Winning! As Corelle moves off, the young gives K'ane a grin, but doesn't press for more details. G'ad also gets a huh and a shrug, "I hope there weren't more than can be handled in a day." And then W'rin is calling for attention and the sheer uniqueness of his summoning of order gets Mayte to even stop fidgeting in her gown.

In an extremely belated and sort of awkward way, Sadaiya wrinkles her nose in a smile up at her weyrmate, hoping to God she didn't miss anything directed at her while lost in his dreamy eyes (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). "Oops! Shh-shh-shh," she shushes at Tanmorand, shifting and standing on her tippietoes to get a good look at W'rin as announcements happen.

Maryam might have spoken in a whisper but she's quickly (and laughingly) shushed by her companion as she's steered to the very edge of the gathering. Somewhere she doesn't feel quite so hemmed in by weyrfolk. And there she remains, while he goes to fetch them something to drink. Just in time for W'rin's announcement. She reaches up to straighten her veil, to hold its edge down against the light force of each breath, as she listens, as she watches with wide, curious eyes.

Kyara also turns to renew her drink, returning as the Southern bluerider greets them and smiling in return. "Evening, bluerider," she hails in turn, extending her hand. "Kyara, green Liareth's." Then W'rin is speaking, and she goes quiet, turning to give the Weyrleader her undivided attention. "You too," she whispers back to Sienna. She's shutting up now. Really.

G'ad has an excuse readied: "I'm afraid I'm still learning everyone's names." Plausible deniability, folks. Never leave home without it. Then, in Corelle's absence, and the shushing of everyone around him, he reapplies shoulder to wall and tilts his regard towards the stage.

This is a party, and the weyr’s resident grumpy green rider knows it. It is only after the noise from the party can be heard from K’vvan’s solitary weyr that the rider finally comes down to join. Unlike many, his dress is not fussed up for the occasion, apparently he missed that particular memo. Pay no mind to the shadow lurking in the back.

K'ane turns his gaze towards the stage, a smirk on his face but as silent as one respectful would be; except when he notices a particular blonde Sandblaster laughing loudly, oblivious to W'rin's call-to-attention. A moment passes, a second, and she falls silent abruptly. K'ane has MIND MAGIC. Or maybe just a giant telepathic fire-breathing message-running draconic errand-boy.

"I was proud of you guys today," W'rin begins - not only the only night he is cordial to all in turn, but also the only time he shows any emotion. "All of you. I used to only be able to say that about Whirlwind, but we've come along way, Igen. We're going to do this. We're going to survive, and one day…one day we will be the best." A tip of his tumbler in the air to his riders, and to those that support them on the ground. "Now. We had a lot of entrants into the Search and Rescue Singles, but the winner was A'dan bronze Narloth!" The first patch taken by a new transfer. Still, there is a rise of cheering from the Whirlies table.

S'kyre's voice comes before his twins, "If I ever need rescuing I hope A'dan finds me!" Followed closely by I'tani, "He's soooo dreamy!" And then their voices rise in unison, "Hheeeeyyy!" Before they fall over each other in laughter.

Sienna claps politely, but there's no denying the crestfallen look on her face when she and Kehemath didn't win this event this time.

Kanga turns towards O'ell, so that her braced wrist is better seen in the glowlight. "Oh, it's been worked on. Doesn't mean I don't want to dress it up a little." As with everything else in her life. Wink. But then. OOH, awardsies? She grows quiet and turns her gaze towards the W'rin. Because she can't exactly clap, she uses the good arm and makes a clapping noise on the forearm of the bad wrist one.

From Tanmorand's side, hidden by the crowd, Sadaiya cups a hand over her mouth and yells, "YOU MISPRONOUNCED SIENNA!" Her eyelashes bat, ever innocent.

If there just so happens to be an empty horn cup, harmless and light and mostly empty, flung from a certain corner of the wall towards the hijinks of S'kyre and I'tani's hilarity — it's all G'ad's fault. Yeah. G'ad. He flung that cup. No wait, it was Mayte. Totally Mayte.

Tanmorand hides his laugh behind a hand, coughing softly down at his weyrmate.

Mayte has noticed that K'vvan is about as K'vvan-esque as usual upon his entry to the Caverns, and waves briefly to her local wall-leaners G'ad and K'ane before moving away. With her glass in hand. Her good throwing hand. Couldn't have been her. Could have been K'ane. Sadaiya's call gets a giggle before Mayte shows up, unannounced and likely uninvited, next to K'vvan. Hi.

Kyara, of course, claps along with the rest of her wing, though she glances over at Sienna with a small, sympathetic smile…and the outburst from Sadaiya has her making that stifled-laugh noise that only makes the expression wider as she ends her applause.

O'ell is already looking like a killjoy over here; arms crossed over his chest with the whiskey glass half full and just resting in his hand. Why? Because he frowns when a cup, even a harmless one, gets flung across the room. If it doesn't have wings it shouldn't be flyin', people!

It is right about the time of Sadie's outburst that Corelle reappears with whiskey for G'ad. Her eyes fall gently on her junior with a little smile, curled in an unnaturally nice disapproval, even as her attention shifts back to the male. "Try that out would you? It is some of our best, I do hope it appeases you." The same smile is set on him, there is a real talent in using politeness as a way to scold.

"V'dean, blue Ekerth's." Name, as Kanga requested. There's a slight tip of the blonde rider's head to acknowledge Sienna, but it's the brownrider's waggled fingers to which he's first reaching. "A pleasure." While nowtime manners may be chauvinistic, perhaps they can also be a little dashing in the way they lead the bluerider in attempt to hold first Kanga's and then Kyara's knuckles upturned for quick brushes of lips instead of going for more masculine shakes. O'ell's arrival and comments only see his grin appearing as he relaxes back beside Kyara and they all orient towards W'rin. His quieting for the Weyrleader will have to wait a moment as he lifts laughing eyes towards the grey-haired bronzerider. "If it makes the lady feel better, it could be said to be doing something," he counters, lighthearted, before lifting his drink and attending to the coming announcements.

Wait, why is he being scolded again? Poor G'ad. He hooks a thumb after Mayte in the classic 'it was her, occifer, not me!' manner before replacing his hand to accept the glass. "I'm sure it will, thank you, Weyrwoman," he rumbles, striving to keep up this polite facade as the announcements and cheering and smoothtalking continue in the background.

"Kid, just ask if she wants to go home with you. The posturing… s'all wrong." O'ell stage-whispers, leaning over to V'dean to whisper that as announcements continue. He definitely looks amused though, at the exchange.

Mayte must be learning sneaky from Grunkle Al because seriously, she showed up out of nowhere. "Hey Mayte." K'vvan smiles a bit at the vintner, a strained smile that probably has more to do with the number of people surrounding him, and less on present company.

W'rin waits for A'dan to approach his normally soft spoken congrats to each winner is lifted to his normal boom, "You did well A'dan. Don't let anyone try to take that from. Whether it is because of your gender or that you are new. You are one of us, and you were the best. If you'll step over to that table and wait for a moment. His Search and Rescue Win patch is handed over as the mountain of a man directs him to his spot. Before glaring angrily at Sadie; how dare she ruin this for any of his riders. "Search and Rescue pairs; for one of the few times in tournament history, we have a recent graduate in the pairing. Kyara, Liareth, K'ane and Dhioth."

Sienna turns to grin at her friend and former mentee. "Congrats!" she says, giving Kyara a nudge forward.

"He's a Blaster!" S'kyre's voice carries surprise, to be sure, but rather than anger both he and I'tani stand to roar in applause, "Git'em Blaster! Git'em!"

Clung to now, We'bey pats at the arm that clings to him gently. "So okay, we'll go soon if you want." He's nodding along at the winner, but does pause to smile toward Kyara, who at the front of the room probably cannot make out his wave. "Oh, good for her." The boy sighs gently. "Crazy, huh? Gritta and your mama would never run a meeting like this."

Sadaiya gives Tanmorand's little cough the whole *doki doki* treatment with her eyelashes. "Whaaaat?" she murmurs, the corners of her mouth turning up in a sly smile. "Oh! Oh! Yaaay, Kyara and K'ane! Woooo! Wooh-wooh-wooh." Her free hand coming up, Sadaiya applies gratuitous and anachronistic use of the Arsenio cheer. It dies down though, as she notices Corelle noticing her, like a car with a dying engine. "Wooh?"

Mayte can neither confirm nor deny what she may have learned from A'lory, but she grins at K'vvan anyways, "Hey there." A'dan's award and then Kyara and K'ane earn a quick applause from her, one hand clapping against the side of her thigh so as to not disturb the wineglass in the other hand.

Well, Kyara knew she'd made a good choice to ask K'ane along for this, and they did well…but she wasn't really sure they'd win! The grin she flashes across to her partner is a brilliant one, though it does take Sienna's nudge to get her moving. "Thanks," she says, beaming as she steps forward. She'll likely intercept the bronzerider first, to head up there with him.

The bluerider's dimple appears as his smile slides askew, glass lowering to allow him to share the elder bronzerider's amusement. He somehow manages to get cool green eyes to look some approximation of innocent as he lets lashes drop in a slow blink. "But what if I wanted to be taken dancing, first?" His dulcet tones would be more pouting if laughter wasn't so tenuously held at bay. "Oh!" That last is a coming to more straightforward attention as the calling of a name he's just been introduced to has his gaze snapping to Kyara. He'll offer the tall greenrider an even smile and lift fingers in a light clap against his glass-bearing palm.

Oh baby, that's what Kanga likes! Meaning the lip brush/whatever it was. Brownrider is pleased. Recovering her good arm, she grabs her goblet again, mysteriously smiling over at the bluerider. "Well met, V'dean" she murmurs, while flickering her gaze over to the Weyrleader at periodic moments, at least giving some attention. A smile at the announcements, well deserved as they are.

Maryam releases We'bey only to applaud for Kyara's success - finally, a name and a face that she knows! But the polite clapping is all too easily drowned out beneath the roaring of others. And that heckling after the first announcement? Oh my. Her eyes widen. "Is it always like this?"

There is a TRIUMPHANT BUGLING from outside, that makes it inwards even through the party noise. K'ane shoves off from his shoulder, a grin covered in a wince for the noise, shifting a glance of half-apology to G'ad: the wall is your responsibility now, buddy. He moves rather idly though the crowd, taking his time to approach the stage — likely to give Kyara plenty of time to get well-deserved congratulations, and more than her fair share of the limelight. His hoarse laugh can be heard at the jabs about him being a Blaster, and the resultant din from Sandblast, elation and jeering commingled. He falls in step with Kyara, shakes his head with a half-smile at the girl: this is all your fault! — before match steps with her through the rest of the crowd to take the appropriate spot before W'rin.

O'ell will laugh at that, even going so far as to tip his glass at the bluerider before shaking his head and sucking back more of the precious. Precious alcohol. And then finds himself politely clapping with the next set of winners announced.

Oh dear, yes, clapping, that's totally suppose to be what is going on. K'vvan gives a half-hearted clap. "Guess W'rin's 'Sandblast doesn't suck any more' mantra didn't quite stick." K'vvan's eyes follow the newest leader of his old wing, his attention distracted; sorry little vintner.

There are no words from the Weyrleader this time; no, only the proud look of a papa-bear at Kyara, and an equally though less daddy-ish nod to K'ane. It helps solidify his decision each, especially the naysayers who jeered at the appointment of an oldtimer to wingleader. Both are handed patches of red background with a dragon and rider standing proudly next to the remnants of a landslide. "Put 'em on your jackets. You're T-Tourney winners now!" With another show of his hand he waves them both to the table of whiskey and shot glasses. "Agility." There is a pause and W'rin stops to meet the winner's eyes before the name is called. The man could make a puppy cry with his social skills, but knowing a rider's strength, that he is good at. "K'vvan and Nadeeth."

Sienna grins at that one, applauding happily.

K'ane isn't likely to call W'rin daddy. Just. Sayin'.

G'ad raises his glass to K'ane before the wingleader shoves off. Well done, mate, I've got it, carry on. And then? Then it's back to sipping. Rather happily too. As Corelle promised, this is damn fine whiskey.

That's okay, Mayte isn't paying so much attention to K'vvan's words either; she nods absently at his little mutter, watching Kyara and K'ane get their badges. And then K'vvan's name is being called and Mayte blinks, a slow grin spreading over her face. This clap calls for her setting down her glass to give full-hand claps.

Wait, did someone just say his name? There's a look on K'vvan's face that is often there these days, that one where it looks like someone just slapped him across the face with a board. It's only Mayte's loud clapping right next to him that finally stamps him out of it, a small smile finally spreading across his face. K'vvan makes his way from his corner towards the Weyrleader, careful not to bump anyone on purpose.

Corelle is pleased, and everyone is behaving now, so she'll sweep way from her little wall holders and back into the crowd. She'll just go stand behind the twins incase they decide they need to be up to anymore tomfoolery, and make small talk with a lady holder while she's at it. Cooing gently over the woman's dress.

Kyara flicks a light backhand at K'ane's jacketed arm with a mock half-glare, not doing well at trying not to smile; she knows what you're doing, you big jerk. She smiles at W'rin, her chin unconsciously rising with some pride over the look the Weyrleader is sending at her, and is then stepping off to the side with K'ane with her patch in hand, eyes dancing as she smirks up at him again. The agility announcement has her clapping enthusiastically. This was what she expected her and Lia might be able to win…but Nadeeth is something else when she moves, and K'vvan's win is well-deserved. Very well-deserved. She even lets out a whoop for her grumpy wingmate.

W'rin can only smirk as he hands the patch - red backing with a dragon in the midst of a barrel roll in front of Igen Weyr; he doesn't have to say anything. He's said it to the greenrider a million times. But he does anyway. "See what happens when you trust your gut?" The man's laughter is warm if not abrupt as he relinquishes control of the T-Tourney PATCH to K'vvan, knowing full well it's something the former Blaster probably never thought would happen. "Get up there with the others and the whiskey." With a heavy sigh he turns to his least favorite event. "Trick Riding. Five turns running, and surprisingly still alive. T'rill and Seketh. We may have to make a rule about being buckled in next year." This causes a loud booing from the Whirlwind table - the noise from which has been steady throughout the awards. "And finally…" He lifts a hand to calm his riders down, and rowdy they may be, they do so immediately, "The pride of the Typhoon Tournament. The best of the best, the trio mock thread fall." Cue thunderous drum roll from the back, and the Harpers. "Shea, S'kyre and I'tani!"

K'ane takes his patch and delivers to his Weyrleader a crisp salute, every bit as proper as any nowtimer could ever wish, as tall and confident as any oldtimer broad. He moves off with a grin across to Kyara, appropriately silent as the others are named. He claps for K'vvan and is startled out of a candid laugh, deep and rough-voiced in the silence directly after W'rin's announcement, as the trio for mock-thread winners is named. He belatedly converts it to a cough.

Sienna claps for the rest and sips her wine, before drifting over to the food tables. She'll console herself with food. But at least it wasn't a total loss. At least both of her teammates for the mock threadfall won their own events. Next turn maybe things will go smoother for her and Kehemath. All she has to do tonight is not get pregnant, right?

"Yaaay!" calls Sadaiya again, looking more than a trifle smug at the announcement of Shea's winning. Oh, everyone else too, of course, but it's as 'Shea' is announced that she starts pulling faces.

Yeah, W'rin, you're becoming a broken record, man. The smile is slightly sheepish as K'vvan does take the patch from W'rin and moves past him to stand next to Kyara. Stiffly he whispers "Congrats" to her and slides slightly away from the others. Look, could people stop looking at him, please?

Their second year as a team! S'kyre and I'tani can barely contain themselves as they leap from their seats, there is no waiting for their third - unless she can keep up - as they jump from their seats, grasp hands and SKIP down the aisle to W'rin, who can do nothing but roll his eyes at the trio and hand over their patches. Finger's jabbing towards the whiskey. Once they are assembled he carries on. "Riders, as is tradition, the winners all take a shot together. This used to be a symbolic gesture that despite the competition we were all a wing, but now. Now it is for the Weyr. We will do this together. Because - we are IGEN!" The man's fist pounds down on the podium before him and even he can't help but WHOOP at a cheer for the riders and his Weyr. "A shot!"

Kanga applauds all in turn but pauses when the announcements of trick riding come to pass. WINCE. "SO…CLOSE…" she mutters, almost inaudibly, but she manages to bite her tongue afterwards and give the odd arm clap. Ooh, its those guys, "S'kyre and I'tani! WOOOOO!" she yells out, hopefully not deafening anyone nearby. More wine! And food! FWINE! Yes. Mash the names together. Not like her speech won't follow suit after a few more…libations.

There is also clapping for Shea and the twins, but Mayte is solidly rooting for K'vvan and Kyara; so yeah, they're getting looked at. And applauded at. Any questions?

Sienna lifts her glass and takes a sip while the rest of them down their shots, smiling proudly at those up on the podium. Well earned, well deserved. And she looks next, hopefully, to the Harpers.

He may not be of Igen, but V'dean has no qualms about cheering for the day's winners. The bluerider has at least had a chance to quaff down most of his drink so that it's in less danger of sloshing as he claps more heartily against the hand wrapped about his glass. Still booze, still not letting go of that sucker. His cheer is an aimless 'well done!', his gaze shifting to take in the reactions of his neighbors, Kanga and O'ell. "Shots," he marks his approval of the method of celebration. "I like it."

Shots. Shots to close out a meeting! Slightly above eating babies in celebration but still surprising to a young woman raised by traditionalists in the Bazaar. Maryam has continued her polite applause right up until that announcement. There she stops, looking over at the assembled faces all showing marked cheer and approval. Fascinating.

A little surprised to hear K'vvan's voice beside her, Kyara looks over at him with a careful smile. "Thanks. You too, K'vvan." She laughs richly at the announcements of the mock fall winners, clapping heartily for Shea and the twins. No surprise there! And yes, a shot indeed. She takes her own in unison with the rest, easy as can be, and she sets the glass back down with satisfaction. She may not have won her targeted event, but she was part of a winning team, and that suits her just fine. Not too shabby for a greenrider just out of weyrlinghood competing in her first Tourney! Doubts she's had aplenty about herself, despite her confidence in what she and Lia can do, but this is most certainly a shot in the arm. She spots Mayte watching across they way and sends her friend a wink.

"Shots?" The perking up is Sadaiya. "Where's shots? I want shots! Tan, get us shots. Pleeease?" Her begging, once again, is all affection and smiles, the goldrider at her absolute best/worst. "It's only proper that I should, uh, show solidarity. Because shots."

Kanga nods, "Shots. The evening wouldn't be complete without them." Eyebrow raise and goblet gesture towards the other tables, and then back at V'dean. "And what is your drink of choice, bluerider?" Inquiring minds want to know.

Oh, but he's not quite done yet. No, the towering weyrleader, tall even now as he stands on stage, lifts his glass in the air for silence once more. Whatever is about to happen is making the boys at the Whirlwind table fidget. "Riders!" His face stern, the first true seriousness has set into his face for the night. "All riders of the Weyr. All of you remove your knots. Every rider of Igen Weyr is no longer a rider of Igen Weyr." There is a pause where he lets that sink in for the newcomers, for the newly graduated. "For the next 24 hours you are free of all duty as riders." And any extra behavioral expectations W'rin has of his riders. "Someone better be pregnant tomorrow." A glance at Sienna; only not her this time. "And fucking set something on fire…but then be ready for drills the next day."

Tanmorand glances down at his weyrmate and chuckles. "Yes, my dear," he murmurs, using his bulk to push through the crowd to fetch them both shots. Though he'll just sip at his. Not through any lack of solidarity, but because he'll throw up if he tries to down it in one.

W'rin is barely done with his speech when S'kyre and I'tani have slipped out of not only their knots, but apparently their pants, as well. As the two bottomless riders go streaking across the caverns in front of the Weyrwoman, whom nearly faints at the sight. Someone get the smellin' salts.

And it is at this time the Harpers pick up a their instruments and begin to play, though W'rin seems to have talked to them into playing something a little more rowdy than usual. Poor Corelle, who is trying to so hard to class the place up.

"It's not going to be me!" Sienna hollers.

K'ane is down for some shots. He shifts forward, salutes the audience-at-large: "For Sandblast!" is his hoarse call; "For Igen!" triumphant as his dragon's call earlier, before he downs his own. His eyes, afterward, will likely seek out The Wall, because that is apparently the place to be. He does have mind enough in the aftermath to clap Kyara on the shoulder, a bluff gesture of affection — but whatever he was GOING to say is shot by W'rin's following words. His laughter is as startled as before, but he's obliging in reaching up to remove the twist of cord and ribbon from his shoulder.

Only those actively watching K'vvan will notice his split second hesitation before he grabs the shot glass and drinks, coughing at the fire in his throat. The announcement to BE FREE is met with only a small frown from K'vvan, who slips away from the crowd. "You okay ma'am?" He pauses next to the faintish weyrwoman, just to make sure.

"For Igen!" calls back Sadaiya, plucking her shot from Tanmorand's hand and downing it in one fluid motion. The fluid itself almost gets propelled out of her mouth as the streakers flee past and she holds the shot glass over her lips for an extra moment, her shoulders shaking. Eventually, she swallows, though her eyes still water with mirth. "Uh, and if anyone has, like, pants? Extra pants? I think someone lost theirs."

"Me?" Corelle's turns to meet the eyes of the greenrider who appeared beside her. Her hesitation one of surprise, as someone actually shows genuine concern. She recovers quickly enough with a smile. "Oh, I'm fine, dear. Just - everything is so new, the customs, the traditions. Must get use to them, mustn’t I? Traditions are important…especially for you fighters." The corner of her eyes pulling up as she considers the Whirlie with a look of gratitude.

Mayte was cheering up until W'rin started talking about removing knots, followed by a lapse into confusion, and then astonishment. And the twins get a gale of giggles.

We'bey reaches down for the hand of his veiled companion, a gentle squeeze to get her attention. "Oh! Well. I suppose if I can take this knot off for a night…Want to go roam the Bazaar like we used to?" The night side. Perhaps her brothers will let her get away with since she's with him. But after today he's doubting even that.

"And it sure as BARANTH-FARAND. RAR- Oh eff it," Kanga mutters, rolling her eyes and falling silent.

O'ell is all for traditions, and especially those that require consumption of alcohol. He's just a little quiet about it right now. Yep. Takin' it in. And getting refills.

"Vodka." It is good V'dean is quick in answering Kanga, given what Igen's Weyrleader has in mind next for his riders. It may even drop his jaw a little, this order from W'rin, mouth caught open with the inhale of the unvoiced laugh that dances in his eyes. He lets the quiet huff of it increase the amplitude of his smile. "Igen," is more a rueful comment than an actual toast as he tips his glass high before swigging back the remainder. A wipe of the back of his hand brings his sparkling cuff into the light as it masks his grin while he looks towards where the first ripples of the twins' streaking is already stirring the crowd.

Kyara is pulling off her knot just as S'kyre and I'tani go streaking through the Cavern…and her only reaction is to roll her eyes, shake her head, and look away. The clap on the shoulder from K'ane earns him a smile, and she means to say something, but gets a little overwhelmed by the sudden swirl of noise and movement in the aftermath of W'rin's announcement and the twins' antics. Before the big bronzerider can go back to holding up his wall, Kyara takes a step closer so that she can be heard and taps him on the arm. "K'ane!"

"If you need anything… ma'am." K'vvan awkwardly disengages from the weyrwoman - well, so long as she doesn't cling - moving away his eyes all for the doorway, and out.

Oh yeah, at some point, Mayte had a glass of wine, but some overly efficient drudge has run off with it. It was time for a fresh one anyway, so the vintner goes to find a new one.

Oh Faranth, pants come off. There are drunken shenanigans occurring right before her very eyes and Maryam cannot stop staring, rude though it might be. She hardly notices when We'bey takes her hand, head turning to stare after the streaking twins. Not for her Corelle's vapors but… "Pardon? Oh…oh, yes." Escape! "The Bazaar. Take your knot off; tonight you are no rider," she says before steering him off towards the exit.

Sienna doesn't have a knot to remove, but the greenrider is finishing her drink and moving onto the dance floor. Without a partner. She wants to dance and she'll be damned if she's going to wait for her weyrmate to ask her. She moves out onto the floor by herself, one hand holding up her skirt while she closes her eyes and spins, dancing a mix of old and nowtime styles. Nothing lewd, but she knows how to move her body and get lost in the music. That's just what she needs. To get lost for a while.

W'rin has abandoned the stage and made his way to the Holders-of-the-Wall. "O'ell." He remembers his name at least, "You're knot's still on. That was an order." Damn straight. With the way the Weyrleader runs his riders ragged they need a night to let loose. Everyone will survive. Probably. His eyes fall next on G'ad. Him too. Orders will be obeyed around here, even if it is required fun. "Drink something people." And as if to demonstrate he throws back the rest of his whiskey. See that's how a Whirlie - that's how an IGENITE parties.

Zalara comes into the living cavern just in time to see some naked parts. She covers her eyes quickly so she doesn't see the naked parts, but she sees enough. "Eee…get some clothes on!" she cries out as she covers her eyes and moves back against the wall to let the naked twins pass. She shuffles out of the way and peeks between her fingers to make sure it's okay to look. She shuffles towards getting some food and maybe something to drink that she normally wouldn't be allowed.

And the streaking does get a slight stare by the brownrider, and a shrug. "So what else is new? Those two." Kanga doesn't finish her statement. "Vodka, hmmm? I could go for that. Bourbon is another one of my faves." A pause, as she finishes V'dean's statement, "Igen…is a dirty bunghole compared to my last weyr, but like, slowly, it's grown on me." Sort of. Nothing will replace her beloved pools with the climbing tree, or her tanning beaches. Smirk. "I'm surprised more of the room isn’t naked by now." she offers, smirking.

O'ell looks at his knot. Looks at W'rin. And maybe he stifles a sigh. What is he without his knot? He removes it, stuffs it in a pocket and then stalks over to where the drinks are being poured. So that he can get a bottle. Screw this glass thing now. Oh yeah, Weyrleader? Two can play the old(er) man drinking game! He toasts the man, then drinks right from the liquid courage holder. Chug. There. So what if he can't walk tomorrow.

K'ane was re-orienting to the far wall when Kyara demands his attention; he pivots from his turn, eyebrows coming together briefly and then eyes casting downwards for her face. "Kyara!" he returns, his voice perhaps a bit hilarious; that may be because he can see beyond her shoulder to the dance floor and Sienna's impatience. His smile is distracted but he focuses in on the greenrider; he brandishes a finger. "Don't forget, you ain't no rider, so y'can't be askin' no rider-y questions!" Since that's what he is assuming he's good for, K'ane of Dhioth.

One knot, shed for the morale of the Weyr. G'ad plucks the twist of cord and ribbon from his shoulder and uses it to salute before shoving it away for safe keeping- that's going back on at first opportunity, he worked hard for it, damn it. But being urged to drink is another thing entire. After a brief silent exchange with his distant lifemate, he pushes away from the wall- which doesn't collapse!- to go fetch another of those whiskies.

How did drinking out of the bottle end last time? Oh right, with a pregnant baby-mama. W'rin seems to have forgotten that particular lesson, or the fact that his now weyrmate is dancing on the floor alone; no, he stalked off only to return with his own bottle. Two old men can play that game. Who knows, maybe it will be their wrinkled butts waggling through the living caverns later. For now he's just downing the first of many shots out of the container.

Somewhere, over there, in the general direction of the Harpers, there is a group of younger Journeymen all laying their fingers down on those strings. Out from the trio pours the music - fast, lighthearted, setting the scene for the frantic evening.

We'bey squeezes at the hand of his childhood friend as they flee, riderless for the night, from the living caverns and out into the cold air of their Bazaar home.

Mayte is indubitably still wearing clothes, and having found her drink, is circling the room, eyeing the interesting goings on. Clever apprentice perching near the door for an easy escape if necessary.

Outwards is paused as K'vvan's eyes catch sight of Mayte near the door. Calculation occurs and he slows his steps to hover near her. "From what I hear about Whirlie parties… this isn't going to get much better. You, uh, want me to stay? Just in case?"

O'ell has no intentions of getting anybody knocked up, please and thank you. He -does- intend to get stinking drunk though. Maybe there WILL be naked man butts streaking through the caverns. Sienna is going to hate him, certainly. W'rin takes a drink. He takes a drink. And then there's a pouch with a few marks tossed on the table. "Whoever stays upright the longest."

Zalara manages to make her way across to where the drinks are being served and she looks wide eyed as she tries to decide what kind of adult drink she is going to have. She hmms as she points to the bottle of wine. "Can I have a glass of that please?" She gives a smile as she too has gone knotless for this evening.

Sienna moves seamlessly from one dance to the next, and for this one she even finds a partner as she grabs one of her former Whirlie wingmates onto the floor. If W'rin doesn't want to dance, she won't make him. She'll lift her skirts and twirl and laugh with as many partners as she can find, and enjoy herself.

Kyara flicks a brief glance over her shoulder to where K'ane is looking and spots Sienna as well - except she's not with anyone! Dang it, W'rin… But now K'ane is pointing a finger at her, and she shakes her head, smirking enough to wrinkle her nose slightly. "Fine then; I won't," she chuckles, pushing that finger out of the way. That isn't polite, you know. "Just…thank you. For saying yes. It was fun." Then, without a second thought, she rises on her toes and presses a kiss to his cheek. Back down she goes…and freezes, eyes widening in absolute shock at herself. Where the shell did that come from? "Uhhhm…" That's all she can manage. "Sorry" crosses her mind but doesn't make it out. She blinks once up at him, reddening, a hand rising to her forehead as her eyes slide away from his. "I…" Oh, damn it.

Cool green eyes slide to follow the nearby arrival of the Igen Weyrleader, giving close watch of the interchange of the bronzeriders despite the easy wearing of a dimpled smile. "A dirty bunghole," there's only a touch of distraction as he repeats the words, or perhaps it's just fanciful musing. "Isn't that something, to have grow on you?" It's only after his gaze has followed O'ell to the arming for the old(er) man drinking competition that V'dean drops his attention back more fully upon Kanga. Her smirk finds its match in his expression. "And which Weyr was that?" he might inquire as he shifts his weight to offer her an elbow. "You are from the oldtime, aren't you, my dear?"

W'rin eyes O'ell and then looks down at himself. "That's a stupid fucking bet, O'ell." Still the man draws a few marks from his pocket and counts them out on the table. Another swig is taken as he falls down into a chair at the table, tilting it on its back legs as he watches the solo woman dance on the floor, the bottom of his bottle jutting out towards her. "Somethin' ain't she?" Only, he isn't going to go dance with her. No, that would be the normal thing to do; instead he'll praise her where she'll never hear about it. Like a MAN. "You bring anyone from Benden with ya?"

And more shots are fired, er, ingested, and Kanga is ready to hit the dance floor, but first, "Ista," she says to V'dean, almost expressionless in her delivery, "Fffsh, you know what I mean. I do miss my sunny beaches and tropical climate though," A shrug. Elbow is leaned upon, and then her full arm linked through. "You do have some muscles, dahhling. Obvious they train you Southerners right."

Zalara smiles as she gets the glass of wine with no fuss about her age. She smiles, "Thank you." She takes a sip of it and giggles a little bit as she steps out of the way. She watches the dance floor and looks around just enjoying the music and the party.

Don't mind the two blueriders, bronzer, and one poor green female rider, who come running through the caverns topless with 'IGEN' pained on their chests, and a torch, screaming something about 'trees'. That probably won't end well.

K'ane keeps getting distracted by Sienna's skirts, but that's before Kyara's wrinkling her nose at him and pushing his finger away. "It was fun," he returns, his voice as hoarse as it's been all evening. His eyebrows heft at the kiss on the cheek, but it doesn't seem to bother him as much as it apparently bothers her. "For luck, is it? T' get me through th' next day alive?" He grasps for her hand, the one raised to her forehead, and will execute the silliest of elaborate bows before kissing the back of it. "M'lady," with a wink and that selfsame half-cocked grin. "M'thanks." Then, because he is a dumb man and generally oblivious, he'll pat her on the shoulder again and make as if to wind about her towards the dance floor.

Sienna caught sight of Kyara kissing K'ane's…cheek? And then he's moving past her to the dance floor? The greenrider stops her twirling to cup a hand to her lips and holler, "Kiss her, you idiot!"

O'ell snorts in response, dropping into the chair opposite even while the bottle is at his lips. "You're a lucky man," he says simply. To say less would be untrue and insulting. And to say more would just be crude. He needs at least half the bottle gone to be crude. "Brought my kid. But just Jafyth and I otherwise." Obviously, the mama isn't in the picture for some reason. And his bland tone suggests there's good reason for it. The end of -his- bottle is pointed towards the topless streaking crew. "That the normal party? Needs a few more women in it to be a real show."

W'rin doesn't really answer, he just grunts, because that's how he's learned to communicate with O'ell and it is rather refreshing. "Got a couple myself. Just met a big one. He's a rider in Southern." Bronzer, thank you very much. "And that one just popped out two more." The man's look about the mother draws a nod, "How olds the kid?" Meaning, can W'rin throw him on the sands with this clutch? "Naw, this ain't normal. I just let 'em off the leash once a turn. They need it." He coughs, "Still getting use to the women doing it though." It is a honest admission as he kicks the bottle back once more, watching the BOUNCING that takes place as it streaks by.

A'dan makes a circuit of the room, grinning and accepting congratulations on the Solo Search & Rescue win. "Well, it's wasn't really solo. Narloth needs me for load balancing." He is enjoying the festivities and may even take to the dance floor if anyone knows the steps to the more sedate and elegant (boring) Nowtimer dances.

Oh, is that a table of newly ex-Sandblasters near K'ane and Kyara? "Kiss her! Kiss her!" They repeat the dancing greenriders call, only to shrug at Kyara. Well, they tried.

It's like a bad skit based on that one scene in The Little Mermaid. All they need are some fish-fountains!

If you have Tanmorand drink booze too fast, he turns into a fountain!

Sha la la la la!

W'rin sings, "Waaah, Waaahh…"

Over there, in the Harper corner, the harpers have changed the song. Somehow, it's suddenly SLOW, and ROMANTIC. You know, with all those deep notes. Everyone needs a drinking break once in a while.

O'ell is a master gruntmunicator, so this method works very well for him! Eyebrows raise and he makes the required noise in admiration for W'rin's ability to spawn so many children. "Nice, nice. One already a rider." He'll drink to that. And just about anything. "10 Turns. A girl." he adds, with a slightly knowing drawl. He's heard about Corelle's decree. Hasn't everyone? "Sure; everyone needs to let loose once in awhile. Specially with a…wait, no rider talk." Drink more, talk less. That was the command, right? He watches the bouncing sidelong rather than full-on. That's just the way he rolls. "Trees?" Grunt.

Zenethen is a curious little kid and as such, is not usually one that gets invited to events like this. The boy stays behind the crowds, peeking between legs if he can when something gets the crowd all riled up.

Tanmorand takes Sadie's hand and leads her onto the floor, swinging her around in a kind of good imitation of a dance. He's just there to make her look good.

"I bet you do." V'dean leans to drop another raking look over the slight brownrider at his side as they move away from the tables. Dance floor, is that where they're headed? Maybe the foreign bluerider has gotten turned around, and that is why he's making to aim for the exit. Or maybe he's just leaving space for the fountain serenade. In any case, he doesn't get far before a rider of similar age in Fortian brown practically clocks into him with the effort of grabbing onto the bluerider's shoulders. "V'dean!" He practically rips the blonde away to wrap him into a fond headlock. "You'll thank me," is the Fortian's grinning promise to Kanga as he drags the Southerner off towards some booze-soaked corner with a jovial stream of been-so-longs.

As the song shifts to a slow one, Sienna stops in the middle of the dance floor and stares at W'rin. Blocking traffic. Awwwwkward.

And with that, Kanga is dragged off into the night by a handsome bluerider. OHH MY!

Zalara shuts her eyes as another round of streaking breaks through the cavern. She looks down at her feet and finds her boots very interesting for the moment. She hears the music change and she ventures to look up to see what kind of dancing is going on. She blinks as she sees the people just milling about. She isn't very tall at all and she tries to get on her tiptoes to see what is going on.

A'dan sidles up to Zalara, "Hey there, Zee. Thanks for making us look good today." He puts his drink on a nearby table and holds out a hand in a gallant invitation to dance. They sweep onto the floor and where she doesn't know the steps, he dances her on his feet or spins!

Well the decree should be no surprise to O'ell, Igen would be the only weyr that wouldn't be standard, and even then it comes and goes from fashion. "10 turns." The man nods, "Raising girls. Glad we have a foster, thing can barely do more than poop and I already think I'm wrapped 'round her finger." At least the man knows, he can occasionally put a fight against Sienna, but his daughter, there would be none. "Unless it involves a boy. Then…" The man will down a good portion of the bottle. Is someone staring at him? Do they want a romantic dance? W'rin is oblivious. Extra Awkward.

It isn't that what Kyara just did bothers her as much as just baffles her. It's Liareth orating about taking risks to desired ends and whatnot in her head that relaxes her tremendously in spite of her consternation over it. That K'ane takes it as he does helps as well, except the kiss on the hand makes her blush more - no surprise. "Luck at the very least," she laughs, the sound naturally edged with nerves. Patting on the shoulder and then moving past her toward the dance floor? A very strange coupling of actions, to be sure, because he still has her hand and seems to have spaced the fact…but Kyara is more than happy to head that direction with him. Then the holler from Sienna has her gaze snapping toward her friend with yet another shocked look, and her mouth flies open at the older greenrider, but nothing really comes out. Other hollering is heard from somewhere - Faranth, how many people saw her do that? And she squeezes her eyes shut for a moment before looking back up at K'ane. Not protesting the notion…largely because of Liareth, at the moment, but also because part of her would really like it to happen. In spite of her consternation.

And he does! Sadaiya looks glowingly happy next to her tall, dreamy weyrmate, falling effortlessly into a dance and making up for Tanmorand's lack of training by bringing hers to the floor. Her slippered feet flicker easily between steps, her skirts following behind with well-tailored grace. "I haven't had this much fun in forever," she murmurs as her dance brings her into the circle of the Smith's large arms momentarily. "It's really starting to feel like home."

Valiuth senses Dhioth is an airy fortress of sky and surf-far-below, and exceptionally forgiving tonight: « Mine says, » declared in deep voice, « Yours is going to be… in the kennel? I'm not sure he would fit in the kennel, I tried to tell him, but — oh, no. A kennel yours-sized, but if they make them that big, I'd like to see one. » INJUSTICE. « If he doesn't look at the dance floor. Whatever that means. »

O'ell points the bottle, helpfully. See? He can be more then just a fellow drinking buddy. Friends don't let friends wind up sleeping on the couch. "You're not gonna survive through the night you don't go out and dance with your woman." He does, however, sigh his agreement. "All they have to do is bat their eyelashes." he agrees, taking a looooooong pull from the bottle at that. "They learn that shit early." Again, he gestures. Go now, before you meet certain doom.

Tanmorand smiles down at his weyrmate, bending to give her a kiss. "I'm glad," he murmurs softly.

Finally W'rin's eyes fall on his weyrmate over the bottom of his upturned bottle. But he just made a new friend, doesn't she know how hard that is for him? He even grunts. And as if to prove his compatibility with the man next to him he does just that, a heavy wuff of air pushed from throat as he stands. The half empty bottle of whiskey, well it just might go with him. And he stalks his way to the dance floor, only to have the storm of his footfall melt away as he twirls Sienna around the dance floor, and if he manages to steal a few sips of heavy drink over her head, well she doesn't have to be any the wiser, and neither does Kyara, as he shoves the bottle out in K'ane's direction as they spin slowly by.

Mayte is juust sipping her drink as K'vvan appears almost out of no-where, and she struggles to swallow the mouthful. Looking up, she smiles at him, "Um, maybe for a little longer?" though she does eye the dance floor curiously - is that… apparently that is, and the Vintner sighs slightly. Ah well, near-frowns turn upside down back to K'vvan again, "It's been so nice. And you and Nadeeth, winning the Agility contest!"

O'ell does this out of experience, see. He just nods solemnly when W'rin stands up to do his weyrmately duty. And then drinks some more as he leans back. Maybe a little too far. Maybe. He's doing surprisingly well at holding his liquor. Since even though he's speaking in mostly grunts, his eyes still look sharp.

K'ane is so mature. He sticks his tongue out at Sienna, because NEENER NEENER, he doesn't have to listen to you MOM, lalalalalala - though that would be a little weird. If Sienna was his mom. The bronzerider was probably more planning on tromping off to the dance floor on his own, but he's forgotten that hand he still has, and as it is he pauses to wryly grin down at Kyara. "Y'd think that all them busy-bodies'd have their own damn lives t'go henpeck," he states this LOUD ENOUGH for his wingriders to hear; then the wingleader officially crooks his hand out in invitation, the other one that is. "Would y'do me the honor of this dance, Kyara?" A SLOW one. If he looks TEMPTED as that bottle floats by, the moment passes.

Is this a pity dance? When he starts drinking over her head while they dance, Sienna stops and stares at him. Just stares, before she leans up to whisper something to him. And then she breaks away and moves gracefully through the dancers on the floor. Like a graceful, angry building storm, and silently out the door.

You overhear Sienna mutter, "… … … you're … with the … … … and the whiskey. … … fourth tonight." to W'rin.

A faint smile manages to tickle K'vvan's face at the congratulations, though it fades quickly enough. "Nadeeth is preening up on our ledge right now; she'll be insufferable. Uh, the Harpers sure sound nice, don't they?" His eyes watch the drama on the floor, not inviting Mayte to join in, cuz, serious, K'vv doesn't dance.

One W'RIN-SIZED KENNEL, coming up.

Women be cray-cray.

Zalara barely has time to put her drink down before A'dan whisks her off on the dance floor. "Oh it was nothing, A'dan; you did all the work. All I did was be the victim that you had to rescue. I had the easy part." She tries to keep her feet out from A'dan's and has to tough out the dance as she doesn't want to offend the rider. Her head turns as she hears Sienna's mutter, but her cheeks flush and she ouches as A'dan steps on her toes again. She keeps her mind on her steps and staying out from under A'dan's feet.

W'rin is left standing like an ass in the middle of the dance floor. Isn't he glad he got up from where he was so happily occupied with not work for once? "That's not fair." Only the woman slipped away too quickly to hear it, most likely, and the man just waves the whole affair off with a flick of his hand. "Fuck," will be the only indication he realizes how much trouble he's in before he drops back into a chair beside O'ell. Do you see what happens when a man tries to appease them? Better off just doing whatever the fuck he wants to begin with.

"Awww, lookit, he's taking her to dance." Sadaiya's chin juts out in the general direction of Kyara and K'ane, her expression just FULL of the aforementioned henpecking, her voice a coo. "That's so cute." Though SOME OF US thought he had a CHILD TO CARE FOR and they should BE AT HOME WITH THAT CHILD and LOVING THE MOTHER FOREVER. That's not for her to say though. Wrong character. "I love seeing things like this happen."

A man with a plan to topple N'ano from the top of the most babies, is what that is.

K'ane <— is that man.


Mayte sits there for a moment, just watching for a moment, giggling as she watches…huh. "Did Sienna just walk away from W'rin?" she whispers to K'vvan, and then, "Should we talk to them?" she wonders. You take Sienna, she'll take W'rin, and hopefully someone will survive? Or… perhaps not. At least things seem to be going well with K'ane and Kyara. "And aren't they cute?" The wineglass is waved to indicate the right pair.

"I'm not going to ask." O'ell points out, knowing that W'rin doesn't -want- him to ask. But these are things that have to be delineated when you're manly men. Who drink. And aren't big on social graces. "Just tell you to drink more." Bottle up, yo! It's so easy to get too drunk to care. Until the hangover.

K'vvan looks at Mayte his eyes a bit wide, "Are you crazy? W'rin is well on his way to dead drunk and Sienna looks pissed. I like not getting growled at."

It is a grumbled thank you, an 'I really appreciate you not prying into this particular piece of business and simply enjoy this beverage in my company' compacted into a single syllable barbaric noise. The bottom of the bottle looks to the ceiling for a moment as he soothes his grumpiness with liquor. "Chicks." It's all he offers.

Zalara is glad when the dance finishes and she limps back to her glass of wine. She takes a seat and she whews softly as she reaches down to rub her poor stomped-on tootsies. She takes a drink of her wine as she lets A'dan trample on someone else's toes. She smiles as she looks around just watching what goes on.

O'ell just lifts the bottle again, man. He -gets- it. He so totally gets it. "Yep." He pops his p, then chugs some more whiskey. "Thank fucking Faranth you decreed it a day off tomorrow. I'm gonna puke my way through the morning." he decides. Because everyone wants to hear that, right? RIGHT! That's when he tries to stand up. And sways. "Whoooah, yeah. That's the ticket. Gotta take a piss." Which is why he heads for the bowl instead of the inner caverns obviously. He's new here. "Be back." If he doesn't pass out somewhere.

Kyara shakes her head, laughing at the roundabout admonition K'ane has for his wingriders before giving a sigh to even herself out. Then the bronzerider is actually asking her to dance, and the smile she has in response has no nerves to it. Just gladness. "The honor would be mine, K'ane," she answers quietly and evenly (she's proud of herself for that), and lets herself be led. Sienna flickers past, and her gaze follows, narrowing slightly. Uh-oh. W'rin is left standing, she notes. Not good. K'ane still has her hand; they're still headed floor-wards, but her eyes go vague just for a moment as that progress is made, returning to normalcy after a mere second.

With his new friend departing, W'rin simply scoops the left marks off the table, chugs the rest of the whiskey smashing the bottle into the table. Throws his hand up in a wave to those who are still standing in the caverns. Nudging any passed out at tables with his foot to verify life and then stomps out into the bowl. He gets one of these a Turn. It's supposed to be a stress-less thing. A fun thing for everyone. "Fucking women." Is the last thing mumbled as he exits the caverns.

Mayte shrugs quietly and starts to explain that it's just an idea, when a tall Miner Apprentice appears and asks her for a dance. "Oh, um…" Mayte is flustered, and looks over her shoulder at K'vvan briefly with a bright just-one-little-dance apologetic grin, "Sure. Just one. Hands above the waist." And then Mayte lets herself be led off by Luten for one dance.

Another chin-jerk for Tanmorand's sake. "Wonder what happened THERE," Sadaiya drawls, indicating W'rin's departure. "Then again, spirited relationships run in Sienna's family, so." She shrugs lightly.

Wait, K'vvan is suddenly left alone, in a corner of a party. People are drinking, and some of 'em are having more fun then they should. Since Mayte has found a new friend, well, K'vvan slips out through the KITCHEN.

A SLOW DANCE it is. Hold your awws everyone. At least for the moment. K'ane pauses, though, hesitating at watching Sienna storm off. The bronzerider catches that look, and steadies Kyara to a stop in reaction; "Do y'need t'go after her?" His voice is serious, and neutral-pitched enough to indicate understanding if she does; his own blue eyes follow after the departed-greenrider's exit, that interesting twist of confused and concerned that big men in particular seem so very capable of.

Blinking, Kyara shakes her head. "No, it's okay. Lia told me." Okay being relative, but still. "I'll talk to her tomorrow, probably." The tempo of the dance is very welcome; Kyara can get herself through faster ones, but prefers not to. It lets her concentrate more on the company. As they continue on, she bites her lip as she recognizes her smile getting a little on the silly side, and blinks up at K'ane. "Thank you for this, too," she says softly. "I can't remember the last time I actually got to dance instead of having to play for the dancers."

At first, Mayte's dance with Luten goes pretty well. He's a reasonably nice guy, his hands aren't going anywhere inappropriate… but then things start to slip gently and finally Mayte pulls back from Luten with a Look. He's left standing on the dance floor as Mayte turns and storms off, trying to find K'vvan and upon not finding him, sinks into a chair against the wall with a stormy look on her face. At least Luten departs soon after.

Zalara gets up as she sees Mayte stomp off the dance floor. She moves over to her. "Are you okay?" She asks as she winces a little bit as her feet are still hurting. "It doesn't look like either of us had good partners."

K'ane gives a nod, glancing once more after Sienna before sweeping Kyara out in a more formal version rather than some of the close-held couples on the floor; he isn't one to be presumptuous as a rule. His rueful half-grin down at her is terribly amused at her words. "Aye, though I think ye'd've had plenty of dancin' offers other'n me." He shifts a chin-nod at one particular bluerider hanging out with eyes that dart back towards the pair of them every now and again.

Mayte looks up grumpily until realizing the one addressing her isn't Luten, and then trains herself to at the very least not scowl at the innocent Zalara. "Yeah," she replies, "that one was a bit of a jerk." A few huffs and then Mayte sighs, "Shard it, I should probably just go to bed." A quick look and what passes for a smirk under grumpy conditions to the other apprentice. "You gonna stick around a while longer?"

Zalara nods, "I can see that, but at least he didn't stomp your feet flatter than dead." She wiggles her feet back and forth as she sips her wine. "Probably. I doubt anyone else will want to dance with me, but it's nice to watch others dance. Some of them move so gracefully."

Kyara glances over at that bluerider briefly, then back to K'ane with a small, amused shrug. "Maybe," she says, "though I'm perfectly content with my current one. Until you get bored of me." There's a tease to her gaze, but when K'ane opens the distance between them, she raises her eyebrows. The reflexive pressure from her hands indicates that no, she maybe didn't want to go that direction…but she doesn't fight it. "It wouldn't bother me," she ventures, still cautious. "If you wanted to stay closer. It does make the dance easier." Aside from wanting to stay closer herself.

There is that, Mayte nods in agreement, and pushes herself to her feet. "Well, as long as you have fun, and aren't out too late," she comments absent-mindedly to Zalara. "But uh, have a good night, alright?" And then Mayte gives a mischievous grin, "And kick anyone who tries to step on your feet again." Old Apprentice secret.

And with that, Mayte is making her way out through the door. NOT the kitchen door, despite the yummy foods back there.

Zalara nods, "I'll have to remember that. Have a good night. I'll try to." She takes a drink and looks around for some food as she's a bit hungry.

"Did y'just," here K'ane's lips twitch amusedly, "come on t'me, there, little bird? Here I thought y'were supposed to be the innocent one." It's a light tease, from his deep baritone, but he seems easily-enough convinced that his painstaking regard for propriety is unwarranted in this occasion, pulling Kyara closer. "Unless you've been fakin' us out all this time, eh?" His eyebrows heft in amused query.

Ah! That's better. Kyara giggles - a rarely-heard thing, from her - as she gets pulled back in. "Is that what it's called?" she questions with mock-incredulity, eyebrows ticking upward. "I suppose that must have been what I just did, yes." Where was this confidence when she needed it earlier? "Maybe not faking you out entirely," she says quietly, "but trying to figure out. I have a tendency to complicate things for myself. I might be innocent in a way…" She looks away for a moment, her gaze finding some blank spot on the floor. "But I do have eyes, you know."

A giggle: THAT raises K'ane's eyebrows like nothing previous. "Mayhap," he ambiguously returns to her question. "Oh no," deadpan, "You, complicatin' things? Never." His lips are having a hard time staying in an appropriate line; but his brows vex together at that last statement, as if he's trying to puzzle out an undecipherable meaning from that. Eventually: "Uh. I didn't think I was leerin' after you like some dirty old man," more to himself than to her - even though he's got a decade on her, give or take. Dirty old man! At least he's a gentleman insofar as controlling his hands to not roam like SOME people who have taken to the dance-floor.

Kyara's gaze snaps back up, sparking at him in slight consternation, and she rolls her eyes, the hand on his shoulder raising to smack back into place with just a little pointed force, but she's chuckling. "No, no, not you 'leering' at me, you big…" Something. She laughs over it, looking at the ceiling for a second before finding his eyes again. "Me. Noticing you. You've had my eye, for whatever it's worth." Turning red yet again at the admission, her chin drops, eyes lowering to his chest. "Not as if I could let you know it, and I wouldn't have been brave enough to anyway. Plus, other things happened, but nothing came of them, and Lia's been pestering me to say something to you this entire sevenday, so there." She gives a sharp sigh of finality; that's finally out.

Understanding clears the furrow of brow and wrinkle of forehead; oh. And then, more puzzlement but not of the same nature, quite. K'ane opens his mouth as if to say something and seems to think better of it, instead pausing, as if he's changing his mind about what it is he's planning on saying, and going with, "Uh. Well, I'm flattered. Y'ain't necessarily an' eyesore yourself, y'know." Indeed, his gaze may be a little more rueful than not, gazing down at the girl. "Lia, huh? How old's she gettin', now?" A couple of shades of meaning, there, perhaps.

Kyara bites her lip and steadies herself a little before looking back up at him. "Thanks," she counters with a smirk. "And Lia's a little beyond a Turn now. I'm well aware of what that means." That is one of those shades of meaning to his question, isn't it? There's a fairly long silence that hangs after that, though it's probably notable that he blush doesn't fade in the least as she continues worrying at her lip. Finally, she lets out a rather gusty sigh, and just looks up at him again steadily. Scorch it. "K'ane…" For some reason, she has to squeeze her eyes shut for just a moment here. Then, back open they come, though perhaps there is just a touch of heat to her gaze now - something she hasn't let back out for a while. "If said I wanted you to kiss me, if I asked you to…would you?" There's more to it that rises to her eyes now, but it's simple to decipher. Please.

The song is coming to an end, but that is only part of the reason that K'ane drifts to a standstill, obviously bringing his partner with him. Blue eyes scan over Kyara's face; perhaps gauging her sincerity, or perhaps just considering her. Rough hands, calloused hands, rise from suitable placement to tuck a section of burnished hair behind an ear, then gently cup her face. His smile is enigmatic for a moment, and then without words he responds to that question — his kiss is a gentle one, soft and slow and sweet; a gift freely given, no formal request needed. He leans his forehead against hers a moment, thereafter, the lightest of chuckles faintly heard under his breath. Raspy-voiced, "Y'don't have t'ask," simply stated, as he pulls away. "G'night, little bird." His expression is softer, not a smirk or a grin or even a full smile — except for the eyes, perhaps, crinkled at the corners. Only then does he back a step, sweep into another of those ridiculous bows, and crisply make for the exit, ignoring the frenzy of the party around him.

Everything roundabout simply seems to just…disappear for Kyara in that moment; she's only aware of stopping, the hands that go to her face, the lips that find hers…such a very gentle thing, from such a rough-edged man, and it stuns her. Ah…this is what this is like! The warmth that snaps through her is enough to make her gasp a little, and afterward, she is simply staring up at him, enthralled. "Goodnight," she manages back, watching as he leaves…and then she finally finds it in herself to move off the dance floor, out of the way. Steadying breath. And she just grins in a manner she can't recall ever having done so before. What a way to end a rather incredible day!

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