==== October 5th, 2013
==== K'vvan, Kyara, Sienna
==== The T-Tourney's greenriding trio practices for mock Threadfall. It's a rough start, but it does improve!

Who K'vvan, Kyara, Sienna
What The T-Tourney's greenriding trio practices for mock Threadfall. It's a rough start, but it does improve!
When Afternoon. There is 1 Turn and 21 days until the 12th Pass.
Where North Bowl, Igen Weyr


North Bowl
In the quieter spaces of the Northern Bowl, there is less activity; all is kept serene for young, forming draconic bonds. Beneath the sweep of skies' ever-changing colors, this round little panorama hosts the short distances between the Hatching Cavern and the weyrlings' ultimate destination: the barracks and training grounds. More packed dirt and tiny little hillocks than clean white sand, the floor is an uneven thing, a startling trap for the unwary and the clumsy. Further onward, the Ground Weyrs beckon, a haven for those who may seek medical attention.

The trio has been here about an hour - enough time to work up past needing coats, even in the cool Igen winter temperatures. Strategies had been discussed, K'vvan only putting in a few snarky comments, and adjustments had been made. Now, with the evening times growing nearer, the trio of greens settle onto the ground to allow their riders to talk.

Although they've been working hard - enough to ditch jackets - Kyara still drapes hers over her shoulders. It won't take long for that cool air to seep in again, after all. This arrangement of three greenriders flying mock Threadfall is going to be interesting, for certain. No - is interesting. Kyara is much more comfortable around Sienna but still isn't quite sure what to make of K'vvan, even though they've flown together in drills more. But deciding how to balance the technical aspects of what they're doing is the focus here, more than anything, and that is what the youngest of the greenriders is doing her best to concentrate on, for the time being. "Well, not too bad a start," is her careful evaluation after a pull from her water skin. "I have…one idea we might try next time, if you guys are up for it."

Sienna and Kehemath land, the Weyrlingmaster grimacing as she pulls off her helmet and dismounts. "Anyone else hear W'rin screaming at them in their head?" she asks with a faint smirk. "Because that was a fucking disgrace." But she's grinning as she says it. "What's the idea? We're so out of practice, I'm sorry." Kehemath arches her neck and rumbles to the other greens, shaking out her wings.

Kyara chuckles dryly, nodding; she most certainly does have W'rin's voice ringing through some corner of her mind. "Yes," is her no-nonsense answer up to K'vvan on the question of wanting to do this, and she flicks a glance over to Sienna before going on. "We've got some time; we can get it together. So I was thinking…Lia wants me to say we've got to think more like the bigger colors and not like greens." She looks a little sheepish at that for a moment, and then holds up a fist and starts illustrating the little vee they've been flying in. "One anchors; the other two of us fly left and right - but one above and one below the point. Biggest flame is the anchor, just like in regular formations. And the other two can switch sides as needed." She shrugs, slightly diffident. "Just a thought. Might be worth trying, at least."

Sienna snorts, eying K'vvan. "We'll do alright. We're - you're - Whirlies." As if that automatically makes them awesome. No, no it doesn't. It takes work. "We're going to have to work hard at this the next few sevens," she says thoughtfully, stretching her arms over her head and working out a kink in her back. "Shards but it feels good though." Considering Kyara's words, Sienna nods. "Liareth has the longest flame reach, I think, yes? She can be the anchor then, and Kehemath and Nadeeth can switch if they need to. Kehemath is the largest…" Right?

K'vvan considers Kyara's idea, looking skyward for a moment as if trying to play it out in his mind. "Wouldn't it make sense, if we're thinking big, to have Kehemath be the middle, since she's so much bigger then the other two?" K'vvan lowers his gaze back to the women.

"I think she does," Kyara concedes to Sienna with a lopsided smile. "Though Kehemath being bigger might still give enough of an advantage for her to be anchor, and us on the bottom. You both," she gestures between the other greenriders, "still have more endurance than us. We could always try it both ways, if we have time." Which they probably don't. Liareth rumbles impatiently at Kyara and gives her a light nudge, just enough to make her take a step. "Alright!" she huffs, clapping Liareth on the neck. "She agrees with K'vvan. Kehemath would be best as anchor, being biggest. Us on the lower level, Nadeeth up above." Her green, it seems, also agrees that they don't have time.

Sienna nods, rubbing Kehemath's muzzle. "That I think would be an improvement on what we just did," she admits with a little smile. "Shall we go up again, then? Get a few more runs in before it gets too dark?" Then there's a pause. "You know, we might want to practice at night too. I really wouldn't put that past W'rin."

K'vvan casts a look at Kyara. "Not too much longer - we still have evening drills with Whirlwind." The reminder is slightly pointed, though K'vvan is actually putting forth an effort to not be a brat. "And I have sweeps tonight. Maybe twice more, we'll take top both times, makes more sense there." Without another word K'vvan urges his little green towards the sky, not waiting to see if the other pair follow.

Kyara groans when Sienna mentions night practice, but her expression acknowledges the point. She nods at the idea of going up again, at least once. Because she does remember about drills, even as K'vvan points them out. She's about to suggest to her wingmate that they leave it at once when he mentions having sweeps, but off he goes, and she's shaking her head in consternation as she fastens her jacket back up and tugs on her helmet. "If he'd wait for the point of the formation to lead up, we’d be better set to start," she grumbles, loud enough for Sienna to hear as she vaults up to Liareth's neck. But she also shrugs, and waits for Sienna and Kehemath to take off first. Kyara and Lia are going to be lowest, after all.

Sienna is last into the sky because she's out of practice. But she and Kehemath are up there and taking point, and settling into the lead fairly easily. This formation seems to work much better than the previous, with the zips and turns, and Kehemath using words to convey orders rather than her usual images - faster that way - until they're landing once more. "Better?"

In the sky even K'vvan knows leadership when it's thought at him, and Nadeeth had pulled off the orders flawlessly. "That does work better- Nadeeth is so much in tune with Kehemath it's easier to see what we need to do, and she's not worrying about fouling up with Liareth when they both turn so quickly." K'vvan pulls off his helmet and shakes out his hair of gross sweat.

Liareth's warnings throughout are decidedly less steam-laden as she focuses on words with less distraction, herself. No need to try getting the others to relax (or fall asleep) during Fall, after all! The form does prove more effective than the first few they tried, and Kyara finds herself nodding and smiling at a few very nicely executed switches between Lia and Nadeeth. On the ground again, she smiles emphatically. Improvement! Nowhere near where any of them would like to be, of course, but it is a start, and markedly more effective. "Yes, much!" she answers Sienna, doffing her own helmet in turn and loosening the tie that binds her hair back. "Exactly," she nods in agreement to K'vvan. "I think we'll be alright! Not perfect, but that's fine. And Lia is enjoying getting to dart around with Nadeeth and Kehemath." Again, a rumble from behind - but of a happier variety.

Sienna nods, "It does," she agrees. "Kehemath is a good anchor for the two of them." Dismounting, she tucks her helmet under an arm. "So shall we pause here for tonight?" she asks, glancing skyward. "Gives you time to rest before drills, and I have some paperwork I should be working on." Since she still has that WLM knot on her shoulder. W'rin hasn't taken it. Yet.

"Nadeeth enjoys it too." K'vvan admits this as he allows himself to slide from his dragon's back. "Yeah, maybe tomorrow night we'll try Sienna's idea about darkness. It would be too easy to mess up with Nadeeth too tired from this, drills and sweep." The helmet is hung on one of the straps, and he pulls is coat down to shrug it on.

Kyara stretches her arms over her head, and one of her shoulders cracks so loudly that her eyes widen in mild surprise before she's chuckling abashedly over it. "Uhm…yeah, this is a good spot to pause," she agrees, loosening the neck of her jacket. She nods at K'vvan again, then glances over at Sienna. "What does the Weyrlingmaster do when there isn't another class in the barracks?" she questions, genuinely curious. Not that those barracks will be empty much longer.

Sienna nods at K'vvan, and then she looks to Kyara and grins. "Weans twins," she says with a crooked smile, but then she sobers to give the question a genuine answer. "Prepare. Plan. Learn new methods, visit other weyrs and see what they're doing, think about how we can better prepare the next group. Lots of paperwork, wrapping up loose ends…but hopefully our queens will oblige us and the clutches will start to over lap and there won't be down time. I think that's how it's supposed to work."

As much as K'vvan would so like to chatter, there isn't much time before drills. "I'll see you two later." With that brief farewell K'vvan stalks off towards the weyr, and perhaps a hot mug of something before more work is called for.

Not much time before drills, and Kyara knows it…but it isn't as if she's being unproductive toward that end while she chatters. "Later, K'vvan" she answers her wingmate's back as she goes through the ingrained routine of strap inspection. A considering glance follows him briefly, but it's soon redirected. A few snarky comments aside…this time around her wingmate wasn't half bad. She chuckles at Sienna's initial answer to her question, giving an "ah" in counter to the more serious response. Then, giving a slight, final tug to a strap, she leans a little on Liareth's shoulder and regards her friend with a small smile. "Well, I shall leave you to the paperwork, then, I suppose."

Sienna lifts a hand to salute K'vvan as he goes, and then she smiles at Kyara. "Clear skies, Kyara. I look forward to flying with you again tomorrow." You both, but K'vvan left too fast to hear that. Nyah.

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