==== January 6, 2014
==== Aaron, Katarina, Krissi
==== Katarina tags along with Aaron as he drops off an awesome present to Krissi

Who Aaron, Katarina, Krissi
What Katarina tags along with Aaron as he drops off an awesome present to Krissi
When It is the eighteenth day of Spring and 77 degrees.
Where Southern Weyr

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Krissi's Office
This is the perfect office to showcase a Woodcrafters talent. White linen is stretched taut across the stone ceiling and secured behind ornately carved molding. The walls are paneled with wood, carefully fitted and polished to a shine. Shelving is built into a natural nook in the walls, providing a place for various knickknacks and design books. Window casements adorn three of the four walls, each appearing to peer out at the jungle surrounding the Weyr, but in truth these are paintings commissioned from the local Harpers. The main attraction in the room is the beautifully crafted desk and chair. Simple yet gorgeous, the top is carved from a single thick piece of wood inlaid at its center with a thin slab of stone. The spindly legs holding it aloft are ornately carved. The comfortably upholstered plaid chairs resting before the desk are works of art themselves, and each holds a matching throw pillow to make sitting all the more pleasant. All the furniture is situated around a woven rug with a whimsical floral design. In the back corner of the room a wide spiral staircase rises from the floor and swirls upward to disappear into the ceiling. Beautifully carved triangles of wood with beveled edges overlapping act as stairs. The banister curving elegantly upward, each spindle supporting it ornately carved with intricate detail.

The door to Krissi’s office is propped open with a gorgeous carved runner doorstop. Finally complete, even the Harper commissioned drawings are in place in the faux windows. Hopefully it looks comfortable and inviting while showcasing the talent of the Journeyman seated at the desk. A half-eaten sandwich rests on a plate in the upper corner of the desk. Forgotten as Krissi rolls up the report she’s written and attaches it to the flit waiting on the edge of her chair. “Off you go then,” she tells the hissing bronze and doesn’t relax until he lifts up and winks ::between::.

Aaron walks in just in time to hear the characteristic pop of a firelizard going ::between::, and chuckles as he knocks on the doorframe. "Ricik?" he ask as he enters without waiting to be invited, revealing the little redheaded dragonrider behind him. "I just got a note from a friend in Igen, Krissi, and I've got something for you." He pulls a hand from behind his back, holding a ceramic pot in it. "This is Katarina, she was nice enough to take me up to get your 'welcome to Southern' present. Kat, this is Krissi, my newest journeyman." Introductions made, he sets the pot on Krissi's desk, well away from the edge.

Katarina follows Aaron in, her smile stretching across her pale features. She holds out her hand in greeting, not one to stand on formalities. "Well met Krissi, I be Katarina, be'olden ta Brown Xenokkarath. Welcome ta Southern, we're glad ta 'ave ye." She beams at Krissi, trying to be welcoming. She rubs at her blue's headknobs with her freehand as the little creature creels and thrums, enjoying the contact.

Krissi had just begun straightening up her desk when Aaron strolls in. “Of course,” she tells him with a smile. “He’s having the expected conniption that I’ll be coming up to inspect the wood shipments and oversee their departure.” Because nobody trusts Master Ricik to be on the up and up. “Oh? What have you got for me now?” Clearly she is expecting an order of some sort and her eyes go wide when he sets the pot on her desk. “Okay,” she murmurs clearly confused. “Am I supposed to craft something for it before it hatches? Or paint an egg that looks like that?” Her questions taper off when she looks up as Katarina speaks. “Pleasure to meet you,” she assures the woman with a polite salute. “I’ve heard so much about you, it’s a real delight to get to make your acquaintance.”

Aaron chuckles softly at Holiver's antics, grinning at the little blue. His own shoulders are conspicuously empty today, the whole brood having gone off. "I told you I'd get you a firelizard egg when I got a chance, Krissi. Well, I got a chance, and you have an egg now." He laughs, just a little, when Krissi salutes, and decides that he'll let Kat deal with that one. "Harper friend of mine just had his gold clutch not too long ago, and the eggs were finally hard enough to go ::between::, so we took a quick run up there. As to Ricik, he'll get over himself." Turning to Kat, he shakes his head. "Ricik was Krissi's Master up in Lemos. Can you believe that he's paying me to 'take her off his hands'?!" He gestures around the office and all of its fittings. "She's done all of this since she got here!"

Katarina blushes slightly, causing her hazel eyes to blaze. She wonders just /what/ her big burly smith has said about her. "All good I 'ope…." She says, a hint of teasing in her voice as she glances over at Aaron. "Please, dinna think ye 'ave ta be so proper wi' me, I ride a dragon, tha's all. I dinna find tha' ta be a goo' reason fer extra manners." She grins. "I'm glad ta meet ye too, though I think I've heard far less abou' ye.”

Krissi’s eyes well up for a moment and she swallows several times before she’s able to nod her head. “Thank you Aaron. That’s really wonderful of you,” she tells him with a happy smile. Pinching the bridge of her nose seems to clear up the annoying wetness on her eyelids for the moment. “And thank you Kat for taking him to get it for me.” She laughs softly at Kat’s light blush and waves her hand as if clearing a puff of smoke. “He always has wonderful things to say about you,” she assures the ‘rider. “You’re a right lucky woman if you ask me.” Though granted nobody did. She looks around her office and gives a slight shrug, “I saw in my mind the best way to assure folks of my skill and went to it Boss. Nothing more, nothing less. The Masters up in Lemos don’t take kindly to female crafters is all. Didn’t see me as worth much.”

Aaron chuckles at Kat's blush, shaking his head. "Mostly good, I think," he says with a wink to Krissi. When the woodcrafter starts to actually tear up, and thanks him, he actually manages to blush a little himself, shrugging. "Hey, I told you that I thought you oughta have one, and now you do. You know how to take care of it until it hatches?" Because that's important, right? "No matter the motives or reasoning behind it, Krissi, you did a great job in here. Really first class. Forget Lemos. We value folks down here for their abilities, not their gender."

Katarina smiles at both Krissi and Aaron. "Well, tha's good then, an' thanks, I really /am/ very lucky." She smiles affectionately at Aaron, her hazel orbs glinting with affection. She looks around the office and lets out a low approving whistle, but no comment, until that is, Krissi mentions how nowtimer crafters are treated if female. She lets out a large snort of disgust as the last words leave Krissi's mouth. "I canna understand th' nowtime view on female crafters. Some o' them were better run by women… ifn' ye ask me." Which no one did, but hey, there it is.

Krissi made Aaron blush? She has to blink to be sure she’s seeing that right. So she’s got them both blushing without even trying. Tonight she’s on a roll. “You have to do stuff to it?” Clearly she has no idea how to take care of it at all. “The one the Head Master..” she trails off and catches herself before starting over, “Well I saw one in a hallowed out tree up in Lemos once and it was all by itself save for a bunch of shells.” Clearly she doesn’t want to repeat that particular story so she looks askance at Aaron. Her lips curl into a smile at the way Kat looks at him. Ahh love. Ain’t it grand to see? “I’ve never seen /anything/ run by women save for the nursery back home.” She shrugs her shoulders and chuckles, “It’s lovely to hear a different point of view on the subject. I’ve come to really love it down here in Southern.”

Aaron grins back at Kat, chuckling. "Now now, you know not all of us are hidebound old fools. Just everyone that's in /charge/ up North." Hence Aaron's presence amongst the rebellious Southerners. Well, that and the lack of dust storms in Southern! At Krissi's questions, Aaron nods. "Aye, you gotta keep it warm, and turn it every few hours. I've a brazier you can borrow if you need it, since it's still getting cold at night. I know a couple of the apprentices have just been keeping their pots out by the forges, it stays pretty warm out there." Because Aaron is a harsh, harsh taskmaster. ;) "Mmm, that's right, you've not met Nora yet, have you Krissi? She's the assistant headwoman."

Katarina chuckles lightly. "Things were a bit diff'rent back in my time…" She says, not elaborating on that just now. "I came from a family o' crafters, were a trader m'self, until Xenok…"She grins at Aaron. "I know ye aren't….but there's some 'ere tha' still think tha' way, no' jus' th' Northerners." She sighs and leans against the wall.

Krissi laughs aloud when Aaron defends himself to his woman and shakes her head. Dropping her eyes to the little pot on her desk she admires the beautiful colors. “I suppose I could leave it out there at night,” she muses aloud, “but the brazier would be nice so I could set it in here during the day. Easier to turn it and keep an eye on it.” She waves toward the staircase, “I’ve been finishing up the room upstairs in my free time.” The fact that a woman is the headman, err, headwoman gives her a start. She looks up at Aaron in surprise. “Really? No, I’ve not met her. Then again I haven’t met too many folks yet at all.” Crafting all this wood, staining, finishing, and polishing has taken up most of her time. “Feel free to have a seat and make yourself comfortable,” she tells Kat with a broad smile when the ‘rider leans against the wall. No need to stand if Kat doesn’t want to after all. “I’ve met a lot of traders in my time at Lemos. Wonderful folks most.”

Aaron sighs too, rolling his eyes. "That there are, sadly I cannot deny it. I suppose there'll always be stupid people though, eh?" He grins at Kat, though, chuckling. "You a trader, Jedi a smith, Faranth only knows what S'yn will call himself…" he trails off, shrugging. "I'll bring the brazier over in a few, Krissi, not a problem. You're not having any trouble upstairs, are you? Getting stuff up and down the stairs, I mean, with you knee?" The knee that she injured because of him… well, his flit. "Yeah, Nora's really the assistant headwoman. I've not dealt with her much myself, but she seems a good fit. I don't imagine that Renalde would've hired her if she weren't."

Katarina grins. "I'm fine, leanin' aint doin' me no harm." She chuckles and continues to pet Holiver, not really having much to add to the subject of renovations. She looks around though, admiring the handy work of the new arrival. "I may 'ave to come ta ye if I need some 'elp re-decorating the weyr…" She comments at Krissi. "This is lovely 'andiwork."

The staircase is a work of art in truth. And Krissi had designed it to take up as little space as possible unlike the one she’d torn out of here. Therein lies the problem of lugging the necessary wood up into the room above. “I’ve been crafting the pieces in the woodshop or over there and taking them up in pieces for assembly.” She waves to the pieces of a dresser half hidden in the back corner where the stools are stored. She then turns to grin at Aaron and shrug, “It’s a process but I’m managing alright.” She slides her chair back and rises to walk around the front of the desk, “It’s nearly healed now.” She points at the light yellow bruise discoloring her knee. Perching on the edge of her desk she smiles proudly at Katarina. “Thank you,” she accepts the compliment happily. “I’d be more than happy to help you anyway you’d like.”

"See Krissi, the advertising is already working!" Aaron says with a grin, amusement in his voice. "You don't have to hang around while we talk shop, Kat. I just wanted to introduce you two so you both had a face to put with the name." He knows just how absorbed he can get in his job. When Krissi explains her process, he nods, then grins at just how well her knee is healing up. "I'm glad for that. Malachite felt horrible that she hurt you." The little flit has totally forgotten about it now, of course, but at the time…. "Devarl has seemed quite a bit happier since you took over with him. He's still working out for you?"

Katarina nods and straightens herself. "Well, I'll le' ye two talk then." She wanders over to Aaron and stands on her toes to kiss his cheek. "I'll see ye at 'ome later love." She turns to Krissi. "Again, it was nice ta meet ye Krissi. I 'ope ta see ye around!" And with that, the redheaded rider heads out, her boots echoing down the hall as she disappears further into the weyr and to any business she might have waiting.

Krissi nods and smiles happily, “That was the point of putting in the work.” She walks over to far right wall with the largest window in it and swings open one of the window panes to reveal the actual window. “Totally hidden until I open it up,” she says very proud of her craftsmanship. Turning she frowns slightly at Aaron, “It wasn’t Malachite’s fault, or yours either for that matter. Not really. I just lost my balance was all.” Talk of Devarl brings her smile back to her lips as she nods again. “Of course he is. And two of his little friends when they aren’t slaving for the likes of you.” She winks as she teases him. “I’ve been giving classes every morning after breakfast. Then turning the shop over for tinkering while I finish up the last of the dartboard cabinets you asked for.” As Kat departs Kris nods her head and smiles, “Lovely meeting you too.” She waits for the woman’s boot echoes to fade before grinning at Aaron, “Lucky you eh?”

Aaron wraps an arm around Kat and gives her a squeeze as she kisses him, nodding. "Aye, love, I'll see you tonight. I'll bring dinner up with me, alright?" And with that she's gone. "I am rather lucky to have wound up with her, she's a wonderful woman," he answer Krissi. When she opens the real window, he oooohs appreciatively, coming over to look at the casement and the hinge set up. "Very nice work here, very nice indeed! I like it." He chuckles at the slaving comment, grinning. "Idle hands get them into trouble. If I tire them out enough, I don't have the Headman complaining to me about errant apprentices."

“I’m glad for you. Happy men seem to be much easier to get along with,” Krissi admits with a shrug of her shoulders. She leaves the window open when he approaches to inspect it. Stepping back out of his way so as not to crowd his space. “Thank you,” she tells him softly and smiles. “Took me a little bit to get it figured out how I wanted to go about it. But with the sketch attached to the window with a frame it blends when I close it.” Sliding past Aaron with a minimal of brushing she walks back to her desk. “I understand that entirely. Besides they’ll never learn if they don’t work.”

"Happy boss happy office, or something like that?" he asks, chuckling. He opens and closes the frame a few more times, examining the hinges. "Very nice indeed. Never would've thought of it myself. It makes the place feel a lot bigger than it did, too, with 'windows' on all four walls." He grins as she admits to understanding his motives, then walks over and settles into one of the chairs at her desk. "Be honest here: did you really think I'd flake on my promise to get you that?" he asks, tilting his head towards the egg pot.

“Something like that,” Krissi agrees with a smile. “I didn’t want to feel closed in. And this makes the room seem airy and more welcoming.” She points to the bottom of the windows and chuckles. “The sill slides out in each and there’s space for a bowl of glows. Acts as a sort of night light and brightens up the place.” When he settles into a chair she hitches her hip and perches on the edge of her desk. “Honestly? Yes, I sort of did.” She shrugs her shoulders and chuckles, “I’m just another Journeyman after all. Here to toil away and hone my skills.”

Aaron shakes his head, chuckling. "That's the mindset that you gotta get out of. While you're here, and while I'm around, you're one of my journeymen, and I'm going to try to make your life easier if I can. That, in turn, makes my life easier." Because, let's face it, happy worker bees make for a happy king bee, or some other butchered analogy.

Krissi sighs softly because it’s a mindset she’s not sure she knows how to let go of. “It’s funny,” she tells him with a little smile, “I thought it was my job to make your life easier. Not the other way around.” After all she’s already saved one butchered project from the woodshop. Fixing the loom before it left here and upset the Weavers. “I really appreciate it, Aaron.” She looks over at the little egg in its pretty pot and smiles. “I’m assuming Kat picked out the pot? I don’t take you for the flowery sort.” Reaching over with gentle fingers she carefully caresses the egg. “How much am I supposed to turn it when I do? Every couple hour’s right?”

Aaron grins up at her, shrugging. "I look at it this way: if I make your life easier, and let you handle things the way you want too, you're less likely to be putting more work on my desk which, in turn, does make my life easier. See? It's a nice big circle." He chuckles at the pot, nodding. "Aye, she did. I don't mind flowers, but the woman loves 'em. I do a lot more vines rather than flowers." Because wrought iron just lends itself to vine work. "Right, just every few hours. You want to try and keep the temperature all throughout the sand and the egg even. Have you been out to the Sands yet? You want it about that warm."

Krissi snaps her fingers and slips off her desk to walk over to the bookshelf built into the corner. “Speaking of less work for you, boss..” She walks back over to stand beside him and waves a sheaf of ledgers stacked crosswise to keep them separate and easier to file. “From top to bottom is the list of items available now in the woodshop storage and the itemized lists of what was used, copies of the missives to and from Lemos, and the bottom is the list for my office. The one for my bedroom will come later.” She glances at the pot again and nods her head, “You’ll have to thank her for me it’s lovely. And yes I have been to see the eggs. But only for a short while. I’ll do my best to keep it warm enough and not cook it.” Because that would be really bad!

Aaron takes the offered ledgers glances through them for a few moments, and nods, setting them on the corner of the desk. "Thank you, Krissi," he says with a grin, even as he notices that she's substituted 'boss' for 'sir'. "I'll just take these with me, then, and I'll return them once I've copied them over into my records. I'll let you know the total for your office when I return them, too, though I doubt it'll be much, just from glancing at that." He chuckles at the comment about cooking the egg, shaking his head. "I'll go get the brazier now, and show you how far away to keep it." And he suits actions to words, standing up and walking out, returning a short time later with the brazier and a small bucket of coal. He sets the burner up, lights it, and positions the egg pot. "That oughta be fine. Just give it a quarter turn every couple hours."

Krissi blinks when he says that he plans to copy them for his records. But he keeps talking and she isn’t given a chance to interrupt before he’s up and leaving her office. “Well if that’s not a fine mess,” she huffs while he’s gone. Walking around to settle back into her chair with an exhausted sigh. When he returns with the brazier she smiles happily and sits up to watch closely as he sets it up for her. “Thank you so much for all this. Once it hatches I’ll return your brazier.” She nods her head at his instructions, “I’ll try to set something up so I’ll wake up every couple of hours to do that.” And her mind turns with ideas as to how to go about that. “Oh and Aaron,” she looks up at him with a sweet grin, “those /were/ your copies. Mine are in the brown book in the bookshelf if you ever need them.”

Aaron blinks a little, then grins at Krissi when she tells him that those were his copies. "Well, that's new. Thank you, Krissi." He nods to himself, and gathers up /his/ copies of her ledgers. "Well, that's all taken care of, and I've gotta get back to work. Let me know if you have any questions about the egg, alright? And I'll pass your compliment on the pot on to Kat."

Krissi is sorely tempted to hug him for the amazing gift he’s given her. And the thought scares the crap out of her and glues her to her chair. “You’re welcome of course,” is said while she watches him gather up the papers. She nods her head and smiles, “Will do, boss. And have a good evening.”

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