==== September 11, 2013
==== Arianne, K'nan, M'aal
==== Two more who impressed at High Reaches arrive. But is it a warm welcome?

Who Arianne, K'nan, M'aal
What Two more who impressed at High Reaches arrive. But is it a warm welcome?
When There is 1 turn 3 months and 2 days until the 12th pass.
Where Tavern - Southern Weyr


Of course this should be renovated with alacrity: though the glass is yet to be replaced in the windows, there is a large marble-topped bar along the western half of this standalone building, and a random tangle of chairs and tables much like the living caverns. For now, assistant headmen man the meagre stock of beer and wine and whiskey, and no fancy drinks issue forth.

Helping build a platform, and watching Nika run out to save a trundlebug she hit with her hammer… these are a few of the things that have brought Arianne to the Tavern to find herself something to drink. Maybe two drinks. She's barely even paying attention to who is there (or ot) as the case may be when she hops onto one of the bar stools and just nods at the bartender to give her 'the usual'. Wine, obviously. Because she's a lightweight.

"I'm telling you, the booze here is amazing," K'nan offers as he and his brother enter the tavern. "I was here the other night," he says, grinning at M'aal, "And let me tell you, I almost didn't make it to my weyr." He pauses, frowns thoughtfully for a moment, "In fact, I'm not even sure how I made it back to my weyr," he hmms, shrugs and then elbows his brother. "So, made any friends yet?" Golden Brown eyes then spot Arianne and they narrow as something about her seems familiar.

M'aal flicks an imaginary speck of dust off his shoulder as they move through the Weyr toward the tavern. "I remember when you used to drink mud," he reminds his twin, expression dubious, to say the least. "And I don't remember your taste getting all that refined since then." He elbows K'nan right back as they step inside, his dark green eyes scanning the bar. "Oh - Is that how you got back?" he ribs, noting K'nan's attention when it settles on Arianne, no recognition seeming to dawn as yet. "You dog, we only just got here and you're already forgetting names," he adds, teasing and yet obviously proud.

And here she's been living under the delusion that she's simply unforgettable! Fortuately, Ari can't hear the two of them talking from her little corner of the tavern world. Yet, she feels eyes on her anyway and glances over at the two brownriders when they enter. "Trouble." she mutters under her breath, recognition -clearly- dawning after she's had a moment to think back and place the two of them. Abruptly, she shoves her glass back towards the bartender and jerks her chin upwards a little in request for him to fill up again for her. Hell, she pulls a few marks out of her pocket and justs asks for the bottle. She can flee with that if she wants to.

K'nan offers his brother a mock-hurt look. "Mud can be tasty if infused with the right spirits," he offers solemnly. "Who needs refined taste? If it burns the throat? It's good stuff," he shrugs at this, smirking when M'aal elbows him. Those golden brown eyes go from Arianne to his brother and he narrows them. "Really? That's more your style than mine," he mutters. He glances at Arianne again and rubs the back of his head. "No, she's famliar… just not sure where from," he mutters. "Although maybe you're right. Last night is such a mess in my head." He looks at his brother, then at Arianne and shrugging, shoves M'aal forward. "Come on, let's go say hi." He smiles at the woman as he approaches and goes, "Hi."

M'aal smirks vaguely but doesn't argue with K'nan about the merits of mud martinis, instead heading over and slinging one leg over a stool - a stool right beside Arianna. "Hi," he echoes K'nan, seemingly obediently. "Tell me, does that brilliant sort of line work on girls in this Weyr?" he asks the redhead. "If so," he adds, rapping his knuckles obnoxiously for the bartender's attention, "I'm going to have it made around here."

Arianne darts her eyes between the two so similar looking siblings; a hand curled around the base of her new wine bottle. "Hello." she replies, waiting for just a moment to see if they recognize her yet. If not, she's just going to play along for awhile. "You mean, 'Hi'? Well, it generally works better then some of the more crude pickup lines that are used. At least, if one is actually looking for conversation." Her expression is dubious, especially when knuckles rap against the bar in such a manner. "Otherwise, I suppose you can try whatever line you like. At your own peril." That prompts a smile from her, and she lifts her glass up toward them cheerily. "I'm Arianne. Rider to brown Caelth."

K'nan looks all impressed at M'aal when he offers a simple 'Hi' to Arianne, he grins a little but then, rolls his eyes as his brother continues. "I'm not trying to pick her up," he looks at Arianne, shaking his head. "I'm not trying to pick you up," he assures her, as he settles on a stool next to her. He looks up as M'aal raps his knuckles on the bar, and grins at the bartender, sort of complementing his brother's gesture. When Arianne offers her name, his first reaction is, "Brown rider?" He frowns a little longer, but then shrugs, glancing over at his brother with knowing look. "Arianne…. Arianne… That sounds so familiar." He loses himself a little in trying to figure this enigma out.

M'aal looks less than impressed at the introduction. "Desperate for riders down in the South, I take it?" he asks, apparently a rhetorical query as he goes about ordering from the bartender without waiting for a response from the redhead. "What are you drinking?" he all but asks right through her toward K'nan.

Arianne can't help but laugh outright at M'aal. "I volunteered." she says simply, and then turns to ignore him and talk to his brother. The nicer one. "The whiskey will burn your throat nicely." she offers, as a reccomendation of the drink. "And yes, brownrider. Dragonhealer…" her voice lowers, deliberately just loud enough for M'aal to hear despite her directing the words towards K'nan. "And don't tell you're brother over there, it might give him a seizure… I'm also a Wingsecond. Our Wingleader is a woman riding blue." She's obviously had enough of her wine that she doesn't look at all embarassed at this point, while feigning drama. A hand claps over her mouth as she mock gasps. Before her dryly bemused expression reappears.

"She volunteered," K'nan repeats for his brother and then grins at Arianne, amused. "Whiskey, eh?" He looks over Arianne and replies to him, "Whiskey," he nods at this. "Woman brownrider and a dragonhealer," he rubs his chin, looking somewhere between impressed and very confused. He looks over at M'aal and wryly smiles at Arianne. "Can't promise that, I tell him everything," he admits. "Ok, I don't, but, he's going to have a quite a day with this one," he earnestly says. "We come from High Reaches. I'm K'nan, rider to Brown Rhonith, and he's M'aal, he rides Brown Zinth." He pauses. "And you, are so familiar. You really are," he looks over to M'aal, waiting for his whiskey.

M'aal forks over the payment after ordering whiskey for himself and K'nan, willing at least to take the woman's recommendation on drinks - and perhaps feeling defensive about it, he tells the bartender, "Hey, if there's one thing every woman should know, no matter how backwards she might be, it's what to serve and when." He doesn't wait for the reaction of the bartender, instead resting an elbow on the bar and turning to scan the rest of the room. "Unbelievable," is his immediate reaction to Arianne, though whether it is at her words or the drama with which she delivers them is up for debate. "I can introduce myself," he points out to K'nan, and proceeds to do so. "M'aal, a real brownrider. Rider of Zinth, a not-so-easily impressed brown."

"I'm familiar because I impressed at High Reaches, right around the time the two of you graduated weyrlinghood." Arianne explains. "I'd say pleased to meet you, but we've actually already met. How about 'welcome to Southern'." the brownrider offers instead. "Oh, bless your heart." she demures then, glancing over at M'aal with a somewhat pitying expression. Outside, the sound of a menacing brown's snarl can be heard. And for a moment her attention wavers enough that she unfocuses and looks toward the outside a moment to calm brightly furious red eyes. "If that helps you sleep better at night, you think whatever you like about my qualifications as a rider. I'm used to it." Shrug.

The 'nicer' twin accepts the drink from the bartender once they're delivered, K'nan offers a friendly grin, before his attention turns toward M'aal and Arianne. He arches a brow at his brother as he decides to introduce himself, and shrugs, sipping from his whiskey and closing his eyes. "Good stuff," he nods, raising his drink to Arianne, recognizing her recommendation. And then he listens to her explanation and his golden brown eyes go all wide and he goes. "Aaaaaah. That's it!" He nods, satisfied. He listens to the banter and then nods. "I bet you are. Used to it. Not that I'd know. I mean," drink whiskey. "I'm sure you're capable, good. I mean, I'm sure you're proved yourself." He drinks more whiskey. "I… think I'm going to shut up now." He adds after all the ramble, but still offers Arianne a friendly smile. "It's nice to meet you… again, maybe you'd be willing to show us around sometime?"

M'aal snaps his fingers. "That's where I remember you from," he says. "You were the one they gave the boot off to Igen for, your dragon's got an attit-" And then comes the snarl, and he nods at the confirmation. "I'd be grumpy too, if I had a woman riding my back all the time," he quips dryly, picking up his whiskey. Listening to K'nan ramble on, he closes his eyes for a minute. "Just how are you so sure she's proven herself?" he asks his twin bluntly. "I know Rhonith's adventurous spirit is rubbed off on you like molted hide, but come on - it's Southern. Even Igen didn't want her. Let's not go jumping to conclusions. Women riders," he all but grunts, shaking his head.

Arianne brings her glass to her lips to drain the contents; the beginnings of a beautific smile appearing on her face when M'aal just gives her the perfect opening. "I bet you'd be less grumpy if a woman ever rode you." she retorts, her tone as sweet as her expression despite the uttered words. "I've some time after drills tomorrow, and my shift at the dragon infirmary. Just meet me out there if you'd like a tour."… it's in response to K'nan, despite his twin's attitude. Though she's sure that where one goes, the other isn't too far behind. Since there's still a half bottle of wine left to her, she pulls it along with her when sliding off the bar stool. "If you'll excuse me, I believe I'll find somewhere more pleasant to finish this off." Dimple. "Have a nice evening, gentlemen."

K'nan really just watches the exchange with a curious expression. When Arianne announces that she'll give them the tour, he grins and nods. "We'll be there," he tells her. "Bye," he adds as she leaves, then she turns to M'aal. "I don't know if she's proved herself, but she is riding a brown, even if this is Southern," he replies, with a small grin. "And," he looks in the direction Arianne left. "I think she likes you."

M'aal rubs the back of his neck. "We'll be there," he mutters, once K'nan confirms the 'date' for the both of them. "We haven't been here long enough for you to start sounding like one of them," he tells K'nan, a bit more sharply than intended, by the look of mild contrition that surfaces a moment later. "And anyway," he says, "She rode a brown out of the High Reaches Weyr too," he reminds his twin. "Don't start," he says abruptly at that last. "She might hit me with that bottle, and then my pretty face will be ruined for all the more appropriate ladies, and that would be a shame."

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