==== 1 Feb 2014
==== Jazene, Tavil
==== Jazene reveals a long held secret to Tavil.

Who Jazene, Tavil
What Jazene reveals a long held secret to Tavil.
When It is the sixty-third day of Summer and 91 degrees.
Where SW

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Country Corner
A small sitting area greets you as you step off the upper landing of the Crafting Complex into this lovely office. Each piece of the mismatched furniture seems to complement the others in color if not in fabric pattern. A long sturdy sofa rests against the wall of the entrance while a table is shoved into the far corner. Two chairs, one against the wall and one placed opposite the sofa complete the cozy spot. Behind the door and along the rest of the wall a long trestle table is laden with a variety of pots, gloves, hand spades, and more. A collaboration of items a young farm girl might need to keep on hand. The east wall is taken up by a tin shuttered window and a wide staircase. A closet cut into the wall beneath the stairs serves as further storage. Centered in the northern wall is a smaller shuttered window. Providing light by day to the desk. A set of shelves is built into the north-west corner of the room behind the desk. While two small chairs take up space in front of the desk. A scattering of rugs dot the floor to complete the homey welcoming feel of the room.

After that long first day in the fields, Tavil and Jazene finally made their way back to the weyr, them and the whole crew that was out there today washing up, then settling down for dinner, talking amongst themselves about the harvest, and the things they'd need to change about the fields, crop rotations and jungle abatement. Finally, walking back towards their rooms, the two new arrivals settled into their usual comfortable conversation, comparing the Southern lands to the familiar Neratian ones. Arriving as their doors, Tavil shoots Jazene a grin and a joking little bow. "Think you can actually get up on your own in the morning, or am I going to have to come roust you again?"

Jazene is bone tired and entirely cheerful about it. A hard day’s work has always been enough to wear her down while cheering her up. Freshly clean and having spent time with Tavil and the workers during their meal, Jazzy is a long way from sleepy. “I suppose you might have to roust me again,” she tells him while digging her key out of her shorts. “I rather liked the wakeup call,” she grins and winks up at him. She unlocks the door and swings it open but turns and leans against the jamb. “You hitting the sack already or do you want to come in for a drink?” She holds up the little satchel she’d swiped from the caverns with a mischievous smile.

Tavil just eyes her for a moment, then laughs a little. "You liked it so much you launched your freaking pillow at my head, huh?" he asks, teasing her just a bit. When she gets the door unlocked, he's already got his hand in his pocket, digging for his key and starting to turn to his own door. The offer of a drink makes him pause, though, and then he smiles. "First chance to have a drink with you? How could I say no?" He was only around for two days after she walked the tables, after all, how much drinking could they have gotten in together? He pulls his empty hand from his pocket and grins, wandering over to her door.

Jazene nods her head and grins. “I’ve always wanted to do that to someone. And I could get away with it.” She’d swiped the skin and glasses for that very reason. They’ve never had time to share that drink together. For that matter she’s had all of 1 glass since walking the tables and that was shared with her mother. “I was hoping you’d say that.” Rolling her shoulders ‘round the doorjamb she saunters into the office and sets satchel in one of the chairs. Reaching within to pull out two glasses and a skin from the restricted section of the Caverns. So that’s what she’d been up to when she’d gotten back in line! “Here’s hoping it’s a good vintage,” she admits as she pops the top and pours.

Tavil walks in after her, shutting the door behind him, and goes to settle down on the couch as he watches her pouring the drinks, doing his level best to not stare at her. "How could I say no to you, Jazzy? Shards, I can't remember the last time I told you no," he says, cracking a smile. "I'm sure it'll be fine, the Weyr seems to have some pretty good connections with the Vinters." He pauses a moment, then laughs. "I can't wait to watch them picking the grapes on that terrace that we saw today!"

Jazene re-corks the skin and sets it on the table. Picking up the glasses she hands him one and settles on the couch. Her knee scant inches from his leg as she sits sideways on the cushion so she can see him. “The last time you told me ‘no’ was when Kanell wanted to take me to the Gather Dance when I was twelve.” She’d been horribly upset at the time that he’d told her she couldn’t go with his buddy. Granted Kane was older than Tavil at the time. Leave it to her to remember. “You haven’t told me no about a whole lot though,” she admits with a chuckle. Sipping her drink before nodding her head. “I’ll be getting in on the action when they harvest that terrace.”

Tavil lifts his glass to her, waiting to clink them together before taking a sip. "Cheers, Jazzy. I hope you at least understand why that was a bad idea now, eh? Kanell doesn't know ho… how to think with his brain," he finishes lamely, taking another sip of the wine and then looking at the glass with a grin. "Oh, that is good. You're welcome to all the grape picking you want. I've had enough of that for one lifetime. Besides, I always end up crushing 'em," he says holding up his hand, palm up and fingers spread. "So, what do you think of Southern so far?"

Jazene unlaces and slips off her boots, setting them out of the way before getting more comfortable. Happy for the moment just to sit here and enjoy the drink in Tavil’s company. Clinking her glass against his with a giggle. “That was sort of the point in wanting to go with him Tav,” she says teasingly. “But he wouldn’t come near me again after that.” She’d never known what was said between the friends. Only that suddenly Kanell had treated her altogether differently than he had at first. “I’ll be happy to help with the harvest. It will be fun to be able to do it without standing on a stool to reach.” She laughs softly and reaches out to trace his palm with a finger for a second. “So far.. I love it here. You’re here how could I not?”

Tavil chuckles at that memory, taking the moment to get his own boots off with a happy sigh, wiggling his toes in the fairly-fresh socks. "I told him that if he touched you again I'd beat him to a pulp," Tav says simply. "He's older then me, for crying out loud, and you were 12." Is that all that Tavil told him? No, probably not, but it's all that he's going to admit too. "Like I said, it's all yours." He seems to be about to say more, then her finger is on his palm, but touch feather light. At her words, he looks up at her, surprise on his face. "Just what do you mean by that, Jaz?"

Jazene shakes her head at him and rolls her eyes. “Ever protective ain’t ya?” She takes a drink of the wine and savors the flavor on her tongue. The Kanell incident whatever it had been had put the kibosh on any of the Hall boys wanting to court her. It had made growing up and watching her friends’ pair up slightly difficult for her. Knowing she was missing out on something fun. But never getting to find out for herself. “Um..” the look of surprise on his face sends a rush of nervous energy through her veins. “It means that I harassed Master Litherak into letting me transfer too.” She turns and pulls her feet up on the edge of the couch, pressing into the back of the sofa with a shy expression.

Tavil certainly hadn't meant to stunt her dating life like that, just with that one particular friend of his. "And just how do you suppose your apprenticeship would've gone if you'd broken that rule, huh? Are you not happy being a Farmer? If you're not, there're plenty of other crafts down here that are more then willing to take on new folks." He watches her curl up, looking at her curiously. "That's not what you said, Jazzy. You said you loved it because I was here. What're you trying to say?" Because he just can't imagine that she's possibly in love with him.

Jazene shrugs her shoulders, “I imagine it would have went the same way that Dorana’s had. She hooked up with Kanell and walked the tables same as me.” She sips her wine and then looks up at him with an incredulous expression. “Of /course/ I’m happy farming. It’s all I know and I’m good at it!” She can’t imagine doing anything else. Life is good. She worked hard to be able to work at his side when she grew up and now she can do just that. He’s still looking at her with that curious expression and pressing her for answers. Answers that will change them one way or another. Possibly resulting in her going home in defeat. The prospect scares the hell out of her and her expression shows it for a moment. “I /mean/ that I love you Tavil.” She admits softly and stares hard at her wine glass. Unable to see disappointment in his eyes. “I always have.”

Tavil looks a little more surprised at that bit of information. "Dorana and Kanell? No wonder that smug bastard…" He trails off, grinning in happiness as she continues. When she admits that she loves him, though, he looks at her, not in disappointment, but in… surprise. "You? Love me?" He quiet for a moment, and then: "You love me?" Silence falls again, his eyes sliding half closed as he plays back memories before they open again and look over at her. "You love me, and I'm a sharding fool for not realizing it, huh?" he asks, managing to sound both playful and serious at the same time.

Well he isn’t yelling or storming off as Jazene had fully expected him to do. So she takes a drink of her wine before risking a look up at him. “I’ve always loved you Tav.” She lifts a shoulder in a shrug. “You didn’t see the rest of the apprentices following folks around with sandwiches and cool drinks did you? They had to leave the field and gather at the wagons. But I always trudged out and brought yours to you.” Saving him the walk, and giving her a few minutes to sit with him of an afternoon. “I kept track of your lovers and chased the bitches down with tea and threats..” That part is admitted with an embarrassed twist of her lips. “It’s why the last Turn I got assigned so much extra work. I told my parents and papa got mad.”

Tavil is chuckling, shaking his head at himself. "I thought you just liked me, Jaz. Liked me like a friend. I had wondered why no one ever came back and told me they were pregnant," he says with a wink and a grin at her. "So, what, you told your folks that you were leaving Nerat and coming all the way down here just to be with me?" Incredulous, yes. Mad, not at all. "Your papa never did like me much. I suppose I know why now," he says with a wink. He takes another sip of his wine, then holds his hand back out too her. "I don't know about loving you like that just yet, Jazzy, but I'm willing to see where this goes if you think you can handle me being in a little bit of shock right now."

Jazene groans in frustration and her head lolls against the back of the couch for a moment. “Seriously?” She lifts her eyes and pins him with a mild glare. “The only reason I encouraged Kanell was ‘cause it was the first time I ever saw you angry over me.” She’d hoped he would realize she loved him then. Stupid man. “I told them I’d be putting in to follow you wherever you went. And Daddy wanted me married off to Hesher’s boy Tasher.” Tasher was a major rival of Tavil’s before he’d left Nerat. “So I sort of told them goodbye in a letter and left.” She sighs softly when he tells her he doesn’t love her. Then again she hadn’t exactly expected him to. “It’s alright Tav,” she assures him with an understanding smile. Slipping her smaller hand into his paw when he holds it out to her. “I just felt you might ought to know.”

Tavil pulls her closer when she slips her hand into his, wanting to just be closer to her. "Tasher? They thought they'd match you up with that ugly bastard?" he asks, sounding just a bit angry. "Wait, wait, a letter? Oh, that's just great!" he says, sounding just a bit amused. When she sighs, though, he shakes his head. "Don't sigh, Jazzy. I'm glad I know, I just never suspected. I mean, I always saw you as a kid to keep safe, that was fun to have around. The last few Turns you've certainly matured, and I'd be lying if I said that I could always keep my eyes off you, but I didn't think you'd be interested in an old guy like me. I just… I haven't let myself even think of you like that." He doesn't sound like he's complaining at all, just a little stunned by the thought.

Jazene shifts on the sofa when pulls her closer to him. Dropping her legs and curling them on the cushions while she leans against him. “Well, Tasher thought I’d trot along at Daddy’s command and fall in line. Boy did /he/ think wrong!” Thankfully they’re a sea apart now and the fool can settle on someone else. “I always /hated/ it that you thought of me as some little kid,” she informs him in a pouting tone. “Hell even at the swimming hole that one time you barely looked!” And /man/ had she planned that for /days/! Convincing him that their friends were planning to meet them out there when, nope. “You are /not/ old for crying out loud! Reyna’s husband is ten Turns older than her.” So the gap isn’t /so/ big.

Tavil wraps an arm around her, chuckling a little as she glares at him. "Hey, give me a break. I've known you since the day you were born, and your ma was showing you off to everyone. You literally have always been a kid to me, and then I look up one day and you're all grown up. I didn't half know what to do with myself. I didn't look because I wanted to look, Jaz, and I didn't think that was right of me to do." Especially after he'd had that chat with Kanell. "Reyna didn't know her man when she was younger, Jaz. I'm not saying I'm not interested in you, just saying that the idea of being allowed to be interested in you is taking some getting used to."

Jazene slips beneath his arm and cuddles against his side. “So you /should/ have figured it out /way/ before now,” she informs him with a little huff. “A girl doesn’t strip down at an empty swimming hole unless she’s looking for a man to notice it.” She wriggles and slips her legs over one of his and looks up at him. “If it had been anyone else you’d have taken the bait.” It’s been two Turns since she pulled that stunt. Having lost her nerve until today. “You know me inside out Tav. I’d have thought it would make it easier.” She tilts her head and stretches to place little kisses against the curve of his jaw. “How long do you want me to give you to adjust?” She asks as she pulls back and downs a gulp of her wine. Liquid courage.

Tavil chuckles a little, shaking his head. "You know I'm a stubborn bastard, Jaz. And I gotta tell you, that brief little glimpse that I let myself have was quite nice." He drains his wine and sets the glass down somewhere handy, then runs his hand down the soft skin of the thigh when she hooks her leg over his. "Mmmm, it does, don't you worry about that." He tenses just a little when she kisses his jaw, just from surprise that's gone a moment later as he relaxes again. "How long for me to adjust? Oh, I'd say about five minutes." Once he's sure that she's swallowed her wine, he pulls her to him again, his lips seeking hers out.

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