==== January 11, 2014
==== Sienna, K'vvan
==== Sienna comes to see what is wrong and doesn't get any answers.

Who Sienna, K'vvan
What Sienna comes to see what is wrong and doesn't get any answers.
When 2 months and 27 days until the 12th pass.
Where Archives

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A grand room, lost to more pressing concerns, the Archives hold many treasures well past their prime, from instruments to examples of older flying gear and agenothree tanks. Faded and disused Records lean tiredly against their shelves, their bindings peeling and creating layers of dust on surfaces long left without maintenance. The floors are dirty, various footprints creating crisscrossing paths between rickety wooden chairs and drunkenly off-kilter tables. Columns rise upward to the ceiling, hung with glow-baskets scarcely tended and fast losing their strength. The hum of activity is duller, here in this forgotten space — few visit in search of historical facts.

Sneezing can ve heard from the outside of the archives, as well as a low mutter of swearing for the sneezing. K'vvan is deep within the archives rubbing at his nose that has decided to take objection to the amount of dust in this room. A stool hangs in one hand, perhaps to help reach an empty bit of shelf with the scrolls sitting nearby.

A soft knock sounds against the door - a warning of sorts - before it's pulled open and Sienna's curly haired head peeks in. "K'vvan?" she calls softly, eyes scanning the dusty and dim lighting. Seeing him, the greenrider slips into the room and closes the door behind her. She's without her knot for once, in hugging black trousers and a violet tunic that looks like a single piece of fabric wrapped around her torso. "Hey."

Another set of sneezes are set off when K'vvan twitches at the knot at the door. "Shard it," he mutters, rubing at his nose to attempt to stop the sneezes. Once the fit subsides he blinks watery eyes at Sienna, "hey."

Sienna digs into her pocket for a hankerchief, white with yellow embroidery, and she steps forward to offer it to him. "What're you up to?" she asks, looking around curiously, expression distant for a moment until she shakes it off.

K'vvan takes the hankerchief, as one more large sneeze hits. His offer is delayed a bit as he rubs nose and eyes. "I'll get this cleaned and back to you," an easy enough promise to keep, and K'vvan keeps the hankerchief rather then handing it back. Unlike her, his smaller knot rests upon his shoulder. Abruptly, "Is your shoulder okay?"

Sienna appreciates not having his snot handed back to her. "Sure," she says, hands sliding into her pockets. She shrugs her good shoulder, shifting the one he punched. "It's sore, but yeah, it's fine," she reassures. "How are you doing? Do you have new leathers yet?"

K'vvan's eyes rest on that shoulder for a long moment, the muscles in his jaw working as if he is about to say something about it, then shakes his head. Tucking the hankerchief into his pocket he goes back to moving the stool to the shelf he wants. "Yeah." He falls a silent as he steps on the stool to reach for the document he wants.

Sienna glances at her shoulder and then back at him, prompting, "What?" and automatically moving over to stand near him just in case that stool begins to wobble. Her hand lifts, but doesn't touch him. "Good."

"Just researching for the wing." Is what he finally says as his hands find the hide he wants after just a momenet of searching. "Trek asked a question I didn't know the answer to, so… figuring it out." There is a slight hitch to his shoulder, almost a shrug, before he is stepping down. He notes her closer position and shifts away, just a bit.

Sienna takes a step back when he moves down from the stool, moving back to that respectful distance she's learned to maintain at almost all times. "Oh. What was the question?" She glances curiously at the hide and then back at him. "Are you okay?"

"Firestone, dragons, flying… just, wing stuff." K'vvan is vague in his answer. With the hide in his arms he moves away and back to a table he has claimed for himself where already several other dusty hides are pearched. "Fine, how are you?" He sets down the hides and begins shifting things around so he can see everything.

Sienna frowns a bit as she follows after him. "See…this is where I get uncertain," she admits honestly, pulling out a chair and sitting on the opposite end of the table. "With most of my friends I'd push, because you're clearly not fine. But with you, I don't know if I should just push or pretend I believe that you're fine and go merrily on my way."

Sienna's forthright questioning causes K'vvan's lips to twist just slightly. "It's easier if you just go merrily on your way. I think it's been proven that you end up getting hurt when you're around me." His eyes remain on the hides in front of him, but his hands have stilled and do not begin to write.

Sienna leans forward on the table, elbows resting with arms outstretched. "I didn't ask about easier," she says quietly. "And as for that…" Her getting hurt, "I was the one who got in the way. It was an accident. Not like you hit me on purpose."

K'vvan shrugs once at that. "It happened because I lost my cool." He grips the writing utensil in his hand tightly. Shaking his head he reaches forward to put it to the hide, and begins to write. The script is small, and very neat, somehow managing to be perfectly straight when there are no lines.

Sienna considers that before she nods. Right, she can't argue with that. "Well, you were pushed to your breaking point. I'm going to speak to W'rin about them."

The writing paues for just a moment as K'vvan's green eyes glance upward to meet Sienna's brown. "Don't." No explination, just a request/order to not do it.

Sienna meets his gaze, one brow lifting slightly. "Why not?" She out ranks him, na na na na na.

Which K'vvan probably knows, but… she isn't wearing that knot right now. It was a vauge hope. "Some people like them. As long as they stay the hell away from me…" K'vvan shrugs again and returns to writing on the hide.

Sienna frowns slightly. "You, and me, and some others they've pranked too far. W'rin needs to know it's getting out of hand. That they're disrupting his weyr beyond 'good fun'."

Another pause to look upwards. The frown on his face matches hers. "What did they do to you?"

Sienna shakes her head. "Nothing directly. Yet." Perhaps it's only a matter of time? "But indirectly…" She gestures around. "When their jokes don't go well, it affects everyone."

"Clearly." Dryness colours the single word as K'vvan looks down at his hand which holds the writing utensil. The other hand reaches forward to shift around the hides and begin to skim read rather then write.

Sienna nods. "Exactly. W'rin needs to know."

"Fine." K'vvan puts down the hide he is reading from and goes back to writing.

Sienna nods. Fine. Great. This is progress? Outside, lounging on the ledge she shares with Valiuth, Kehemath's thoughts seek out the fluttery ribbons of her friend, her concern clear in the sage scented air.

The silence between the two is not comfortable progress, it is simply progress. Far off Nadeeth's ribbons curl through the sage air. Their expanses are a dark dusty green, close to black without actually falling into darkness, the whisper of silk very quiet in greeting.

To Sienna, it's a backslide. And she doesn't know how to fix it. Maybe she can't. So rather than force it, she rises and gets a Weyrlinghood book she's often looked at, and returns to the table to open it again to read. Kehemath is quiet in response, though not stealthy. With most, she slinks along the edges of their thoughts, keeping to the shadows. With Nadeeth, she moves forward into a dimly lit, dusky clearing and sits down, scratching an itch before she whines softly. « What is wrong? » she whispers.

K'vvan's attention is fully on the scrolls in front of him, though he maintains that careful distance, being sure that even his hides do not reach out to brush against her. Nadeeth's dark expanses of silk wrap around her friend. Their playfulness is toned down, matching the darkness. «Worry. Unhappiness. He pushes others away again.» The silk slides away from Kehemath. «And me.»

Sienna reads. It's a library now. Shhhhhh. Kehemath whines softly, pushing to her feet to pace in the little clearing, letting the silk envelop her. « Why? » she asks, her voice a gentle echo of approaching rain.

Flashes of pictures, each curled about with dark velvet. A blond haired woman on the sand, the wingleader with tears in her eyes her mouth moving but no words issuing forth, a quartet of hide, brown, green, blue, each flickering between to not return and last, the briefest image of all, something to do with the weyrsecond and heat. «I do not understand.» Is her final reply as the silk ribbons pull away again.

Kehemath is also confused, rumbling as she pauses in her walking, a paw held up in a paused step. « Nor do I. » She sends the images to Sienna, whose brows furrow as she pauses in her reading, her head still down. Blonde…squint. Who /is/ that?

Nadeeth's voice is quiet enough that it goes unnoticed by the man working. The creased frown that curls above his eyebrows smooths slowly as he writes. He finishes his sentence and pauses to reread the nods just slightly. «He sorrows. For the past, the now, and the future.»

Kehemath continues to move forward in that clearing, a slow, thoughtful circle. « Can mine help? »

K'vvan stands and begins to gather all of his things together, having apparently answered the question he came for. The hides are rolled neatly and careful attention is paid to make sure that no creases mar their edges. His eyes do not rest on Sienna even once as he works. Nadeeth's ribbons are pulling away now, out of that clearing. The quietest whisper of silk. «Maybe. I do not know…»

Sienna glances up once K'vvan is standing and gathering his things, a finger holding her place on the page - she really /was/ reading. "If you need anything…" she offers, trailing off, concern in her eyes. "Even if it's just to take our girls flying or something…"

Eyes meet eyes for just a moment before K'vvan is looking and moving away to put the hides back up on their tall shelf. "I'm fine Sienna. Just… I need to focus on work."

Bullshit. But she doesn't say that. "Okay," the greenrider murmurs, and goes back to reading. Outside, Kehemath rumbles softly, offering a gentle caress to Nadeeth. « If you have need of us, we're always there, » she whispers to her friend.

It's what K'vvan is full of. The hides are safely put away and K'vvan goes to gather up the last of his things. He pauses at the edge of the table, not quite wanting to leave it at that. "I am sorry for hitting you. Hurting you… it wasn't what I meant to do." He shifts uncomfortably and then turns away to leave. Nadeeth's ribbons caress her friend one last time before the sad connection is broken, a sense of thanks left behind.

Sienna glances up again with a small smile and a nod. "I know that K'vvan. Don't worry. It's okay." And when he leaves, she looks back down at the book. Well. She has it out. Might as well read.

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