==== Oct. 21, 2013
==== Kultir, Daren
==== Kultir & Daren meet in the Library.

Who Kultir, Daren
What Two guys meet in the Library and questions abound.
When 11 months and 3 days until the 12th pass
Where Archive Library, Southern Weyr

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Archive Library
There's a skybroom tree in here. It's surprising. There is also a stage, and this room has been cleaned and tidied; it's an interesting space to be sure.

Daren is sitting at a table surrounded by glows so that he can see the words in the book he's reading. There is a small smile curling his lips as something he reads amuses him somehow. Shifting position in his chair, he flips to the next page and frowns slightly as a word seems to stump him, his finger touching the page underneath as his lips move to sound it out.

Kultir slips into the library as quietly as he can and moves toward the back of the Archives and settles into a chair near that cluster of glowbaskets. He glances at the young man there and nods briefly, eyes lighting on the book for a moment before he pulls out his book and the scrap hides he uses for practice.

Glancing up at the sound of the door opening and then closing again, Daren bites his lower lip in nervousness as the man starts heading straight for the table the youngster is currently seated at. He returns his gaze to his book but not really seeing it as he waits to find out where that big man is going to end up.

Kultir smiles as he settles his writing utensils on the table and sighs softly as he pulls his book out and opens it to a marked page. Taking up his silverstick, the boy carefully copies the words from the book to the scrap hide beneath what he's already scrawled there. He glances up at the other man and asks, "What'cha readin'?

Daren starts as the big man asks him a question, fear of the bigger man flaring in his eyes as he pulls his body as far away as he can despite the other not moving. "Umm … it's a book of … umm, ballads that the Harpers use, sir." he says softly. "My … teacher gave it to me, sir." His look is worried as he tries to figure out what type of knot this man might wear since he's still trying to figure them out.

Kultir frowns as the … boy? young man, at least, pulls away from him and notes the flaring of fear in those green eyes. "Hey, now. I ain't gonna hurt ye." he says, trying to make his normally thick accent a little clearer. "An' ye dun hafta call me 'sir'. I be Kultir. Wha' be ye'r name then?" He settles himself as unthreateningly as he can into his chair, leaning back to give the other a bit more room.

A slight crease forms in the skin between his eyebrows as he tries to make out the younger man's words. "Ummm … I'm Daren. W-well met, Kultir." he says softly, slowly returning to his proper position on the chair. "W-w-what are you working on?" he asks hesitantly, not sure if he really should be asking questions.

Kultir smiles as the other man returns to his position and nods briefly. "Nice t' meet'cha, Daren." he says, leaning forward to show the page he's working on. "I c'n read jes fine … cain't write very good though." He displays one of his practice hides and shrugs self-deprecatingly. "Figger I should keep tryin' … even though I ain't a Candidate no more."

Eyebrows rise at the mention of being a Candidate which triggers a flood of questions for the skinny youth. "You were a Candidate?" Daren asks, excitement coloring his voice. "What was it like? Did you get to touch the eggs? I talked to Taralde and Kapia … they got to touch some of the eggs. Were the eggs as big as they said they were?" He youth bites his lip, bringing his questions to a halt as he realizes he's babbling.

Kultir sighs softly and nods. "Aye. I were a Candidate." he says, keeping his voice down and trying to keep the depression out of it. He cocks his head a little and frowns as he considers how to answer all those questions. Finally, he shrugs and tries his best to put it all into words. "T'were … interestin'. Lots o' chores. Lots o' lessons iff'n ye need 'em." He sighs and scratches his head for a moment, searching how to explain. "Yeah … got t' touch 'em, they was big all right. An' it's T'ral and Kaia now, T'ral got hisself a blue and Kaia got 'erself a green." His face falls a little as he remembers his friends are Weyrlings now and sighs as he remembers how soon Thread is supposed to fall.

Daren listens with rapt attention as the younger man relates the answers to his questions, nodding slightly as he finds the two he'd spoken to had actually Impressed. "I … I missed the Hatching." he admits, watching the boy from beneath lowered lids. "I was … I don't like crowds. But there should be another sometime, right?" His book is forgotten as he concentrates on this new person he's met, it's not as bad as he'd thought it would be … asking questions and making decisions.

Another sigh is expressed through Kultir's lips as he nods understanding. "I dun like crowds m'self." he says. "Sometimes ye gotta jes … grit ye'r teeth an' get in there." He shrugs slightly as if to say it's not always possible. "Yeah, s'pose there'll be another … 'ventually. We got three golds here so … ye'd think we'd be havin' clutches most o' th' time." He turns a thoughtful look on the young man and asks, "Ye gonna Stand iff'n they ask ye?"

Daren blinks as he looks at the other man and frowns. "You don't like crowds? Why? You … you just seem to be someone who … fits in pretty well." he says, shocked that someone as capable looking as Kultir would be afraid. "You … you just don't look like someone who would be afraid of anything." He blinks again at that last question and shrugs. "I … might. I don't know yet. And they haven't asked me yet."

Kultir laughs softly and shrugs. "Ye'd be surprised at what folks c'n be frightened of." he says with a shrug. "An' I don' allus fit in. An' I be skeert o' bunches o' stuff … jes gotta do what I gotta do." He chuckles as he recalls that he's not afraid of several things now too, apparently Candidacy helped him more than he'd thought.

A surprised look crosses Daren's face as the big man admits to being afraid of things, his eyebrows rising toward his hairline. "I just don't think I can imagine you being frightened of much." he says, daring a bit of scorn to touch his tone. "You're big enough to take care of yourself." The young man sighs and seems to think that is all that is needed to not be afraid.

Kultir laughs aloud and shakes his head. "Jes cuz I be big 'nuff t' take care o' m'self, dun mean I ain't skeert o' stuff, ye ken?" he says. "I dun like crowds, nor not knowin' if I be doin' th' right thing, if I be doin' wrong stuff. That sorta stuff."

Daren grins at the other man's explanation and nods slightly. "I … I guess that makes sense." he says softly. He frowns at the light coming through the hole … or lack of it and ponders how long he might have been here. "I'm going to have to leave, I'm afraid. I promised my sister I'd meet her and … I'm afraid I might be late." The young man gathers up his book and smiles shyly as he heads toward the door.

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