==== September 25, 2013
==== Sara, Peaston, Realilina, Erikkhan, Eollyn, A'lory, Kyara
==== Peaston manages to offend everyone and finally pushes the Weyrsecond too far.

Who Sara, Peaston, Realilina, Erikkhan, Eollyn, A'lory, Kyara
What Peaston manages to offend everyone and finally pushes the Weyrsecond too far.
When There is 1 turn 1 month and 18 days until the 12th pass.
Where Living Caverns



Living Caverns
Dim light from hanging glow-globes cannot fully camouflage the ravages of time and neglect on Igen's busy living caverns, though hints of its former glory peek through in the decorative cuts to the cave's natural limestone and the high quality of dusty, tatty-ended tapestries. Here and there, skybroom tables — stained dark by wood finish and a decade of grime — sit in loose groups, flanked by wicker chairs with pointy, broken rattan that pokes out to invariably find unprotected skin. The seemingly randomly placed furniture, however, at closer inspection, forms a sort of cross-shape of negative space. At the northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns, a long buffet table with tarnished lazy susans hosts an array of finger-foods and pitchers for the interested, refilled occasionally by drudges that shuffle in from the curtained entrance to the south, beyond which lies the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside and, across from that, to the west, a set of rattling doors that open to reveal the tunnels and stairs of the inner caverns themselves.

It is a subduded Sara that is eating in the Living Caverns. A few of those she had attempted to talk to in the Bazaar had spurrned her, and she still hadn't managed to talk to the owner of The Night Flight to relay A'lory's offer of his weyr. The lack of progress combined with being unable to work while the store of clothes is weighing on the harper. She sits poking at food, her gaze far off as she tries to think of ways to fix all of this.

Tired would be the best way to describe Realilina. She's wearing her 'modest work clothes', with a fussy toddler on her hip. As she scans the caverns, her eyes seem to brighten slightly as she spots Sara. There's a meatroll grabbed from a table, which Zytria promptly starts gnawing on, as well as a pitcher of klah and some cups. Juggling all this, she makes her way over and sits across from Sara. After Zytria is settled on her lap, too absorbed in her food to afford Sara any attention, Realilina pours Sara a mug of klah and pushes it towards her. "You look like you need this.

Erikkhan wanders into the caverns, lazily eating a redfruit. He's got the look of the baths around him, by the sight of the towel on his shoulder and the open, chest baring shirt, and lets not forget his hair, plastered to his head with wet. EYes roam the room automatically and land on….his ex and his current romance. None the less, a smile crosses his face, but soon fades as he gets closer. HE notes the somber aura around Sara and the comfort Realilina is offering and he is automatically concerned. "Sara? Lina? EVerything alright?" Lets not forget that this clueless, handsome, sometimes stupid harper boy has a penchent for locking himself up in the studio for days on end…he doesn't get news as quickly.

And here comes the man of the hour himself! Peaston sweeps in, not entirely unlike some kind of blood-sucking, nocturnal mammal. A haughty sweep of the room and there's a blip in his confident demeanor. Of course, just when he wants some juice and quiet, that harper harlot and her posse would appear. The lack of A'lory is noted with equal disdain and perhaps a little glee. Indeed, he has rank on all these oldtime rabble-rousers, and unfortunately, he knows it. With a few wholesome nibblets obtained, he settles himself several benches down, where he can fix Sara with as many glares as he can muster.

Sara starts as a mug of drink is suddenly thrust at her, and Sara takes it with a small smile. "Probably, thank you." She doesn't pick up the drink just yet, but does wrap her hands around it. "Hello Zytria," the little girl gets a moment of Sara's attention before Erikkhan is taking it up. "Have you not heard?" It is with more than a little suprise that these words come from here, "About what happened at The Harper?"

Sara starts as a mug of drink is suddenly thrust at her, and Sara takes it with a small smile. "Probably, thank you." She doesn't pick up the drink just yet, but does wrap her hands around it. "Hello Zytria," the little girl gets a moment of Sara's attention before Erikkhan is taking it up. "Have you not heard?" It is with more than a little suprise that these words come from here, "About what happened at The Harper?"

Realilina pours herself a mug of klah, as well, which she takes a grateful gulp of. On her lap, Zytria holds firmly to her meatroll, regarding Sara with those huge, innocent eyes of hers, before spotting Erikkhan and nuzzling her face into Realilina's side. "She's a bit fussy today," Lina says with a sigh, running her free hand over the curly-Qs atop the child's head. Erikk is given a bright smile and a raised brow, "They shut The Harper down, due to that bastar—" Her eyes dart pass Erikkhan's body to land on Peaston's. "Oh, shards and shells," she mutters, turning back to Sara. "Just ignore him. Don't let him ruffle you up, that's exactly what he's going for."

Erikkhan shakes his head. "I've been in the studio for a seven day. This is the first time I've left the weyr…." And Then he's hearing Lina's explanation of things. "They did what?!?" Don't think that Erikk hasn;t noticed the entrance of his least favorite nowtimer. He glares daggers at the man for a moment, but he has a promise to keep in that regard, so dagger looks is what Peaston gets off with….for now.

Peaston sips his juice slowing, just glaring at Sara and Erikk and Realilina. If he could see her, you could bet he'd be glaring at little Zytria, too. But that's all he's doing. Sipping juice and glaring at people over the rim.

Sara hadn't even seen her least favorite person enter the room, and Realilina's sudden comment draws attention to him. Her eyes fix on him and narrow. "Yes, they found evidence that I have been involved in illegal activities, and so we've been fined. I'll be right back." Sara's response is rather distracted for being such stunning news, it is delivered offhandedly. Pushing herself up she walks briskly over to the man. Rather then sit she leans over the table so her back is to her friends and mutters to the man.

Peaston's eyes widen a little at whatever words are spoken, drawing himself up straight in his seat, his whole body more taut than a gitar string.

"Sara!" Realilina hisses, trying to grab at the woman to slow her down and missing. She follows Sara with her eyes in the same way one would watch two dragons about to collide mid-air. When you know something bad is about to happen, and you just can't look away.

You overhear Peaston mutter, "… you're … the … … turn the … … to your OBVIOUSLY illicit … You're … … … … … … … Hall to hear … this!" to Sara.

Erikkhan puts a hand on Lina's shoulder and shakes his head. "You're not going to discourage her. And she won't appriciate the help…" He murmers. "She'll ask us if she needs us." His rage fueled gaze goes back to the table as he mutters something at Lina.

You overhear Erikkhan mutter, "… … … … … … … … in … … … … It'd … … … that … …" to Realilina.

Sara stands up straight, crossing her arms across her chest as she watches him. There is silence for a long moment. Her voice high and clear, "I have nothing to fear, the innocent never do." She drops her voice again, back to the whisper, still looking the man straight in the eye.

Whatever Erikkhan whispers to Lina, it causes her to cover Zytria's ears and stifle a giggle. Zytria, of course, becomes VERY interested at that point. She tugs on Realilina's dress, getting meatroll juice all over it. SIGH. "R'leenaaaaaaah," the toddler mumbles around the fist in her mouth.

Realilina mutters "Erikk, you know I'd be right there with you. Do you think we could get Jhakkarath to drop him off a cliff?" to you.

You overhear Realilina mutter, "… … … I'd … … … with … … you … … … … … to drop him off … cliff?" to Erikkhan.

You overhear Peaston mutter, "… … … … … … … Journeywoman?" to Sara.

Sara manages to laugh, it's a weak laugh, but it's there. Mocking is heard in its tones. She whispers back.

You overhear Sara mutter, "My … … will … … … just … you lost … … to … … … of the … … … first place. Be … man, or you will … yourself … one … out for … … A … can always be replaced, and … … … … of … weyr …" to Peaston.

Erikkhan manages a short , barking laugh. He leans against the table, arms crossing.

You overhear Erikkhan mutter, "Maybe, … the … … … bribe. Though I … … … … more … to … my hands around … … … … it. " to Realilina.

Erikkhan doesn't seem to remember there is a child present. And such anger from our harper…..even this is new for him.

Peaston's nostrils flare in response, placing his mug on the table with enough force for some juice to slosh over the edge.

You overhear Peaston mutter, "… seems … … … … from false, … … … wouldn't be … to … … their …" to Sara.

Peaston chokes down a laugh.

You overhear Peaston mutter, "Ear … … … … … that what they called … when you … … with … … … in … …" to Sara.

A new emotion rises slowly in Sara, and her face flushes red. Embarassment or anger though, it is a toss up. Her voice takes on a sharper edge.

You overhear Sara mutter, "… … … … … with, … … … … … … … no … I … … … is forged, and … will … …" to Peaston.

Erikkhan is given a look by Realilina as she nods towards the tot on her lap. "While I certainly agree, little ears." Zytria giggles, repeating, "Snap!" Lina's mid-facepalm as she stops to hold her breath as Sara's tone rises, brushing a curl out of Zytria's face.

Erikkhan has the decency to look abashed when his attention is brought to the chiild. He mouths 'Sorry' at Realilina and smiles at the little girl. His attention is snapped back when things seem to get heated between Sara and Peaston. He takes a step forward before he catches himself, visably trying to control himself. He won't interfere…till he's asked. But he's not happy about it.

Containing his rage seems to have quite literally turned Peaston red, as well, standing up with enough momentum to almost knock the table about. "You're, among other things, a brazen hussy, a charlatan, and, as it now becomes obvious, a thief! Were it within my power, I'd remove that knot from your shoulder right now." He points over to where Realilina and Erikkhan are still sitting. "You hide behind your questionable friends and Weyrsecond A'lory, but believe me, the truth will come out soon enough." He grabs his plate of remaining food, and turns to stalk away, moving at a good pace towards OUT. "Good DAY, Journeywoman."

Sara's sharp intake of breath should be able to be heard where her friends are sitting. She stands in shock as she stares at the man as he walks away. Only the long table between them keeps the woman from slapping him.

Her lap full of toddler, Realilina has to catch herself with reason to not go after that horrible… thing herself. See as how Erikk is already standing and moving towards him, she grabs at him. "Erikk, it's not worth it. He's not worth it," she attempts to placate, for what very little it's worth at this point. Zytria, sensing how tense all the grow'd ups have suddenly gotten, does the only logical thing for her little brain to conclude: start crying.

Erikkhan looks back at LIna and is about to relent when he hears the last of Sara and Peaston's argument. He shakes loose of Lina's grip and stalks quickly and with purpose towards the notimer harper, his fists so tight at his sides that they appear white. It does not take him long to cut Peaston's path off, and seeing the man with his hands full just makes a viscious smile cross his lips. And all that six foot two inch, muscled frame, tenses as he cocks back his right fist and plants it into the left side of Peaston's jaw.

Peaston definitely wasn't drafted to be a guard for a reason. Erikkhan's blow lands solidly with a shriek of protest, not even realizing it's coming for him until he's knocked halfway to Nerat. He stumbles to the side, trying to regain his balance as a firelizard pops into the air above him, attempting to tear at Erikk's arms and other exposed body parts. (Except maybe his face, because that's WAY too pretty to maim.) He takes opportunity of the distraction to remove his person as hastily as possible.

"Erikk!" Sara's shout is too late to stop her friend from attacking Peaston. She scrambles around the table, skirts tripping her up only a little to get to Peaston's side. "Are you okay?" She reaches out a hand to check on Peaston, blocking his exit from the room in the process. "Erikk, he's a harper, no matter how much a bastard." She says it like it actually means something.

Peaston swears loudly under her breath, rising to her feet as quickly as she can with a crying, squirming toddler hanging onto her shoulder and ridiculous dress. "Erikk!" she calls, moving with all the speed she can manage, but it's too late. With her one child-free arm, she takes hold of Erikkhan's. She isn't nearly a match for his size, strength, or pure mass, but damn it, she's determined. As for Peaston? Well, no one can say he didn't have it coming…

Realilina swears loudly under her breath, rising to her feet as quickly as she can with a crying, squirming toddler hanging onto her shoulder and ridiculous dress. "Erikk!" she calls, moving with all the speed she can manage, but it's too late. With her one child-free arm, she takes hold of Erikkhan's. She isn't nearly a match for his size, strength, or pure mass, but damn it, she's determined. As for Peaston? Well, no one can say he didn't have it coming..

Erikkhan looks at Sara with shock, even as the anger bleeds into his eyes like a boiling, living, breathing thing. "He is not worthy of his knot and does it no credit. He is a low, slimy bastard and a disgrace to the Harpers." Erikk looks at Peaston, his rage boiling over. "YOu are lucky she stands to defend you nowtimer." He looks at Lina, her hand on his arm. He flexes the hand that he hit Peaston with and then back at the focus of his anger.

Peaston yanks himself away from Sara, attempting to slap her hand away. "Don't touch me!" he snarls, reaching up with his other hand to stanch the bleeding his lip was cracked open. He looks back at Sara and Erikk both, pointing at the latter, "They'll have your knot for this! You and the company you keep!" Then to Realilina, he spits, "And you, you're just as bad as her." If Sara's arm is still there, he pushes past it with all his body weight behind it.

Sara manages to hold her ground, her solid weight is more than enough hold the thinner man in place for at least a few seconds, enough for her to whisper. After her whispering she turns away. For the first time since the shop closed down, there are tears in her eyes. "Just leave him, please, Erikk, I …" There isn't anything else that she can say, and breaking out into a closed run, she's gone.

You overhear Sara mutter, "… this … winds down, … … … guilty, … see … … … even … I … everything … the …" to Peaston.

And there's the double insult. First Sara, now Realilina. He detatches his knot and hands it To lina before dislodging his arm from her grip. He murmers something to Realilina about damn his knot…and call the guard, and stalks over to Peaston, grabbing the wormy bastard by the front of his shirt with one hand and cocking his fist back with the other, despite Sara's pleas and hurried exit. He plants his face as close to the other man's as he can get. Toe to toe, nose to nose. "WOuld you like to repeat that bastard?"

Realilina is caught in limbo for a moment, not quite sure what to do, taking the knot and attempting to calm squalling child in arms as she thinks. She knows she has no chance in hell of restraining Erikkhan herself, she runs to get someone who does.

Peaston has gone too far to back down, at this point. Erikkhan doesn't have much height on him (though he certainly has the muscle, mass, and morals) and he locks his own eyes with the other Harper's. "Funny, you send your little tart to get help?" he spits, apparently not knowing when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. He straight out laughs in Erikk's face. Oooooh snap.

Despite how the days have been lately, today had been going well so far. A new wine had been bottled, a letter confirming a rumor of a spring-shipment had arrived, and sales have been decent. After all, everyone needs a good wine! And then everything changes when Eollyn runs into Realilina. Needless to say, Eollyn is NOT HAPPY with this news, and follows Lina right back to where Peaston and Erikkhan are. "Erikk. Stop." And then the woman grins, even as she grabs the Harper's arm. "It's a bigger insult if a woman hits him. Allow me."

Oh, lizards — they have a disconcerting habit of incinveniently appearing in his very weyr at the most ridiculous times. And yet, A'lory must be lucky, for there Peaston is before his very eyes, causing trouble in public. Again. "ENOUGH!" He roars, his normally pleasant voice cracking with a harshness that has frozen larger men in their tracks. "Crafters, if one more punch is thrown…. " The threat is unspoken, yet clear. There will be heads rolling. The Weyrsecond gets so little sleep as it is, and the peace has been ruined. By a greaseball.

Realilina returns with help! Unfornately, not QUITE the kind of help she was after. I mean, she wants Peaston beat as much as he next guy, but… The breath she didn't know she was holding while trying to calm the still bawling toddler clinging onto her like velcro is released as A'lory comes in.

Erikkhan jumps when Eollyn touches him, not from fright, but from the effort not to turn his fist on her in instinct. He turns his hazel gaze to the woman and his face is purple with rage. But somewhere, somehow, part of him sees the sense in not beating the smarmy bastard in his hands to a bloody pulp. He lets go of Peaston roughly, shoving him more like. Then A'lory's voice is heard, and Erikk backs off, approaching A'lory with rage still bubbling in his eyes. If allowed, he idles up next to the rider and salutes before jabbing a thumb backwards at Peaston, and muttering something to him.

You overhear Erikkhan mutter, "I … … … … you … … … … … … … nasty things about … He … … … … … … brazen hussy, a charlatan, … … it now … … … … I … … the … stand. … … … … … … me, … … needed to be …" to A'lory.

Peaston stumbles back once more, shooting daggers at the Harper and Vinter both. Great, ANOTHER tart. He draws his hand away from his lip once more, checking for blood, before attempting to work his already swelling jaw. He isn't far on Erikkhan's heels over to A'lory, and he doesn't even bother to keep his voice down, though he does miss what the other Harper mutters. "Weyr Second, this man," he indicates, "assaulted my person!" Like that's going to get him out of this.

Perhaps she was not precisely along the lines of help that Realilina had had in mind, but Eollyn has seen far too much bile flow from Peaston to actually want to keep anyone from hitting the man. Let alone if that person gets to be herself. "Oh shut up, Peaston." She snaps at the man, when he starts whining. No patience for that particular man whatsoever, how he ever became a harper is far beyond her. "Weyrsecond." It's a polite greeting, but nothing more. She, notably, lingers near Realilina. Perhaps hoping her chance will come to hit the vile harper sooner rather than later.

A'lory's gaze rakes Peaston's person as though inspecting a particularly loathesome pile of refuse left to rot in the middle of the Caverns. Erikkhan's explanation is met with an upraised hand. "I do not recall asking for an explanation, Journeyman." His gaze flicks briefly to the man. "You would do well to remember your position within the heirarchy of your Craft, and resist braeling in public like a child." Even if it's likely that he approves of beating Peaston's face in. And the. his gaze returns to Peaston. "And you — "Again, his raking gaze is cold. "You have verbally assaulted at least two women of this Weyr without cause," He begins, very quietly. "This I will not tolerate." Be steps closer, right into the man's space with seething menace. "You seem to be incapable of even a modicum of masculine behavior that even a three Turn old has mastered. I will teach you." A cold smile, then. "You have insulted my wife for the last time."

Realilina reminds herself to breeeathe, breeeeathe, and with enough cooing and bouncing, Zytria's wails lessen in intensity to an occasional sniffling, though Lina is on practically the brink of tears herself at this point. She blinks at the scathing reprimand afforded to her lover, almost protesting it but really having to agree with him. Now, if her hands weren't full of kid, she might've very well punched Peaston herself, but we'll conviently forget that for now. She gives Eollyn a glance, stepping a little closer to her and mumbling something to the other woman.

You overhear Realilina mutter, "Thank you … coming. … can't say … didn't … it, but… … appreciate … … at any rate." to Eollyn.

Erikkhan only nods at A'lory and moves out of the Weyrsecond's way. He idles over to stand next to Realilina, jis fists clenching in and out. He's visably trying to calm himself. HIs rage fueled eyes watch A'lory threaten Peaston with a smile of viscious intent, though they show a bit of shock when the word 'wife' is muttered. Funny, it didn't make him jealous for once. He looks at Lina, muttering to Eollyn and a smile crosses his lips.

Eollyn smiles at Lina, relaxed even in her current state of anger. She mutters somthing back to the woman, even as her gaze returns to Erikk, A'lory, and Peaston. A wink is cast at Erikk, and a miming of drinking later.

You overhear Eollyn mutter, "… … … … … to help … friend." to Realilina.

Peaston is the quintessential runner in glow-lights. He starts protesting, something about "Lord Weyrsecond" and "the truth" and how he's a paragon of society, which doubtless fall on completely deaf ears. Still, he stands obstinately… or at least very, very shocked and perhaps confused. At the end there, there is perhaps a tiny bit of approval. 'Wife' made their arrangement sound rather proper!

A'lory likely does not care if Peaston approves. He does care, however, to wrap a rough hand 'round the Harper's throat — and a reverberating roar sounds from without. Luckily for Peaston, that roar seems to still the Weyrsecond's balled fist, returning the man to sense. "You will come with me. Now." And he begins hauling the larger man along. "You will sprnd time with our illustrious guard. And then, ki.d Journeyman, you and I will have it out — properly. I am sure the entirety of the Weyr will be happy to enjoy the entertainment." In the Pit — where Peaston's likely defeat will contribute to the economy and enrich it greatly.

Peaston doesn't have a chance in between of escaping A'lory's wrath and this point, and is dragged helplessly along. Rather than provoke the Weyrsecond some more, he gives the remaining contingent in the room looks that could kill.

Realilina sends the arm with the other Harper's knot around it out towards Erikkhan to make sure he's all in one safe piece. Not that she was really worried about Peaston being a threat, but… Her hand traces small circles on his back, doing what she can to calm him. Eollyn is given a grateful smile and a nod of thanks and she adjusts the toddler once more as her arm is getting a bit tired at this point. The doe-eyed girl turns her gaze towards Eollyn over Realilina shoulder, sucking on her thumb as she sniffles.

Erikkhan wraps an arm around Realilina's waist and takes a few deep breaths. Wathching the slimeball being dragged out left a certain amount of satisfaction on the Harper's face.

You overhear Erikkhan mutter, "… hope … kills … bastard." to Realilina.

In comes the weyrling Wingleader, who was initially on her way to the Living Cavern in search of a simple mug of something warm before tending to a few late tasks. However, what she's just walked into makes her forget all that instantaneously; she freezes at the sight of the Weyrsecond manhandling a Harper she's unfamiliar with. Then her gazes flicks to the small gathering of Journeymen present, and she quietly sidles around the periphery towards them, evaluating what she's witnessing here. A'lory, Realilina, Erikkhan… In light of what she's heard out of the Bazaar, she has a reasonable guess as to what this might be about, and when she comes near to the other Harpers, eyes still fixed on what's happening, she whispers, "What's going on, exactly?"

Kyara is quite the welcome addition, noted right after Realilina plants a tippy-toes kiss on Erikk's cheek, murmuring something in his ear in response.

Realilina mutters "You scared me a little bit. But I can't say I really disagree. If I hadn't had had Zytria… well, I might've very well left a few bruises myself." to you.

You overhear Realilina mutter, "… … … a little … … … … say … … … … I … … … Zytria… … … might've very … left a … … …" to Erikkhan.

Erikkhan nods at Realilina and smiles, taking her in a hig, careful of the child. "I'm sorry I did." He takes a deep breath and plants a chaste kiss on LIna's lips. "I need to go for a walk. I'll meet you for dinner in a little while." He kisses her once more and then disappears out the entryway.

Realilina gives Erikkhan's hand a supportive squeeze before he slips away. "Peaston is about to get what's coming to him," is the older woman's response to the Weyrling, with a wicked smile. The tot blinks at both of them, attempting to fit her whole hand in her mouth to gnaw on it.

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