====February 23rd, 2014
====E'bert, and Ivy
====E'bert gets a letter, and of course talks with his bestie about it.

Who E'bert, and Ivy
What A visit with a friend and wingmate to talk about family.
When It is morning of the sixteenth day of the second month of the first turn of the 12th pass
Where Igen



My Place
This is a nearly perfect circle of a room. Everything is neat and clean, not a thing is out of place. Riding jacket hangs from one of the pegs near the exit to the ledge, with a peg for riding straps, and a third for hanging an extra jacket or damp towel. A curtain hangs across the entrance to an inner room that is presumably used for sleeping. Situated around the stone couch that Karkath sleeps in is a table with a couple of chairs, and a sofa that can also be used for sleeping.

Karkath thinks to you, « I bespoke Udath with: Karkath thinks « A soft breeze is sent wafting towards Udath, « Mine would speak with yours. Is she home? » Just as quickly, Karkath withdraws the breeze and waits. » »

Karkath senses Udath thinks « She says come, » Udath shares, flowing back along the breeze to its source. « We are at home. » »

Karkath's Ledge
An overhang provides shade for those scorching summer afternoons. The ledge itself is neither too narrow or excessively wide rather it's somewhere in the middle. Certainly it's adequately wide enough for a couple of dragons to lounge on, but not more than that. The deep grooves of generations of dragons landing and taking off from this ledge have a light dusting of sand providing some cushioning for the occupant of this weyr's dragon.

E'bert takes the time to make sure the riding straps on Karkath aren't worn or in need of repair before he's strapping them onto his dragon's neck. Once in place, he mounts quickly with the aid of Karkath's knee. Letter absently clutched to chest, the young rider gives his dragon a silent command and they take flight.

The pair soar in silence over the bowl until they come to Udath's ledge. Again, the order to land that is given is silent, and Karkath drops to the ledge.

Udath's Ledge

A newly swept ledge, awaiting its new occupant. Inside the weyr, you see one person.
Brown Udath and brown Karkath are here.
Obvious exits:

E'bert slides gently down Karkath's neck and land with a soft thud.

Karkath thinks to you, « I bespoke Udath with: Karkath thinks « Greetings brother. » »

"Ivy?" E'bert calls, there is an edge to his voice that is unfamiliar, "You home?"

Udath , sprawled on the ledge, offers a drowsy warble for his brother and ruffles his wings in an invitation to enjoy the bright sun as well. Oh, and the hospitalities. « She says go in, » and this is presumably for Karkath to pass along to his rider, since why would Kar go inside on such a nice day? Ivy's voice floats out in response to E'bert's. "Come on in. I've got klah, if you want some."

Udath's Weyr
An empty inner weyr.

"Please," E'bert answers as he makes his way in from the ledge, "I got a letter from Ravene," he states flatly, the parchment sent to him via Mars only moments ago. His face is pinched, and there is a look of distress that has not been seen previously. The parchment is held (clutched really) against his chest.

The weyr is still not long on decoration, but there's a bit more furniture and a few worn second-hand rugs. And a table, with a couple of chairs even, on which is a pot of klah. Ivy rummages for a mug for E'bert, coming up with a chipped and ugly tan vessel which fortunately does still hold liquid. She pours, then nudges the mug across the tabletop in her friend's direction. "Here you go. Sit?" She does, wrapping her hands around her own mug. "What's it say?"

E'bert slowly sets the letter down face up, though he doesn't quite let the letter go, "She's scared," color drains just a little more from his face as he picks up the cup with his free hand. This then is brought to his chest and held there as he stares off into space, "Ravene's scared. I didn't know she could be scared," spoken in a near whisper.

"What do you mean?" Ivy watches the letter's progress but doesn't try to take it and read it, at least not yet. "What's she scared of? Does she say?"

E'bert gives a shake of his head, and finally slides the letter towards Ivy, "She wants us to come by the bakery some time," now look who's scared. The last time he had gone home, there had been a shouting match and E'bert isn't eager to have a repeat. This is the woman who had taken him in, taken in his sister and perhaps (quite likely) saved them both from a bad end.

With the slide of the letter towards her, Ivy pulls it closer and bends her head over the parchment, concentrating on the words. She's come a long way, but is still a slow reader. But she can get enough of it to understand the gist. "She was angry with you, wasn't she." The weyrling pauses with her finger on the word 'proud', then moves it to her own name. "But she wants to see you. That's good, right? But she wants to see me too…?" Iby trails off on the question.

A slow blink is given before E'bert nods, "She was furious. Like I'd deliberately Impressed just to embarrass her or something. It was so," a helpless wave of the hand holding the mug of klah. Fortunately, nothing spills, "confusing," is finished as E'bert finally realizes he's waving a mug full of liquid around. Sheepish grin is given, and a sip taken, "Ravene's always had a policy of riders and guards get a free mug of klah and pastry or stuffed bread in the morning," one that E'bert never fully understood, or appreciated, "She said that riders and guards keep people safe. Guards keep us safe from other people, and riders from Thread," slow blink, and it's clear that E'bert's color is starting to return to normal, "My folks. They were," he stops and takes another very deep breath and letting it out slowly before he continues, "They were outcasts, but because me an Zisiene had been fostered we weren't turned out with them. When our foster family found out, they turned us out on the streets. If not for Ravene, Zisie would have died," E'bert sighs again, and takes another sip of his klah. Which is now cold. Lovely.

Ivy watches E'bert's klah making its journey through the air, though without too much concern…what's it going to ruin abyway? It's like a college dorm in here. "Yeah. I mean, it was different before the Thread was here, wasn't it? But now…" She trails off for a moment, then adds, "I'm sure she wasn't embarassed. She just wants to protect you. And Zisiene." There's a pause for a sip from her own klah mug.

E'bert gives a slow nod, "I suppose so, but she pretty much kicked me out of the bakery last time I was there. I just don't know if I should go back or not?" confusion thy name is E'bert.

The look Ivy gives her friend is slightly incredulous. "Of course you should go back. She wants to see you, she says so." Boys. "She's just scared, E'bert, you said so yourself. And sometimes when people are scared it comes out as angry and they say things they don't really mean. You can't avoid her forever, and anyway, she's your family."

E'bert sighs, and gives a nod. Ivy's right, and he knows it he's just a boy, "Will you go with me?" because he really doesn't know if he'd go by himself. Could be that's why Ravene had asked that Ivy come along? Most likely that's why, to make sure E'bert didn't dodge out of the visit.

"Yeeeah," Ivy drawls slowly, less certain on this point. "I'm not sure why she asked for me but…sure. 'Course I will. Moral support, right?" She sips from her mug again; her klah is cold as well but she doesn't seem to notice. "We should go soon. She'll be more upset if you drag your heels. It probably wasn't easy for her to write this, if she basically kicked you out before."

"I don't know why she'd want you, except that maybe Zisiene decided that there was more between us than friendship?" E'bert's speculating now, after all he knows his sister's prone to exagerating things, "Zisie is convinced that Kar's black," come on, black? Really? Clearly the aforementioned dragon is brown.

Ivy snorts very softly at that, cheeks flashing pink for a moment. "Kids." She stares at the tabletop until the blush subsides, but smiles at Zisie's opinion on Karkath. "Well, he is really dark. Udath is too; does she think he's black as well?"

E'bert chuckles, and nods, "Not as black as Kar, but yeah," he answers, "I have sweeps starting in a few. Tyagana's been assigned to fly with me," he rolls his eyes. At one point he had really liked the girl, but now? Well, now he'd like to strangle her, "Tyagana thinks we would be better off with her as Winglead," E'bert snorts, and rolls his eyes, "Why dragons pick the way they do is a mystery. I'm just hoping Tyagana's pushiness doesn't get anyone killed when it's our turn to fly Thread," a real concern that is.

"Oh, her," is Ivy's unenthusiastic opinion of Tyagana. "She really thinks she's something else. Maybe once she's in a regular wing she'll get knocked down a peg or something. You're way better at Wingleading than she is."

E'bert chuckles, "She could be if she could get rid of that whatever it is she's lugging around with her," he says as he stands to leave, "I'll get to the bakery," eventually, just not right now because sweeps, "E'bert!" the shrill voice of Tyagana echoes into the weyr, "Come on, we're going to be late!" E'bert cringes at the voice calling, "Gotta go," he says apologetically, "Thanks for the klah," for all he only took one sip.

Ivy cringes too and hunches her shoulders at that voice. "Better you than me," she says, not terribly helpfully but they both know she'll get her turn. "Come find me when you're ready to go see Ravene. We don't have a lot going on outside of regular practices right now."

E'bert nods, and is gone before Tyagana's shrill voice can call out again.

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