==== September 5th, 2013
==== K'vvan Mayte
==== Mayte brings out the best in K'vvan.

Who K'vvan Mayte
What Mayte brings out the best in K'vvan.
When There is 1 turn 0 months and 16 days until the 12th pass.
Where Living Caverns & Secluded Cove

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Living Cavnerns
Dim light from hanging glow-globes cannot fully camouflage the ravages of time and neglect on Igen's busy living caverns, though hints of its former glory peek through in the decorative cuts to the cave's natural limestone and the high quality of dusty, tatty-ended tapestries. Here and there, skybroom tables — stained dark by wood finish and a decade of grime — sit in loose groups, flanked by wicker chairs with pointy, broken rattan that pokes out to invariably find unprotected skin. The seemingly randomly placed furniture, however, at closer inspection, forms a sort of cross-shape of negative space. At the northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns, a long buffet table with tarnished lazy susans hosts an array of finger-foods and pitchers for the interested, refilled occasionally by drudges that shuffle in from the curtained entrance to the south, beyond which lies the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside and, across from that, to the west, a set of rattling doors that open to reveal the tunnels and stairs of the inner caverns themselves.

More relaxtion then the typical day flutters through the Living Caverns this morning. People are gathered with their particular friends, chatting, eating, and more then generally getting a slow start. Those with work to do shuffle with smiles on their faces, dispite the rains outside. K'vvan enters, a smile even tugging on his lips (don't fall over now), and nods in a not-quite-unfriendly way to some of the people who acknowledge him. Food is sought out, just fruit this morning, and he plops down at a table where all entrances to the caverns can be observed.

Mayte is totally not skipping. No hope in shells. She's a little damp, but pulls a hat off and hair tumbles back down. Ahhh, dryness. She's got that fixated look on, where she is happy to dip, dart, and dipsydoodle her way through the crowd, to the FOOD, where a plate is filled with fruit, eggs, and a slice of an enriched bread, and KLAH OH SWEET FARANTH KLAH. Ahem. And then there's the quest for a seat, which Mayte turns around to look for. She's not particularly looking for someone… but spots K'vvan and grins a little, waving to him.

She'd better have noticed him, because K'vvan rises to his feet to raise a hand to get her attention once she has food. Does the smile on his face actually get bigger? Well, if nothing else, he is completly relaxed as he pushes a chair out with his foot for her to sit on. "You're looking happy."

Is it possible to miss K'vvan in a crowd? Sure, if the crowd was a thousand K'vvans. Accepting the seat, Mayte sits down almost neatly, though the plate clatters a little when it meets tabletop. "Y'know, I think I am," she tells him with a little grin, "You too, you know." A slice of redfruit is jabbed in K'vvan's direction; "You like the rain?"

"Good, you should be." Kreaches out and plucks the redfruit from her fingers, biting down neatly without a single trace of juice managing to run down his lips. "I hate the rain, and so does Nadeeth." His comment doesn't seem to fit at all with the fact that he seems happy. He munches on more of the fruit for a moment. "I convinced Nadeeth we should take off for the restday, since there aren't drills."

Oi! Vanishing red-fruit! Mayte sticks out her tongue at K'vvan and hmphs! "Fruit-stealer," he has been dubbed and then Mayte just grins, taking some sweetbread and holding it out, "You that hungry? Where are you going to go?" she asks and then pauses, "Eollyn told me to take the day off. Well, more like ordered," is said in a hopeful tone. Hint. Hint.

K'vvan flaps his hand in the general direction of the food on his tray. "No thanks." He pauses to think just a moment, his eyes getting that almost far away look for a second before refocusing on the girl. "In that case… is there somewhere you wanted to go? Nadeeth and I hadn't settled that. Just somewhere not raining."

Mayte is well used, by now, to riders wandering off mentally for a few moments, and waits politely. Well, there's food too. "Me? Uh, no, I don't really have anything in mind… Anywhere, really." Wait, it sounds like… "Can I come with, then?" just so she's not getting her hopes up or anything. "There's gotta be an end to this raincloud somewhere."

K'vvan grins, "Aye, Nadeeth says it'd be okay since she is going to find a sunny spot and stay there till we have to come back home. and "I should have a friend."" Look Mayte, you broke the barrier and are firmly a 'friend'!

Mayte is a friend! WHEE! That's good beause K'vvan's a little in the same boat. HAH, take that. "That sounds lovely," Mayte agrees and then smiles, the sunny cheerfulness almost enough to banish the rain outside. "When do we leave?"

"Whenever? Well," K'vvan pauses, thinking one finger tapping on his cheek for a second in that thought. "Once we have some food if we stay for a while. And maybe a blanket or something. And I guess we should decide where to go first."

Mayte eyes that finger and blushes a little. Move along, nothing to see here! "Oh, like a picnic or something. I can borrow one from the store." As for where, Mayte puts on her thinking face, "Maybe some beach or shore?" she asks hopefully, "It's been a long time since I saw a real shore." Those actually might be little hearts in her eyes, though she'll deny it.

K'vvan actually chuckles at the hope in her voice. "We can manage that. North or South beach?" Upraised eyebrow as K'vvan picks up and bites into another piece of fruit. "Um… are you going to bring your swimming suit?"

Yaaay, the beach! Mayte even claps her hands together in excitement. "Um… South. That sounds warmer." Because south is warm, right? Eyeing her rapidly disappearing fruit tray, the Vintner hmphs and eats a little more, so K'vvan doesn't have /all/ of it. At least he hasn't made inroads on her klah. Speaking of which, SLURP. The question of bathing suits gets a cough and a slightly guarded look, "Um…" and her expression goes from defiant 'yes yes yes' to, "Um, maybe not. Don't want to scare the fishes away!" Double entendre, here we go!

The grin is now firmly fixed on K'vvan's face as he wipes his fingers off on a cloth, though his cheeks are slightly red and he adverts his eyes from the girl sitting before him. "You can… if you want. If you're going to go into the ocean. It makes sense." And look, even that outfit is better then her underwear, right?

Mayte eyes K'vvan curiously and then nods, her smile returning full-force. "Maybe you can do some swimming too?" she suggests teasingly, but for that faint hope of Doing Stuff Together in her eyes. The klah is finished with a slurp and lick of klah-stained lips, and then Mayte is making as if to rise, "If you get the food, I'll get the basket and we can go?"

"Deal." K'vvan is rising and grabs the left-over food. "Any requests or shall I just find something we might both like? And I'll meet you outside the Bazaar," pause, "Nadeeth is going to wing down as soon as I go outside to wait for us."

Mayte thinks about food for a moment, and shakes her head, "Well. Maybe some citrus cake." Because what tastes awesome after a swim? Cake. Nodding, Mayte grins and reaches out for a mere moment, cautiously, to K'vvan; it nearly looks like she was just working out an elbow kink. "Um. Yes, that's perfect. I'll see you outside," and then a flash of dark hair and she's gone, not quite shoving people aside.Logfile from K'vvan.


Secluded Cove
The room description for Cheery sunlight peeks down upon a secluded cove. Trees ring around dark tan sand casting welcome shade upon tufts of green grass. Off to the left a perfect circle of black-marked rocks sits, a pile of wood beside. Water laps up onto the sand, and off in the distance playful dolphins flip out of the water, their quiet squeels of play just barely reaching the ear.

K'vvan slips from his dragon's neck, hands going to work on the straps that had held the pair to her neck. Soon unstrapped K'vvan tosses the brown leather up into a tree where it catches to hang off the ground. For her part, Nadeeth lowers her head to blow a puff of air at the towel, testing to see how well it'll hold up to the breezes. "Nadeeth, stop that." K'vvan says this absently, tugging at the straps, just to be sure.Nadeeth's antics earn a giggle from Mayte, "She's just playing a little." Yup, the green dragon could probably get away with grape-theft and Mayte would forgive her. The basket is brought round again and Mayte pulls out a bottle of oil, sets that aside for a moment, and then eyes K'vv for a moment, removing her jacket and then Mayte's fingers slowly plucking at the hem of her shirt. She's changed into her bikini under the usual clothes, but does she dare reveal just yet? Fingers drop away; maybe when she's ready to hit the water. oh but there's boots to remove now, and her free toes wiggle happily in the Sand.

Nadeeth turns away from the blanket to point whirling eyes at the girl for just a moment, a quiet thought of fuzzy green balls of laughter touching her. Daintly the green rises and moves towards the treeline, digging out a hallow for herself to curl up in. K'vvan rolls his eyes at his lifemate, bending to pick up his own bag and moving towards the towel. "She's happy to be somewhere warmer then the weyr at the moment." From the bag is pulled a worn old blanket, big enough for two, and spreads it out next to her towel.

Mayte grins along with Nadeeth, and then there's K'vvan: "I can see why. I know I like it more." And what's better than a towel? A big blanket. Ooooh. "That looks really comfy," she compliments, and then starts pulling a little at the neck of her shirt. It is warm indeed, and Mayte is a little overdressed: "Um… Do you mind if I…" miming taking the shirt off, and the hem gets caught in Mayte's fingers for a moment, exposing slightly-less tan skin, "It's just a bit warmer than I expected…" Long sleeves and sunshine were never meant to mix.

K'vvan's gaze moves up just in time to catch the sight of her skin, and he pushes his attention away quickly. Look! An ocean, how pretty! His eyes are firmly fixed out there as he sits down on the blanket, Mayte off to his left. "Uh, sure, I mean, I don't mind."

Mayte sighs happily as she divests herself of her shirt with no embarrassing clothing errors, and leans back a little on her hands, "It's beautiful out here," she says softly, legs stretching out before her. "Have you been here many times?" She just has to ask, even if her voice is a bit dreamy and absent.

Even K'vvan can feel some of the heat, and tugs at the strings of the tunic around his neck. The shirt falls open about mid way, pale white skin showing. His eyes remain fixed on the water for only a few seconds before he manages to look over and catch sight of his less-then-dressed friend down. With an almost physical effort he shoves down any commentary on that and clears his throat. "Uh, not often. Just once in a while when it gets real cold up north."

Mayte, on the other hand, is not above darting a quick glance at K'vvan's open shirt, but she too doesn't make any comment, complimentary or otherwise. Though her breath may hitch a little. Dragonriding must be the best fitness bootcamp EVER. "Mmm, that makes sense," she says, with a smile, "S'a good thing I don't have a dragon - I'd try to build a second home here, or something." A soft sigh, "Come here when the world is getting a bit too loud." You know, as if Thread's not a thing coming in approximately one Turn and a bit.

"You'd make a good rider." The words slip out before K'vvan can shove them back in. Quickly, he moves to try to fix it, "uh, at least, Nadeeth thinks so."

Mayte is young enough to not let random remarks pass unremarked: "You… er, Nadeeth really thinks so?" Sure, Mayte's eyes might be glowing at the compliment. And, just in case it helps, "I do like going to sit and look at the new clutch on the Sands."

Even K'vvan can feel some of the heat, and tugs at the strings of the tunic around his neck. The shirt falls open about mid way, pale white skin showing. His eyes remain fixed on the water for only a few seconds before he manages to look over and catch sight of his less-then-dressed friend down. With an almost physical effort he shoves down any commentary on that and clears his throat. "Uh, not often. Just once in a while when it gets real cold up north."

"It's well enough that girls," K'vvan's mouth closes suddenly and he turns to look at his dragon who has lifted her green head out of her wallow to stare at him. "I mean, they're a good looking clutch. You want some food? I managed to find some of that cake you wanted." The basket is suddenly grabbed and drawn closer so the rider can hide behind food-pulling.

Mayte is the very epitome of girls doing it for themselves, and she eyes K'vvan with possibly the same kind of expression that Nadeeth's mindvoice's tone reflects: Stop while you're ahead. Anyways. "They're very pretty, yes. Though…" And that trails off, Mayte's eyes clouding over briefly, until the offer of gateau is put forth, "Oh, yes, that cake! That'd be great." Saved by citron cake, K'vvan. Too bad there's no pink icing on it.

If it would dig him out of the hole his tounge makes, K'vvan would fly back to Igen right now to retrive it. As it is he hands over the cake, breaking off some for himself and holding it out over the sand to crumble there. "Have things calmed down in the Bazaar any? I haven't heard anything big rise up out of it."

Crumbly or not, citron cake is citron, and Mayte takes the proferred piece with a smile that fades just slightly into a more stressed grin, "It's alright… There hasn't been anything in our area recently," which just means it's gonna be all the worse when Corks and Works does get hit, "But we're still a bit tense." A little shrug and nibble of cake. "How's Whirlwind?"

K'vvan takes danity eating to another level as his attempt at casual conversation fails. All attention on that cake now, making sure not a single crumb of his falls upon his body. "Busy, W'rin has us training even in Thread Drowning rain."

Mayte ponders this while watching K'vvan's eating of the cake - much more tidily than her attempt that sends crumbs scattering about, no matter how quickly she tries to brush them onto the sand. "Oh." And Mayte thinks about this for a moment, and then, "So when it's just sort of regular rain, it'll be easy, right?" Mayte may not know wing formations worth a shard, but she would totally understand the theory behind wax-on, wax-off.

K'vvan send a rather confused side-glance to the Vintner, and quickly turns away suddenly reminded of FLESH SHOWING. Bright read crawls up his neck and onto his cheeks. "Uherm, sure?"

Mayte totally didn't mean to flesh at K'vvan, but she doesn't seem to have noticed his reaction; There's cake, and isn't K'vvan usually some version of red around her? "I'm excited to…" an uneasy look is passed to K'vvan, "Watch the Weyr games coming up," she mentions. And by 'watch', she means totally partake in. And possibly win them, even if they're for dragonrider pairs only.

"I'm not sure if I'm excited or what for them." Grumpy K'vvan makes an apperance and he stands feeling suddenly figitish. Long strides take him over to the water's edge and he kicks sand at the gentle waters.

Awww, it's Grumpy K'vvan! Mayte was almost starting to miss him. She watches him stride off, appreciatively of course, before getting up, the rest of her cake sitting on the towel. "You know you'll be great at them, right?" Mayte asks softly, hands caught behind her back. For now, she just watches him: kick kick kick.

"I don't know, maybe?" The question is clear in K'vvan's voice. His hands are shoved in his pocket, if not for the height and leanness of six years of ridership, he could almost be mistaken for a younger teenaage boy. "If I wasn't in whirlwind… I don't know if I'd even bother to try. But Nadeeth is quick, and she likes both Kehemath and Liareth so…" Shrug.

Sulking aside, Mayte shakes her head, "No maybe," and on this Mayte is certain: "I don't know a lot about the stuff you do up there, but I know that you'll do great, and the only thing Whirlwind will have to do with it is helping you see that you can." Alright so this might sound a bit practiced, but still, cheerleader-Mayte to the rescue: "You're not good because you're on Whirlwind. You're on Whirlwind because you're good." So K'vvan just needed a littl extra kick to his petard; W'rin just beat Mayte to it. And much more effectively.

Who can resist a cute girl telling them they're great? Even grumpy K'vvan can't do that. It's a faint smile she gets flashed, oops, still naked over there. Eye flick back forward and K'vvan bends to roll up the legs of his pants as a prelude to possibly even stepping into the water soon.

Mayte is irresistable, nearly-naked or not, and she stands for a moment at the edge of the water, flicking just a little in K'vvan's direction, only for it to land short. A mischievous grin leads to Mayte taking a few steps out into the water, and just… watching K'vv for a moment. Her voice seems to deepen a moment when she asks, "Coming?"

"Hey now…" K'vvan is hit with the droplets of water, and he sticks a tounge out at Mayte, only to catch the full sight of his female companion. The awkward threatens to overwhelm him, but he pushes it backwards taking a few more steps into the water, though not too far mind you.

Mayte is just gonna lean over to roll up her own pants while K'vvan is busy doing his own, but grins at the sight of K'vvan's tongue. Because he's being open and silly, mind. A few more steps into the water, and Mayte's beckoning him forward with a crooked finger.

Beckon away vixen, K'vvan comes closer, eyeing the water (and the water level) between them. When the water reaches the edge of his rolled up pants he stops, still a good foot away from the vintner.

Mayte is entrenched up to mid-thigh in water, pants and all. Thankfully dry boots await her on the shoreline, but Mayte is wet. A little grin and then Mayte's tongue pokes out the side of her mouth for a moment; "You ever walk in these waters?" she wonders with a little giggle, "All by yourself?" And when you're all by yourself, are clothes really required?

K'vvan misses any hints, as he peers down into the water again. "Sometimes, on the edge. When it's warm enough." He takes a step closer to the girl, frowing a bit as the water seeps into his pants, adding to the weight. "Or deeper if Nadeeth wants to take a bath while we're here." Though the green doesn't seem at all interested in that right now, having curled up in the sands, her wings spread out to catch the sunrays and head tucked beneth one sail.

Aww, and Nadeeth is so cute, curled up like that, as Mayte peers over. She might actually even say, "awww" under her breath. Now, back to K'vvan; Mayte does take a very brief moment to appreciate wht the shirt is showing beneath it before commenting with a teasing grin, "Your pants will be fine,: and she gently bends down to splish a bit of water in K'vvan's direction, "The water's really nice today!" So nice that, once Mayte withdraws to waist-high water, she starts to strip off her pants - underwater of course, and tosses them in the direction of the shoreline. Hopefully the tide doesn't carry them off.

Is she teaching him? K'vvan eyes her… then watches as those pants of hers take flight. Oh dear, now she is naked in there. Or close enough to not make a difference. Hot blooded male and conservative now-timer fight one another in his expression. But ht had said that it was okay for her to bring her suit, so really this is is fault. Another step brings the water up to midthigh, and himself within reaching distance. What better way to deal with embarassment then to splash water at her? None, so that's what he does, splash.

Naked, nearly-naked, there's still water in between Mayte and K'vvan, and she squeaks as she's on the receiving end of it! "K'vv!" But any scolding devolves rapidly into giggles, even though she's trying to keep her hair dry. What a terrible place for that. Mayte flicks her fingers gently at K'vvan's middle, "So there!"

"You call that a splash?" Oh yes, K'vvan saw the attempt to keep her hair dry. A long repressed mischevious streak has risen up in this carefree cove, and K'vvan splahes harder even as he steps closer to the girl.

Mayte wouuld't call that a splash, per se, but she grins and dips her finger tips in water again, to flick one more time. Then she has to evade more water, and oh no, her hair nearly gets dipped into sea water and Mayte's trying to step around K'vvan to get closer to shore. A few gentle splashes of water, and Mayte is looking entirely too mischievous for her own good. In other words, it's another day.

Mayte's flicks of water have nothing on the waves that K'vvan is sending her way. Even as she retreats K'vvan advances, till he's close enough to reach out and grab her- which is exactly what he attempts to do.

Mayte is too busy trying to duck the sudden onslaught of waves to notice hands coming out to grab at her as she tries to return the favour a little. The retreat has led to Mayte's hair getting dipped in the water, and she eeps, the hair swinging a little more heavily than before as K'vvan's reach clasps around small wrists: "K'vv!" she nearly shrieks, though it's a happy exclamation, followed by a string of giggling.

The giggles only encourage the rider, who now that he has her wrists takes the next logical step. Stepping into her he slides his hands down her body (nice bod baby), and bodily picks her up to sling her into his arms, one under her skinny legs, the other behind her shoulders. "Now, now… what shall I do now?" The mischevious smile is all over his face, as K'vvan actually manages to look his age, rather than years younger.

Of all the moves Mayte could have ever anticipated from K'vvan, getting picked up was about the last one. In fact, she goes limp for a moment, before realizing that her HAIR is at risk! "K'vvan!" she nearly begs, "No, no, no, no…" Like she knows what he's thinking, Mayte tries to hold tight to the rider shoulders but, surprise surprise, they're slippering; Mayte's having trouble finding a good grasp. Despite this, she's still laughing, kicking her legs just a little.

Mayte does not need to fear falling, K'vvan's arms are wrapped around her tightly enough. Now… throwing… He rocks her back and forth, "No? You want me to put you down? I guess I could do that."

Mayte pauses a moment to look at K'vvan with that look of mixed hope and suspicion: does he mean it? "Um… suuuuure?" And then because Mayte can't actually leave something alone, she dares to pull a hand back, miming to tickle the very man to whom her hair is (kind of) entrusted, "You're gonna put me down?"

"Are you sure?" K'vvan's got a wicked glint in his eyes now, and he gathers the girl closer to him, their faces only inches apart. "I mean, there are other things we could do." The induendo is clumsy, but there.

Mayte was nearly sure just a few seconds ago, but that look in his eye has her mouth going very dry and thus she needs to wet her lips a little. The remaining hand flexes around K'vvan's shoulder a little and the other falling to dabble lightly in the water. "Ah huh," she says softly, her eyes fixing on K'vvan's own, until… she cups some water and coats whatever she can reach on K'vvan. Wench.

"Ah!" The startled yell pulls from K'vvan. "That's it girl!" Arms tighten around the girl and K'vvan is swiftly pushing her under water (managing to soak himself up to the neck in the process, then pulling her back out as quickly as she had gone under.

Weellll, if Mayte didn't wanna get dunked, she shouldn't have pressed her luck. Still, as she emerges, burbling and gasping and laughing from the water, hair plastering to nearly everything, Mayte is holding tight around K'vvan's shoulders. From under wet, bedraggled hair, Mayte grins up at K'vvan, and wrinkles her nose at him. "You… now… That wasn't fair!" It really was, but she's not gonna tell K'vvan that.

K'vvan laughs at the girl in his arms. "You did say you wanted down. Just… not for how long." Lawyer K'vvan splits hairs with the best of them as he grins down at Mayte, having apparently forgotten she is basicly naked.

Lawyer K'vvan is gonna get recused if he keeps this up: "You're so funny," she tells him drily (just the opposite of her hair, in fact!), slender legs kicking idly at water. Biting her lower lip, Mayte pauses, goes still for a moment with the exception for one eyebrow that inches upwards.

"So you don't want down?" K'vvan's teasing smile stays in place, and he loosens his grip for just a moment, to let her think that he's dropping her before tightening his arms around her again.

Ohhh so funny, as Mayte's eyes widen in response to the uncertain feeling of gravity pulling her from K'vvan's grasp, and then those dark eyes narrow suspiciously. "Ooooh, mister…" Mayte says in a low voice, but her eyes are sparkling a bit, and she reaches to tickle him, for real this time - no idle threat here!

"What are you doing?" K'vvan tries to shift away from the hands, having to let go of her legs to defend himself. "I'm not ticklish!"

"If you're not ticklish," Mayte obviously feels she has a strong point here, "Why are you avoiding it?" Aww, darnit, the unexpected consequence is that Mayte is now supporting herself… but still very close to K'vvan. Or is he close to her and tickly fingers? "I'm gonna getcha," she warns, laughing a little.

"No one likes to get poked!" K'vvan protests this strongly, now she is clinging to him, and his ability to toss the girl into water has be foiled. "I'll dunk you again!"

Sure, no one ever asks to get poked, but no one really asks to get dunked either; these things just happen. Hee hee! "Suuuure, you'll dunk me again," Mayte drawls teasingly, certain that her feet are firmly planted on… uh, sand.

"Just watch it!" K'vvan fends off her poking hands, attempting to caputre both of them into one of his so he can go back to doing the dunking thing. Really, they just get in the way.

Mayte's hands are lightning fast! Except apparently K'vvan's time on Whirlwind is serving him well because her hands are soon bound up in his, despite Mayte's attempts to tug them away.

With Mayte's hands no longer an issue, K'vvan draws the girl very close to him, though not quite touching. "Is there something you want to say before you go under water girl?" The glint of humor is lit deep in his eyes, he's enjoying himself in ways that he hasn't since he was… well, much, much younger.

Mayte draws herself up with faux-dignity, the laughter in her eyes belaying any real attempt at it: "Yes," she says bravely, "I wish to say, that I am innocent of," alright stop to giggle here, "Any and all accusations of tickling," giggling gives way to laughing and another attempt to resume the tickle-fest. Give up? NEVAH!

"I find you guilty of attempting to tickle and sentence you to the depths of water!" K'vvan laughs his way though this, keeping his hand firmly wrapped around her wrists. She'll have to move quickly to avoid him picking her up and tossing her out into the water.

Mayte may be guilty, but she's not giving in! "I protest!" she calls cheerfully, and she has a couple of attempts to avoid getting hauled, but apparently she sucks at evasion, "Eeek, nonononononooooooo, K'vv!" Helpless and laughing her way though it, Mayte pretends dignity once more, "I go bravely to my fate!"

"Your doom awaits!" K'vvan sweeps Mayte's legs from under her and in one fluid motion (it's kinda like slinging firestone you know!) he tosses the girl several feet away into the deeper water of the cove.

The squee that follows Mayte as she's flung up, up and over is cut off suddenly as she disappears into the water with a big splash, and slowly rises out of the water, hair plastered flat to her head, with a very devious grin on her face.

K'vvan is beating a swift retreat from the water less she come up with a way to retaliate he'd rather not defend against. Up the beach he pags, dripping water from every bit of clothing. Pants, of course, must stay on, but K'vvan strips off the soaking tunic, throwing it at the treeline to catch next to the straps. Time for drying off.

Mayte was starting to make devious tracks to the shoreline, until K'vvan brought himself out of the water… As the shirt disappears, Mayte just stares for a moment - if Sandblast had him looking good, Whirlwind has K'vvan looking… Way more than moreso, to say the least. Ahuh. Mayte's just gonna come out now and make her own way to her towel. Well hello there. "Hi," she says, still a little breathless with laughter, rolling the large towel over most of herself - insta-drying!

K'vvan's white skin glistens in the sunlight, no insta drying for him! Instead he lays down on the large blanket with a bit of an "oof," to look upwards at the girl. "Thanks for coming Mayte." It's random, but really, what does K'vvan do best?

Mayte grins fondly and nods, "Thanks for inviting me," she says fondly and she reaches out hesitantly for a moment towards K'vvan's hair and then goes for it, brushing a lock back and then letting it flow through her fingers. "This was a lot of fun," she confesses quietly, laying down and resting her head on one outstretched arm.

"I cannot think of anyone else I would invite." K'vvan says this honestly, rolling over to match her posture. His hair slips away from her in the move to hang behind him.

Her new-found toy slipping from her grasp, Mayte pulls back her hand to rest flat on the towel, and smiles as she watches K'vvan move: "I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be tonight," and as coy as the words sound, Mayte is simply straightforward. "I…" a pause, "The cake was delicious too." Who knew K'vvan had such excellent cuilinary taste?

"The lower caverns have improved a lot since the new riders came forward." K'vvan admits, "You know, I brought some other things too, if you're still hungry."

Mayte is too aware to nod excitedly, but she does smile, "I haven't quite tasted food like that… or the cheese!" Ahh, Sienna's cheeses. "Oooh, what else do you have?" she wonders.

"Don't tell anyone I said that, though, okay?" K'vvan's smile slips just a bit, "Just, yeah," He pushes himself upwards and snags the basket. "Just things that wouldn't go bad in the sun," he pulls out items as he says them, "meatrolls, cheese, some redfruit, juice." The last is in a wooden flask.

Mayte nods with a little confusion, but pushes herself up to prop on one elbow, "Ooooh, those sound excellent," and kudos to K'vvan for thinking of such foods. A momentary pause, "Nadeeth isn't hungry, is she?" Though she'd have to challenge Mayte for as eagerly as she eyes that cheese.

K'vvan reaches out a thought to his dragon. "No, she's actually sleeping… pretty deeply. You don't need to get home by any particular time, right? Because she gets fairly grumpy when I wake her up and she has to think clearly enough to work."

Mayte shakes her head quickly, "No, no, it's a rest day for me." A look over in Nadeeth's direction and then, "Well, we shouldn't bug her then." Mayte moves herself around to rest her head on the flat of one palm, the other arm coming out to keep the towel wrapped around her waist. "What would you like first?" she asks, since K'vvan is the host…

K'vvan is sitting up, having had to retrive the basket. "How about some fruit?" A knife is pulled from the basket and K'vvan begins to peel the fruit with practiced ease. At some point in his life he must have done a whole lot of this.

Mayte mms and nods agreeably, watching K'vvan's knife flash a little, "That'd be great." Now this is how a guy treats a … Well, a theoretical lady. Mayte can pretend for a while. "You're really good at that," she observes admiringly, idly.

There's a bit of a small smile there, K'vvan doesn't share why he's good with peeling things. The day stretches on ward with more snacks, a few more dunks in the ocean, cleaning of one small green dragon, and then a short flight back to cold Igen.

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