==== January 25, 2014
==== Ivy, K'vvan
==== Ivy hasn't had THE TALK. So K'vvan helps out.

Who Ivy, K'vvan
What Ivy hasn't had THE TALK. So K'vvan helps out.
When There are 0 turns, 1 month and 15 days until the 12th pass.
Where Lake

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The crystalline focus of the westward stretch of Igen's activity chases frequent, colorful sunsets that sprawl over sparkling azure waters, throwing back Rukbat's brilliance in breathtaking pyrotechnic displays. Clean, crisp waters run still and deep, providing a transparent view of Weyr Lake's aquatic residents and their rocky home below with startling clarity, right down to the tiniest pebble. The glasslike qualities grow murky, however, near southern shores and the inevitability of runoff from the pens and their occupants. To the north, streams flow in a controlled rush downwards into the dark depths of the water caverns, the constant babble echoing through the neighboring ruins of Igen's abandoned complexes, disturbing naught but the tunnelsnakes that call that area 'home'.

It is early, and not as ridiculously hot as it's been for the last few days, and Udath has woken his rider with plaintive grumbles about being overly dusty; thus the weyrling pair have decamped to the lake for bathtime. Udath's, at least. Now the large brown is clean and relaxed and Ivy's indulging in a bit of a swim. A fisherman's daughter, her swimming is strong and with an economy of motion. A holder's daughter, her swimming attire is…odd, especially in a weyr setting. The suit is a garish pink with unflattering horizontal stripes of darker pink, its coverage is extensive as far as swimsuits go and the cut leaves quite a bit to the imagination, if one can get far enough past the vivid hues to try to imagine anything at all.

Apparently weyrlings are not the only ones who desire baths at this time of the day. Emerald green flits in the sky above before diving downwards into the water. With the sudden addition of 36 feet of dragon the water there are understandable waves created that surge over the waves. Close on the heels of the playful green comes K'vvan trudging upwards towards the lake. Despite the temperature change he is wearing those oh-too-fashionable tights that are probably too thin, and a tunic cut short at the sleeves.

Udath, half-submerged by the lake's edge with his eyes half-lidded, lolls gently as Nadeeth's waves hit him like a beach whale. A very skinny beached whale. After a moment he stretches his long dark neck to croon a greeting to the green. Ivy isn't overly bothered by the addition of Nadeeth to the lake, and takes the opportunity to dive through a few of her small wave crests. "Hi," she tells the dragon, stroking past, but then she has to deal with the rider. Treading water until he's a little closer, she gets the salute over with as soon as she can.

Nadeeth blows bubbles at the weyrling as she moves past where she has submerged all but those parts of her head required for breathing. The surface of the water continues to move as Nadeeth does her wiggling under the surface. K'vvan eyes the weyrling. "No knot." And there is no knot upon his shoulder, maybe his vague way of saying no saluting?

Ivy can't help a giggles as Nadeeth bubbles, the mirth bursting briefly through the guards that snapped up the moment she realized who was approaching. The fact that K'vvan actually says something to her is unexpected. Her wry reply is, "I get in more trouble for not saluting when I should than saluting when I shouldn't." Salutes for everyone then! Udath ducks his head to eye the wiggling green, curious.

"Right. I get that." Conversation? From K'vvan? But it seems to be fleeting at best as K'vvan finds a boulder to sit upon and watch his green lifemate play, tugging at those tights idly as they bunch in all the wrong places. Nadeeth however, seem to be in fine spirits this morning. The larger and younger brown captures her attention and she sends a fine ribbon of greeting to him even as she moves deeper into the lake disappearing completely at one point.

Syrup-slow from a good swim and sprawling in the shallows, Udath catches at that ribbon like a cat in a sunspot, drowsily playful. For now he seems content to watch, lidding his eyes lazily when the green is out of his view. Ivy dives too, shallowly, heading nearer to her dragon. On surfacing and scraping some wet hair out of her eyes, she notes casually and with little inflection, "Nice tights. Like W'rin's."

Nadeeth is happily playful, surging suddenly from under the water and into the air. Most of the green rises from the water before she curves back down water splashing everywhere around her; though she is deep enough little should reach the edges of the lake but the ripples she causes. K'vvan glances down at his tights. "Igen thing. Nice… bathing suit?" K'vvan eyes the stripes for a moment before turning his attention back to Nadeeth.

It's the worst fashion show ever. The bathing suit bottom is rather round and saggy, but there's no way Ivy's going to hitch it up in front of K'vvan. "Thank you." Without a shred of irony, "My mother said it was the only one that didn't make me look like a-" The wee brownrider may be trying to be W'rin's little shadow, but she hasn't gotten the hang of dropping the w-bomb yet. Well, at least the bubbly pink garment does in fact deliver on that. Udath finally rouses enough to surge to his feet, wings ruffling off a shower of water as he watches Nadeeth frolic.

"A whore?" K'vvan doesn't have any compulsion to avoid words that Trek would probably classify as offensive. "You picked the wrong adult-career if you were looking to avoid sleeping with random strangers." Green eyes turn away from Nadeeth to focus on the ugly-bathing-suited weyrling instead. Because she's interesting… at least for the moment.

At least the word doesn't transform her into a complete blushing incoherent person any more, though pink spots, clashing badly with the suit, leap into her cheekbones. But Ivy hasn't had The Talk yet! And now she's extra uncomfortable, and probably thus even more interesting. "I…what?" Udath paces leanly, watching Nadeeth but not like a creeper, being just a shade to young to the that kind of interested in girls.

"A whore. Someone who sleeps with other people. Usually a female." K'vvan stares at Ivy. Those pink spots are vaguely cute. Even gruff and prickly K'vvan isn't immune to cute. "Hasn't anyone told you anything?"

Standing in the shallows, Udath having abandoned her to greenwatch, Ivy crosses her arms and eyes K'vvan balefully. The pinker spots get pinker. "No, I know what a…what a whore is." Shuh! Well, she sort of knows. "I meant that other part you said." With a tinge of defensiveness, "I know some things." She really doesn't.

Nadeeth is quite happy to be watched as she continues to play, apparently not at ALL paying attention to the conversation on the bank. "The part about choosing the wrong career? Shards girl, hasn't anyone told you what happens during a flight?!"

"We're getting that lecture next sevenday," says Ivy defensively, proving that the staff is not negligent but merely not as quick to discover gaping holes in Ivy's knowledge as K'vvan apparently is. Feeling increasingly exposed (as much as one can in the pink suit of extensive coverage), she picks her way onto shore and settles on a rock as well, settling a towel modestly around her shoulders. "They…go up, and…" SEE? She knows. Udath dares to edge nearer to Nadeeth on her next circuit and streeeeetches leanly, forelegs straight and behind in the air. Wriggle.

Stare. Stare. "They go up and you get caught completely in their sexual excitement. Shards girl. If your brown catches you end up sleeping with the rider of whomever he catches…. no matter who it is!" K'vvan leans forward, way too interested in the conversation at hand. Apparently she is covered enough that it doesn't bother the greenrider to get slightly closer. "I can't believe Sienna hasn't told you these things yet!" Nadeeth curves around the slightly larger brown tickling his side with the very edge of one of her wings.

"She's going to," Ivy says defensively of Sienna. "We just aren't supposed to talk about it sooner because…because…" Oh, because THAT'S why. She leans forward a little as well to try to parse all of this information, not exactly prudish by nature but very, very ignorant. And it's all right, because nothing short of the collapse of the laws of physics could make that bathing suit accentuate anything. A head turn takes in the dragons nearby, as Udath shivers all over at the tickle and playfully pounces sideways. "You mean…he mates and…I…" Yeah, she can't say that yet either.

"You f*ck their rider." K'vvan lays it out as crudely as possible; though maybe it's an accident and that's just how he thinks. "Even if you hate them you're still going to end up in their bed. And if he chases and doesn't catch, you'll have to just figure out some way to deal with it 'cuz it's not like that s*it just goes away." K'vvan stares at Ivy as he delivers this; no hint if humor. It's like he's actually trying to help the girl in some sadistic way.

Fuzzballs of laughter spiral into Udath's mind from the playful green, covering everything in their softness. When the brown tries to pounce away Nadeeth curves again to tickle, this time with her tail.

Well, at least he doesn't mince words, and if Ivy's not used to such crude language it's still better than innuendo and sugar-coating, which she might miss entirely. "You…you can't stop it? 'Cause I know people…do stuff during flights," and that knowledge was hard enough to come to terms with. "You're saying it isn't voluntary." Udath gets a slightly horrified glance for his sudden and completely blameless betrayal. The brown for his part is too engaged with Nadeeth to notice Ivy's anxiety, mentally batting at the fuzzballs and pouncing again, away but not away.

"No. If he wants to f*k, you do too. If you're lucky, he'll be the picky kind and won't chase often. Flight sex is the worst." Please stop him before he ruins it for her completely. There is deep bitterness in his voice as he continues. "If you are still a virgin you need to fix that or the first time…" K'vvan cannot quite stop a shudder from moving through him. Abruptly he stands up and moves away from the weyrling. As the fuzzballs are batted Nadeeth simply adds more… then abruptly stops. Her attention is suddenly focused on her rider and not on her new friend. Curving away she dips back into the water to paddle towards the shore.

In tones of desperation, "Well, sh*t." She's learning. Ivy leans her forearms on her knees and drops her head, sort of like someone who thinks they might pass out. Maybe that's a real concern. With her head down and wet hair hanging down around her face, her voice is muffled as she replies with unusual asperity, "'Course I'm a virgin. Was supposed to marry a nice fisherman before-" She flaps a hand in the direction she assumes Udath is in. "How am I supposed to fix it?" K'vvan can try to answer if he wants, but it's mostly rhetorical. Without the distraction of his alluring new acquaintance, Udath catches his rider's mood as well and slinks shorewise. To the rescue!

"Rosie's. The whorehouse in the bazaar 's probably a good place to start. Unless you have a good friend. Maybe then. Whatever you don don't let him fly till you're read." This actually sounds like Nice advice, but K'vvan is done with this conversation. "Don't get caught with your pants down." Literally… Nadeeth has pulled herself from the water to curve around K'vvan. Without a backwards glance she and K'vvan head off to the far side of the beach and solitude.

No, and…no. Ivy's as stuck as she was before, only now she knows she's stuck. In the light of the conversation topic K'vvan's final reactions seem perfectly understandable, and the brown weyrling merely sits on her rock with her head in her hands for a few minutes. Finally she gets to her feet and rewraps her towel, wriggling a little to settle the pink suit of pinkness since she's fairly confident there are no witnesses. Udath sends a warm amber tendril towards Nadeeth as the two prepare to leave. After a bit of extra hesitation Ivy calls, "Thank you," in a sort of darkly confused but genuine way, not expecting a reply, before heading off with her brown. They could fly it, but walking is better for thinking.

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