==== February 11, 2014
==== Reilan, Thierry
==== After being let out of the brig, Thierry is stalking the streets. Reilan finds him. Warning for strong language.

Who Reilan, Thierry
What After being let out of the brig, Thierry is stalking the streets. Reilan finds him. Warning for strong language.
When It is late night of the tenth day of the first month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
Where Igen Bazaar Sidestreets


Bazaar Sidestreet
No matter the time of day, the darkness here is almost absolute, adding a certain je ne sais quois that borders on the treacherous. Here and there, cobblestones have gone missing and leave holes that are perfect for snagging the feet of the unaware. The stench is also criminal, a mixture of urine, rotting meat, and other things best left unexamined in the heaps that pile up next to the back doors of certain of the bazaar establishments.

It's late at night. Very late, given how cold it is. The streets aren't yet empty though, and there's the occasional stall with enough heat thrown off by cooking fires to bring a little warmth into the smaller streets.Without his cold clothing Thierry looks pretty damned cold as he stalks along a side street, hands dug deep into his pockets to try and keep them warm, and eyes kept firmly on the ground. That he's out of the brig is surely a /good/ thing… but the thunderous expression on his half-hidden face is anything but joyous.

Thankfully Reilan hasn't been caught and held anywhere without a coat. And though it is late, the teen is still out and about. He's slept little in the past few days, and going home as late as possible reduces the risk of..encounters. Unpleasant ones. The sight of Thierry storming down the street has him perking up and heading that way though, hurrying alongside him. "They couldn't let you out during warmer hours?"

Dark eyes flicker up to eye Reilan, and it'll be evident in that brief glance just how torn up Thierry is about /something/. Something's got his goat. "No." He lengthens his stride a little, slipping in between two food stalls to draw on a little heat; he pauses there just long enough to be able to feel it, then heads off again. "Fucking bitch couldn't. Fucking goldie /bitches/ with their oldtimer fucking bitchiness and fuck /them/." Thierry kicks at a crate he passes; his boot makes contact and it /hurts/, given that he limps the next few steps and hisses in pain.

Reilan trails after Thierry, giving the older boy room. At least..for a time. The seething, cursing, kicking teenager needs room! His lips press together in a frustrated line however, and he moves to catch up again finally. "What in the world has she done then? She already had you locked up, and nobody's this pissed off getting /out/ of the brig!"

Thierry keeps stomping on in silence, looking over his shoulder and all around him to see who might be within earshot. Too many people! So he grabs Reilan by the coat, dragging him into the nearest alley. "Fucking oldie bovie wanted to send me to the fucking /Western Isles/," he hisses, keeping his voice down even though they're on their own. His fingers curl tightly into Reilan's coat, taking his anger out on the poor fabric. "Fucking /exile/! For a fucking /game/!"

Reilan can walk on his own. Really. But he's yanked along, half stumbling into the alley when dragged there. Poor abused coat. "Exile?!" It's a strange noise..an almost highly pitched exclamation..until he manages to clamp down on it. "Exile?" There…he hisses it, giving Thierry a little push to get room. "You're not exiled though…"

"No." Thierry's fingers flex around Reilan's collar, then he suddenly lets go, turning to stalk down the alley… then back again after a few paces. A few paces more, and he turns sharply on his heel again, pacing back. "She gave me a choice, Rei. Worm. Whatever the fuck I'm calling you." He waves a dismissive hand. "The Isles, or… /fuck/, man, I've been fucking press-ganged into the Faranth-fucking /guard/."

His name! Reilan doesn’t hear it often from Thierry, after all. It gets his attention, at least, although there’s a frown for the reminder of the /nickname/ he’s been given. Back and forth, he watches the older boy move, brows furrowing in confusion and..a bit of worry. “The..guard? She made you… you’re in… Uhm..” Well. The teen is at a loss. It certainly is a..conflict of interest. “How are..you..going to be a guard?” Really, it just doesn’t sound like a good idea.

And that's precisely where Thierry's torment comes from: isn't being a guard everything he /isn't/?! The teenager gets frustrated enough to kick at the wall - though he at least remembers to do so with the /bottom/ of his foot, not his toes. "I don't know!" That's the wail of a teenager who has no /clue/ what to do with his life. "Dad's gonna fucking /kill/ me, I know /that/ much. But what was I meant to do? Get sent away?!"

“Of course not. You wouldn’t survive on the Western Isles anyway.” Whether he really could or couldn’t isn’t Reilan’s concern. Getting exiled is out of the question! He waves a hand slightly to dismiss that thought entirely, although the teen does still look a bit concerned. “..Yeah..he will. Um. Well..aren’t you… Don’t they give you someplace for you guys to stay or../something/?” Maybe staying away from Thierry’s father would be good…in a permanent sort of way? Until the man could calm down, anyway.

"I don't know. I didn't ask." That tempest of temper seems to have eased up a little bit. Thierry sinks back against one wall of the alley, dropping down to a crouch with his back to the stone and his arms wrapped around his knees. That he's so openly upset in front of Reilan is a sign that somewhere along the way, the younger teen has become trusted! "I just… left. After that Tuli, and… some Southern goldrider, and the same bronzerider who came to the bazaar when it all went down. /Three/ of them." He merited a visit from /three/ 'big' riders!

"Oh honestly, you're not that big of a threat." Really, compared to three riders? Reilan huffs out a breath, dragging a hand through his hair before moving to crouch next to Thierry. "You could always arrest half the gang and get in good with your new bosses?" Humor!

"And get ganked by then when they're out? Yeah. Right. /Think/ about it, Worm." Even Thierry's not that thick to think so short-sightedly… or, he's already had the time to think this all through. "Fuck the guys, anyway. That'll sort itself out. It's my /dad/…" … that he's really worried about. "What do I tell /him/?"

"What else can you? Life as a guard has to be better than being exiled." Marginally. Reilan sighs a little though, shaking his head after another moment or two. "It's going to be shitty for a while either way you look at it.. but..it can be a good thing too, right? I guess?"

Thierry shakes his head.. "I mean, yeah, I get to stay here, but… /fuck/, Rei." There it is again! Reilan's /real/ name. Lucky boy, getting it twice in one conversation! "If it were the guard of a couple of turns ago then yeah, sure, whatever, fine. Wear the uniform, get paid to guard, get bribed to do other shit, do fuck all overall. But /now/?" The guard is a different beast, and will maybe even require /real/ work! Thi groans, resting his elbows on his knees and knotting his fingers into his greasy hair. He's in real need of a proper bath, for sure.

Reilan puffs out a breath, fluttering the hair above his eyes just a little. “Really…you stink, for one. Go get a bath before you go see your dad, at the very least.” He pushes himself up onto his feet again then, tugging his jacket a bit tighter around himself. It’s chilly! “You know, /eventually/ you were going to have to do something /worklike/ anyway. And at least…I dunno. It’s something different. Haven’t you /ever/ wanted to do something different than your father?”

"I need a bath." He /does/. Thierry rests his chin in his hand, looking dolefully across the alley at the opposite wall. His eyes stay fixed there as he listens to Reilan, canting his head to look at the lad when he asks that final question. "What?" One brow raises high above his dark eye, an incredulous twist to his lips. "I'm a /Sersang/, Reilan." Even if it's rumoured that he isn't. "I work in the ring. I /should/ work in the ring."

“I’m the son of a whore. Should I be one?” It’s a quiet question, but a serious one. After all, Thierry /has/ made Reilan one. The teen frowns a little then, but shakes his head, tilting his head back a bit to peer at what part of the sky he can see from the alley. “I guess that doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you do have a choice, Thierry.. You could just up and leave entirely instead of being a guard or sent to the Isles. You do nothing but sit on your ass and tell people what to do where you are now. Maybe it’s time for a change.”

Thierry turns around to thump Reilan's shoulder. Not hard, but it conveys his frustration. "Stop making so much Faranth-fucking /sense/." The voice of reason is heard, but not appreciated! "I need a bath." He pushes up to his feet, and, after a moment of awkward hesitation, even offers his hand to help Reilan to his. "I'm not going to the Isles, and I'm not leaving Igen. Igen's my /home/, Worm." He spits, then sweeps his hair out of his eyes with a snort. "Go get me clean clothes, and meet me at the baths."

“Well then that’s settled, isn’t it?” Reilan at least does his best not to laugh at being scolded..for making sense, taking Thierry’s hand to help himself up with. There’s a faint grin however, and an eyeroll for the abrupt order. “Which is /why/ you should probably do a good job not to get kicked out of the guard, too. Who knows what they’d do with you then?” He laughs as he moves away however, waving a hand over his shoulder. “Alright, alright. I’ll bring you your clothes, /sir/.”

"Oldie goldie bovie bitch," the name just keeps getting /longer/, "said I'd be out if I fuck up." Thierry runs his tongue over his lip, then chews on it for a moment. "Stupid fucking bovine. She /knew/ the dice were loaded the whole damned time." He's back to sulking, with his hands dug deep into his pockets. "And bring my coat, too." Because it's /cold/! "And my tokes."

And Rei is..gone! It takes him a while, too, before he finally comes back to where Thierry should be. Bathing. But he's brought enough clothing for the older boy to change into at least.

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